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Ultimate Guide to Kindergartens and Preschools in Singapore

best preschool Singapore
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Looking for a preschool in Singapore that will nurture your little one to their full potential? Here’s our most comprehensive guide to preschools and kindergartens so you can choose one that best suits your child

Finding a preschool that satisfies your little one’s curiosity, provides a caring and stimulating environment and most of all is a ton of fun for littlies is enough to send any mama into a bit of a spin! With so many options of infant care, nurseries, kindergartens and preschools available for families it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve done the legwork for you with our most comprehensive guide to preschools in Singapore.

Our 2021 guide to preschools in Singapore is handily organised by location so you can find an option that works for your family. We’ve further broken down the multi-location schools by size, as you’ll usually find a different feel between Singapore’s well-established preschool/childcare chains and more independent schools with only two or three locations.

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Unless otherwise noted, preschools cater to children 18 months to 6 years old (again, a defining feature of many of the larger schools is that they also offer infant care, which typically caters to babies from 2 months of age). It’s also good to be able to understand the difference between child care (which has longer hours and serves two meals per day) and an MOE Kindergarten (which may have shorter hours and isn’t required to serve any meals). For more details on these distinctions, check out our Guide to Local Preschool Options. Note that there is also a subset of government-subsidised “anchor operators,” leading preschool providers selected by the government to increase access to good quality and affordable childcare and education, especially for children from lower-income or disadvantaged backgrounds. There are currently five anchor operators in Singapore, which we have noted below; in this scheme full-day childcare is capped at $720 per month and kindergarten is capped at $160.

In terms of “preschool” vs. “kindergarten” terminology, there’s no technical distinction. However “Kindergarten 1” and “Kindergarten 2” are the two school years (for kids turning 5 and 6 during the school year in question) prior to local Primary 1. Generally “Nursery 1” will be for children turning 3, and “Nursery 2” will be for kiddos turning 4.

What to Consider When Choosing a Preschool in Singapore

Finding the ‘best preschool’ is all about finding one that feels ‘right’ for your child. Your child’s individual needs must be considered and what is best for them may not be best for someone else’s child. When deciding which preschool works for you and your little one, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Location– How accessible is the preschool? Unless you drive or are happy for little ones to catch the school bus, it’s probably not the best idea to send the kids to a school on the other side of the island.
  • Curriculum– What type of programme does the preschool offer? While some preschools follow a particular educational system (e.g. Montessori, Reggio Emilia or IB Primary Years Programme) others prefer to take a more flexible approach to learning and playing. Some schools blend a number of educational philosophies into their curriculum so it’s about choosing what works best for your child.
  • Special Needs– Could your child do with extra personal attention, or do they have different learning abilities that may require early intervention? Read our Guide to Special Education in Singapore, which includes information on government support for differently abled students as well as a roundup of special needs schools and early intervention programmes.
  • Language Programme– What language does the preschool teach? You could choose a full Mandarin-immersion programme, a bilingual programme or an English-instruction school that teaches Mandarin as part of the programme. It’s always helpful to ask how much second language tuition is included in the day.
  • School hours– How long is the school day? Some preschools work off a strict half or full day timetable (9am-12pm or 9am-3pm) while others take more of a daycare approach and offer longer days (7am-7pm). If you’re a working parent, you may want to consider how easy picking up and dropping off will be.
  • Facilities– What facilities does the preschool offer? While some preschools will have snazzy classrooms, others offer more in the way of outdoor play spaces.
  • Child to Teacher Ratio– How many kids per class? The student to teacher ratio varies amongst different preschools, so it’s good to consider if you prefer bigger or smaller class sizes.
  • Cost– How much do the fees cost per term? For many, cost is a major consideration! Prices vary wildly amongst preschools. Always ask if holiday programmes are included in the termly fees — some schools have long holiday breaks while others are in session nearly all year round.

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Preschools in Singapore with multiple locations: Large (4+ Centres)

best preschool singapore


Locations: 40 preschools in Singapore
MapleBear has grown from three centres in 2014 to 40 preschools in Singapore today – a testament to its proven and dynamic curriculum first developed by Canadian educators to incorporate global best practices. With its immersive enriched bilingual learning experience, MapleBear’s preschool programme focuses on early literacy success under the leadership of legendary Singaporean educator Patricia Koh (the founder of Pat’s Schoolhouse). Children up through age 6 graduate from MapleBear ready to face the future, and they are not only curious about the world but also creative, confident and love learning. They’re great communicators, too, who are able to express their ideas and collaborate well with others. MapleBear stands out for its family-like atmosphere, where children across age groups become friends, and educators are truly generous with their time, skills and expertise.
Click here for all locations! Tel: (+65) 9777 4866, [email protected]

best preschool singapore

Brighton Montessori

Locations: Frankel Avenue, Mountbatten Road, River Valley, Sunset Way, The Grassroots Club
With over 25 years’ experience and five preschools in Singapore, Brighton’s uniquely-designed curriculum and individualised learning approach allows children to learn at their own pace. With open communication and strong bonds between parents and school, as well as a team of dedicated and qualified teachers, Brighton Montessori prides itself on imparting life skills to effectively prepare children for formal education (Primary One) and beyond.
Click here for all locations!  Tel: (+65) 6588 3883, [email protected]

best preschool singapore

Charis Montessori Preschool

Locations: Kembangan, Bedok, Serangoon and Yio Chu Kang
Charis Montessori’s moral-compassed based approach is very much about excelling academically and behaving ethically. Established in 1999, this network of preschools in Singapore has a long track record of producing student leaders. Many Charis schools are located in beautiful church premises with playgrounds that allow every child’s imagination to bloom. Together with their bilingual environment, a low teacher-child ratio, one-to-one Montessori sessions, and carefully selected enrichment vendors, Charis Montessori Preschool invites children to be part of their vision to build up a society that is led by servant leaders with a compassionate heart for others, self-confidence, self-esteem with self-control skills.
Click here for all locations, Tel: (+65) 6708 9327, Whatsapp: (+65) 8739 9910

preschools in singapore - Global indian international school

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

Locations: GIIS SMART Campus, Punggol and GIIS East Coast, Cheviot Hill
GIIS has an enriching preschool experience for children aged 2.5 to 5 years, which aims to offer the right stepping stone into the world of international education. Their preschool programme focuses on physical, cognitive and social-emotional development in a fun-loving environment. Students can master literacy and numeracy skills and get ready for structured learning at the primary school level. This international preschool in Singapore offers an award-winning Early Years curriculum that’s a blend of the reputed Montessori approach and the best modern preschool educational practices. GIIS also has extensive facilities that have been designed with young students in mind. An affordable school fees structure is also in place, and classes here are conducted by experienced and warm teachers who work to build close connections with each child, motivating them to bring out the best in each student.

Enjoy 20% off on tuition fees for the preschool segment. Upon reduction, this will be a fixed fee of $943 (excluding GST) per month for the next two years. Terms and conditions apply.
Click here for all locations

best preschool singapore

Josiah Montessori

Locations: 5 centres across Singapore (Changi, Kallang, Raffles Place, Suntec City & Tampines)
Founded 22 years ago, Josiah combines Montessori principles – characterized by independence, freedom within limits, and respect for children’s natural psychological, physical and socio-emotional needs – with the Musical Arts Programme (MAP), which gives balanced attention to academic excellence and creative development. The result: holistic growth and development. Dance, singing, classical music appreciation, speech, drama, and visual arts are all integrated into the curriculum – it’s enrichment at no extra cost! All of Josiah’s main teachers are certified and trained in the Diploma of Early Childhood Curriculum and Education (or its equivalent), and teachers complete 100 hours of in-house training before they begin to work with the children. Parents can expect a safe, hygienic, nurturing and stimulating environment where happiness and openness are championed. All Josiah centres except the Tampines kindergarten offer infant care in addition to childcare, too!
Click here for all locations! Tel: (+65) 6336 6906, [email protected]

best preschool singapore

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

Locations: 9 centres across Singapore (Braddell, Harbourfront, Katong, Macritchie Park, Newton, Novena, Orchard, Upper Bukit Timah & Yio Chu Kang)
Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse is a premium preschool in Singapore that focuses on equipping children from 18 months to 6 years old with 21st century competencies. The inquiry-based approach at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse is very much about balancing play and school readiness. With the motto Learn Curiously, Live Creatively, Kiddiwinkie’s creativity-inspired curriculum takes young charges on an interactive and investigative learning journey, where they develop resilience, global awareness, and other core competencies to be ready for future challenges. Anchored by the principles of constructivism, ecological systems, and neuroscience, Kiddiwinkie’s unique curriculum allows children to develop their love for learning by experiencing it through fun and imaginative ways.
Click here for all locations! Tel: (+65) 6463 3465, [email protected]

best preschool singapore

Kinderland Preschool & Infant Care

Locations: Hougang, Marine Parade, Pandan Valley and Yio Chu Kang
Kinderland has been a trusted institution of preschools in Singapore since 1978. They’re one of Singapore’s leading providers of quality infant care and bilingual preschool education. Kinderland’s pioneering programmes give children integrated tools that unlock wholesome and life-long development and growth, instilling values that benefit them and their communities along the way. The enriching music-infused curriculum is designed to help preschoolers integrate confidently with their rapidly expanding new world. With it is a good blend of numeracy, literacy, science and creative expression, all important for children in their early years. Early exposure to Kinderland’s programmes stirs curiosity, promotes creativity, expands capability, builds confidence, cultivates care and above all, honest communication in children. You’ll be happy to know that all Kinderland preschools will serve a well-balanced menu consisting of all essential food groups, which include whole-grains, meat or protein, dairy or calcium-rich foods, fruits and vegetables. All menus are designed by the in-house nutritionist to ensure variety, balance and moderation. A larger variety of superfoods to support the immune system and brain health are also served at selected Kinderland Preschools and Kinderland Academy.
Click here for all locations! Tel: (+65) 6881 8818

best preschool singapore

Little Paddington Preschool

Locations: Bukit Timah, Kovan, Siglap, Tai Seng and Tanglin
Children are at the heart of everything at Little Paddington. The preschool believes in holistic child-led experiential learning, so the curriculum focuses on learning by doing through hands-on experiences and reflection which encourages curiosity, exploration and creativity. Little Paddington guarantees a balanced focus on well-being, social and emotional development as well as core values. Their centres are best known for the spacious outdoors with playgrounds, water play areas, sand pits, gardening and cycling for lots of discovery and adventure! The specialist ateliers for music, art, cooking, science, imaginative play and united nations offer great depth of learning across diverse areas. Little Paddington offers a Mandarin immersion programme across all levels. Each centre’s in-house chef prepares fresh and well-balanced food for the children every day. Little Paddington offers full-day and half-day programmes for infants between the ages of 3 – 18 months and preschoolers from 18 months – 6 years.

