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Ultimate Guide to Bird Paradise Singapore: Bird Feeding, Show Times & Tickets (+Ticket Promo of 20% off!)

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Here’s what to know about Bird Paradise Singapore (formerly Jurong Bird Park) in Mandai Wildlife Reserve from ticket prices (+ promos!) to bird feeding times, animal show times and kids’ playgrounds!

Bird Paradise is home to 3,500 birds across 400 species from loris to pelicans, flamingos, emus, and cassowaries and is one of our favourite spots to take the kids for educational fun. The new bird park, Bird Paradise, made an epic move to Mandai, Singapore last year. Bird Paradise is one of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve parks together with the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Wonders, as well as the upcoming Rainforest Wild Park. Here’s what to know to plan your trip to Bird Paradise with kids including what’s new, and all the recent Bird Paradise 2024 ticket promotions (don’t miss 20% discounts on Bird Paradise tickets).

Ultimate Guide to Bird Paradise in Singapore:

Mandai Wildlife West Entry to Bird Paradise

When you first arrive at Bird Paradise, you’ll get to Mandai Wildlife West, where there’s a waterfall feature and three free play areas for kids inspired by a native Singapore species. There’s no entry fee to pay as yet – you can enjoy entry to these playgrounds for free and access the F&B like Starbucks and Birds of Paradise ice cream cafe without entering Bird Paradise park as yet.

 Bird Paradise: Jurong Bird Park singapore Highlights, Ticket Promotions & Playgrounds
Image credit: Beate Baldry

Pangolin Hideout at Mandai Wildlife West outside Bird Paradise 
This free outdoor playground is inspired by the burrows of a pangolin. Kids can mimic the movement patterns of pangolins like climbing up the large netted climbing structure, burrowing into the tunnels and sliding down the metal tube slide.

 Bird Paradise: Jurong Bird Park singapore Highlights, Ticket Promotions & Playgrounds
Image credit: Beate Baldry

Pangolin Adventure at Mandai Wildlife West outside Bird Paradise 
‘Pangolin Adventure’ is another free playground with swings and lower climbing structures.

 Bird Paradise: Jurong Bird Park singapore Highlights, Ticket Promotions & Playgrounds
Image credit: Beate Baldry

Forest Stream Trail outside Bird Paradise
At the Forest Stream Trail, kids can learn about the riverine forest ecosystems as they climb onto logs and weave through the root-like structures inspired by mangrove forests. We love how parents can sit at the Starbucks next door and watch kids play in full sight!

Bird Paradise Tickets

Bird Paradise Singapore: Tickets, Animal Shows, Birds
Image credit: Beate Baldry

After walking through Mandai Wildlife West you’ll get to the Bird Paradise ticket counter. Bird Paradise park tickets start from $43.20 for adults, $29.70 for children and $20 for senior citizens.

Ticket Promotions for Bird Paradise

It’s worth checking the Bird Paradise website ahead of your trip to see what promotions are on offer for tickets.

bird paradise singapore - tickets, bird feeding
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

If you’re a local resident, you can currently get 20% off Bird Paradise tickets with the Local Residents’ Exclusive Promo! ⁠*Valid for locals with an existing WildPass, so make sure you sign up for free before you purchase your Bird Paradise tickets.
T&Cs apply.⁠

Bird Paradise Map

To make the most out of your day out at Bird Paradise park check out the map before you go so you can plan your route. You may want to do the majority of walking early and then end up at the cafes for lunch where there are playgrounds for kiddos. You should also take note of the bird shows and bird feeding times (more below).

Bird Paradise Map (previously Jurong Bird Park)

Download this map of Bird Paradise to explore the bird park.

Highlights at Bird Paradise

Nine Walk-Through Aviaries at Bird Paradise

A highlight of Bird Paradise is the nine walk-through aviaries with different habitats of the world and several bird species. Stroll through the dense African rainforests and South American wetlands to Southeast Asian paddy fields, Australian dry eucalyptus forests, and more.

1. Bird Paradise: Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands aviary

 Bird Paradise: Jurong Bird Park singapore Highlights, Ticket Promotions & Playgrounds
Image credit: Beate Baldry

This was our favourite aviary just for the burst of colour, plus that stunning massive waterfall is incredible! If you love colourful birds, this enclosure is where you’ll see some of the world’s most brilliantly coloured birds amongst wetland vegetation and crimson blooms – from Scarlet and Red-and-green Macaws to Scarlet Ibises, Roseate Spoonbills and American Flamingos. There’s also a 20m-tall waterfall inspired by the San Juan Curi waterfall in Colombia, as a tribute to the much-loved Waterfall Aviary of Jurong Bird Park.

