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Singapore Zoo Guide: New KidzWorld Playground & Petting Zoo, Animal Shows, Tickets & Zoo Opening Hours

singapore zoo
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Here’s everything you need to know to plan your trip to the Singapore Zoo from ticket prices, opening hours and promotions to animal feeding times, KidzWorld playground and petting zoo, plus the Singapore Zoo animal shows!

The Singapore Zoo – one of the four parks under Mandai Wildlife Group – still tops our must-do list of 101 things to do in Singapore. They have just launched new play areas (there’s an animal-themed dry playground) plus the water park has changed (gone are the slides and there are new water fountains instead) plus the petting zoo at KidzWorld has loads more animals including horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and more! A visit to the Singapore Zoo is always fun – you get to see interesting animals up close, feed the animals, go on the tram (included in the Singapore Zoo tickets) and then cool off at the Wet Play Area at KidzWorld. What else do we love about the Singapore Zoo, you ask? Well, you can expect well-planned walking trails, beautifully kept gardens, free-roaming animals (oppressive bars and small cages are kept to a minimum), a chance to feed some of the animals from giraffes to rhinos and elephants, educational animal shows and lots of clean kid-sized toilets, and nursing rooms – what could be better?

There’s more than enough to see at Singapore Zoo to keep your little ones entertained weekend after weekend, and we recommend getting an annual membership instead of buying individual tickets (more on this below). Keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know to plan the perfect day out at the Zoo including tips like downloading the map of the Singapore Zoo before you go!

Jump to:
Ticket Prices & Singapore Zoo Promotions
Singapore Zoo Map
Animal Feeding Timings
Animal Shows Times
Where to Eat in Singapore Zoo
KidzWorld & Water Play
Friends of the Zoo WRS Annual Pass
How to Get To Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo Opening Hours

NEW at Singapore Zoo KidzWorld

singapore zoo - kidzworld playground frog musical flowers
Image Credit: Cherilyn Gan

The newly opened KidzWorld at Singapore Zoo boasts seven interactive indoor and outdoor zones, as well as engaging and educational programs like the Ranger Buddies Quest, the Canine Clubhouse, 250 animal residents, including interaction opportunities with the friendly cats, chickens, rabbits, and horses. This exciting vibrant space made especially for kids promises fun for the whole family.

Bigger Petting Zoo at Singapore Zoo KidzWorld

Kids can look forward to interacting with several animals at KidzWorld, including rabbits, dogs, cats, ponies and goats. As part of the movement to encourage people to adopt not shop, all of the dogs at the Canine Clubhouse are rescues. Just be prepared that the little ones might ask if you can adopt a dog after spending time with these friendly pups.

Trainers will also be around to teach the little ones how to better interact with the animals and understand their behaviours. At the Canine Clubhouse, guests can also learn dog training tips and tricks while getting chummy with the adorable golden retrievers! Do note that the space for the cats and dogs is quite small, so we suggest getting there early so you can get in before the queue gets too long.

Ranger Buddies Base Camp at Singapore Zoo, KidzWorld

singapore zoo - ranger buddies base camp
Image Credit: Cherilyn Gan

The Ranger Buddies Quest, is an immersive experience that allows the little ones to step into the shoes of a keeper, nutritionist, and veterinarian. Open on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays, and during school holidays, this new phygital experience (digital and physical) offers an engaging and educational exploration into the animal world. From a digital projection interactive play area to colouring activities and hands-on experiences, kids will have a blast learning about the animal world.

Revamped Playgrounds at Singapore Zoo, KidzWorld

singapore zoo - kidzworld bucket swing playground
Image Credit: Cherilyn Gan

Be sure to check out the new wet and dry play areas! The outdoor playground at KidzWorld, Singapore Zoo features a small sunken trampoline to bounce on, a long tunnel slide and a netted bucket swing. There isn’t much shade here, so be sure to bring along hats and umbrellas and lather on sunscreen for the kids.

singapore zoo - kidzworld playground
Image Credit: Cherilyn Gan

There’s also a sheltered sand play area where kids can take a break from the heat and build sandcastles (don’t forget to bring your sand play toys!). For a musical experience, check out the colourful musical flowers, where little ones can play a tune.

