Located in a leafy green location in beautiful Bukit Timah, Blue House Nursery & International Preschool has the luxury of outdoor space, an inspiring natural environment and a warm and welcoming intimacy ideal for young children venturing out into their very first schooling experience.

In 2008 Blue House was created by Founders Ben and Shona Sanosi who at the time, were searching for a preschool solution for their 2 year old twins. Shona, an early childhood expert and renowned industry veteran, inspired by the principles behind the acclaimed Reggio Emilia approach to the early years from Northern Italy, worked to create a completely unique preschool environment, and the first Reggio Emilia school of its kind in Singapore.

Fully accredited by the Singapore Government’s Early Childhood Development Agency, Blue House continues to lead the early childhood industry in Singapore, contributing to the betterment of early years practice and understanding, hosting regular international delegations for training and professional development, sharing our acclaimed Blue House pedagogy and framework.

At Blue House, children are seen as the most valuable subject for educators to learn about. The uniqueness of each child is greatly valued.

Parents are welcomed as active partners in the learning process, having knowledge and competencies to be shared as part of the schooling community and dialogue. A daily reflective journal is shared with parents providing images and insight into the daily experiences of the children through documentation and reflection. Parents are also welcomed as volunteers within the class community, often adding value and contributing to the ongoing investigations and projects of the children. And our on site Pantry was created by parents for parents as a place for the Blue House community to come together for a tea, coffee or meal, to share and connect.

Educators act as observers and protagonists, learning alongside children, researching in partnership, giving value to what the children are doing. Our image of the child is that they are highly capable and we view our Educators’ roles as ones of facilitation and enlightenment, to continue to challenge theories, encourage new lines of thought and new experiences for the children to investigate together.

Our classroom environments are constructed purposefully, as a rich context to invite research. The furniture, materials and experiences are placed and chosen with purpose, to inspire, entice and encourage. Children at Blue House are not limited to their own classroom, but are seen as part of the larger Blue House community, and encouraged to explore and make use of the many wonderful experiences available within the Blue House environment. We promote opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

Blue House is privileged to have a team of 4, full-time specialists – our Pedagogista (the Italian word for ‘teacher of teachers’), Music Pedagogista, Mandarin Pedagogista and Atelierista (‘a teacher who is also an artist’) work with our team to enrich the experiences of Blue House children, and to drive and inspire our Educational professional development. Our community is also inspired by two on-site working resident Artists, who also spend time working on collaborative pieces with children at Blue House.

A unique educational journey and inspiring community awaits you at Blue House.

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The philosophy at Blue House Nursery & International Pre-School is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.

With an emergent and creative curriculum that is documented daily for both the educators and parents to reflect upon - the curriculum is truly child led and teacher framed.

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Diverse international population


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Visual Arts
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Application & Deadline

Application fee
Application deadline
There are no application deadlines- children are able to register for the school at any point in the academic year as long as there is availability.
The main intake of students is at the beginning of the academic year in September.
Average tuition fee
From $4126 per term, 3 terms per year
Priority to siblings for admissions
Priority to alumni for admissions
Are you academically selective?
Waiting list for any/all grades
Yes, if current classes are full a waitlist is opened.
Catchment area policy
No- children from all over Singapore and Malaysia travel to Blue House
Admissions process

Families are asked to complete an On Line Application, no waitlist fee or application fee applies. Upon the offer of a place at Blue House, families are kindly asked to complete the necessary forms and Pay the Registration Fee, Deposit and First Term’s fee for their child. Deposits are fully refundable at the time of withdrawing provided withdrawal dates have been adhered to. Prior to each child joining us families are invited for an Orientation Session, optional Home Visit and then a series of welcoming parent events with other members of the Blue House community.

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