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Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing in Singapore with Kids

Wakeboarding in Singapore Boy Learning how to wakeboard
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Looking to take the kids wakeboarding? Here’s our comprehensive list of the best (mostly kid-friendly) places to wakesurf or wakeboard in Singapore! From Singapore Wake Park to wakeboarding in the open sea, these spots offer lessons for the family!

If you’re a thrill-seeker or just looking to try something new, wakeboarding in Singapore is a fun sport that keeps you cool in the scorching heat! We might not be able to surf off our coastline but did you know that Singapore is one of the few places in the world where you can wakeboard all year round? So why not gather your family, learn how to wake board or wake surf, and plan a fun day out at sea? Or start small and go wakeboarding at the Singapore Wake Park which is an enclosed space and less scary than being out in the open water for newbies. Who knows, you might just find your next hobby!

How old do kids need to be to be able to wakeboard?
It’s always advisable to be water confident before doing any sports in the open water – so as long as your child can swim well and can follow instructions they should be good to wakeboard or wake surf. Different wake board centres have different minimum age requirements so always call ahead. You will be wearing a life jacket when wakeboarding in the open seas as well as in the sheltered lagoon wake space at Singapore Wake Park at East Coast.

Wakesurfing vs wakeboarding in Singapore
The key difference between wakeboarding and wakesurfing is that for wakeboarding, your feet are strapped onto the board and you hold onto a boat-towed rope or a cable skiing style rope (eg at Singapore Wake Park) throughout the duration of the ride. In wakesurfing, your feet are not strapped in but you balance on a board and eventually will release the rope to ride out or ‘surf’ a wake.

Ready to get planning? Here’s where to go wakesurfing and wakeboarding in Singapore:

1. Dream Wake Academy: Stylish boats, great wake surfing lessons

Dream Wake Academy: Stylish boats, great wake surfing singapore
Image credit: Dream Wake Academy

Dream Wake Academy have some dreamy boats (top of the range, very swish if you ask us!) to take you out wake surfing! There are a few wakesurf instructors to choose from (with different boat capacities). We can personally vouch for Head Instructor Oliver (an international competitive wake surf pro). Oliver is super patient with newbies —hey it’s tough getting up that first time but once you get it, your body remembers and it’s such a thrill to surf on the wake. We loved the speaker system Coach used to communicate instructions to us while out on the water ensuring we could really advance minute to minute. We took two kids (aged 11 and 9) and both managed to get up and wakesurf, and even drop one hand (the next stage is dropping the rope and surfing the wake from the boats— that’s for our next trip)! Click here to book.

How much: from $200/hr (boats can take a group of 6-8 pax however for maximum time on the waves they advise around 4 pax).
Can kids wakeboard too? Yes! Kids must be at least 6 years old.

Dream Wake Academy, 1 Northshore Drive, Pier, #5 Marina Country Club, 828670, [email protected]. Tel: (+65) 8612 3321,

2. Absolute Beach Boys: Wakeboarding for beginners

wakeboarding in singapore absolute beach boys girl wakeboarding
Image Credit: Absolute Beach Boys via Facebook

Instructors at Absolute Beach Boys began offering wakeboarding and wakesurfing lessons over twenty years ago! They pride themselves in the step-by-step approach to help beginners master the techniques of wakeboarding as soon as possible. So if you’ve never touched a wakeboard but are eager to learn, the instructors here will be happy to teach you the ropes! Click here to book.

How much: from $160/hr
Can kids wakeboard? Kids should be 8 years old and above to start wakeboarding.

 Absolute Beach Boys, 11 Northshore Drive, Marina Country Club, Singapore 828670 & 43 Admiralty Road West, Singapore 759962, Tel: (+65) 9382 3480,

3. Edge Wakeboarding in Singapore

wakeboarding in singapore edge wakeboarding little girl on wakeboard
Image Credit: Edge Wakeboarding via Instagram

Instructors at Edge Wakeboarding boast an average of 10 years of experience in wakeboarding and competing over the years. Rather than being technical about the sport, they believe in the ‘feel of it’. Their unique philosophy has helped newbies master wakeboarding in a shorter amount of time. And regardless of skill level, they make sure that you have a good time! Click here to book.

