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Tastiest Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore For Home Cooked Meals Delivered to Your Door

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No time to cook? Opt for a tingkat delivery service straight to your door. Whether you’re looking for halal, healthy or vegetarian tingkat sets, we’ve got you covered!

Looking for a tingkat delivery service to make life just a tad easier? Singapore has no shortage of tingkat delivery services offering wholesome, nutritious meals daily straight to your doorstep. Getting food delivery or doing grocery shopping online for organic fruits and veggies has never been easier. But sometimes, you just crave a healthy home-cooked meal that you don’t have time to cook yourself. ‘Tingkat’ is the local term for tiffin carriers, used as lunch boxes in the olden days and now more often used to carry home-cooked dishes to friends and family. Here’s where to order a tingkat delivery that works for you – including tingkat services that are healthy, affordable or halal – scroll through our list and take your pick!

Tingkat Delivery Services in Singapore:

Kim Paradise: home-cooked meals

tingkat delivery singapore kim paradise

Kim Paradise is the largest home-cooked tingkat caterer in Singapore, serving up to 6,000 people daily! Its tingkat story all began with the desire to whip up home-cooked goodness for those who don’t have time to cook, and due to its popularity and delicious meals, it quickly became Singapore’s largest tingkat delivery service. The healthy home-cooked dishes are lovingly prepared with less salt, oil and no added MSG. A healthy tingkat plan features nutritious dishes like Steamed Pomfret Fish, Cordyceps Chicken Soup and more. With more than 200 dishes on rotation, the meal plan is updated weekly, so you will get to enjoy a fresh variety every week. Kim Paradise even offers free delivery for all tingkat plans.
Tingkat Delivery Prices start from $6.50 per pax ($7.02 with GST) for the family tingkat plan.
Kim Paradise,

Neo Garden: international cuisines

tingkat delivery singapore neo garden

Do you crave a different cuisine once a week? Neo Garden is the tingkat caterer you need! Offering international cuisines from Korea, Japan, and Thailand, Neo Garden includes dishes like Bibimbap, Thai Style Green Curry Chicken and more to spice up the menu. You will get to feast on premium dishes like 10 Herb Chicken Soup, Plum Dory Fillet or White Fungus with Chuan Bei Chicken Soup. Founded in 1992, Neo Garden is a popular caterer in Singapore that offers an Omasake tingkat plan for big families and buffet and event menus for special occasions. Over the years, Neo Garden has continuously improved and reinvented itself to suit the taste buds of modern consumers, so you can trust that you will get good value for money.
Tingkat Delivery Prices start from $7.25 per person for the Family Omasake daily meals.
Neo Garden,

Best Catering: healthy and affordable meals

tingkat delivery best catering

Healthy meals shouldn’t be expensive! This is why Best Catering serves up healthy and nutritious home-cooked meals at affordable prices. Loved by the mummy community in Singapore, there are over 200 delicious dishes to look forward! There’s even a special combo of dishes every Thursday featuring local delights like Nasi Lemak and Hokkien Mee and a dessert treat (think red bean soup with glutinous rice balls!). Best Catering offer kid-friendly tingkat dishes like the well-loved Chicken Rice. The experienced chefs use the freshest ingredients, no added MSG, 100% vegetable oil and less salt and oil. Mamas always want what’s best for their kids, and Best Catering provides nutritious tingkat meals to families without breaking the bank. Every meal is freshly cooked daily and delivered straight to your doorstep.
Tingkat Delivery prices: from $6.50 per person for a family tingkat meal with free delivery
Best Catering,

Select Catering: healthy tingkat delivery service

tingkat delivery select catering

Select Catering has been serving up nostalgic home-cooked dishes for over 30 years. With affordable tingkat prices from $5.50 per person, Select Catering helps busy mums and dads check meals off their to-do list, so they can focus on spending time with their family. From April 2023 onwards, Select Catering’s tingkat delivery menu will feature a wider variety of home-cooked dishes that are prepared with premium ingredients like Snapper, Barramundi and Spanish Mackerel, so your kids will get all of the Omega-3s they need for a healthy brain! While ordering in usually means that the nutritional value of meals won’t be ideal, the chefs at Select Catering pride themselves in using less salt, less oil and no added MSG. You and your family can enjoy your tingkat meal in peace knowing that you will get all of the healthy nutrients (with none of the hard work yourself!).
Tingkat Delivery prices: from $5.50+ per person daily
 Select Catering,

HomeTingkat: healthy tingkat delivery

tingkat delivery singapore hometingkat

HomeTingkat is a fuss-free tingkat delivery service that promises healthy, home-cooked dishes delivered right to your doorstep. They boast no added MSG and cook all dishes with less salt and oil to ensure that you get the highest nutritional value and delicious flavours without compromising on quality. Each order is freshly cooked daily, so you and your family can enjoy warm meals. HomeTingkat offers the most popular Chinese dishes that are often cooked at home – Stir-Fried Pork with Bell Peppers, Bean Flavoured Steamed Chicken, Hainanese Chicken, Nyonya Curry Chicken and more. Each tingkat delivery comes with two or three dishes and one soup, so you’ll be sure to get your fill.
Tingkat Delivery Prices start from $300 for 2 dishes and 1 soup (30 meals for 2 pax) and $570 for 3 dishes and 1 soup (30 meals for 2 pax).

