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58 Things We Love About Singapore: Celebrating SG’s 58th Birthday!

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With Singapore’s 58th birthday coming up, we take a moment to reflect on 58 things that we love about Singapore

Whether you’ve lived in Singapore all your life or are a more recent arrival, chances are there’s much you love about this amazing country that’s about to celebrate 58 years of independence (we are so excited about the full-scale NDP celebrations from fireworks, to Red Lions and flypasts!). From the delicious food to beautiful nature reserves, not to mention incomparable safety and efficiency there’s so much we are grateful for in Singapore. Join us in taking a moment to appreciate 58 reasons – big and small – to love our little red dot!

58 Reasons to Love Our Little Red Dot!

1. A Woman President

Who run the world? GIRLS! In 2017 we saw the walkover election of Madam Halimah Yacob, Singapore’s first female president. Besides being an accomplished former Speaker of Parliament, she’s also a mother of five (which do you think is a tougher job?!). We’re so proud to live in such a progressive country where we can show our daughters that they can absolutely do anything they put their minds to!

2. We’re Always Learning About Different Cultures

Living alongside multi-cultural neighbours often means we get to experience their traditions, like cooking for neighbours during Hari Raya, watching Indian/Hindu neighbours draw their Rangolis in front of their houses during Deepavali, and exchanging oranges with Chinese neighbours during CNY. We love these opportunities for the diversity it brings and for teachable moments about race and inclusivity.

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3. Kid-Friendly Activities

There is SO much to do with kids in Singapore from free outdoor playgrounds to kid-friendly activities. Plus we love how most bathrooms in malls are well-equipped for diaper changes and feeding, too. Kids’ activities take place all year round, not just during school holidays so there’s never a lack of things to do with kids in Singapore.

4. It’s So Safe!

We love how safe this country is – so safe that we feel comfortable teaching our kids how to commute on their own when they are old enough! Some parents have started this as young as 8!

5. Having Help Around the House

As busy mamas, we totally dig that we can get support around the house from the wonderful hard-working women who often sacrifice time with their families to come to work here. Whether it’s night nurses, cleaning services, babysitters or full-time live-in helpers, there’s a level of support to suit your needs.

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6. Singapore Zoo –  Best in the world

national day 2020 singapore zoo orangutans

Probably one of the most beautiful zoos in the world. In typical Singapore fashion everything at the Singapore Zoo is very clean and orderly and all the animals (over 2,800) look healthy. Definitely a must-see.

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7. Cheapest Michelin-Starred Meals in the world!

Singapore is proudly home to Michelin-starred street food Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle from just $4.50. A super casual streetside stall where noodles are cooked-to-order and served with pork, pork liver and crispy bits. Expect to queue for this kind of value!

8. Reliable Cheap Public Transport

Sure, we may complain that the next bus is due to arrive in 7 minutes (which can be easily checked thanks to apps like My Transport SG, etc) which may be long by our standards, but we can definitely count on it! Getting from one end of Singapore to the other is so easy and usually involves just a couple of transfers. It’s also great that buses and trains are increasingly getting more wheelchair- and pram-accessible plus we love the hit of air-con.

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9. Amazing Skyline and City Views

Image credit: Art

It’s not hard to find the best spots to get gorgeous views of the little red dot. You can watch the sun set over a cocktail at Marina Bay Sands or hop on the Singapore Flyer (for no reason, obviously) and check out how beautiful SG is from all angles…

10. First Class Health Care

Even government hospitals provide top-notch healthcare services. Everything is also super high-tech with hospitals equipped with the best and latest information and equipment to help with any health issues.

11.  Swimming Pools Galore

Image: Sengkang Swimming Complex

Perhaps both a luxury and necessity in this heat, but the fact that most condos and houses come with a pool or are close to an amazing public swimming pool with slides rocks! Mamas can relax poolside with a magazine and an iced bevvy while the bubbas splash around (read: tire themselves out)! A win-win situation every single weekend.