How much: from $150/hr
Can kids wakeboard? Yes! Kids as young as 4 years old can wakeboard if they are water confident.

Edge Wakeboarding, 11 Northshore Drive, Marina Country Club, Singapore 828670, Tel: (+65) 6386 6634,

4. Maxout Hydrosports: Wakeboarding for kids

wakeboarding singapore maxout hydrosports little boy riding the waves
Image Credit: Maxout Hydrosports via Facebook

Maxout Hydrosports has been helping riders hit the waves since 1997. It was founded by two friends who wanted to give people an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time in nature. Whether you want to wakeboard, wakeskate or wake surf, their friendly instructors will make sure you have a good time!

How much: from $120/hr
Can kids wakeboard? Yes! Call to check the age requirements.

 Maxout Hydrosports, 10 Tuas West Dr, Singapore 638404, Tel: (+65) 9737 7577,

5. Ryders Singapore: Wakeboarding and wakesurfing

wakeboarding singapore ryders singapore two men wakeboarding
Image Credit: Ryders Singapore via Facebook

Whether you’re an expert on the waves or want to try wakeboarding or wakesurfing for the first time, Ryders Singapore guarantees a good time! They are the pioneers of wakeboarding in Singapore and are known for their relaxed, no-pressure coaching style. Ryders provides instructions, equipment, life vests and an ice box for drinks to keep you cool and hydrated while wakeboarding. They even have a Mandarin-speaking coach if you need one. Click here to book.

How much: $150/hr (smaller boat for beginners) & $190/hr (bigger boat for beginner to advanced); minimum 1.5hr for 2 pax
How many people per boat: maximum 5 passengers, excluding the captain/coach
Can kids wakeboard? Yes, but kids must be at least 6 years old.

Ryders Singapore, 11 Northshore Drive, Marina Country Club, Singapore 828670, Tel: (+65) 9189 5957,

6. Singapore Wake Park: Wakeboarding in a lagoon

wakeboarding singapore singapore wake park boy wakeboarding
Image Credit: Singapore Wake Park via Facebook

If you’re looking for a safe place to go wakeboarding in Singapore, then look no further than the Singapore Wake Park! The Singapore Wake Park is an enclosed space built in a small lagoon at Singapore East Coast Park, which makes it a safe environment for beginners and experienced riders alike. There are three cable systems for different levels, one of which caters to riders as young as six years old! Click here to book!

How much: Singapore Wake Park entry from $50/hr.
Can kids wakeboard too? Yes! Kids as young as 6 years old can wakeboard at Singapore Wake Park

 Singapore Wake Park, 1206A East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449891, Tel: (+65) 6636 4266,

7. SurfnWake: Wake surfing in Singapore

wakeboarding singapore surfnwake woman wakesurfing wakensurf
Image Credit: SurfnWake via Facebook

If you’re looking for a greater adrenaline kick, then wake surfing might be for you! Yen from SurfnWake is a wakesurfing instructor who has helped newbies and experienced riders have a blast on the waves (with no strings attached, literally!). He boasts a world-class Wakesurf boat that will give you an unforgettable wakesurfing experience. Click here to book.

How much: from $460 for 2 hours
Can kids wakeboard too? Yes, as long as they are water confident and can follow instructions!

 SurfnWake, 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670, Tel: (+65) 9855 6623,

8. Suter WakePro: Wakeboarding with a pro

Wakeboarding Singapore Suter WakePro Kid Wakeboarding
Image Credit: Pexels

Coach Suter Tan started wakeboarding in 1995 and competed in the Asian X Games and the Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour. He’s been coaching for over two decades! His vision is to tap into his wealth of wakeboarding experience and skills to groom the next generation of riders. So if you’re keen to learn from a wakeboard pro, Coach Suter is the one to call! Click here to book.