Lagun Sari Kitchen: halal tingkat delivery

Lagun Sari Kitchen: halal tingkat delivery

Having started out as a restaurant before becoming a stalwart in the local wedding and catering scene, Lagun Sari really knows their food. They now offer halal tingkat delivery for lunch and dinner through the work week, with a good mix of authentic Indonesian dishes as well as fusion and Western cuisine so you and the fam can enjoy a variety of dishes at every meal! Expect a fresh delivery of five dishes daily, all made without MSG, with a flexible delivery schedule so you can choose which dates to receive your tingkat meals – no need for them to be delivered on consecutive days!
Tingkat Delivery Prices start from $65 (5 days) to $240 (20 days) for 1 pax with free and flexible delivery, so your 10 days do not need to be consecutive days.
Lagun Sari Kitchen,

Fatty Daddy Fatty Mummy: healthy tingkat delivery

Helmed by a professional chef and his wife, Fatty Daddy Fatty Mummy does a variety of healthy tingkat delivery menus that all have less sodium, healthier oil and zero MSG. Their Love, Tingkat! menu is the healthiest of the bunch, made without processed foods and is Singapore Healthier Choice-certified.
Tingkat Delivery Prices start from $94.80 (2 pax) for a 3-day trial of their Love, Tingkat! menu.
Fatty Daddy Fatty Mummy,

Jessie’s Catering: home-cooked tingkat

Jessie’s Catering proudly serves up delicious home-cooked meals for happy tummies! A typical tingkat dinner meal includes one meat, one veggie, and one or two side dishes or soup, depending on your preference. And they rotate the dishes regularly, so you won’t receive the same dish twice in a row. Choose from a 5-day, 10-day or 20-day tingkat delivery option to suit your family’s needs.
Tingkat Delivery Prices start from $69.55 (2 pax) for a 5-day trial
Jessie’s Catering,

Le Xin Catering: tingkat delivery menu

Le Xin Catering: tingkat delivery Singapore

Le Xin Catering offers tasty meals with no two dishes being the same each month. You can choose from their Deluxe menu, or try the Asian Delights tingkat delivery menu, which features dishes such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Thai Style Pineapple Rice, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Sambal Fried Rice, Hong Kong Noodle, Mee Goreng, Stir-Fried Hor Fun and Sin Chow Bee Hoon. Hungry yet?
Tingkat Delivery Prices start from $72.50 (1 pax) for a 5-day trial of their Deluxe menu.
Le Xin Catering,

Ronnie Kitchen: affordable tingkat meals

Ronnie Kitchen offers a wide range of catering options: lunch/dinner tingkat meals, mini buffet and bento boxes. They know that food shouldn’t be expensive, so they keep their tingkat delivery meals affordable while serving up mouth-watering dishes to satisfy all of your cravings for home cooked food!
Tingkat Delivery Prices start from $91.80 (with GST for 2 pax) for a 5-day trial with no rice
Ronnie Kitchen,

Tingkat Delivery by Richfood: no MSG

Tingkat Delivery Singapore: Richfood

Tingkat Delivery bring the taste of home cooked meals that are both delicious and nutritious, made fresh and without MSG. Their tingkat menu is updated weekly on their website, so you can have a look at what’s on offer for the week.
Tingkat Delivery Prices start from $95.88 (2 pax) for a 5-day trial meal package.
Tingkat Delivery,

Yassin Kampung: halal tingkat delivery

Yassin Kampung offers halal tingkat delivery in 10-day and 20-day packages. Tingkat dishes featured are their classic restaurant menu items, such as Buttermilk Salted Egg Yolk Chicken, Sambal Baby Kailan, Hotplate Beancurd, Tempura Fish and Tom Yum Soup.
Tingkat Delivery Prices start from $198 (2 pax) for a 10-day halal tingkat delivery package.
Yassin Kampung,

FoodLine: tingkat delivery portal with tingkat reviews

FoodLine is one of Singapore’s biggest catering and Tingkat portals with over 580 caterers. If you are wondering about which Tingkat service to use you can check out the different tingkat caterers, read all about the tingkat reviews and see food photos from other customers of the tingkat services.
Foodline Tingkat Delivery,

Other tingkat delivery services:

tingkat services

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