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Click here to see all locations! [email protected]

little shepherds schoolhouse preschool playground

Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse

Locations: Bukit Timah, Commonwealth, Jurong, Katong, Sengkang, Serangoon Gardens, Tampines, Woodlands, Yishun,
Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse believes that every child is a joyful leaner. Teachers inspire the love of learning and growth in virtues, harmony with self, the environment and society. The preschool offers a holistic learning experience for children age 18 months to 6 years, providing children and kindergarten programmes at 10 preschool centres across the island. Our curriculum incorporates Education in VirtueR which underlines the teaching and learning principles that build children’s body, mind, heart, and spirituality for sustainability. Little Shepherds’ Schoolhouse is associated with the Catholic Church, which has been extensively involved in the provision of education in Singapore.
Click here to see all locations!

The Little Skool-House

Locations: 20 centres across Singapore
This popular premium preschool is fully bilingual and aims at driving discoveries and building knowledge better. Celebrating 25 years on the Singapore preschool scene, The Little Skool-House focuses on enabling our children to have high bilingual proficiency without the need for rote memorisation. The kindergarten is renowned for its “Formation Programme,” which gives kiddos a head start to primary school by combining drama pedagogy in Mandarin, a ‘Builders & Innovation’ project, and a structured reading and journal writing programme. No wonder 93% of Little Skool-House children were assessed to be highly-proficient in both English and Mandarin by the end of K2 in a recent NTU survey! The Little Skool-House has had award-winning educators for the past 8 consecutive years, as conferred by MOE & ECDA. One more thing to love: 12 Little Skool-House preschools are workplace centres, conveniently located within leading government, university, medical, and corporate institutions such as the MOE, MSF, NUS and OCBC bank.

Enjoy these Exclusive Rebates until 31 March 2021:
$1,600 rebate* for full-day programmes, applicable to all Non-Workplace Centres
$800 rebate* for prime programme, applicable to Delta House & Downtown East Centre
$400 rebate* for half-day programmes, applicable to Delta House. *T&Cs: $400/$200/$100 rebate off per quarter, respectively.
Schedule a visit today! Tel: (+65) 6509 7880, [email protected]

best preschool singapore

MindChamps PreSchool

Locations: 40 centres throughout Singapore
One of Singapore’s largest and most popular preschool brands with over 30 centres across the island, MindChamps offers half- and full-day programmes for children at the playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels. Backed by two decades of research across Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre, MindChamps’s unique curriculum nurtures the whole child to prepare them for primary school and beyond. Through the holistic S.M.I.L.E.S.™ approach, every activity targets the development of sensory, motor, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social skills in children, with an aim toward creating champion learners for life! Voted by parents as Singapore’s No. 1 premium preschool*, MindChamps offers half- and full-day programmes for children at the infant care, playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels with 40 centres across the island.
*Based on independent market research as of 15 September 2017 

Enjoy up to 15% monthly savings on fees, across 12 months for selected centres. Click here for more details!

Click here for all locations! Tel:(+65) 8233 4400 [email protected]

Best Preschools in Singapore - NTUC First Campus My First Skool

NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool

Locations:  145 locations across Singapore
My First Skool focuses on developing happy, confident, resilient children with an “I can do it!” approach to learning. The holistic curriculum keeps curious minds engaged as they explore and discover the fascinating world around them, and the bilingual nature of the programme ensures kiddos will be ready with the language skills and social abilities necessary to make lots of friends from an early age. Teachers at My First Skool are qualified, ECDA and MOE Award-winning educators and early childcare professionals who absolutely love kids, and the schools are designed with safety and learning in mind to create a cosy, nurturing, home-away-from-home environment. We love this approach since My First Skool offers an infant care option, too! Each centre comes equipped with a commercialised UV-steriliser and all centres are cleaned constantly. In addition, children will enjoy chef-planned meals as with yummy menus created by expert nutritionists, all freshly prepared every day by the in-house cooks.
Click here to see all locations! Tel: (+65) 6509 7887, [email protected]

raffles kidz kindergarten singapore

Raffles Kidz International

Locations: Bukit Panjang, Jurong West, Punggol, Yio Chu Kang
Raffles Kidz is an award-winning bilingual preschool in Singapore that also offers infant care and kindergarten. With a focus on building a strong academic foundation, Raffles Kidz nurtures children to become open-minded inquirers, confident communicators, independent thinkers, creative contributors, and collaborative team players. Teachers are passionate, highly qualified, and dedicated to providing quality education for preschoolers. Alongside core values like integrity, motivation, passion, accountability, commitment, and teamwork, outdoor play is also an important part of the Raffles Kidz experience. Be sure to check out the fab playgrounds at each of their four preschool centres!
Click here for all locations!, Tel: (+65) 6282 6319

kindergartens singapore shaws preschool

Shaws Preschool

Locations: 5 locations including (Braddell Heights, Lorong Chuan, Mountbatten and Tanjong Katong Area)
With over 30 years experience, every day at Shaws Preschool is a brand new adventure! The unique play-based curriculum makes it easy for kids to love learning. With lots of outdoor space, butterfly and herb gardens, students from Pre-Nursery (18 months old) to Kindergarten Two (6 years+) are provided a rich, stimulating, active and vibrant learning environment that builds the foundation for an adventurous and successful life! Shaws ensures kids stay active by having sports coaches visit twice a week to conduct fun sports lessons. There are also a host of spaces inside and out from Messy play, Mud Kitchens, Splash Zones to cosy and bright classrooms, tinkering corners and art spaces where experiential learning takes place. What better place for little ones to learn confidence, communication, team work, empathy, adaptability, resilience and grit?
Click here to see all locations! Tel: (+65)9789 2255, [email protected]

star learners preschool

Star Learners Child Care

Locations: 42 locations across Singapore
Star Learners’ unique literature-based curriculum immerses every child in rich and exciting worlds, and opens up a world of opportunities for them to tackle concept in multiple learning areas. Through its integration with a robust activity-based approach, children learn a multitude of essential skills such as problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, and communication. Under the ECDA partner operator scheme, Star Learners is the largest appointed partner and is committed to accessibility, affordability and quality, and developing a generation of young children with strength of Character, Confidence and Creativity.

Quote SassyMama2021 to enjoy a waiver of registration fee at these centres: Bishan 114, Bukit Merah, Elias, Gambas, Jurong, one-north, Sembawang Place, Telok Blangah, Thomson, Toa Payoh, Ubi, Yishun and Yung Ho!
Click here to see all locations! Tel: (+65) 6250 0173, [email protected]

White Lodge International Preschool & Childcare

Locations: 10 locations all over Singapore/islandwide (including new centres opening at Grandeur Park & Toa Payoh in March 2021)
White Lodge International Preschool and Childcare is one of the most sought-after international preschools in Singapore, with a 21 year-long reputation for its hands-on, child-centered learning approach that incorporates the comprehensive curriculum which adopts themes of Reggio Emilia, Howard Gardner and High Scope. White Lodge focuses on children’s long term intellectual and emotional growth as well as academic excellence, all in a happy and friendly learning environment. Teachers are supported with a well written curriculum, daily lesson plans and many professional development sessions in order to give their best to the children at White Lodge. The school caters to children from the age of 6 months onwards in their parent and child programme, and offers strong Mandarin and STEAM programmes. It’s also an inclusive school which can offer the necessary additional learning support.

Enrol at either the new Toa Payoh Centre or Grandeur Park Centre within the first month of their opening and receive: an enrolment fee waiver and 20% discount off your termly fees for the first month of opening!
Click here to see all locations! Tel: (+65) 6255 4230, [email protected]

Cambridge Preschool

Focused on developing real world skills like critical thinking and collaboration, Cambridge Pre-School draws on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences in nurturing each child’s individual strengths. Key academic areas are the “fundamental literacies” of reading, writing and mathematics along with a strong Chinese curriculum.

Carpe Diem Preschool

The pioneer in integrating Multiple Intelligences into early childhood curriculum in Singapore, Carpe Diem Preschool is a leading childcare provider with centres all over the island teaching children from 3 months to 6 years old. The inclusive, bilingual learning environment helps children master bilingualism confidently.

Cherie Hearts

A leading infant care and education provider with centres located island wide, Cherie Hearts is a great option for working families. Babes as young as 8 weeks old can enter their infant care programme and progress into the nursery and kindergarten classes as they grow.

Chiltern House

An interactive and child-centered curriculum greets little learners at this childcare centre and preschool in one! Small class sizes and a focus on developing independence in tots make it a nice choice for the smallest family members.


Offering playgroups, nursery, kindergarten, and beyond, EtonHouse caters to children from 18 months all the way up to 15 years of age. Inspired by the renowned Reggio-Emilia approach, EtonHouse offers a respectful and personalised learning environment where children are celebrated as curious, communicative, capable and confident individuals.

Learning Vision

A part of Busy Bees group (alongside Pat’s Schoolhouse and Odyssey), Learning Vision is an economical and affordable preschool in Singapore with a strong record of more than 30 years in early childhood education.

Little Footprints Preschool

Conveniently located in multiple heartland areas around Singapore, Little Footprints Preschool provides quality childcare and early learning experiences that are easily accessible to the community. Through a holistic curriculum framework developed by a team of dedicated educators, children go through a journey of discovery that stimulates their imagination and captures the magical moments of learning. Their comprehensive English and Chinese curriculum feature integrated learning activities, a literacy-rich environment and age-appropriate character development programmes. There are also opportunities for children to be in touch and give back to the community through the centres’ involvement in key projects with government agencies yearly.

Little Green House

This award-winning preschool in Singapore, has many locations and focuses on children’s total development by fusing a strong academic curriculum with creative enrichment and hands-on activities. Dedicated teachers strive to maximise every child’s full intellectual, social, physical and creative potential.

