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Maid Agencies in Singapore: Everything You Need to Know About Transfer Helpers & Hiring a Domestic Helper

Maid Agencies Singapore
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Thinking of hiring a maid in Singapore? Consult our handy guide for everything you need to know about hiring a maid in Singapore, transfer helpers, and the top-ranked maid agencies in Singapore

The process of hiring a maid in Singapore can be tedious, whether you’re a seasoned employer or new to it all. After all, it’s not just about finding a helper that’s a great fit for the family. There’s also the paperwork, rules, fees and bureauceacy to contend with. If you’re not sure where to start, then browse our list of maid agencies in Singapore and the helpful tips to consider when hiring a domestic helper in Singapore.

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What to know about maid agencies in Singapore
Transfer maids, part-time helpers & other Singapore maid agency services
Top-ranked maid agencies in Singapore

Maid Agencies in Singapore

What to know about maid agencies in Singapore

For starters, check out the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s guidelines, which outline requirements like the online Employer Orientation Programme, how to cover a bond, the $300 monthly levy and more. Maid agencies in Singapore are a vital part of the helper hiring process and can help you better understand all these guidelines. The thing is, there are literally thousands of maid agencies in Singapore, ranging from well-established maid agencies to shoestring operations that can be shady and deceptive to helpers and employers alike. We applaud the MOM for making employment agency data as transparent as possible. With their extensive database you can not only search Singapore maid agencies by name, but also check which agencies are under surveillance or have received demerits from the MOM. Employers are also able to rate maid agencies in Singapore on a scale of 1 to 5, with all scores easily viewable.

To check the data for maid agencies in Singapore (be warned: there are nearly 4,000 of ‘em!), just click “Search Agencies”, then click “Download” to put into a sortable Excel file. This is key because it allows you to view three important factors:

  • Retention Rate
    This is the percentage of foreign domestic workers (FDWs) placed by the maid agency who stay with the same employer for at least one year (a standard contract lasts for two years). It’s always good to see that someone is steadily employed, and that the relationship is seemingly beneficial for both parties. The industry average is 47.27% – the top maid agencies have retention rates in the high 50s or 60s (some small agencies have even higher averages, but this is amongst agencies that also have a high volume of placements).
  • Transfer Helper Rate
    This is the percentage of FDWs who have transferred to three or more employers within one year – that’s a major red flag. The industry average is 1.44%.
  • Placement Volume
    This is the number of helper work passes applied for by a maid agency. A high volume (the industry average is 64.19) indicates that the maid agency in question probably runs pretty professionally and would generally have better resources in terms of responsiveness to a problem (for instance if you need to hire a replacement or part-time helper, require assistance with maid insurance and more) and housing (as helpers stay in dorms before they are hired, and can also live in them while employers are away). Of course, the flipside to this is that both employers and helpers are less likely to get the personal touch that might come with a smaller maid agency in Singapore.

Other factors to consider when hiring a maid agency in Singapore include the fees charged to both helpers and employers; most maid agencies charge helpers a sort of finders fee that can take up to eight months to pay back. Can you imagine working eight months without making any salary? While employers have the option of covering this fee (usually around $1,000) it’s obviously a high up-front cost for everyone involved; some agencies don’t charge this fee to helpers, and we think it’s worth employers absorbing some of the cost. When you hire a transfer helper this fee isn’t involved, which is part of why it’s a popular option.

Maid Agencies in Singapore

Transfer maids, part-time helpers & other Singapore maid agency services

Beyond the initial hiring process – when you describe your needs to a maid agency and then interview suitable candidates – maid agencies in Singapore can assist further down the line with issues like renewing contracts, arranging home leave for your helper, and helping you find a replacement or part-time helper if your initial hire doesn’t work out (hey, it happens!). In the unfortunate circumstance where your helper gets into legal trouble or you find cause for immediate termination, an agency can also be very helpful with the repatriation process (although shady agencies have been known to simply send helpers back out to new families!).

As an alternative to maid agencies, particularly if you hire a transfer helper, you can either handle the paperwork yourself through MOM, or hire a paperwork specialist to streamline the process at a much lower cost. The downsides to these options are that they can be more time-consuming, and you’re on your own if something goes wrong.

In the meantime, we’ve scoured the data and shared our own personal experiences to come up with a list of some of the top maid agencies in Singapore – listed in alphabetical order but all with solid statistics and a good reputation.

Top-ranked maid agencies in Singapore

Maid Agencies Singapore - We Are Caring

We Are Caring

Retention rate: 65.22%
Helper Transfer rate: 0.46%
Placement volume: 724
A smart and ethical maid agency in Singapore, We Are Caring is known and preferred by many for its fair-hiring model that eliminates helper salary deductions. Additionally, We Are Caring is the only maid agency in Singapore that’s accredited by the Ministry of Manpower to provide the Employer’s Orientation Programme (EOP) for new employers. Helpers are thoroughly screened, and you can view their profiles, references from current employers and videos before setting up interviews. We Are Caring connects you directly to the helpers, and you can arrange to meet them at your home. Not only can you transfer helpers from within Singapore and from abroad, but this Singapore maid agency also offers fast screening times and all the mandatory paperwork is done digitally, making it a hassle-free experience.