Water fountains at KidzWorld

singapore zoo

The water play area has had a revamp too. While sadly the water slides are no longer available, kids can beat the heat at the water fountains – there’s a fountain maze with water that sprays upwards and water buckets to dodge!

KidzWorld Cafe

When the kids get hungry, head to the new KidzWorld cafe for a choice of Asian or Western food – think Noodles with Dumplings, Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl, Fish & Chips, Chicken Spaghetti Bolognese and more. This KidzWorld cafe is a tad pricier than the Ah Meng Restaurant that provides a greater variety, so we’d recommend heading over by foot or tram if the kids are not too hungry yet. There’s also a KFC nearby.

Animal Friends Show at KidzWorld

singapore zoo - KidzWorld animal shows
Image Credit: Cherilyn Gan

While you’re at KidzWorld don’t miss the Animal Friends Show, where kids can volunteer to help out with animal tricks. Learn about how to train a dog to do fun tricks and watch these intelligent animals in action! You’ll also get to meet KidzWorld’s hooved friends – the beautiful falabellas and goats.

Meet Our Hooved Friends
Animal Show Time:
11am (daily) & 12:30pm (Mon – Fri)
Where: Animal Buddies, KidzWorld

Animal Heroes
Animal Show Time: 12:30pm (Sat, Sun & PH) & 2pm (daily)
Where: Animal Buddies, KidzWorld

Dance Your Heart Out!
Animal Show Times:
3:30pm (daily)
Where: Animal Buddies, KidzWorld

Animal Feeding Timings

singapore Zoo WRS giraffe feeding
Image credit: Beate Baldry

One of the highlights for our kids is getting up close to some of the animals at the Singapore Zoo. There’s a chance to take part in feeding the animals – for this you’ll need to buy animal feeding tickets online when you buy your Singapore Zoo entry ticket. Each animal feeding ticket costs $8 and feeding takes place at set times.
Pro tip: Get your cameras ready for pictures early as those animals gobble up their food fast and each child’s feeding session is over in less than 5 minutes!

  • White Rhino Feeding at Wild Africa, Singapore Zoo at 1.15pm
  • Elephant Feeding at Elephants of Asia, Singapore Zoo at 9.30am, 11.45am and 4.30pm
  • Giraffe Feeding at Wild Africa, Singapore Zoo at 10.45am, 1.50pm and 3.45pm
  • Giant Tortoise at Reptile Garden, Singapore Zoo, 1.15pm
  • Zebra Feeding at Wild Africa at  10:15am & 2:15pm

Animal feeding timing subject to change, always check the Singapore Zoo website for the latest info.

Animal Show at Singapore Zoo: Timing Schedule

sea lion splash show at singapore zoo
Singapore Zoo animal shows. Image credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Look out for Pedro the Sea Lion in the Splash Safari Show at the Singapore Zoo. It’s lovely to see the Sea Lions up close and in action, plus we respect how they discuss environmental issues such as plastic waste in the ocean and advocate using reusable shopping bags and water bottles!

singapore zoo - animal show times
Image Credit: Singapore Zoo

Here’s the schedule (above) for you to get the most out of your visit to the Singapore Zoo. Timing is subject to change, so always check the Singapore Zoo website for the latest info.

Orangutans at Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is famous for its free-roaming orangutans and other animals that are housed in green enclosures. Instead of cages, there are moats to keep animals contained (as well as live electricity wires throughout). One of the highlights is the orangutans who laze on the tree structures, chatter and if you’re lucky you’ll catch them swinging gracefully from branch to branch.

Use the Singapore Zoo map to plan your route according to what animals you want to see. From Australasia to Wild Africa, different zones replicate diverse animal habitats around the world. Your kids can go looking for white rhinos, giraffes, white tigers, crocodiles and more! If you need to cool off (or escape a torrential downpour — this is Singapore, after all), a number of cool sheltered buildings are strategically placed around the zoo. In addition to restaurants like Ah Meng’s and Ben and Jerry’s, there’s also Reptopia (don’t worry, the snakes are in an enclosure!), the Forest Lodge, the Penguin House, and the Kangaroo House.

NB: One of the things we like most about the nearby River Wonders is that it’s almost all either indoors or under a covered walkway — it’s a good backup option if the weather’s not cooperating. 