Mulberry Learning

This award-winning brand is the first preschool network in the world to be certified by the Institute for Habits of Mind, an approach that’s been shown to help preschoolers manage distractions and better focus on the task at hand. Mulberry offers Reggio Emilia-inspired learning spaces along with comprehensive bilingual programmes.

MY World

A subsidised anchor operator founded by Metropolitan YMCA way back in 1980, MY World Preschool has always strived to make quality child care and preschool education accessible for all families in Singapore. There’s a strong emphasis on character development and valuesMany of MY World’s locations include infant care, too.

NurtureStars Preschool Centre

A joint collaboration between Kinderland Educare Services and SAFRA, NurtureStars gives littlies the best of both worlds: Kinderland’s early childhood education expertise, and SAFRA’s amazing suite of clubhouse facilities across six locations, all integrated into the curriculum.

Odyssey: The Global Preschool

Employing the Reggio Emilia framework aimed at exploratory and self-guided learning for children aged 9 months to 6 years, Odyssey’s state-of-the-art facilities and bilingual Mandarin immersion make it a popular choice for a preschool in Singapore. Massive classrooms and tonnes of outdoor green space complete the offerings.

Pat’s Schoolhouse

This popular infant care centre and preschool takes babies as young as 2 months old, and has 15 childcare centres around the island. Besides a strong Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum as well as an enhanced Music Integrated Curriculum, little ones also have stacks of time for cooking, music, arts, science, drama and physical education.

PCF Sparkletots

The largest preschool operator in Singapore and an anchor operator (meaning it receives government subsidies to ensure it’s affordable for all families in Singapore), Sparkletots is a PAP Kindergarten and infant care established way back in 1986 to meet the needs of the community as well as to improve the standard of kindergarten education in Singapore.

Safari House Preschool

Safari House employs the Zoo-phonics curriculum, which encompasses not only language and literacy (though it does emphasis kiddos reading quite early), but also math, science, art, music and sensory drama. The programme is fully bilingual.

Skool4Kidz Preschool

An anchor operator, Skool4kidz emphasises the holistic development of a child through professionally qualified teachers. The amazing flagship campus at Sengkang Riverside Park was designed in collaboration with ECDA and the National Parks Board, and is the first large childcare situated within a public park in Singapore.

Star Learners Child Care

Star Learners believes in developing children in a holistic manner to bring out their best character, and that education should be fun, exciting and engaging. Their proprietary educational programmes are activity-based with a unique literature immersion, so every child is inspired to love learning, think creatively and make meaningful connections.

Preschools in Singapore with multiple locations – Small (2-3 Centres)

Best Preschools in Singapore - My Learning Haven

My Learning Haven

Locations: Suntec City Mall and [email protected] North
Integrated, thematic learning is the big draw at this preschool in Singapore, which focuses lessons around singular monthly themes. It uses a Finnish-based curriculum that is designed to let children between the ages of 2 months and 6 years learn and explore through play. My Learning Haven offers a playroom-based concept – there are five different playrooms for different requirements – where children are introduced to various subjects and skills through art, singing, storytime, dramatisation, show and tell, sensory exploration and more.
Click here for all locations, Tel: (+65) 9817 1032, [email protected],

Best Preschools in Singapore - Wharton Preschool Singapore

Wharton Preschool

Locations: Upper East Coast Road and Serangoon North
Children at this preschool are exposed to a holistic, learner-focused Montessori system with an integrated thematic curriculum. Teacher-child ratios are kept low, and the educators here offer an environment that’s rich in both Montessori learning materials and enrichment activities, ensuring a well-balanced learning curve. Understanding that each child learns at a different pace, Wharton Preschool provides each little learner with a customised learning plan. Older students will also benefit from its primary school-ready curriculum, which includes Higher Mandarin and helps prep them for the rigours of life in primary school.
Click here for all locations, Tel: (+65) 6636 3218 (East Coast), (+65) 6755 3218 (Serangoon North), [email protected]

Preschool for Multiple Intelligences Garden of Senses banana tree

Preschool for Multiple Intelligences

Locations: Kembangan, Westlake Park and Newton
Parents rave about this cosy preschool in Singapore with locations on the East Coast and at Newton (the East’s even got a secret garden and huge trampoline, which kiddos obviously love). PMI follows the theory of Multiple Intelligences, striving to nurture and develop all eight of a child’s intelligences (such as music, math, verbal or interpersonal) to the next level. Individual strengths are celebrated, as every child is seen as intelligent in his or her own area. With an approximate 50/50 split between local and international kids, there’s a strong Reggio-inspired bilingual programme that incorporates Mandarin into activities throughout the day. At PMI, learning is experiential, meaningful and applicable in daily life. School founder Dr. Khoo Kim Choo has decades of experience and is among the most highly respected early years educators in Singapore – we find her really impressive and love that she’s so hands-on. PMI will be opening a new location at Westlake Park come April 2021. Dubbed Preschool by the Woods, the new campus is tucked away near MacRitchie Reservoir and is a mere three-minute walk from the entrance.
Click here for all locations Tel: (+65) 6747 1343 (Kembangan); Tel: (+65) 6259 9661 (Newton)

Children's Cove Preschool

Children’s Cove

Locations: Novena, Orchard & Queenstown
Catering to a mix of local and expat families, Children’s Cove creates a caring and nurturing environment starting from its infant care programme at 2 months, and continuing with preschool from 18 months to 6 years. The innovative, research-based curriculum takes an integrated approach to early childhood education, with an emphasis on bilingual learning along with elements of play, project, and inquiry. Backed by the motto “Where knowledge meets creativity,” there’s lots of experimentation, exploration and experiential learning to develop essential life skills. Think farm-to-table gardening and cookery sessions, plus a good balance of both indoor and outdoor play. Children are encouraged to cultivate empathy, and parents are regularly invited to participate in classroom activities and community events.
Click here for all locations
[email protected], Tel: (+65) 6655 0077 (Queenstown), (+65) 6655 2401 (Novena), (+65) 6737 1690 (Orchard)

preschool kindergarten singapore pibo's garden playschool

Pibo’s Garden Playhouse

Locations: Bukit Timah
This duo of home-away-from home preschools along Bukit Timah Road (both conveniently close to MRT stations!) fosters children’s love for learning through the natural process of play. We love that kiddos get at least an hour of outdoor play every day, and the fun-filled curriculum features plenty of arts and crafts, music, storytime, water and sand play! Mandarin is also introduced through fun games and interactive storytelling activities to both pique and cultivate children’s interest for the language. Pibo’s gives its diverse community of students a safe and nurturing environment to foster their creativity, exploration and independence.
Click here for all locationsTel: (+65) 6466 2639 (Botanic Gardens), (+65) 6465 0019 (King Albert Park)
[email protected]

Alphabet Playhouse

Locations: Somerset and East Coast
With the belief that school should be a place “where adventure and discovery take place”, Alphabet Playhouse caters to little ones’ boundless imaginations through a series of well-crafted programmes aimed at stimulating courageous and curious little minds. Both the East Coast and Somerset campus have enormous outdoor areas and nicely furnished indoor spaces.


Locations: East Coast and Bukit Timah
Tiny class sizes and the option for drop-off or adult accompanied groups make this a good choice for mamas looking for a pure Mandarin or bilingual preschool for their babes. Bibinogs enrichment classes start from 6 months of age.

Cherrybrook Preschool

Location: Farrer Road, Thomson and East Coast
Cherrybrook Preschool is guided by Montessori principles, with kiddos in mixed-age classes that focus on traditional areas like language and literacy, motor skills development, aesthetics and creative expressions, numeracy, discovery of the world, and social and emotional development. There are also Chinese language classes.

Greentree Montessori

Locations: Yishun and Sembawang
Considered one of Singapore’s few “true blue” Montessori preschools in Singapore, classes are mixed age group with a focus on all core areas, and feature the full bevy of traditional Montessori materials. There’s also a strong bilingual Mandarin component, and an Infant programme for babies from birth up to 18 months.

Growing Up Gifted

Locations: Tampines and Thomson
Growing Up Gifted’s preschool focuses on hands-on, phonics-based education to lay an early foundation for reading and literacy skills. Kiddos get engaged with math, science, and problem-solving skills through fun experiments, stories and rhymes, and even puppetry and music.

Hi-5 House of Learning

Locations: Macpherson, Bukit Timah and Sembawang
This preschool combines a project-based, thematic approach with a Hi-5 twist, tapping on music and movement to help children develop and excel academically while also having heaps of fun along the way. It builds on the latest neuroscience and educational research and offers a rigorous, bilingual programme.

Preschools in Singapore - House on the Hill

House on the Hill Montessori

Locations: Balmoral, Mount Sophia and Pasir Panjang
Established in 2012, House on the Hill Montessori is a family-run infant care, preschool and kindergarten that offers warm and inviting classrooms filled with natural materials, and beautiful outdoor playgrounds in cosy residential areas. A genuine Montessori school, this preschool in Singapore offers mixed-age classes such as its playgroup for little ones between the ages of 1.5 and 2.5, traditional lessons for those aged between 3 and 6 as well as the three-hour work cycle. Since 2019, the preschool also offers an infant programme for babies aged 2 months and above at its Balmoral location. In addition to a lifelong love of learning, children will get to develop life skills such as creativity and independence in an instrinsically motivated way at House on the Hill. The preschool is a huge hit with parents, too, and many only have good things to say online about its specially designed nutrition programme.
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Les Petits Gaulois

Location: East Coast
The only preschool on the East Coast offering French/English bilingual programmes for littlies, Les Petits Gaulois has small classes (max 12 kids per 2 teachers), and a curriculum that incorporates French National Education standards within the framework of local MOE requirements. Big thumbs up also for its huge outdoor playground and – bonus! – they even offer Mandarin.

Lorna Whiston Preschools

Locations: Kallang Wave and Winchester
Lorna Whiston offers bilingual preschools committed to creating a stimulating, positive and nurturing learning environment. The positive, hands-on approach carries over to all facets of learning, including the Individualised Reading Programme, afternoon enrichment classes like Speech & Drama, or holistic arts and movement Master Classes.