We Are Caring, 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, #02-06, Singapore 238863, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 3163 4636,

Maid agencies Singapore - JForce


Retention rate: 54.41%
Helper Transfer rate: 1.82%
Placement volume: 427
An award-winning maid agency in Singapore, JForce matches families with domestic helpers from Indonesia.  JForce has their own training centre in Indonesia, which means your helper’s training can be customised to suit your family’s needs. Furthermore, their experienced and helpful sales consultants will thoroughly screen their applicants before matching them with your family, ensuring that your expectations are also met. With three outlets islandwide, JForce is known for their reliable service and remains a favourite with families in Singapore.

JForce, multiple locations,


Retention rate: 50.53%
Helper Transfer rate: 0%
Placement volume: 46
Started in 2012, Anisya is an open employment marketplace where domestic helpers in Singapore and employers can come together. It empowers helpers to post their own information and set their own preferences free of charge, and employers can also view profiles for free (though they pay to access more information or post their info for helpers to respond to). We think it’s fab that fees are kept low for everyone and that the website does so much to empower helpers, who can sometimes be rendered helpless in the hiring process. Their numbers are amazing, too!



Retention rate: 49.44%
Helper Transfer rate: 0%
Placement volume: 87%
Get matched to some of the best maid agencies in Singapore through this website. While the website itself can be a tad chaotic, there’s an easy FAQ guide to get you started. There’s also a helpful list of maid agencies you can consult.


Chandra Maid Agency

Retention rate: 31.72%
Helper Transfer rate: 6.9%
Placement volume: 72
Specialising in Sri Lankan and Indian maids in Singapore, Chandra Maid Agency offers a variety of services, include airport pick-up and repatriation, full medical check-ups, home leave levy claims and much more.

Chandra Maid Agency,

Contact Asia

Retention rate: 59.6%
Helper Transfer rate: 1.49%
Placement volume: 76
With 18 years of experience, this maid agency takes a personal yet professional approach to the process of hiring a maid in Singapore. Their philosophy is all about viewing the process not as a one-time transaction, but as a journey for both the family and the helper to ensure that everyone is happy and finds the right fit.

Contact Asia,

EK Maid Agency

Retention rate: 40.99%
Helper Transfer rate: 0%
Placement volume: 3
Specialising in maids from Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, this Singapore maid agency screens its domestic helpers thoroughly, which has earned it a stellar reputation for high helper retention rates. The team can also help with helper transfers, paperwork and all other administrative issues.

EK Maid Agency, Tel: (+65) 9679 6844

G&A Services

Retention rate: 58.15%
Helper Transfer rate: 2.29%
Placement volume: 212
One of the largest Singapore maid agencies, G&A Services also sports an excellent retention rate and is among the most recommended for warm, professional service and very fair fees that never take advantage of helpers. Thumbs up as well for a convenient location along Orchard at Far East Shopping Centre. Tip: Because G&A can be difficult to search for in the database, try using their agency license number (09C2816).

G&A Services,

Imtidad Employment Solutions

Retention rate: 52.08%
Helper Transfer rate: 0%
Placement volume: 333
This maid agency in Singapore offers in-house and office visits to help you settle any paperwork or documentation requirements, live Skype interviews with potential helpers, instalment plans for payments, and even home-based training or counselling.

Imtidad Employment Solutions,

Island Maids

Retention rate: 47.1%
Helper Transfer rate: 1.68%
Placement volume: 326
Each domestic helper in Singapore is interviewed first and undergoes a background check, health screenings and more before being matched to your family.

Island Maids,

JPB Maid Agency

Retention rate: 52.72%
Helper Transfer rate: 2.7%
Placement volume: 702
This maid agency has more than 15 years of supplying domestic helpers in Singapore and is one of the biggest maid agencies in the region. Clients often report good customer service, quality domestic helpers and plenty of value-added services at competitive prices.

JPB Maid Agency,

Nation Employment

Retention rate: 45.5%
Helper Transfer rate: 1.59%
Placement volume: 76
Not only are there 20 consultants to help you at this maid agency in Singapore, but help can also be obtained outside of regular working hours should you need it.

Nation Employment,


Netmaid isn’t a Singapore maid agency per se, but it’s a vast information resource if you’re looking to hire a domestic helper. Search through its useful tags section, which is sorted by your domestic needs (eldercare, babies, helper nationality etc), or browse through its helpful FAQ section for all the answers you need about settling-in programmes, MOM guidelines, insurance for your FDW and much more.


Prestige Management Services

Retention rate: 60.43%
Helper Transfer rate: 0%
Placement volume: 192
With outstanding numbers across the board, heaps of personal recommendations, and 30 years of experience, Prestige is consistently rated as one of Singapore’s top employment agencies.

Prestige Management Services,

Taj Employment Agency

Retention rate: 32.34%
Helper Transfer rate: 9.76%
Placement volume: 121
If you’re looking for Indian maids in Singapore, Taj is the place to go. Book an appointment on their Facebook page to speak with a consultant.

Taj Employment Agency,

Wonderful Maid Agency

Retention rate: 47.72%
Helper Transfer rate: 0%
Placement volume: 53
Expect helpful and prompt service when you engage this maid agency in Singapore. The reviews on Facebook are a testament to its popularity!

Wonderful Maid Agency,

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This post contains some paid partnership content. Lead image from Getty. Other images from Pexels. All data within the article is correct as of April 2021.

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