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9 Places Where Kids Can See Dinosaurs in Singapore

dinosaur singapore 2020
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Dinosaur fans, listen up! Your kids will roar with excitement when you take them to see these life-sized dinosaurs in Singapore!

From dinosaur playgrounds to massive life-sized dinosaurs at Changi Festive Village and Jurassic Mile to dinosaur inflatables and actual dinosaur skeletons and fossils, check out nine places to find dinosaurs in Singapore.

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Dinosaurs in singapore family activities

1. Dinosaurs spotted at Terminal 3, Changi Airport!

Head over to Changi Festive Village, for huge towering dinosaurs in Singapore (plus snow, glamping and loads of fun activities for kids – deets here)! At the Terminal 3 Departure Hall, look out for giant life-like dinosaur displays – the biggest T-Rex stands at over 4 metres tall and 9 metres long! For the perfect photo opp, climb into the sleigh right up close to the dinosaurs. After the display ends for the festive season, the dinos will join their dinosaur buddies at Jurassic Mile.
How much: $5/ticket OR $30 minimum spend per ticket
Where: T3 Departure Hall, Singapore Changi Airport, Airport Blvd

Dinosaurs in singapore family activities

2. Fu Shan Garden: Dinosaur playground (FREE!)

If your kids want to get up close and personal with dinosaurs in Singapore, head over to the dinosaur slides and stone dinosaur sculptures at the free to enter playground Fu Shan Garden. Kids can clamber all over the dinosaurs here unlike at other dinosaur installations. Can you find the dimetrodon, sauropod, pteranodon, triceratops, and tyrannosaurus rex? There are tunnels to explore and some newer additions to this dinosaur playground include the colourful wooden stegosaurus and triceratops with hollowed-out tummies to hide in.
How much: Free
Where: Fu Shan Garden, 81 Woodlands Street 81, Singapore 730827

Dinosaurs in singapore family activities

3. Kim Keat Playground with Dinosaurs (FREE!)

We haven’t been but we hear you’ll find dinosaurs at super old-school heartland playground Kim Keat! These guys are probably the oldest dinosaurs in Singapore – they were installed by sculpture specialists Hong Hai Environmental Arts in 2000. The gigantic, three-metre-tall tyrannosaurus rex is at the centre of the play area surrounded by white eggs, with a baby t-rex nearby. Kids can’t really interact with these prehistoric beasts but there’s some play equipment nearby with a small slide, activity panel and climbing handholds.
How much: Free
Where: Block 27 Lorong 6, Kim Keat Ave Singapore 730827

Dinosaurs in singapore at Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

4. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum: Dinosaur fossils

Ah, now we are getting to the real stuff! If your kids are on a quest for knowledge about dinosaurs, this is the place! The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum’s three diplodocid sauropod fossils were among the largest and heaviest animals to ever walk on land. They dwarf even the biggest theropods such as Tyrannosaurs. These fossils are estimated to be between 149 and 156 million years old and are more than 80% complete. Two of the dinosaur skeletons come with skulls which we are told is a rarity!
How much: $9/$16 for Singaporean/PR child/adult or $13/$21 child/adult
Where: National University of Singapore 2 Conservatory Drive, Singapore 117377

Jurassic Mile changi dinosaurs

5. Changi Jurassic Mile: Life-sized Dinosaurs in Singapore (FREE!)

Head over to Changi Jurassic Mile for Singapore’s largest permanent outdoor display of 20 different life-sized dinosaurs. This one-kilometre dino-themed cycling and jogging track along the 3.5km Changi Airport Connector path links the Jewel Changi Airport to East Coast Park and the Park Connector Network (PCN). Look out for the Tyrannosaurus Rex, dinosaur eggs, the Brontosaurus and the bright blue Velociraptors. Handy information panels show facts about these dinosaurs along that path while outdoor speakers play safari-themed music for the complete Jurassic Park style experience. Full deets and how to book here.
How much: Free
Where: Airport Boulevard (alight at Changi Airport Terminal 4, Car Park 4A and follow the on-ground signage). Deets here.