Montessori for Children

Locations: Broadrick and Newton
All of Montessori for Children’s teachers are trained by the prestigious Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Classes are bilingual and adhere to the traditional mixed-age Montessori structure. Classrooms feature the traditional “prepared environment” with classic Montessori materials that focus on each child’s physical, mental, social and aesthetic development.

Preschool by the Park

Locations: Evans Road, Dunearn, Li Hwan View, Shelford Road
A well-rounded programme, Preschool by the Park teaches kids how to socialise and respect others (with plenty of time for playing and having fun!) in a caring and nurturing environment. If you want the kids to really get stuck into the messy play then this is a great option.

Rosemary Hall Montessori Kindergarten

Location: Katong
Rosemary Hall follows the traditional Montessori curriculum of mixed-age classes and practises the core values of practical life, sensorial, language and mathematics. Classrooms feature traditional Montessori materials, and some staff (including the Directresses) are AMI-trained.

St. James’ Church Kindergarten

Locations: Harding Road, Gilstead Road and James Road
Saint James is a beloved choice, so much so that some mamas put their kids down on the waitlist when they’re born! Starting from pre-nursery, littlies are guided through physical, social and spiritual development within a strong local curriculum. 

Schoolhouse by the Bay

Locations: Katong and Hillview
These award-winning, bilingual preschools cater to local and expat families alike with a well-rounded curriculum backed by 17 years of experience. Through inquiry-based projects and a variety of enrichment classes like dance, robotics, gardening, speech and drama and much more, children emerge from Schoolhouse by the Bay well prepared for Primary 1.

Superland Pre-School

Locations: 12 locations islandwide
There’s a distinct Montessori influence at this trio of preschools around River Valley, whose curriculum encompasses practical life skills development, sensorial experiences, language development, numeracy and various cultural activities. Kiddos – a mix of locals and expats – also get exposure to fine arts, gymnastics, music, and other fun activities to get the wiggles out.

Preschools in Central Singapore

children at british repton school house kindergarten singapore

Primus Schoolhouse

Locations: Alexandra and Bukit Timah
Primus Schoolhouse Singapore offers a unique preschool education experience that combines the best of the British and Singapore programmes and traditions. Catering to little learners aged 18 months to 6 years, Primus Schoolhouse’s combined educational approach offers a strong foundation for your child’s character development, enabling them to be guided to fulfil their potential. The curriculum reflects the context of and rich cultures of Singapore and the UK, and subjects such as Arts, Humanities, Science, Technology, Sports, English and Maths are taught by experienced and passionate educators. There’s also an extensive range of after-school enrichment programmes that complement the core curriculum. Their small centres offer the highest quality of care, supporting every aspect of your child’s growth. Through the implementation of the Virtues Project, children will receive the support required to hone their learning, thinking, personal social and emotional skills in a nurturing environment. There’s a generous teacher-child ratio, and every classroom has a Lead English Teacher and a Lead Chinese Teacher. This way, your child will become confident in both languages. The team at Primus Schoolhouse views learning as a partnership between parents and teachers, making it easy for your child to develop a love of learning.
#03-11 Alexandra Central Mall, 321 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159971, Tel: (+65) 6252 3024
 70 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289758, Tel: (+65) 6573 8441

best preschool singapore

LeClare Preschool

Location: CBD
LeClare Preschool provides a holistic bilingual programme for little tots aged just 2 months to 6 years, with an emphasis in the Inquiry Approach and the Arts. Through inquiry and play-based experiences, children will tackle the required subject areas within a meaningful context, whilst equipping them with essential skills necessary for lifelong learning. Kiddos will be excited to learn about the inhouse Art and Music Specialists that promote creativity in little learners. LeClare Babies infant care values the importance of relationships and builds on respectful interactions between infants/ toddlers and educators. There is a full-time Mandarin-speaking educator as well as an English-speaking educator in every class so your little ones will grow up exposed to both languages. Other speciality programmes that make this preschool stand out include Culinary Arts, Messy Play and Outdoor Experiential Learning (there’s a great outdoor playground that kids can play in every day!). The variety of kids’ nationalities creates a unique dynamic and this preschool embraces the different cultures by integrating this into the curriculum and through in-school celebrations.
Singapore Conference Hall, 7 Shenton Way #01-02, Singapore 068810, Tel: (+65) 6610 6606, [email protected]

best preschool singapore

Masterminds Montessori Kindergarten

Location: Namly Place
Masterminds Montessori Kindergarten is the preschool to enrol your little ones aged 18 months to 4 years old if you want them to experience a Full Chinese immersion program to encourage spontaneous learning of the Chinese language. With over 30 years of experience, this preschool balances an academic curriculum that is also holistic and fun to keep the kids engaged.
68 Namly Place, Singapore 267214, [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 6235 0983

blue house preschool open day

Blue House Nursery & International Preschool

Location: Bukit Timah (Turf City)
Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool, Blue House is centred around their strong image of the child which allows for a very responsive and respectful approach to children’s learning in the Infant & Toddler Atelier and the Preschool. From parent-accompanied programmes for children 6 months old to full-day school at Senior Kindergarten for 6-year-olds, children’s voices are honoured through beautiful and intentional environments as well as contextual learning experiences. As co-constructors of the curriculum, children have access to authentic and open-ended materials to design spaces within the school that reflect their power and creativity. The educators at Blue House follow the Pedagogy of Listening and believe that children are capable, curious, and competent, full of knowledge and potential and interested in connecting to the world around them. Programmes are flexible ranging from weekly playgroup, 2, 3, 5 half and full-day options, to suit your child’s individual needs. Classrooms are spacious and light-filled, and with the belief that the environment is the third teacher, Blue House children spend a great deal of time exploring their surroundings as a means to further develop their communication and interpersonal relationships. Specialist educators in Art and Music and Mandarin nurture your child’s inherent creativity and the whole Reggio Emilia philosophy means that the emergent curriculum is not set in stone but directed by your child’s interest
2 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287988, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6734 0824

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BrainFit School House

Location: Balestier
An established and wholistic preschool in Singapore, BrainFit School House maximises children’s brain growth during the early years to ultimately stretch their mental capacity to learn in the later years. It uses a proven science-based approach that includes programmes developed and validated by research from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. Its proprietary SMART programmes focus on training all the five core brain pillars of Motor (sensory-motor and coordination skills), Visual (visual learning and attention), Auditory (auditory memory and language skills), Focus (concentration and impulse control) and Emotions (self-awareness and resilience), resulting in solid evidence of the ability to nurture children with strong attention and focus, emotional regulation, as well as the ability to learn faster in less time. The well-balanced (and fun!) curriculum, specially trained teachers and the physical environment of the school help children to joyfully master all content areas and become confident, relational and successful individuals.

Register for a school tour and include a comment that you are a Sassy Mama reader to enjoy $200 off registration fees.
18 Ah Hood Road, Hiap Hoe Building, #04-51, Singapore 329983, Tel: (+65 )6737 3511, [email protected]

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Little Woods Montessori Pre-School 

Location: Novena
Nestled in a quiet residential street in Novena since 1998, Little Woods Montessori is a kindergarten with both international and local children that offers an excellent foundation for entry into Grade 1, Year 1, or Primary 1. The unique Montessori framework comprises five core components: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language Mathematics, Music & Art, and Discovery of the World. These all help children develop cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally. Little Woods Montessori Pre-School guided by their AMI certified Directress aims to nurture independent thinkers and self-directed leaders to give them an exceptional start to their journey in education and in life!
45 Gentle Road, Singapore 309166, Tel: (+65) 62516317, [email protected]

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Mighty Oaks Learning Center

Location: Tanglin
Mighty Oaks Learning Center was founded in 2010 by Dr. Suvi Pitkola, who is an advocate of the Finnish educational system. Her programs are designed for children (aged 3 to 6 years old) who benefit from a smaller class size and specialist support to develop their school readiness skills. The intensive half-day programs at this preschool address focused attention, speech/ language and listening skills, academic and pre-academic skills, play and creativity, and peer interaction. Speech therapy, occupational therapy, and academic support services are included at this trusted preschool in Singapore.
312A Tanglin Road, #01-02 Phoenix Park Office Campus, Singapore 247982, Tel: (+65) 6736- 2663 / 8181-8461, [email protected]

best preschool singapore guide prep place

The Preparatory Place

Location: Orchard
Little ones here learn through hands-on experience (why tell them, when you can show them!), plus they’re given oodles of time to play. With an inquiry-based curriculum, tinies are taught in Mandarin as well as English and spend a large amount of time learning outside!
40/42 Fernhill Road, Singapore 259101, [email protected]Tel: (+65) 6737 6427

best preschool Singapore

Tots & Teddies

Location: Raffles Place/ Telok Ayer
Tots & Teddies aims to be Singapore’s best quality bilingual full-day infant care and preschool. This award-winning preschool caters to discerning parents who want the best quality care for their infants from two months through to kids under seven years. A holistic well rounded P1 ready curriculum is complemented by meaningful enrichment programmes, plus class sizes are limited with a great teacher/child ration so that every child feels important, heard, understood and protected. We love how the food menu has been approved by a paediatric nutritionist and freshly prepared daily by in-house professional chefs! Centrally located just a few minutes walk from either Telok Ayer MRT or Raffles Place MRT stations.
62 Cecil Street, #04-00 TPI Building, Singapore 049710, Tel: (+65) 6816 0001, [email protected]

trehaus school outdoor play

Trehaus School

Location: Civic District
Trehaus School is a Silicon Valley-inspired preschool in Singapore that is changing early education – with a focus on building character and future skills in little ones. The innovative curriculum includes modules like “Little CEO” (to develop leadership and executive skills), “Little Engineer” (problem-solving, design-thinking, and entrepreneurial skills), “Little Chef” and “Little Philanthropist” (the importance of altruism and giving back to society). With a superb 1:5 teacher-child ratio, Trehaus offers two language streams: a bilingual program (English/ Mandarin) and a full Chinese immersion program. We also love how Trehaus School encourages parents to be present for their children’s learning journey, all in the service of building character, unlocking creativity, inspiring curiosity, and igniting a true love for learning beyond the classroom.