2. Bird Paradise: Nyungwe Forest Heart of Africa aviary

bird paradise singapore - heart of africa aviary
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

This is the largest aviary of Bird Paradise (1.55 hectares) with elevated canopies and suspension bridges overlooking forest streams. Here you’ll find 80 African bird species. We loved catching sight of some of the African birds that I remembered from my childhood growing up in Kenya like grey parrots and Black-crowned Cranes. Watch out though – because at feeding time, the birds swoop down, and you may just get a White Superb Starling perching on your head!

3. Bird Paradise: Kuok Group Wings of Asia aviary

bird paradise jurong bird park aviary
Image Credit: Beate Baldry

Huge Australian Pelicans, different types of beautiful Hornbills, Spoonbills, long legged Storks and other birds of Asia can be found wading the rice paddy terraces – they also have the option of flying overhead in the large enclosure. The kids will love throwing the storks little fish, so make sure you look into the bird-feeding sessions (more below).

4. Bird Paradise: Amazonian Jewels aviary

bird paradise jurong bird park singapore: amazonian jewels
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

This aviary is home to charming species like the Golden Parakeet, Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, Saffron Toucanet and Chestnut-eared Aracari plus doves and pigeons.

5. Bird Paradise: Songs of the Forest aviary

bird paradise singapore - songs of the forest
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Singing songbirds of Asia live here – don’t miss the pretty Victoria Crowned Pigeon, plus other birds like the Bali Myna, Snow-white Bali mynahs and the Straw-headed Bulbul (and see if you can spot additional mammal species such as the Lesser Mousedeer).

6. Bird Paradise: Lory Loft aviary

 Bird Paradise: Jurong Bird Park singapore Highlights, Ticket Promotions & Playgrounds
Image credit: Beate Baldry

Reminiscent of our favourite spot the Lory Loft at Jurong Bird Park (the old bird park in Singapore), this new aviary at Bird Paradise is filled with colourful cute lories and parrots. These little guys are not shy, so you can get up close and watch them water bathe and feed – get your camera ready! If you opt for feeding them with the special food cups, you may get a Lory perching on your wrist!

7. Mysterious Papua aviary

bird paradise singapore - mysterious papua
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Designed after the landscape of the New Guinean, you’ll see big birds like the Southern Cassowary, as well as smaller birds like the Nicobar Pigeon, critically endangered White Cockatoo and Blue-eyed Cockatoos.

8. Bird Paradise: Australian Outback aviary

bird paradise singapore - australian outback
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

This is home to the second largest living bird in the world – the Emu. Look out for the Laughing Kookaburra (you may hear it before you see it!) and keep your eyes peeled for the master of disguise, the Tawny Frogmouth, as it camouflages as a tree branch (we were so delighted to catch a sight of it! There’s also rumoured to be Red-necked Wallabies in this aviary.

9. Bird Paradise: Winged Sanctuary

bird paradise singapore - winged sanctuary
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Drop by the winged sanctuary to find beautiful birds like the Oriental Pied Hornbill. The birds here are kept in an enclosure, so you won’t have to worry about them perching on your little one’s shoulder.

Penguins at Bird Paradise Singapore

bird paradise singapore - ocean network express penguin cove
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove
This state-of-the-art, multi-level indoor Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove is where the flightless birds live – four penguin species – the Gentoo Penguin, King Penguin, Humboldt Penguin and Northern Rockhopper Penguin. Get ready for a magical sub-Antarctic experience at this penguin cove. We love the landscape of the beach and the projection of Aurora Australia (the southern lights!) that make us feel like we truly are in Antarctica. Plus, don’t miss the Penguin Keeper talk where you’ll get to learn more about these adorable flightless birds and how they are taken care of at Bird Paradise Singapore.

Bird Paradise Animal Shows

bird paradise singapore - show times, bird shows
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Bird shows/presentations at Bird Paradise happen twice daily at the Sky Amphitheatre, plus there’s a new digital screen that was not previously available at Jurong Bird Park. This huge space has been designed for raptors like the White-bellied Sea Eagle to make longer flights, while other species can take off from higher platforms to showcase flights from heights that were not previously possible at Jurong Bird Park.