12. World Class Museums

Whether you’re taking out-of-town visitors to the Asian Civilisations Museum or the Peranakan Museum, or you’re keeping kiddos occupied at Sassy Mama faves like the fire station, Science Centre, or ArtScience Museum, Singapore’s perpetually rotating slate of amazing museum exhibits means there will always be something new to discover.

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13. Deliciously Spicy Food

national day 2020 laksa sambal
Image: Pexels: Nyonya Laksa with sambal

As a cultural hotpot (literally), Singapore might specialise in more cuisines than anywhere else on Earth. Chinese food, Indian food, Malay food, Peranakan food, Thai and Vietnamese food…this is truly a foodie paradise and we just love all the spice!

14. Wet Markets for Fresh Produce

In Singapore, we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to fresh produce found in wet markets. Here you’ll find many different types of Asian greens, fruits and vegetables not to mention meats and seafood! Not sure how to shop in a wet market? Read our wet market guide.

15. Stunning Street Art

Exploring Singapore's street art with kids in tow

For a place that is strict about graffiti, the street art here is certainly something to search out. We love wandering the streets and taking pics of our kids blended in with the fun scenes painted on certain walls.

16. Public Holidays

Okay, okay, Singapore doesn’t have as many public holidays as our sisters in Hong Kong, but we get days off for Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali… all the cool multicultural ones! Check out all the public holidays in Singapore here.

17. Awesome Parks

Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park playground

Sure, you might get a bit sweaty (and don’t forget the sunscreen/mossie repellant/hat/snacks/massive diaper bag) but Singapore really kicks ass when it comes to its awesome selection of parks to wander and playgrounds, wherever you live.

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18. Best Education in the World

As parents, we’re pretty stoked to live in the country that leads the world in Math and Science performance. It’s not every nation that has its own brand of math named after it!

19. It’s Always So Clean

We love the fact that we have such clean streets! There’s no gum on the floor. The public toilets are spotless.

20. The Fountain at Jewel

Tallest Indoor Waterfall the IG star of Jewel, Changi Airport

How can you not feel filled with wonder every time you lay eyes upon the world’s tallest indoor fountain? Besides the fact that it offers even more fun things to do with kidand has oodles of outstanding restaurants, Jewel is simply an architectural marvel.

21. A Chance to Have Bilingual Kids

While kids in local schools are required to have proficiency in at least two languages, plenty of international schools and preschools also take advantage of our multicultural landscape to promote Mandarin immersion and true bilingualism among children. How chuffed were you the first time you heard your little one conversing with a taxi uncle?

22. Decent Beaches on Our Doorstep

coastes beach club sentosa singapore

So fine, we live on the Equator and it’s unlikely we’ll ever see fluffy white snowflakes, but this means we can hit the beach all year round! Check out the best Singapore beaches here.

23. Landing at Changi Airport

Coming home from even the best vacation is made a little easier when you can breeze through automated immigration gates, find your suitcase waiting for you, and hop in a cab within a matter of minutes at what’s without question the world’s greatest airport. 

24. Dramatic Thunderstorms

Singapore holds the world record for number of lightning storms, and they are amazing to watch (but not so much fun when trees get knocked down!).

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25. Shophouses to Admire

national day 2020 koon seng road joo chiat shophouses

From the painted ladies of Koon Seng Road in Joo Chiat to the pretty tiles on Duxton Hill, Singapore’s pockets of architectural delights are an immediate mood enhancer.

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26. Family-friendly Cycling

We LOVE that Singapore is a cycle-friendly city! If you accept the fact that sweating is inevitable and try to cycle early mornings or (early) evenings, it’s a fantastic way to get from A to B with or without kids.

27. Amazing Local Getaways

cempedak private island
Image: Cempedak Private Island, accessible from Singapore by boat

We’ve already mentioned how fricking awesome Jewel Changi is, but if you don’t want to get on a plane at all (ciao annoying luggage allowance!), then there are myriad possibilities of island getaways via boat and car.