Dining & Food options at Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo Breakfast in the Wild brunch with orangutans
Image Credits: Mandai Wildlife Group

Have weekend breakfast at Ah Meng Terrace

Big on weekend brunch? Then you’ll love that Breakfast in the Wild – Singapore Zoo’s signature breakfast programme – is officially back! Take your pick of local and international food from the delicious buffet spread, all made from sustainably-sourced palm oil. You’ll also find cups of Owa Coffee, made from beans grown in a wildlife-friendly manner in Indonesia. Don’t miss out on the chance to interact with the animals and their keepers at the free-and-easy interaction area, and snap a few pics for Instagram at selected photo points. Tickets are priced at $45 for adults and $35 for children aged 6 to 12. Kids below six must be accompanied by an adult. Breakfast in the Wild is available at Ah Meng Restaurant from 9am to 10:30am on weekends and public holidays, and requires a separate Singapore Zoo admission ticket.

At the entrance of the Singapore Zoo, you’ll find KFC, Inuka Cafe (local coffee shop), The Wild Mart for animal themed Baos, Chawang Bistro for western fare and Chomel Bistro for local dishes such as nasi lemak, fried bee hoon and laksa. To beat the heat, indulge the kids in some ice cream from Häagen-Dazs.

Inside the Singapore Zoo, head over to Ah Meng Restaurant (named after the famous orangutan!) for casual local and western cuisine like chicken rice, BBQ Half Spring Chicken and more. Craving sandwiches or a quick bite? Pop by Ah Meng Bistro for an afternoon snack or the kids’ all-time favourite KFC.

NB: If you do buy food to eat in the park, do watch out for wild macaques (not part of the zoo collection)! These wild monkeys associate baby prams and plastic bags with food and may approach you in search of food. Remain calm and walk away.

Read More: Where to See Wild Crocodiles, Dolphins, & Otters in Singapore!

Singapore Zoo Ticket Prices & Promotions

singapore zoo
Image credit: Maureen Yeo

You will need to go online and buy a ticket for the Singapore Zoo. Good news is you won’t need a ticket for under 3s (yippee!). It’s cheaper to get Singapore Zoo tickets on a weekday than on the weekend or public holiday. Luckily there is now complimentary tram/shuttle service included in admission tickets for Singapore Zoo.

Do note that local residents who are WildPass holders enjoy 20% ticket discounts on Singapore Zoo tickets! Non-residents who buy tickets online can currently enjoy discounts of up to 10%.

Singapore Zoo Tickets for Local Residents (Singapore citizens, PRs, EP, DP and work permit holders)
Adult: $45/$47.50: Mon to Fri/ Sat, Sun and Public Holidays
Child (3-12 years old): $32.40/$34.30: Mon to Fri/ Sat, Sun and Public Holidays

Singapore Zoo Tickets for Non-residents
Adult: $50
Child (3-12 years old): $36

Local residents visiting from 1 November to 30 December can enjoy a WildPass promotional bundle to Singapore Zoo and River Wonders at $54 for adults and $38 for children (can be purchased from now till 30 December 2023)!

Guests can also visit River Wonders & Night Safari at 30% off with the 2-park Secret Wild-erland F&B Bundle, which comes with an exclusive dining experience at The Mystical Bar! Promotion is valid from 17 November – 14 December only, for visits between 24 November – 14 December.

Discounts: You can get better deals when you opt for Park Combos and ParkHopper passes on the WRS website or purchase via websites like Klook!

Singapore Zoo Map

Singapore Zoo Map to plan your WRS park visit
Image: Singapore Zoo (WRS)

If you want to plan your trip before you get there, download the Singapore Zoo map first! That way you can decide with your kids what animals they want to prioritize seeing. Plus if you plan on any animal shows (more on this below) you’ll need to factor animal showtimes into your visit.

Singapore Zoo Tram Included in Tickets

If you have littlies, bring their pram – great for carrying your bags and water bottles and for when your kids’ legs get tired – there’s lots of walking at the Singapore Zoo! Or consider renting a wagon where kids can sit facing each other, which is fun until they start arguing, and then you turn them in opposite directions. Strollers (max weight 15kg) rent for $15, wagons (max weight 35kg for two kids) rent for $18, and both come with a 20% discount for Singapore Zoo members (we told you it was worth it!). Other mobility devices like wheelchairs and electric scooters are also available for rental; click here for all the deets.