Each bird show lasts for 15 to 20 mins. See the bird trainers in action, and learn about these awesome birds. Pssst! Prep the kiddos to be ready to volunteer if they are up for it – the bird trainers often ask little ones to get on stage to help, and it’s quite a fun experience!

Bird Paradise Show Times

bird paradise singapore - wings of the world show time
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

1. Bird Paradise: Predators on Wings
This bird show stars birds of prey at the top of their food chain, so you’ll get to marvel at fierce and majestic creatures like the White-bellied Sea Eagle, the Turkey Vultures and the Harris’s Hawk.

Show Time: 10:30am & 2:30pm
Bird Show Location: Sky Amphitheatre, Bird Paradise

2. Bird Paradise: Wings of the World
Wings of the World features the most popular birds from parrots to pied hornbill pals Sunny and Vicky. You’ll get to watch a friendly duel between the parrots as they show off their speed, showmanship and agility. Plus, you or the kids can join in the fun to hold a knotted rope with goodies for the parrots.

Bird Show Time: 12:30pm & 5pm
Bird Show Location: Sky Amphitheatre

*Timings are subject to change – always check the website for latest info.

Bird Paradise: Keeper Talks Schedule

bird paradise singapore - macaw keeper talk
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Learn some interesting facts about the gorgeous birds at Bird Paradise from the bird keepers themselves! At this interactive session, the kids will also get to watch the majestic birds enjoy their afternoon snack.

12pm: Macaw Keeper Talk at Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands
1:30pm: Penguin Keeper Talk at Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove
3:00pm: Hornbill Keeper Talk at Kuok Group Wings of Asia
4pm: Songbirds Keeper Talk at Songs of the Forest

*Timings are subject to change – always check the website for latest info.

Bird Feeding at Bird Paradise

bird paradise Timings for Shows at Bird Paradise tickets
Image credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Kids will be able to sign up for bird feeding sessions at Bird Paradise just like they can at the Singapore Zoo. The bird feeding sessions are based on a first-come-first-served basis at a cost of $8. Make sure you book your preferred bird feeding session online and arrive 15 minutes before the feeding time.

Starlings Feeding
Hand-feed starlings and weavers with mealworms, and colourful turacos with fruits.
When: 9:30am & 2pm
Where: Nyungwe Forest Heart of Africa, Bird Paradise

Pelican Feeding
Head to the pavilion overlooking the paddy fields at Kuok Group Wings of Asia, Bird Paradise, and you’ll get to feed the pelicans with fish.
When: 10am & 4:30pm
Where: Kuok Group Wings of Asia, Bird Paradise

Lories and Lorikeets Feeding
It’s quite a sight to see so many lories all flocking for food – pick up your cup of homemade nectar and feed the birds at Lory Loft, Bird Paradise.
When: 11am & 3:30pm
Where: Lory Loft, Bird Paradise

Cassowary Feeding
Hand-feed the huge flightless cassowaries – admire their size and their bright blue necks!
When: 1pm
Where Mysterious Papua, Bird Paradise

*Timings are subject to change – always check the website for latest info.

Bird Paradise: Wildlife Experiences

bird paradise singapore - tickets opening hours
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Bird Paradise: Bird Discovery Tour
If you want to really get up close and personal with the residents of Bird Paradise Singapore, book a Bird Discovery Tour. Walk through Bird Paradise with your very own wildlife guide, who will give you all the inside scoop about their feathered friends.
Wildlife Experience Timing: 10:30am – 12pm & 3:30pm – 5pm
Wildlife Experience Price:
 from $320 (Mon to Fri) & $400 (Sat, Sun & PH) for up to 8 pax

Bird Paradise: Backstage Pass
Want to learn more about how the bird keepers keep the birds healthy? Get behind the scenes to meet the vet at the Avian Hospital and learn how the nutritionists prepare meals for their residents.
Backstage Pass Timing: 1:45pm – 3pm
Backstage Pass Price: from $94.72 per person (Mon to Fri) & $118.40 per person (Sat, Sun & PH)

Kids’ Playgrounds at Bird Paradise

There are a few playgrounds for kids within Bird Paradise. The first playground that you’ll come to is right next to Starbucks before the entrance of Bird Paradise (so it’s technically part of Mandai West, and as such is free to enter as it’s before the ticketing area of Bird Paradise). Within Bird Paradise bird park, the main play areas are a dry playground called Treetops Play and a water play area called Egg Splash.