28. Variety of Fun Desserts

This town is a gold mine for anyone with a sweet tooth. There are so many delicious desserts to choose from – from ice cream in Singapore flavours to ice kacang, durian, Bingsu and more!

29. Kid-friendly Cafes

Singapore really caters to families with kids – there are so many best kid-friendly restaurants and cafés with playgrounds and special kids’ menus.

30. Durians!

Durian Delivery Singapore 2022
Image Credit: Johnny Clow

Have you tried this prickly tropical fruit? Do your kids love it or hate it? Try this delicacy at a durian stall in town if it’s your first time (or if you want to contain the smell) or have durians delivered to your home for the true durian fanatic!

31. Interesting Diverse Neighbourhoods

little india guide colourful shophouse

We love exploring the different neighbourhoods in Singapore – there’s Little India, Kampong Glam, Chinatown, Joo Chiat – each one is a delight to walk around. Get your phones charged for lots of photos, try the different foods and enjoy the different vibe in each one.

32. 24-Hr Shopping at Mustfa Centre

You can get everything here. It’s your one-stop shop for everything from diapers, to spices, to ice cream to smokeless camphor (!), to hard-to-find beauty products.

33. Cool Brunch Scene

Sunday brunch is definitely the new Saturday night out… If you’re an old-feeling, tired parent like us that is! Neck some free-flow champers, allow the bubs to run wild in the play area, and head home for a good nap at the end of it. Phew!

34. Garden City

No matter how much concrete there is in Singapore, there’s always an abundance of trees, bushes, flowers and the like, everywhere you go. Plus there are so many parks and even a few untouched habitats (Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve, Pulau Ubin), we can discover once we’ve exhausted all the hipster cafés and photogenic architecture.

35. Wild Animals in the City!

Ok so this can be a little terrifying, but we love that the wildlife our children see in their storybooks actually comes to life in Singapore and somehow manages to coexist alongside our urban metropolis. There’s nowhere better for budding naturalists! Here’s where to spot wild crocodiles, snakes, dolphins and more in Singapore.

36. Outdoor Activities You Can Do All Year

Things to do in Sentosa - Skyline Luge at Sentosa
There are over 101 things to do (yeah we counted and wrote about it here) so you and the kids will never ever get bored. But if you do get bored, know that being bored is good for you!

37. Chatty Taxi Uncles

In a city where the price of owning a car is prohibitive, we’re lucky to have the friendliest taxi drivers anywhere! They are always so happy to chat about everything, and make you feel “at home” during your ride.

38. Nature Hiking Trails

national day 2020 bukit timah nature trail

You might be dodging monkeys at MacRitchie Reservoir — but this amazing park is well worth it for the shade and uniquely rugged terrain at one of the few truly hilly places to go running in Singapore. There are so many hiking trails in Singapore.

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39. We Can Drink Fresh Coconut Water Daily!

The most refreshing thing, basically ever, and a totally affordable luxury! Buy fresh coconuts in any supermarket or find them at a hawker stall!

40. World-class Shopping Malls

Whether you’re after the luxury international brands on Orchard Road (Singapore has more malls per square mile than anywhere else on Earth!), looking to score a bargain in Chinatown, or keeping up with the latest hip up-and-comers on Haji Lane, you are definitely in a shopping paradise.

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41. Chicken Rice: Best Kids’ Meal Out Ever!

This must be one of our favourite things about Singapore. Chicken rice along with chilli crab are Singapore’s signature dishes. What do you get? Amazingly tender chicken and super tasty rice. It’s delicious and totally child-friendly. 

42. World’s Greatest Airline

national day 2020 singapore airlines business class

Consistently ranked the world’s best international airline Singapore Airlines’ service, food and up-to-date entertainment options have spoiled us for flying anyone else.

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43. Everything is SO Close!

Singapore is really tiny; you can get to anywhere within minutes (longer if using public transport) but nothing will really take you long. By saving time commuting we get more time to spend with our family, friends or doing things we love.

44.  Family-friendly Fun

Things to do weekend kids singapore

There’s always something to do with the whole family and many of them are affordable – from bowling to going for an amazing scenic walk along the seafront.