Quote “sassytrehaus1221” for $500 off. Valid for enrollments or waitlist registrations between 1 Feb and 31 March. Terms and conditions: $500 off is a rebate of $250 for the first 2 terms. Not valid with any other discount or promotion.
109 North Bridge Road, #07-21 to #07-33, Singapore 179097, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 9843 8077

Worldly Wise Montessori

Worldly Wise Montessori Preschool

Location: Balestier (HOMETEAMN-JOM Balestier)
Said to be the first music-themed preschool with an enriched, trilingual curriculum, Worldly Wise Montessori Preschool was founded by a certified Montessorian. The aim? To unlock each child’s full potential and creativity. Rest easy, because your little one’s learning and developmental progress are well taken care of, and each day, there are individual sessions to ensure that they are able to maximise their learning process. The broad-based curriculum at this preschool in Singapore is a realistic one, and each subject matter on offer was chosen not only for its relevance to higher education, but also for the level of community and personal enrichment it offers little learners. For example, certified swimming lessons are offered at Worldly Wise Montessori Preschool with no additional cost to you. Language immersion is also a priority here, and Worldly Wise Montessori Preschool offers Mandarin and Japanese immersion programmes for little kids. There’s a state-of-the-art concept at play here; one that builds on your child’s knowledge while equipping them with lifelong skills that will help them embrace societal challenges later on in life. Children are also actively involved, and are encouraged to complete productive tasks that can refine and further their skills. Want to see for yourself? Click here to register for a visit to Worldly Wise Montessori Preschool throughout March to see how its educators make a difference! You can also register by sending an email to [email protected] or a message via Whatsapp to +659641 3386 to book a spot.

Use the code sassyxwwm for 20% off lifetime fees. Limited to the first 10 sign ups so hurry!
HOMETEAMNS-JOM Clubhouse, 31 Ah Hood Road #03-01, Singapore 329979., Tel: (+65) 9641 3386 [email protected]

Bright Path Inclusive Preschool

Location: Bukit Timah
Bright Path is an inclusive preschool in Singapore, incorporating early intervention programs into its curriculum and enabling children of all abilities to learn, interact, and integrate into society. Bright Path offers small classroom sizes, low teacher-to-child ratio (1:3), and in-house professionals/therapists to provide support for every child.

Hundred Thoughts Preschool

Location: Alexandra
Hundred Thoughts is a Reggio-Emilia-inspire preschool in Singapore. Children and teachers alike are encouraged to create dialogue, compare, negotiate, hypothesis, and problem-solve across unique offerings like coding, outdoor explorations, language and creative art.

Little Bunnies (The Outdoor Classroom)

Location: One North
Little Bunnies – The Outdoor Classroom is a green preschool for under-5s (it’s also a stone’s throw from Tanglin Trust School so a good option for tykes who plan to transition there for “big school”). The preschool’s beautiful indoor/outdoor garden and airy classroom spaces are made from recycled items and natural materials like bamboo.

Sunflower Babyhouse & Preschool

Location: Bukit Timah (Turf City)
This infant care and preschool in Singapore for kiddos from 2 months up to 6 years of age, offers a bilingual program with English and Chinese teachers from infant care right up through Kindergarten 2! The curriculum incorporates the Theory of Multiple Intelligences into Singapore’s Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) framework.

ABC Center Singapore

Location: Phoenix Park Tanglin
ABC Center’s EarlyPreps is an early intervention preschool for special needs children. ABC’s EarlyPreps is specially designed for children from 3 to 6 years old, with special needs such as autism and other developmental disabilities. The objective is to prepare children for mainstream or special education primary school. Children learn in small groups with a student ratio of 1: 3 for adequate focus on each child.

Between Two Trees

Location: Holland Road/Sixth Avenue
Providing a fully bilingual learning environment, this charming little preschool has Reggio Emilia-inspired classrooms and an emergent curriculum focus on language development, visual arts, mathematics and science. There’s plenty of opportunity for outdoor play with a playground and trampoline.

The Children’s Place

Location: Tanglin/Queenstown
Located in a big old black and white with a large outdoor play area, The Children’s Place offers a curriculum that’s experiential, interactive and child-centred. Alongside a strong integrated bilingual Mandarin programme, the school offers lots of activities in the visual arts, cooking, science, drama and dance.

4 Little Frogs

Location: Dempsey
4 Little Frogs does away with monthly fees and lets kiddos (from 2 months to 3 years old) come by on an ad hoc basis, whether that’s every day or just a few days a month (full days from 10am-5pm). Run by a French mama (with a strong French-English bilingual component), the relaxed, play-based atmosphere is cosy and lunch is included.

Foochow Methodist Church Kindergarten

Location: Race Course Rd
Foochow Methodist Church Kindergarten is an innovative Christian school that offers a holistic curriculum with small class sizes and affordable fees.

Heartfield Kindergarten (formerly Little Hands)

Location: Balmoral
Located in a big old black and white with a huge garden, this kindergarten’s small class sizes and emphasis on fun make this a delight for young learners. The theme-based fun-filled programme includes outdoor play, gardening and messy art play.

KidzRock International Preschool

Location: Bukit Timah
KidzRock International Preschool caters to children with special needs. It also offers a mainstream preschool curriculum incorporating multi-sensory teaching strategies with a low student to teacher ratio of approximately 3:1.

LEAP Schoolhouse Preschool

Location: Farrer Park 
LEAP SchoolHouse Preschool offers academic programmes for children from 2-17 months old (Infant Care), as well as preschool aged children from 18 months to 6 years old with alternate days of English and Chinese instruction.

Les Oliviers

Location: Dempsey
The first and only French/English bilingual Montessori preschool in Singapore, Les Oliviers caters to children from 2.5 to age 6 on a half-day basis (with additional activities available in the afternoon, as well as parent-accompanied classes for younger children).

Little Hands Montessori Kindergarten

Location: Orchard 
Little Hands Montessori runs a fully comprehensive Montessori program using Jolly Phonics and the Oxford Reading Tree plus musical theatre, art, dance and acrobatics over school holidays.

The Little House Montessori

Location: Bukit Timah
This bilingual Montessori preschool in Singapore adheres to Montessori’s mixed age principle, with kiddos aged 2.5 to 6 all in the same classroom. Little House offers fun features like a garden for outdoor play, weekly science experiments, and cooking sessions.

Little Oaks Montessori Kindergarten

Location: Farrer Road 
In a cosy house with a garden near the Botanics, this Montessori-based school has a thriving community of passionate young learners supported by dedicated teachers and parent partners. Led by an Australian principal, the school’s philosophy and culture are ‘strive to be the best we can be’, all in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Little Ones Kindergarten

Location: Holland Road
This quaint little preschool accommodates little ones from 18 months to 5 years with a high child-to-teacher ratio (10 to a class!).

Little Village

Location: Orchard/River Valley
Little Village is a preschool in Singapore with a strong outdoor focus. Housed in bungalows off Grange Road, there are multiple playgrounds, water play troughs, sandpits, bikes and scooters, as well as a cycling track for active minis! There’s a strong 50/50 bilingual program, too.

Montessori Children’s House

Location: Holland/Clementi
For those keen on the Montessori way of teaching, Children’s House offers mixed-age classrooms, including Casa (18 months-3 years) and Children’s House (3-6 years of age).

Newton Kindergarten

Location: Newton
This little Chinese church-based preschool is a popular choice for mamas looking for a full Chinese immersion programme.

Pariposa Preschool

Location: Upper Bukit Timah
Pariposa Preschool focuses on an emergent curriculum model through means of observations and evaluations. Teachers tap into the curious and inquisitive minds of children, empowering them to learn by doing.

Pegasus International Preschool

Location: Farrer Park
Pegasus aims to provide holistic development for the whole child through its inquiry-based curriculum. There are lots of hands-on projects, and kiddos have ample time for outdoor play.

Raintrees Kindergarten

Location: Bukit Timah
Tucked away in leafy Bukit Timah, this small school has a huge outdoor learning area and an outstanding international staff! Hands-on exploration and a play-based curriculum based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage are the name of the game here, and small class sizes give littlies personalised attention from teachers.

Swallows and Amazons

Location: Bukit Timah
Taking a play-based approach to early childhood learning, Swallows and Amazons also has a great outdoor area plus small class sizes, and the option for long days (and rarely any school holidays!).

Viv’s Schoolhouse

Location: Bras Basah
Viv’s Schoolhouse is a fairly new school in the CBD with a focus on academic excellence and character development. It also features an indoor gym, rock wall, outdoor playground, and a swimming pool!

Wee Care

Location: Tanglin
Wee Care’s playgroup, preschool and special needs programmes teach junior within an inclusive, play-based curriculum (look out for the rooftop playground).

Preschools in East Singapore

kindergartens singapore british council pre-school

British Council Pre-school

Location: Tampines
British Council Pre-school brings together the best practices from the United Kingdom and Singapore to give children a topnotch preschool education. Their approach is influenced by the pedagogies of Montessori, High-Scope and Inquiry-based learning, with an immersive bilingual programme that gives children a head start in becoming effectively bilingual. All teachers hold professional teaching qualifications and have extensive experience teaching young children. The preschool is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to facilitate interactive learning for Nursery and Kindergarten students from 3 to 6 years old.
11 Tampines Concourse #01-02/03/04 Singapore 528729, Tel: (+65) 6807 1599

blue lion preschool bilingual buddhist approach

Blue Lion Preschool

This contemplative preschool – the first of its kind in Singapore! – offers an educational programme that’s rooted in a Buddhist approach. Their informed, analytical perspective is shaped by Asian heroes, stories, wisdom and values, and the bilingual learning environment is respectful of the collective. Blue Lion Preschool also provides structured, interdisciplinary project styles across subjects like English, Chinese and Math as well as of arts and natural sciences so kids can embrace holistic learning.
10 Palm Avenue #02-01, Siglap Post Office, Singapore 456532, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6242 2781, 

Kinderstori Schoolhouse

Kinderstori is the only authentic Reggio-Emilia schoolhouse in Tampines, with a unique 50:50 bilingual programme incorporating a variety of educational theories, while always keeping the children’s best interests in mind. This allows for hands-on and experiential learning, equipping them with tools they need for future happiness and success. Children can immerse themselves in the amazing Kinderstori Schoolhouse Atelier with the widest range of natural materials for artistic expression, guided by their in-house specialist art educators. There’s a huge garden out front where kids will spend lots of time outdoors digging, planting and harvesting; think farm-to-table gardening and cooking sessions! They’ll also have endless, engaging fun at the rustic outdoor mud kitchen with loose-parts play, and weekly yoga sessions conducted by certified children yoga instructors. With the motto One World, Many Stories, Kinderstori Schoolhouse welcomes children of all backgrounds and abilities to create authentic and meaningful stories to last a lifetime.

