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Weekend Planner: Fun Things to Do With The Kids in Singapore

easter weekend activities for kids weekend planner
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Got any plans this long weekend (10-12 April)? Check out our new look #circuitbreaker weekend planner for fun things to do with kids at home!

Ready to take a break from all that distance learning/homeschooling? We’ve put together a bunch of ideas to keep you and the kids busy in Singapore this Easter weekend. Every week while we’re all doing our part social distancing indoors, we will bring you a weekend planner that focuses on activities to do at home instead of our usual event suggestions. Our new look weekend planner will always comprise of a new kid-friendly Recipe of the Week to try, a Kids App/E-learning Resource of the Week, an Activity of the Week and more!

  • Recipe of the Week: Get your kids in the kitchen to make healthy ice pops 
  • Kids App of the Week: Check out the magical portal of Harry Potter At Home
  • Family Movie of the Week: Watch a family movie recommended by one of our team
  • Activity of the Week: Bond with the kiddos while making Easter crafts
  • Plus: Teach your toddler to crack an egg safely with this hack and other fun ideas
Rainbow Smoothie Popsicle for Kids
Refined sugar-free ice pops for kids!

1. Kid-Friendly Recipe of the Week: Refined Sugar-free Ice Pops/Lollies

We are kicking off our new look weekend planner with an easy Recipe of the Week! Healthy ice pops are a welcome treat on a hot and sweaty afternoon, especially now that we can’t take a dip in the pool to cool off! We round up 5 healthy ice pop recipes all made from natural ingredients (like fruits and coconut water); think Mango Chia Coconut Lollies or Butterfly Pea Flower Popsicles.Which recipe will you make with the kiddos? Tag us @sassymamasg in any cooking/baking attempts with your kiddos mamas – we’d love to share your pics in our Instagram Stories!

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2. Kids’ App of the Week: Harry Potter At Home

Need a bit of magic in your kids’ lives right now? J.K. Rowling (together with Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Pottermore Publishing, Audible, OverDrive, and has launched “Harry Potter At Home” — an online hub filled with themed quizzes, puzzles, word searches, and magical craft videos. We love that J.K. Rowling is relaxing the copyrights on the series so that teachers can read the seven Harry Potter books aloud to pupils in virtual read-a-long sessions on video throughout the coronavirus pandemic. And for kids who want to listen for free in their own time, just access the audio version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone throughout April, for free here. Don’t mind us, we are off to get sorted into our Hogwarts house!

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easter egg painting

3. Activity of the Week: Make Easter Crafts

Easter has arrived! Get into the spirit of Easter by making some Easter decorations and crafts! From painted eggs to marble eggs and even foam paint eggs – there’s a lot of fun to be had with eggs. Just get your online egg order in early! Check out our roundup of All Things Easter 2020 for other eggcellent ideas (including food delivery, crafts, cute outfits & online church services) to keep the whole fam in good spirits this public holiday and weekend.

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…and an Easter Egg Crack Activity

Toddlers love cracking eggs, and this fun Easter activity is always a hit. Use an egg carton and fill it with plastic Easter Eggs. You can put some water inside each egg, and start by showing your child how to properly crack an egg (tap two times, and then pull open). Then encourage them to practice on the plastic eggs. You can lay out a mixing bowl for them to tap the eggs on. If you want to make it a bit more colourful, you can fill the eggs with coloured water – just mix water and food colouring prior to filling the eggs. Check out 9 other Indoor Activities for Toddlers from a Teacher Mama here.

4. Family Movie of the Week: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Grab some yummy snacks (you could try healthy alternatives like edamame instead of chips or fruit skewers instead of sweets) and settle down to a family movie with the fam. This week’s rec comes from our Senior Editor Kate:
“My 5-year-old daughter and I recently read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together so it was kind of magical for her to get to see it come to life watching Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (old school version). Despite the fact it’s almost 50 years old the movie still holds up extremely well (that acid-trippy boat scene notwithstanding), and Maggie can’t get enough of the Oompa Loompa songs. It’s available on US Netflix or can be downloaded from iTunes.”

macritchie reservoir park for kids nature trails hiking
MacRitchie Reservoir Park is great for kids with nature trails for hiking

5. Get Some Fresh Air at a Park

Most of Singapore’s wonderful public parks are still open (with some exceptions, including the closure of all park playgrounds like Jacob Ballas and water recreational facilities). Nonetheless you can pop out with the kids to get a good runaround on a green patch of land — ground those feet and get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Just be sure to visit to see which parks are less crowded.

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