How much: $360 for 2 hours (minimum booking duration)
Family promo: 10% off for a family of four (minimum 2 adults + 2 kids)
Can kids wakeboard? Yes! Kids must be at least 7 years old.

 Suter WakePro, 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670, Tel: (+65) 9742 7201,

9. The Wake Collective: Wakeboarding for fun

wakeboarding singapore the wake collective woman wakesurfing
Image Credit: TheWakeCo via Instagram

The Wake Collective offers wake-sports related activities for everyone! Whether you’re a pro at wakeboarding or you’ve never even touched a wakeboard before, the friendly instructors will be happy to guide you and make sure you have a blast on the waters. If their testimonials are anything to go by, you might come back for more!

How much: $270/ per 1.5hr
Can kids wakeboard? Yes! Kids must be at least 4 years old and be able to understand and follow instructions.

 The Wake Collective, 11 Northshore Drive, Marina Country Club, Singapore 828670, Tel: (+65) 9752 0552

10. Wakemusters: Wakeboarding and wakesurfing lessons

wakeboarding singapore wakemusters man wakeboarding
Image Credit: Wakemusters via Facebook

The five coaches at Wakemusters have spent over 6,000 hours on the water. They are passionate about giving you the best wakeboarding experience ever and promise premium equipment for a day of fun. Their boats are specifically tuned to produce the cleanest and biggest waves on the water to leave you with all smiles after your wakeboarding session. Private wakesurf sessions are $350/per boat per hour but they’ve just launched group wakesurfing classes UP $150 but currently $99! Click here to book.

How much: private wakesurf sessions are $350/per boat per hour; group wakesurfing classes UP $150 but currently $99 pp
Can kids wakeboard too? Yes! They have coached kids as young as 5 years old.

 Wakemusters, 1 Yishun Street 23, #07-12, Singapore 768441 (HQ) & 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670 (School of Wakesurf), Tel: (+65) 9048 7060,

11. Wake Pirates: Wakeboarding in deep water

wakeboarding singapore wake pirates man wakeboarding
Image Credit: Wake Pirates via Facebook

Instructors at Wake Pirates tailor each wakeboarding session according to your needs and ability. So, if you’re wakeboarding for the first time, don’t worry! You don’t even need to bring your own wakeboarding gear. They will provide all of the latest equipment for you to get started. Simply come dressed for water, bring your favourite drinks, and slather on some sunscreen. Then leave the rest to them!

How much: from $120/hr (regular boat) & $150/hr (big boat)
Can kids wakeboard too? Yes! Call to check minimum age requirement.

 Wake Pirates, 43 Admiralty Road West, Singapore 759962, Tel: (+65) 9845 7452,

12. WakePit: Wakeboarding with a pro

wakeboarding singapore wakepit woman wakeboarding
Image Credit: WakePit via Facebook

Frankie, an experienced wakeboarder with many titles under his belt, fell in love with wakeboarding in 1999. He founded WakePit with the desire to share his love and passion for wakeboarding with others. Both wakeboarding coaching and equipment will be provided, so all you have to do is show up ready to have a good time!

How much: from $200/hr (min. booking of 2 hours for 2 or more people)
Can kids wakeboard too? Yes! They have to be at least 4 years old and 1.1 metres tall. They should also be water confident and able to follow instructions.

WakePit11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670, Tel: (+65) 8820 6335,

13. Wake Time: Extreme wakeboarding and wakesurfing

wakeboarding singapore wake time woman wakeboarding
Image Credit: Wake Time via Facebook

Looking for a wake park with the latest equipment? Wake Time has the latest series of Mastercraft Wakeboard Boats and equipment to make sure that you have a blast wakeboarding or wakesurfing. They focus on teaching you a safe, fun and quick way to take your wakeboarding skills to the next level (even if you’ve been wakeboarding before!).

How much: from $240 per boat for 1hr/1 pax, for 2-3 pax book 2 hours.
Can kids wakeboard too? Yes! Kids must be at least 6 years old.

  Wake Time, 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670, Tel: (+65) 8333 7666,

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