Getting around the Singapore Zoo via tram is also free for everyone! Rides are unlimited.

Singapore Zoo Membership WRS Annual Pass

Singapore Zoo tickets
Image Credit: Beate Baldry

It doesn’t take long to enjoy value for money with the Singapore Zoo WRS membership pass. For roughly the cost of three visits to Singapore Zoo (prices start from $385 for two adults + 1 child over 3), with a Friends of Wildlife pass your family gets unlimited visits throughout the year, (blackout dates apply for ‘Friends of Wildlife’ but none for ‘Friends of Wildlife Plus’), plus free weekday tram rides, majorly discounted parking (free parking for ‘Friends of Wildlife Plus’), and 20% off food, souvenirs, and other fun experiences.

We’d definitely suggest going for the full “Friends of Wildlife Plus” pass while you’re at it, since for less than $100 extra it also includes a free birthday gift on your birthday month, complimentary River Wonders Amazon River Quest rides and exclusive invites to members-only events. And real talk, mamas: the Singapore Zoo is SO big that we prefer hitting it up in chunks, rather than making a full day of it (to see everything). This set-up works way better with cranky toddlers, too. When you buy a membership ticket the pressure’s off to cram everything into one day!

Don’t forget the Night Safari, River Wonders and Bird Paradise

The Night Safari might be a bit further up the road, but is a super fun way to finish off a day at the Singapore Zoo, particularly if you have out of town guests who want to avoid the heat or older kids who can stay up a bit later. With different, nocturnal animals and cool shows, it’s absolutely worth a visit unto itself. As aforementioned, the River Wonders right next door rates with us because most of it is either indoors or under cover. Here, you’ll also find cool activities like Sleep with the Manatees and the theme park-esque Amazon River Quest ride and of course, it’s also home to Singapore’s famous giant pandas!). Then of course you’ll need to visit Bird Paradise home to 3,500 birds across 400 species from loris to pelicans, flamingos, emus, and cassowaries. The new bird park, Bird Paradise (previously called Jurong Bird Park), has made an epic move to the current location in Mandai, Singapore.

A few final tips:

  • Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and insect repellant plus swim stuff!
  • Storage lockers are available – so if you’re coming by taxi and have a car seat you can leave it for $10 for three hours, and $2 for each additional hour.
  • An umbrella could come in handy, too (though naturally, you can find plenty – along with ponchos in both child and adult sizes – in the gift shops).

Singapore Zoo Opening Hours

The Singapore Zoo is open every day of the year. Opening hours at the Singapore Zoo are from 8:30am to 6pm (last entry to Singapore Zoo at 5pm). Weekends, public holidays and school holiday periods are naturally the busiest.

Singapore Zoo: How to Get There

The Singapore Zoo is located at 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826.

By public bus:
Bus 138 from Ang Mo Kio MRT
Bus 927 from Choa Chu Kang MRT
Bus 138 from Springleaf MRT

By Mandai Khatib shuttle: You can take the Mandai Khatib shuttle bus that takes you from Khatib MRT straight to the Singapore Zoo, available daily from 8am (first bus from Khatib MRT) to 11pm (last bus from Singapore Zoo Coach Bay). The fare is just $1 and payment can be made by EZ-link/NETS Flashpay card only.

By Mandai Express: The Mandai Express operates from Bedok, Sengkang and Tampines available daily from 8:45am. The fare is just $3/adult, $1/child and tickets can be purchased online or on board using EZ-link/NETS Flashpay card only. Check out the pick-up locations here!

By taxi or car:
If you’re coming by taxi or private hire vehicle, there are two convenient drop-off points at the zoo. If you’re driving, here are two routes from the city:

Via Central Expressway (CTE) from the City
1. Take the CTE toward Seletar Expressway (SLE)
2. Continue onto SLE towards Mandai Road
3. Take Exit 8A on SLE onto Mandai Road
4. Turn left onto Mandai Lake Road

Via Pan Island Expressway (PIE) from the City
1. Take the PIE toward Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)
2. Continue onto BKE toward Woodlands
3. Take Exit 7 on BKE onto Mandai Road
4. Turn right onto Mandai Lake Road

Ready to plan your day at the Singapore Zoo? 

Singapore Zoo80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826,

Lead image courtesy of Maureen Yeo. Animal images by Michell Tam.

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