Enjoy a one-time $180 registration fee waiver and Kinderstori premium kit worth $100 (including school uniform, school bag, raincoat and a hat) if you sign up for one full term! Quote SASSYMAMA2021 to redeem.
11 Tampines Street 32, #02-01, Singapore 529287 (located in Tampines Mart)

Capella Preschool

Location: Geylang
The environment and Guided Inquiry-Based curriculum at Capella Preschool are set out to nurture children with a joyful attitude towards learning that will sustain for a lifetime. Programmes are carefully designed for children to engage, explore and evaluate, encouraging children to activate their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, shaping them to become independent learners. There is an extensive outdoor space that children can explore during their daily outdoor play-time, plus a full hour of water-play every week! Classes are sometimes conducted entirely outdoors, exploring loose-parts play, art appreciation, physical education, circle-time, literacy, THEME (the guided-inquiry project) and more. Every week there is a dedicated C.A.M.P Day, where the children in each level get to prepare food in Cookery, to explore different art elements, techniques and mediums; in Art Appreciation, to experiment with different musical elements and instruments; in Music Lessons, and exercise their gross motor skills and; in Physical Education or Sport Lessons.

Sassy Mamas enjoy a one month free trial with Capella Preschool!

Sims Urban Oasis, 4 Sims Drive #01-70. Singapore 387387

Mahota Preschool

Location: Lavender
If outdoor play and an emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) are important to you, this cool space around the corner from Lavender MRT is well worth checking out. Mahota Preschool is founded on the same principles that inspired the Scandinavian forest school movement. On a holistic education, they emphasise the importance of nature not just being a source of invaluable lessons, but also the foundation of the pedagogy. Children are prepared for the future by interdisciplinary learning inspired by nature; the end result is students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and embrace the creative process. Cool features include a weekly nature walk, experimental art classes, and creative language programs. They’ve also got a healthy, tasty daily meal plan to ensure children’s nutritional needs are well taken care of.
808 French Road #03-01 Kitchener Complex Singapore 200808, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6291 1915

Preschools in Singapore - Modern Montessori International Preschool Katong

Modern Montessori International Preschool Katong

Catering to children aged 18 months to 6 years old, Modern Montessori International’s (MMI) curriculum is tailor-made by qualified early childhood professionals to meet children’s needs. Core Montessori components from the comprehensive curriculum, and it is complemented by a hybrid of project-based works. This helps instil mindful learning and leadership qualities in children. MMI also provides students with a trilingual learning environment, as they teach English, Mandarin and Japanese.
865 Mountbatten road, Katong Shopping Centre, #05-44, Singapore 437844, Tel: (+65) 6344 2997, Facebook

Primary students working on an art project at one world international school (OWIS)

One World International School

Location: Mountbatten
One World International School’s Early Childhood campus at Mountbatten is a welcoming, kind learning place, designed specifically for young learners between 3 and 6 years old. Supported by the English National Curriculum, OWIS’ Early childhood programme with its small class-sizes of maximum 18 students allows for personalised learning time with teachers and a meaningful connection with each student. The OWIS preschool features an open concept, free-flowing learning space, including indoor and outdoor play areas that allow students to enjoy the benefits of a play-based learning environment. OWIS’ whole-child educational programme follows an inquiry-led approach and includes language studies (Mandarin), music, art and physical education to ensure students can develop academically, socially and emotionally. The stellar location also makes it a convenient option for families living in the East!
Block G, 231 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore 397999,

Raffles Montessori Kindergarten (Aljunied)

Location: Geylang
Just a 3-minute walk from Aljunied MRT station, Raffles Montessori Kindergarten (Aljunied) is recently renovated with beautiful learning spaces for music and art. They follow an AMI-approved curriculum, and run a mixed-age group programme with classic Montessori materials and a strong Mandarin immersion programme for children ages 18 months – 6 years old.
46 Lorong 23 Geylang, Level 4, Fansida Building, Singapore 388375Tel: (+65) 6745 2722

best preschool Singapore guide 2021

RED SchoolHouse at PUB Recreation Club

Location: Woodleigh Park
Established in 2004, RED SchoolHouse is ideally located at PUB Recreation Club boasting a total usable space of more than 30,000 square feet. As such, the award-winning preschool caters up to 70% of its premises for outdoor learning (a heavily emphasized key element of ECDA’s outdoor learning initiative!) alongside their specially crafted curriculum. RED SchoolHouse PUBRC employs a people-oriented approach and with a faculty of excellent professional staff, you can be assured that your child’s holistic development and safety is of paramount importance.

Save up to $1,200 in school fees and receive 2 sets of uniforms for free! Quote sassy mama to receive 50% off the first month’s school fees. ( promotion valid at PUBRC only)
48 Woodleigh Park PUB Recreation Club #B1- 01/02/03/04, Singapore 357844 [email protected], Tel: (+65) 8351 0673

Apricot Academy

Location: Marine Parade Rd
Apricot Academy is a full-day bilingual child care with an inquiry and project-based curriculum. There’s particular emphasis on sensorial activities through fun-filled, hands-on projects.


Location: East Coast Rd
Learning comes alive at Dreamkids, a happy preschool with an emphasis on bilingual literacy (English & Chinese), values and 21st century skills.

Emile Preschool

Location: New Industrial Rd
Founded by an NUS professor and a former NTU professor of early childhood, Emile Preschool provides top-notch learning resources to foster multiple giftedness. They carry out STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) and leadership programmes.

Inno Montessori Preschool

Location: East Coast Rd
As the only affiliated school of American Montessori Society (AMS) in Singapore, all the lead teachers at Inno Montessori hold AMI/AMS accredited qualifications. Inno Montessori provides the most authoritative bilingual environment and individualised teaching and learning.

Little Skittles International Preschool

Location: Margate Rd
This cute preschool is run by a lovely couple, so expect a warm and friendly environment for your kids. There’s a huge playground for the little ones to do lots of running around outside and also an indoor playground covered in artificial turf. Little Skittles follows the renowned International Preschool Curriculum (IPC).

Pink Tower Montessori

Location: Tembeling Rd/Dempsey
This cosy preschool has a high teacher-to-student ratio, ideal for the smallest learners. A full Montessori programme where each class is headed by a Montessori-trained directress, Pink Tower makes learning fun with outdoor water play, cooking classes, Mandarin lessons and world studies. There’s even a specially-crafted Primary School Preparatory programme for the older children to ensure a seamless transition into local or international primary schools.

Raffles Montessori (Still Road)

Location: Lorong Stangee
Located in a big house on the East Coast with a lovely outdoor play area, this school’s Directress is AMI-trained, and classrooms feature classic Montessori materials. Classes follow the traditional mixed-age format (3-6), and there’s also a “toddler community” for little ones 18 months to 3 years.

Rosemount International School / Rosemount Kindergarten

Location: Ettrick Terrace
East Coast mamas love this school for its inquiry-based curriculum and its fun approach to learning. The parent-accompanied playgroup is a lovely way for families to welcome their babies into the school environment. For kids aged two to seven years.

Waldorf Singapore

Location: Elite Park Avenue
This small and intimate preschool programme takes seriously the principles for which Waldorf education is so famous: lots of free play, plenty of time for nature and outdoor sensory experiences, “meaningful work” like baking, gardening, woodworking and crafts, and gentle learning at their own pace through storytelling, singing, poetry, and hands-on projects that are limited only by their own imaginations. This is not your typical Singapore preschool, mama!

Preschools in North/West Singapore

my first Skool NTUC

NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool

Locations:  145 locations across Singapore
My First Skool focuses on developing happy, confident, resilient children with an “I can do it!” approach to learning. The holistic curriculum keeps curious minds engaged as they explore and discover the fascinating world around them, and the bilingual nature of the programme ensures kiddos will be ready with the language skills and social abilities necessary to make lots of friends from an early age. Teachers at My First Skool are qualified, ECDA and MOE Award-winning educators and early childcare professionals who absolutely love kids, and the schools are designed with safety and learning in mind to create a cosy, nurturing, home-away-from-home environment. We love this approach since My First Skool offers an infant care option, too! Each centre comes equipped with a commercialised UV-steriliser and all centres are cleaned constantly. In addition, children will enjoy chef-planned meals as with yummy menus created by expert nutritionists, all freshly prepared every day by the in-house cooks.
Click here to see all locations! Tel: (+65) 6509 7887, [email protected]

The Little Skool-House

Locations: 20 centres across Singapore
This popular premium preschool is fully bilingual and aims at driving discoveries and building knowledge better. Celebrating 25 years on the Singapore preschool scene, The Little Skool-House focuses on enabling our children to have high bilingual proficiency without the need for rote memorisation. The kindergarten is renowned for its “Formation Programme,” which gives kiddos a head start to primary school by combining drama pedagogy in Mandarin, a ‘Builders & Innovation’ project, and a structured reading and journal writing programme. No wonder 93% of Little Skool-House children were assessed to be highly-proficient in both English and Mandarin by the end of K2 in a recent NTU survey! The Little Skool-House has had award-winning educators for the past 8 consecutive years, as conferred by MOE & ECDA. One more thing to love: 12 Little Skool-House preschools are workplace centres, conveniently located within leading government, university, medical, and corporate institutions such as the MOE, MSF, NUS and OCBC bank.

