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Best Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore: Mattress Cleaning to Thorough House Deep Clean

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Consider your Lunar New Year spring cleaning sorted with our guide to cleaning services in Singapore, from part-time helpers to services that provide a thorough deep clean of soft furnishings and carpets as well as anti-dust mite mattress cleaning

Looking for cleaning services in Singapore for a house deep clean or specialised mattress cleaning in time for Chinese New Year? There are so many convenient home cleaning services in Singapore you can book now with a few taps on your phone, whether you’re looking for a part-time helper, part-time cleaner or need a professional mould removal service, pest control or someone to deep clean your mattresses and sofas!

Check out these tips and spring cleaning services in Singapore:

1. Part-time helpers and cleaners in Singapore

lunar new year cny spring cleaning services singapore
Get a part-time cleaner to help spring clean your home! Image: Getty

Could you use an extra pair of hands to do a super thorough house cleaning? We love online platforms like Urban Company, Helpling, and Cleanworthy, which connect users with freelance cleaners and part-time helpers in Singapore in a matter of minutes. These platforms ensure cleaners are vetted with thorough background checks and also have publicly available star ratings. You can book either a one-off house clean or schedule regular cleanings, and it’s as simple as entering your location and making an appointment. You can even pay securely online. These part-time cleaner platforms usually have handy apps so you can book cleanings on the go! If you are doing a deep spring clean because you are moving out of your rented accommodation, you may find this list of handymen (to fix up walls, etc.) useful! Other companies offering spring cleaning services include Whissh, Home Cleaning SG and Amahs on Wheels.

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2. Mould removal services

You’re due for a spring clean and professional mould removal if you see patches like these in your home. Image: Getty

Sweeping can only go so far: thanks to our super humid weather all year round, mould is a major culprit behind myriad health issues, not to mention it can ruin your favourite personal possessions (RIP to those knee-high leather boots!). Mould removal and specialist cleaning services usually use only FDA and EPA-approved, non-toxic products to restore your home to a healthy environment. Their services begin with a comprehensive inspection and detailed report, followed by a thorough cleaning of walls, ceilings and hard surfaces with specialty products.

If the air feels damp, your closets smell a little funky, the walls are black, or you’re finding white or green patches on your clothes… chances are you might have mould. Some mould removal companies to check out include Mouldgone and Lumiair.

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3. Pest control services to eradicate pests

spring cleaning services singapore pest off
Image: Pest control services by Pest Off

Cockroaches, termites, rats…YUCK! Water, food and shelter are the three readily available resources that the nasty little critters look for in a residential home. Pests can infest rapidly (as quickly as overnight!), so you want to make sure you eradicate them completely the first time. Some reliable pest control services include Pest Off, Protect Pest Control, The Pest Control Company and Xterminate.

4. Mattress cleaning and deep clean of sofas & rugs

spring cleaning services singapore mattress cleaners
Image: Mattress deep clean by De Hygienique

Ask any parent with young children how clean their sofa is and you’ll probably get some sheepish grins and “Ummmm”s. Throw in pets and the rugs are probably just as bad. And then there’s the hidden culprit: mattresses. Mattress cleaning is obviously the hardest job and mattresses are often rife with dust mites. You’ll need to get a cleaning service in Singapore that has the right equipment for this job.

De Hygienique, one of the first mattress cleaning companies in Singapore, uses 100% dry, chemical safe technology from Europe to clean mattresses, rugs, and furniture and upholstery. They suggest cleaning well-worn home items like rugs and sofas about once a year, and your mattress at least every two years; just make sure you schedule a deep clean in plenty of time before all those home visits start! Other soft furnishing cleaning services in Singapore include Chem-Dry who can do mattress cleaning and other deep clean services. As the name suggests MattressCleaning SG does just that along with mattress stain removal and Anti-Dust Mite Cleaning. Other established mattress cleaning companies include W Mattress Cleaning Singapore as well as Alpha Kleen,

5. Use a cleaning service for curtains

Anyone who’s moved house in Singapore knows that landlords are sticklers about this, but it actually is a good idea to clean your curtains pretty regularly, as they absorb dust, dirt, and odour (and have been known to be stained by little hands). Curtains can be tricky to take down (or hang up), not to mention keep wrinkle-free. A curtain cleaning service in Singapore that we’ve seen frequently recommended is CottonCare.

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6. Spring Clean Your Handbags!

spring cleaning designer bag spa
Revive your worn out or unused bags! Image: Unsplash

Gotta look fly for those CNY house visits, right? It is shocking to see the kind of damage the humid Singapore weather can do to our beloved handbags. Mould attacks the leather, and even fabric gets discoloured so easily. We’ve used the handbag cleaning service Colorwash (which has three convenient locations) with good results to get our nicest bags deep cleaned, and have also been recommended Bag Spa, Bags Butler and Honest Crafters. Be sure to keep your beloved bags in the driest, coolest place possible!

7. Dispose responsibly while you spring clean

donation in singapore
Donating old items and recycling are some good ways to spring clean your wardrobe. Image: Getty

Clearing out old furniture, toys, and other general stuff to make way for the new? Check out our guide on where to donate old toys and clothes. There are lots of textile recycling bins now too, for those clothes that may be damaged beyond saving and can’t be worn anymore.

Many condos and HDBs will even provide a giant dumpster for emptying out all this stuff during certain times of the year. For larger items like e-waste, books and furniture, check out this huge recycling guide.

8. DIY Your Cleaning Products

spring cleaning my pure earth diy cleaning supplies
Try making your own cleaning products to reduce the amount of toxins in your home! Image: My Pure Earth

If you’re using a cleaning service in Singapore for that big clean, you’ll still need to clean regularly in between professional stints. We attended a DIY Cleaning Products workshop with My Pure Earth a few years ago, and it was so interesting to know how to make our own multi-purpose spray with vinegar and essential oils, or stain fighters with baking soda. It turns out just a few key ingredients are just as effective as what you’d buy in the store, and they’re also blissfully free of harmful things like phthalates, parabens, and triclosan, just to name a few.

9. Where to get cleaning supplies in Singapore

Many cleaning services in Singapore will bring their own cleaning supplies but do check first in case you need to stock your own. HDB shops are our go-to for brooms and dustpans. Giant and FairPrice also carry lots of affordable home cleaning products (as well as closet organisers, rubbish bins, and all those other bits and bobs you’ll want to get organised). FairPrice On even has one of our fave green cleaning product lines, Seventh Generation! When you want to order online it doesn’t get more convenient than Amazon Prime and RedMart. If you need a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner head to Courts, or contact Kaercher, who specializes in outdoor machinery to clean up patios and balconies.

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