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15-Minute Family Meal: Wanchai Ferry’s Plant-based Meat Dumplings & Noodle Soup Recipe

Wanchai Ferry-Plant-based Meat Dumplings
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A family meal ready in under 15 minutes? Wanchai Ferry’s Plant-based Meat Dumplings make the quickest plant-based meal that the whole family will love!

One of Hong Kong’s favourite dim sum and dumpling brands, Wanchai Ferry Plant-based Meat Dumplings has arrived in Singapore! The frozen vegetarian dumplings are the perfect quick-fix meal to stock in your freezer for kids’ lunchboxes or an easy last-minute family meal.

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Easy to cook, fun to eat!

Wanchai Ferry’s Plant-based Meat Dumplings are the first frozen plant-based meat dumpling in Singapore! These easy to cook dumplings are a hit with kids and perfect for those on a plant-based diet. The frozen dumplings are actually vegan, but they still have a deliciously meaty taste to them thanks to the use of Omnipork – a vegan pork mince analogue made with non-GMO soy, shiitake mushrooms, rice, and peas. There are two dumpling flavours to choose from, Purple Cabbage & Corn Plant-Based Meat dumplings and Black Pepper & Mushroom Plant-Based Meat dumplings.

Wanchai Ferry-Plant-based Meat Dumplings
Wanchai Ferry-Plant-based Meat Dumplings make a cute bento box meal for kids

Kids lunchbox bento

We love how you can cook these plant-based meat dumplings in a variety of ways within minutes! Kids will enjoy the Wanchai Ferry’s Plant-based Meat Dumplings served up in a cute bento box for lunchtime. Just boil or steam your dumplings according to the package instructions, and serve with rice (we like it seasoned with seaweed sauce and black sesame) then add a rainbow of vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, edamame, corn) and fruit!

Wanchai Ferry-Plant-based Meat Dumplings
15-minute meal: Wanchai Ferry’s Plant-based Meat Dumplings & noodle soup

Family meal in minutes

It’s handy to have a quick recipe for a family meal that can be on the table in under 15 minutes! Kids love slurping up noodle soup especially when there are dumplings hiding in the stock! For this recipe you can use any noodles you have on hand and any fresh vegetables in the fridge. We always keep a bag of frozen edamame in the freezer along with our frozen Wan Chai Ferry Plant-based Meat Dumplings so there’s never any worry about being out of ingredients for a quick vegetarian meal for the family!

Serves a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids)


  • 1 packet of 12 Wan Chai Ferry Plant-based Meat Dumplings
  • 350 grams noodles
  • 2 carrots, peeled and sliced
  • A handful of edamame, cooked (substitute with peas or corn if preferred)
  • Packet of Shimeji mushrooms (optional)
  • Seaweed (optional)
  • 1 litre vegetable stock
  • Black sesame seeds to garnish (optional)


1. Boil the vegetable stock with carrots and mushrooms for 10 minutes on medium heat.
2. Add the dumplings, edamame and noodles to the soup stock, boil for another 5 minutes on medium heat.
3. Serve in a bowl topped with seaweed and black sesame seeds.

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