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Pongal Festival 2022 in Singapore: Fun Family Cultural Activities

Pongal Festival 2022
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Check out the 2022 Pongal Festival in Singapore! Kids can learn about Pongal through puppetry storytelling and crafts, go on a mini treasure hunt and other family-friendly cultural activities to celebrate Pongal in Singapore

From 8 – 16 January 2022, Little India will bustle with even more colour and life than usual for the 2022 Pongal Festival, which features magnificent light displays and kid-friendly workshops (many of them free). India is a land rich in festivals and if there’s one thing that Indians know how to do well, it is to celebrate these festivals with great pomp and ceremony. January is the month where a number of harvest festivals are celebrated in various parts of India, and Pongal is an important festival celebrated by the Tamil diaspora around the world.

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Pongal Festival

When is Pongal 2022?

Pongal is from 14-17 January 2022.

What is Pongal?

Pongal is a four-day harvest festival celebrated by the Tamil community to convey gratitude and appreciation to the Sun God (Surya) for a successful harvest and to usher in a bountiful spring season. During the Pongal festival, households will typically cook rice with milk in an earthenware pot and let it boil over to symbolize the “bubbling over” of prosperity.

Pongal festival activities in Singapore
Pongal festival activities in Singapore

This is also a time when cattle is honoured, especially the cow, which is considered sacred in the Hindu religion. Pongal is an occasion for making offerings at the temple, for lively social gatherings, and for new beginnings when people don new clothes and do spring cleaning in their homes.

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While we are unlikely to see “harvest seasons” living in an urban city like Singapore, this festival is still relatable in modern times. The celebration of this festival provides an opportunity to teach children (and ourselves) to value and celebrate mother nature and the animals around us, and to set our intentions for a fresh new start to the year.

Pongal Festival 2022

How is Pongal celebrated in Singapore?

There won’t be a traditional parade of cattle on the streets like in previous years, but there will be plenty of other ways the kids can learn about Pongal at the Indian Heritage Centre. Look out for family-friendly cultural activities and fun workshops at the Indian Heritage Centre Pongal Open House celebrations from 8 to 16 Jan 2022!

IHC Pongal 2022 Open House Activities for the Family

Tanjore Art Workshop: 8/9 & 15/16 Jan 2022, 1pm, $10/pax*
Join this workshop and try your hand at creating your very own Tanjore painting masterpiece. Suitable for 12 years and above.

Miniature Clay Crafting Workshop: 8/9 & 15/16 Jan 2022, 11.30am, $5/pax*
Learn how to work with air dry polymer clay and acrylic paint to make miniatures that capture the pongal spirit! Suitable for 12 years and above.

Mandala Dot Painting Workshop: 8/9 & 15/16 Jan 2022, Sat 2pm / Sun 2.30pm, $5/pax*, Indian Heritage Centre.
Paint your own pongal pot with the therapeutic technique of mandala dot painting! Suitable for 6 years and above.

Kids Pongal Storytelling & Craft Session: 8/9 & 15/16 Jan 2022, Sat 10am, 12.45pm, 4pm Sun 10am, 1pm, $5/pax*
Learn about Pongal through a fun-filled puppetry storytelling session, a mini treasure hunt and paint your very own Pongal pot! Suitable for 7 years and above. * Sessions in English & Tamil.

Little India Pongal Trail & Cultural Experience: 10 to 13 Jan 2022, 6.30pm, Indian Heritage Centre. $10/pax*.
Soak in the Pongal festivities at Campbell Lane and embark on an immersive trail to learn about harvest tradition basics through a variety of hands-on cultural activities. Suitable for 7 years and above. Limited to 60 pax.

Kranji Farm Tour: 15 Jan 2022, 10am & 3pm, Kranji Farm Fee: $10/pax*.
Enjoy a cultural farm tour that includes a variety of live demonstrations, immersive activities and a mini Pongal harvest trail! Suitable for 7 years and above. Limited to 60 pax

4 Days of Pongal Display: 8-16 Jan 2022, Indian Heritage Centre. Fee: FREE
Learn about the significance of Pongal through an immersive display at the museum.* Closed on Mondays

IHC Drop-in Craft Activities: 8-16 Jan 2022, Indian Heritage Centre. Fee: FREE
Try your hand at various free drop-in craft activities that are in line with the harvest festival traditions when you visit the IHC Pongal Open House! Suitable for General Public * Closed on Mondays

Pongal Microsite Fee: FREE Embark on an interactive learning experience and learn about different aspects of Pongal through fun quizzes, engaging videos and craft activities.

All the details of Pongal 2022 @ Indian Heritage Centre here!

Pongal 2022, Indian Heritage Centre 5 Campbell Lane, Singapore 209924,

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Images by Indian Heritage Centre, first published by Richa Tiwari in 2020, updated in 2021

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