Playground inside Bird Paradise: Treetops Play

bird paradise jurong bird park singapore - treetop play
Image Credit: Beate Baldry

The dry playground is located near Crimson Restaurant and consists of netted climbing structures with mini trampolines on the second level. Scale the nets like the birds at Bird Paradise!
Where: near Crimson Restaurant and below Food Central (Central Plaza of Bird Paradise)

Wet Play inside Bird Paradise: Egg Splash 

bird paradise water playground egg splash
Image Credit: Beate Baldry

Kiddos, get excited because after a morning admiring the birds at Bird Paradise, you can end with a splash at the wet playground! This egg-themed wet playground offers wet play zones with water slides, sprays and shallow pools. Parents, you can sit in the shade at the sheltered pavilion or Egg Splash café. The water play area offers a perfect chance to cool off for toddlers and little kids.
Where: next to Central Plaza at Bird Paradise
Open: 9:30am – 5:30pm

NB: Egg Splash Wet Play Area is closed from 8 – 19 Jan 2024 for maintenance.

Food Outside Bird Paradise park

bird paradise jurong bird park new mandai opening
Image credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

There are dining options both inside and outside the bird park. Within Bird Paradise, there are seven F&B outlets, which range from casual eateries to themed dining restaurants. At Mandai Wildlife West, the public entrance node for Bird Paradise and the upcoming Rainforest Wild, options include Luke’s Lobster, Leckerbaer, COLLIN’S, Han’s Union and Mr Holmes Bakehouse, plus fast food chain A&W, Western restaurant Collin’s, Han’s, Indian restaurant Pavilion Banana Leaf, Coffee House by Old Chang Kee, Starbucks, Cheers and ice-cream parlour Birds of Paradise.

Food Within Bird Paradise

bird paradise singapore - food dining restaurants
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Bird Bakery (Park Entrance, Bird Paradise)
Coffee, pastries and sandwiches.

Penguin Cove Café and Shop (Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove, Level 2, Bird Paradise)
Munch on penguin-themed pastries and watch the penguins in their enclosure.

Penguin Cove Restaurant (Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove, Level 1, Bird Paradise)
Buffet spread, featuring iconic local and international flavours – you can see the lower level of the penguin enclosure from here as they dive to a depth of 7m in two aquatic tanks.

Food Central (Central Plaza, Bird Paradise)
Casual dining with local favourites like Hainanese chicken rice to Western dishes.

Tram Kiosk (Shuttle Station 2, Bird Paradise)
Wide range of premium ice cream flavours and beverages

Egg Splash Café and Shop (at the kids’ play area, Egg Splash within Bird Paradise)
Egg dishes prepared in a variety of ways — fried, boiled, poached and more.

Crimson Restaurant (Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands, Bird Paradise)
This restaurant is set against the backdrop of the scenic waterfall and serves a specially curated menu by local celebrity chef Eric Teo.

Sassy Mama Tips for Bird Paradise

bird paradise - jurong bird park
Image Credit: Beate Baldry
  • The aviaries are not covered, so bring hats and wear sunscreen.
  • It gets hot, so we really enjoyed the many hubs between each aviary. These indoor educational spaces have air-con, which provide some relief from the heat and also offer kids loads of information on the birds, including lots of fun hands-on interactive elements.
  • Bird Paradise has lots of covered walkways and is largely stroller friendly, but there are also kids’ carts, wagons and trikes to rent if you have kids who aren’t big on walking.
  • Bring swimmers for the water play inside Bird Paradise.

Conservation Efforts at Bird Paradise

bird paradise singapore - penguin keeper talk conservation
Image Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

With nearly half of the global bird populations declining, Bird Paradise aims to help conserve avian species outside of their natural range to prevent extinction. There will be breeding programmes for threatened bird species with the aim of maintaining healthy and sustainable populations. Proceeds from all animal feedings go into the conservation projects supported in Singapore and across the region.

Getting to Bird Paradise

bird paradise jurong bird park new mandai opening
Image credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

MRT: If you’re taking the MRT to Bird Paradise, you can take the train to Khatib, Choa Chu Kang, Ang Mo Kio, or Springleaf MRT stations and then get a connecting bus that will take you straight to Mandai Wildlife Reserve. Find out more here.

Bus and car: For bus schedules and routes plus driving directions to Bird Paradise, click here.

Bird Paradise Opening Hours

Bird Paradise is open every day of the year from 9am to 6pm (last entry at 5pm). Weekends, public holidays and school holiday periods will likely be the busiest.

Ready to plan your day at Bird Paradise?

Bird Paradise 20 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729825,

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Featured Image: Mandai Wildlife Group

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