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Parent Testimonials
  • Mrs Teo
    Driving into the preschool every morning lifts my spirits! In fact, I am jealous that my son gets to spend time in a place that is close to greenery and nature every day. Growing up, we used to have a big field in our primary school that was near a strip of dense jungle and to be honest, the field was a place where most of my happiest childhood memories were made. I want to be able to give the same experience to my child and so, the preschool’s setting was the perfect place for me. - Mrs Teo, Lorna Whiston Preschool
  • Gerda Gehrig
    There is a very good and warm community feel to the school and all involved (teachers, students, admin) try to be accommodating to various needs and wants. Usually integration is on a very high level amongst these three bodies. - Gerda Gehrig, GESS: German European School Singapore
  • Matthew and Mali O’Connell
    The Jewish teachings of the school were therefore neither the highest priority nor the determining factor, but offered the benefit of providing of additional historical, cultural and religious context aside from that provided at home. Overall, SMM offered the best all-around package for our needs. - Matthew and Mali O’Connell, Sir Manasseh Meyer International School