dinosaur singapore Kidsstop fossils

6. Dinosaur Fossils at KidsSTOP, Singapore

The Dino Pit at KidsSTOP (part of Science Centre Singapore) is a must-visit for budding paleontologists! Preschoolers and little ones love taking off their socks and getting stuck in the sand here while they try dig out the dinosaur fossil. Designed to provide kids with a memorable sensory experience, this Dino Pit activity will have your kids identifying the different parts of the fossil, as they role-play at being a paleontologist. There’s also an interactive board that booms out dinosaur facts to test your kids’ knowledge about these prehistoric creatures.
How much: from $2/$5 off peak for adult/child Singaporeans
Where: KidsSTOP, 21 Jurong Town Hall Rd, Singapore 609433

dinosaurs in singapore at the inflatable pop up at Changi airport

7. Dinosaur Bouncy Castle, Dino Karts & Dino Fest Roving Raptors

Dinosaurs have taken over the airport in Singapore! As well as the T3 Dino Wonderland mentioned earlier, there’s also a 30-metre long dinosaur-themed bouncy castle Dino Bounce, at Terminal 4 Changi Airport. Look out for two play zones Dino Bounce Land and Dino Bounce Sea where kids can conquer multiple obstacles and bounce off their favourite prehistoric creatures. Whizz down the back of the mammoth Brontosaurus on a 4-metre-tall slide, or scale a climbing tower in search of the Stegosaurus. Activity passes are $8 and each play session is 20 minutes. Suitable for children between 5 to 12 years old, with a minimum height of 1 metre.

While you are at T4, don’t miss Dino Fest where there will be life-like roving raptors and a massive theropod dinosaur structure, baby Parasaurolophus, and gigantic dinosaur eggs! If you are peckish check out the 40 stalls of street food, plus dino-themed activities.

Next head over to the Dino Karts if you have older kiddos. These electronic go karts go up to 24km/h, so there’s a minimum age/height of at least 9 years old or 1.3m. These are super fun! Visitors can redeem or pre-book their play slots for Dino Bounce and Dino Karts through Playpass on the iChangi app.
How much: $8/ticket OR $30 minimum spend per ticket
Where: Terminal 4, Departure Hall (Opposite check-in row 1), Singapore Changi Airport, Airport Blvd
When: Closes 3 January 2021. opens daily: Mon – Wed: 3pm – 10pm (last entry at 9.30pm) Thu – Sun, eves of PHs & PHs: 2pm – 11pm (last entry at 10.30pm)

dinosaur singapore jurassic universal studio

8. Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Singapore: Dinosaur rides

Looking for dinosaur-themed thrills? Take a step back in time into the world of dinosaurs in Singapore at Universal Studios Singapore. This is where you’ll find lots of adrenaline-fuelled fun for dinosaur lovers. Three rides are of note; the Canopy Flyer for a prehistoric bird’s eye view of Jurassic Park, Dino-Soarin’ where kids can ride on the back of flying Pteranodons, and the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure for a thrilling river raft ride through primaeval dinosaur habitats – expect to get soaked!
How much: $66/$58 for Singapore residents adult/child
Where: Universal Studios Singapore, 8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269

dinosaur singapore 2020

9. Jurassic World Café: Dining with Dinosaurs in Singapore

Jurassic World Café is a new dinosaur pop up café in Singapore (open until 3 January) with stunning views at ION Sky, Orchard, This dinosaur-themed cafe pays homage to the Jurassic World series. You won’t find a huge amount of dinosaurs here apart from a LEGO model of Blue the velociraptor that will greet you on arrival and one another small dinosaur within the café. It’s more about the views while kids will dig the dino-themed food of Geologic Parfaits, Milo Dinosaurs and Lava Cookies. Want to take home a dinosaur? You can also pick up some authentic Jurassic World merchandise in the retail section of the Jurassic World Café.
How much: Free entry, pay for drinks and food
Where: Jurassic World Café, Level 56, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801

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