45. Petrol Uncles

Those of us who have lived abroad know this is not the norm everywhere. We love chatting to the petrol Uncles as they fill our tank and wish us a good day!

46. Wearing Flip Flops 365 Days a Year

For those of us who grew up with harsh winters, it’s a never-ending delight getting to wear sandals (and never having to deal with heavy coats) all year round.

47. Escape to One of SG’s Many Islands!

lazarus island ferry

We love how you can catch a cheap ferry and take a trip to nearby islands like Lazarus and St Johns for some beach holiday vibes. Or take a bumboat to Pulau Ubin and go camping or cycling with island-life feels.

48. Colonial Architecture

Singapore has done a great job preserving colonial architecture built by the British in the 19th century. Some examples include the Raffles Hotel and the old Supreme Court but we also totally love the island’s many black and white bungalows.

49. PM Lee Hsien Loong’s Sassy Pink Shirts

We’re partial to pink here at Sassy, and one of the few (literal) bright spots of all the government updates and Facebook Live addresses has been our natty PM’s sartorial choices. And we love that he’s even in on the joke.

50. Sporty Fun All Year Around

weekend things to do with kids in Singapore

Thanks to the sunny weather most of the year – it’s always a good time to go out and try a new physical activity – our kids get so much Vitamin D here!

51. Volunteering Opportunities & Community Spirit

There is a myriad of charities and volunteering opportunities available in Singapore. It’s a reflection of the “kampung spirit” and is evident everywhere from the schools to local politics. 

52. We Can Do Multiple Activities in One Day

goat farm in sinagpore plus petting animal farms

It’s really worth saying this again and again, thanks to the proximity of everything in Singapore our kids here get to experience so much from new indoor playgrounds to animal farms.

53. Wi Fi Everywhere

Free Wi-Fi at a hawker centre and MRT stations?! Seriously, you can connect anywhere and ‘gram away! Check out other cafés with free Wi-Fi here.

54. All Kinds of Top Class Food (24 Hours a day) 

Want to grab world-class noodles, or chicken satay, or roti prata, or dumplings (the list goes on and on)? Singapore’s got you covered with its amazing foodcourts, hawkers and amazing food delivery.

55. Teh Halia and Fresh Juice

Teh Halia – pulled ginger tea with condensed milk just might be the world’s most perfect drink. A little bit zingy, comfortingly sweet and slightly frothy, it’s the only way to kickstart the day! Plus kids love the freshly squeezed sugar cane juice sold at every hawker market – we love that it comes in a bag!

56. Palm Trees

Singapore is dotted with palm trees in more shapes and sizes than you can imagine. These exotic shrubs always make us feel like we are resorting in a tropical paradise.

57. National Day!

National Day Singapore 2022
Image Credit: NDPeeps

Singaporeans the world over tune in to see their beloved National Day being celebrated in style with a National day Parade, flybys, and fireworks!

58. There’s ALWAYS Something New Happening in Town

Which is what keeps us at Sassy Mama on our toes and busy writing so we can share all the fun in town with you!

There you have it, mamas! We could go on all day. And don’t forget to check out our Singapore Bucket List if you’ll be leaving this beautiful island sometime soon (or simply want to hit up some of our favourite sights). Now tell us what YOU love about Singapore, and have a very happy National Day.

Majulah Singapura!

Lead image: Pexels Macritchie image, Laksa image, Shophouses image and Old Supreme Court image all sourced via Getty Changi Airport image by Changi Airport via Facebook Face mask image by @missene Milo Dinosaur image by Come Cucinare City Views image by Gardens By The Bay sourced via CNN Outdoor Excercise Classes image courtesy of UFIT Bootcamps Local Getaways image by Cempedak Island Free Wifi @ MRT image by Neo Xiaobin via Straits Times ION Orchard image by CapitaLand Singapore Zoo image by Wildlife Reserves Singapore via Facebook Singapore Airlines image by Singapore Airlines via Facebook

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