Enjoy these Exclusive Rebates until 31 March 2021:
$1,600 rebate* for full-day programmes, applicable to all Non-Workplace Centres
$800 rebate* for prime programme, applicable to Delta House & Downtown East Centre
$400 rebate* for half-day programmes, applicable to Delta House. *T&Cs: $400/$200/$100 rebate off per quarter, respectively.
Schedule a visit today! Tel: (+65) 6509 7880, [email protected]

Best Preschools in Singapore - Bucket House Preschool

Bucket House Preschool

Location: Woodlands
Classes are usually in high demand at this popular preschool in Singapore, which is preferred by mamas around the island for its well-balanced curriculum. The curriculum incorporates Thematic and Reggio-Emilia approaches for your child’s development needs while respecting their inquisitiveness in the learning process. The classrooms are beautiful and strategically designed, blending warm and natural elements. The environment is designed to help build children’s social competence, to spark curiosity and promote creative thinking. There’s also an Atelier within that is filled with recyclable materials so children can build, create and stretch their imagination. Bucket House Preschool also has a bilingual education programme, which offers a strong foundation in both English and Mandarin for a smooth transition into their primary school years.
Click here for all locations, Tel: (+65) 6909 8373, [email protected]

Big Foot Preschool

Location: West Coast
Big Foot Preschool approaches teaching and learning in a holistic way, believing that the best means to help children be ready for their future is to teach them to take small steps first. This preschool is based on Howard Gardner’s 8 multi intelligences and an Australian methodology that puts heavy importance on purposeful play. There is a bilingual curriculum and enrichments such as taekwando, abacus, phonics and more.

Early Years Montessori

Location: Clementi
Set in a cute little bungalow in Sunset Way, Early Years takes a “project-based” approach to its curriculum, which also features a strong bilingual Mandarin-English programme. Classes are not mixed age (instead they’re the traditional N1-K2), while staff are trained by AMI or equivalent organisations.

The Garden House Preschool

Location: Bukit Timah
Munchkins spend oodles of time outside digging, planting and harvesting the school’s garden. Small class sizes and an eco-friendly environment teach littlies about nature and the great outdoors. They even serve organic snacks and lunches!

The Growing Academy

Location: Punggol
The Growing Academy specialises in working together with children with special needs from 2 to 7 years old. The preschool believes in capitalising on each child’s strength to customise a unique set of intervention strategies that best suit their needs. It aims to work towards bridging the gap between mainstream and special needs learning, such that these students may be able to integrate back into mainstream schools for their future education

Kids Mansion

Location: Boon Lay
Touting itself as “The Arts & Sciences Preschool,” the school uses a thematic approach, supported by inquiry-based projects with learning corners and state-of-the art digital content. Reading, language, mathematics, science, music, art and character development plus phonics, dance, creative art and STEM, with equal emphasis on their dual-language bilingualism programme.

Little Tykes

Location: Clementi
If you are looking for an inspiring boutique preschool for your little one (complete with a unique ocean-themed sensory room), this may be where your search ends. Based out of the Integrated International School’s (IIS) bright new campus, Little Tykes is perfect for toddlers up to 3.5 years of age.

Our Children’s House

Location: Paya Lebar
With a low student-teacher ratio, a multicultural environment, plenty of play, science, cookery and even yoga lessons included, Our Children’s House provides an intimate, cosy, nurturing space. Facilities include a rock-climbing wall to a beautiful outdoor garden, and even a dance and music studio!

International Schools Early Years Programmes

best preschool in singapore guide

St. Joseph’s Institution International Elementary School (SJII)

Location: Thomson Road
Age Range: 5 years to 12 years
Set in a beautiful, green and central location on Thomson Road, St. Joseph’s Institution International Elementary School (SJII) caters to children from Prep 1 to Grade 6. The hands-on IPC curriculum engages children through units of work that encourage inquiry, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, and extends learning in the key subject areas. In the Early Years the world-renowned MOE Singapore Mathematics programme is followed which encourages active thinking processes and communication about mathematical ideas and problem-solving with a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach. The curriculum also draws on the Reggio Emilia philosophy where children are seen as capable and curious. Their engaging Early Years Language Arts programme develops children’s reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and promotes a love of learning. Academic achievements are celebrated but at SJII they consider values just as important with equal emphasis on the Character Development Programme underpinned by The Virtues Project™. The caring teachers at SJII value and promote home-school partnerships with families and recognise that parents are a child’s first teacher.
490 Thomson Road, Singapore 298191, Tel:(+65) 6871 5202

best preschool in singapore guide

Canadian International School

Location: Jurong and East Coast
Age range: 2 years – 18 years
With two campuses on opposite ends of Singapore, Canadian International School (CIS) attracts kids to its Kindergarten programme for its inquiry and play-based approach. Their curriculum, based on the IB PYP framework, combines a range of subjects including STEAM, outdoor learning experiences and a first-rate literacy, math and foreign languages programme. All children must learn either Chinese or French; children can choose from daily language acquisition classes or a unique Chinese-English bilingual programme. One of the highlights here is amazing Outdoor Discovery Centres available at both campuses. Students complete CIS’ kindergarten equipped with the academic and soft skills to succeed throughout their school life and beyond plus they acquire a love of learning new skills and are always happy to take risks.
CIS Lakeside Campus, 7 Jurong West Street 41, Singapore 649414, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6467 1732
CIS Tanjong Katong Campus, 371 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437128, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6345 1573

best preschool in singapore guide

Dulwich College (Singapore)

Location: Bukit Batok
Age range: 2 years – 18 years
The adorably named DUCKS Early Years centre for children aged 2-7 at this British international school gives little ones light, airy, well-resourced classrooms that encourage a passion for learning and a keen sense of exploration. Following the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, tinies at Dulwich College (Singapore) learn through purposeful play, with a focus on learning to read and beginning to write in both English and Mandarin. All DUCKS also get weekly swimming lessons, and from the age of 3 take specialist PE and music classes as well.
71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore 658966, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6890 1000

best preschool in singapore guide

Australian International School

Location: Serangoon
Age range: 
2 months – 18 years
The Australian International School (AIS)Infant Care Program at the Early Learning Village adapts to you and your child’s needs, through the creation of Individual Care Programs. Their unique curriculum draws on the principles of the Reggio Emilia philosophy which places the child at the center of the learning experience. The Early Learning Village also boasts top-notch facilities such as a library and inquiry centre, a SMART Steps movement room, to name a few – all designed to work in concert with AIS’s inquiry-based curriculum within the IB Primary Years Programme framework. A school day at AIS’ ELV is also tailored to suit your individual schedule, which allows you to organise your week in a way which caters to both the needs of you and your child. Educators at AIS enable your children to develop into the best version of themselves.
1 Lorong Chuan, Singapore 556818, Tel: (+65) 6653 2958, [email protected]

best preschool singapore brighton

Brighton College (Singapore)

Location: 1 Chuan Lane
Age range: 18 months to 11 years old
Brighton College (Singapore) offers small class sizes and enviable child to staff ratios of 1:4 in Pre Nursery and Nursery and 1:7 in Reception.  If you are looking for a preschool in Singapore that engages early learners, Brighton College (Singapore) has an exciting Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, planned dynamically to engage the interests of the children. That means teachers are happy to replan activities to keep kids engaged to meet the learning goals! Early Years teachers ensure the progression of each child is mapped so there is full transparency on where students are and need to be by the end of each year level. Looking for a dual-language programme? Native Mandarin Teaching Assistants are on hand to help. Plus there are exceptional facilities at this school including three large playgrounds, an indoor gym, a teaching swimming pool, as well as outdoor play spaces that are attached to each classroom. Kids here certainly have a blast while learning!
1 Chuan Lane, Singapore 554299, Tel: (65) 65059790

Dover Court International School

Location: Dover
Age range: 3-5 years (School is 3-18 years)
Dover Court International School (DCIS) is one of the leading inclusive British international schools in South East Asia. In the Early Years Foundation Stage at DCIS (3-6 years old), the curriculum covers the three prime areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication and Language; and Physical Development. These fall under the four specific areas of learning: Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design, and Understanding the World. A programme which blends Child-Initiated and Teacher-Led activities is seen as the most important way for children to access learning. As class sizes are kept small, teachers get to know each individual child so they can track their learning (recorded in daily observations online which parents also have access to). Teachers really get to understand what motivates and inspires each individual child so they can set them challenges to further their learning. This could be in the form of a question, a next step or inviting the children to reflect on a piece of work. Conversations, photos, quotes from the children and next steps are all examples of what may be recorded as part of the child’s Learning Journey observation, on the 2simple app. The Pathways ‘Early Intervention’ Class follows the EYFS curriculum where appropriate but adapts the planning and learning environment to meet the individual needs of the children. DCIS is also known for its excellent performing arts education with Juilliard and their MIT collaboration to challenge children in the subjects of STEAM.
301 Dover Road, Singapore, 139644, Tel: (+65) 6775 7664

best preschools singapore

GESS – International School

Location: Upper Bukit Timah 
Age range:
2 years to 5 years (School is 2 – 18 years)
The GESS – International School is the place where every child gets the freedom to grow! This multi-lingual, not-for-profit international school with kiddos from over 65 nationalities offers the IB PYP (Primary Years Programme) curriculum. At GESS – International School they believe in meaningful learning through play and inquiry. Children are exposed to language, mathematical, scientific, artistic, and physical disciplines through inquiry. Thanks to small class ratios (starting with 1:5 in Pre-Kindergarten), teachers are able to provide personalised attention to every child and guide them on their individual learning journey. With a purpose-built pre-school campus, large open areas for play, facilities for specialist lessons in music, sports, library and more, children can have a safe, enriching and stimulating environment to spend their initial learning years, explore their interests and form new connections. At GESS – International School, they encourage young children’s natural desire to know about their world and empower them to become lifelong learners!
2 Dairy Farm Lane, Singapore 677621, Tel: (+65) 6461 0881

best preschool in singapore guide

The Grange International Preschool

Location: Yio Chu Kang Road
Age range: 3 years – 6 years
Preparations for The Grange International Preschool (TGIP) has been underway since mid-2020. TGIP will be a new and affiliated preschool section of The Grange Institution – an international primary school in Singapore. As part of Crestar Education Group, TGIP joins a family of over 20,000 students and a network of more than 120 schools in Asia. TGIP will cater to young learners from 3 years old. The main curriculum at TGIP will be the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) with a focus on bilingual language development in English and Mandarin. TGIP’s future-focused curriculum is supported by their unique Young CREATORS© educational philosophy aimed at developing junior Grange Kids into global citizens by equipping them with 8 core competencies – Communicative Person, Respectful of Others, Enquiring Mind, Active Citizen, Teamwork Oriented, Open-Minded, Resilient Attitude, and Self-Confidence. TGIP is projected to start operations sometime in April 2021 with school fees starting from $17,000 including GST.
449 Yio Chu Kang Road, Singapore 805946

preschool guide singapore

International French School (Singapore)

Location: Ang Mo Kio
Ages: 2 – 5 years (School is 2 – 18 years)
The International French School (IFS) is an affordable premium International school open to all nationalities, including families who are not native French speakers. IFS Maternelle provides a warm, safe, nurturing, multilingual environment for children aged 2 to 5. With small class sizes (1 adult educator to 9 students), IFS provides an instruction tailored to each student’s individual needs. It fosters student’s sensory, motor, cognitive and social development, awakening students’ personalities. Maternelle is the first step in students’ mastery of basic skills – reading, writing, counting and respecting others. Little learners will take part in languages, physical activity, arts, mathematics and science.  Students also enjoy world-class sports facilities and motor skills equipment to aid physical development.
3000 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Tel: (+65) 6805 0000

nexus preschool guide singapore

Nexus International School (Singapore)

Location: Aljunied
Age range: 3 – 5 years (School is 3-18 years)
Nexus believes in personalised learning, focusing on each child as an individual and working with them to their personal motivations. Teaching is through play and focuses on the IB PYP method of enquiry, encouraging children’s natural curiosity and desire to explore, discover, question and discuss to clarify their understanding. Your kids will be learning without even knowing it. Little learners have their own learning space, play area and cafeteria to help them gain their independence. There’s a great adult to child ratio of 1:6 at Nexus so each child gets a good amount of attention to ensure their learning journey is on track. Specialist teachers are on hand for weekly music, PE, swimming, and art plus there are daily Mandarin or French lessons.

Apply online or in-person during the Open Days on 6 March, 10 & 24 April to enjoy application fee waivers!

1 Aljunied Walk Singapore 387293

best preschool in singapore guide

North London Collegiate School (Singapore)

Location: Alexandra
Age range: 3 – 6 years (School is 3-18 years)
North London Collegiate School (Singapore) is a British international school newly opened in Singapore in August 2020. NLCS brings with it the impeccable reputation of North London Collegiate School (UK), which was established 170 years ago. While they offer an academically ambitious education combining outstanding pastoral care, they’ve also got a stellar Early Years (First School) programme from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 1. Students benefit from focused daily English and Maths lessons to promote academic progression from the early stages of learning to ensure the very best possible start to every child’s education. Students have daily phonics lessons, inspiring a love of reading in each and every student and developing reading, writing and handwriting skills from an early age. NLCS (Singapore) maintains a child-centred approach in which every child is unique – which is why the teachers take the time to get to know every individual child so they can be supported to ‘run their own race’ according to their individual needs.
130 Depot Road, Singapore, 109708, Tel: (+65) 6955 1430, [email protected]

best preschool in singapore guide

One World International School

Location(s): Nanyang Campus in Jurong West; East Coast Campus in Mountbatten
Age range: 3 – 18 years
From early childhood to secondary school, OWIS is an all-inclusive international school that truly feels international. Their curriculum is designed to address the academic, emotional, social and individual needs of every student based on their grade level. As the foundational pillar of the school’s curriculum, their early childhood programme follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), underpinned by the learning objectives of the English National Curriculum. The best part of their early childhood curriculum is that it provides a truly holistic learning experience, balancing structure and flexibility in an effective and harmonious way. As a result, your child will be able to ease into the international schooling system, explore different concepts and stimuli in a play-based learning environment and start taking ownership of their learning from a very young age. Because pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills are gradually introduced, your child will feel more confident and better prepared for Grade 1 of an international primary school. Their mission is to help raise the next generation’s responsible and compassionate global citizens by providing students with a rich educational experience based on inclusivity, diversity and kindness.

Apply now and get $500 off the application fee with promo code ‘[email protected]’. Valid for Academic Year 2021.

Nanyang Campus (EC 1 to Grade 11) – 21 Jurong West Street 81, Singapore 649075
East Coast Campus (EC 1 to EC 3) – Block G, 231 Mountbatten Rd, Singapore 397999

singapore american school sas early learning centre

Singapore American School

Location: Woodlands
Age range: 3 – 18 years
With a Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum, Singapore American School (SAS) offers little ones open, light-filled spaces where learning is always visible, collaborative and inspiring. SAS recently renovated its Early Years Center with new learning spaces for preschoolers and pre-kindergarteners. Each “learning hub” accommodates 32 students, two teachers, and two instructional assistants. Early Years at SAS is all about asking questions and learning through exploration of topics that interest kiddos, a perfect method to help develop core reading, language and math skills.
40 Woodlands Street 41, Singapore 738547, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6363 3403

best preschool in singapore guide

Sir Manasseh Meyer International School

Location: Sembawang
Age range: 18 months to 16 years old
Established in 1996, Sir Manasseh Meyer International School (SMMIS) is a not for profit, child centred school that offers an intimate pre-school inspired by the principles of Reggio Emilia. The preschool section here is open to children from 18 months to 4 years old. Low student-teacher ratios (1:5 teacher to students) ensure each child receives individual and nurturing attention which means it offers excellent pastoral care. Teachers respond to the children’s interests, strengths and abilities to create meaningful learning experiences. Kids here learn through play with plenty of opportunities to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine. SMMIS moved into a state-of-the-art campus in 2016 which includes an indoor sensory gym, specifically designed for pre-school, and two outdoor covered playgrounds. Parents love the affordability at this school with fees at $14,850 inclusive of GST (includes a free daily nutritious hot meal). Imbued with the vibrancy of Jewish values, tradition and culture, SMMIS is a diverse community that welcomes students of all nationalities (23 nationalities are currently represented) and faiths.

15% sibling discount (applied to the lowest fees)

3 Jalan Ulu Sembawang, Singapore 758932, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 6331 4633

best preschool in singapore guide

Tanglin Trust School

Location: Portsdown
Age range: 3-4 years (School is 3-18 years)
Tanglin Trust School is a not-for-profit school (so you can rest assured that all revenue goes back into education!) and is one of the oldest schools in town with over 95 years’ experience teaching its British-based curriculum. Children in the Nursery and Reception classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, while Years 1 and 2 children follow the Key Stage 1 English National Curriculum. Starting from Nursery, a child’s natural curiosity is nurtured to cultivate a lifelong love of learning. In fact, Tanglin’s Nursery was recently awarded Curiosity Approach Accreditation – the first Nursery in Asia to achieve this. The Curiosity Approach is a modern-day approach to Early Years taking parts from Reggio, Steiner, Te Whariki and Montessori. Classrooms and outdoor areas are magical hives of activity where children can eagerly explore and develop their interests. Tanglin Trust has been assessed within the British Schools Overseas (BSO) framework, and all three schools (Infant, Junior and Senior) have been awarded ‘Outstanding’, the highest possible grade.
One-north, 95 Portsdown Road, Singapore 139299. Tel: (+65) 67780771, [email protected]

Best Preschools in Singapore - GEMS World Academy Early Years Programme

XCL World Academy Early Years Programme

Location: Yishun
Age range: 2-6 years old
The educators at XCL World Academy (formerly GEMS World Academy Singapore) believe that the best way forward in early education is to offer children a safe and nurturing environment where they feel comfortable to explore and learn confidently. It’s the main goal of the school’s Early Years Programme, which supports younger students in all areas of learning. Guided by the internationally recognised IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) framework and inspired by Reggio Emilia’s philosophy, carefully designed to provide children with a solid foundation that prepares them for the rigorous curriculum faced in primary school. Small class sizes – one teacher to five students in Nursery and one to eight in Kindergarten classes – led by highly qualified teachers mean that students get the most out of their learning experience, with personalised learning opportunities and attention. XCL World Academy’s child-centred approach and its safe learning environment mean your child’s natural curiosity is well-engaged in a developmentally appropriate manner, offering them plenty of opportunities to pursue their interests as they develop their strengths and abilities. 2021 will see plenty of exciting developments to the Early Years programme. For starters, daycare with flexible and extended childcare support will be offered from 7am to 7pm to working parents. Come August 2021, the school will introduce a unique Mandarin Bilingual Programme for KG1, KG2 and Grade 1 students, alongside a daily Mandarin progamme in Nursery.
2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039, Tel: (+65) 6808 7300

Chatsworth International School

Location: Bukit Timah
Age range:
3-6 years (School is 3-18 years)
Chatsworth International School is well known for its close-knit community feel. As an IB school for ages 3 to 18, Chatsworth International School offers the three programs of the International Baccalaureate curriculum. Kids absolutely love the purpose-built new Forest Playground featuring innovative structures, with varying degrees of challenges.

Global Indian International School

Location: Punggol
Age range: 2.5 years – 14 years
GIIS offers the Global Montessori Plus Programme, an award-winning programme that offers a blend of the reputed Montessori approach with best practices of modern pre-school education. The GMP not only fosters the development of cognitive, expressive, and motor skills, but also a sense of social responsibility, cultural awareness, and environmental consciousness

Hollandse School Preschool

Location: Bukit Timah
Age range: Preschool is 2 – 4 years old
The Hollandse Preschool combines a Dutch preschool with a primary school and the result is a small, communal feel where little ones get plenty of personal attention. The preschool offers a bilingual (English and Dutch) half-day program for littlies aged 2 to 4, with extended options available from the age of 3.

Stamford American International School (Early Learning Village Campus)

Location: 3 Chuan Lane
Age range: 2 months – 6 years old
Stamford American International School (SAIS) Early Learning Village has a Reggio Emilia philosophy with great facilities. Think purpose-built classrooms, a swimming pool, six outdoor sensorial playgrounds, a gym, and a parents café. Enrolment is open to all nationalities, including Singaporean children up to 6 years old! There’s also a bilingual Mandarin programme from age 3.

Swiss School in Singapore

Location: Bukit Timah
Age range: 2 years – Primary
At the Swiss School there is a focus on play in the early years through age appropriate hands-on activities starting from 2 years of age.  Up to age five, students are primarily instructed in English with German being introduced gradually through singing, games and crafts. Parents can choose between five full days or three full days. There’s also a bilingual French stream at the Kindergarten level. School fees are affordable.

United World College South East Asia

Locations: Dover and Tampines
Age range: 4 – 18 years old
UWCSEA’s Infant School programme at its two campuses starts from the age of 4 with a goal of developing enthusiastic, lifelong learners who feel supported to ask questions and explore ideas. The programme is a holistic, inquiry-based approach to learning where teachers adjust their plans to ensure students’ interests and needs are taken into account.

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