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Sassy Mama Expert Chats: Free Virtual Talks with Q&A

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We have teamed up with leading experts in Singapore to bring you  Sassy Mama Expert Chats –  free virtual lunchtime talks on parenting and family topics with a Q&A session to answer any questions you may have!

Sassy Mama has launched a new series of informative live chats with experts – it’s called Sassy Mama Expert Chats and takes place over Zoom during lunchtime. Every month we bring you a different topic from resilience in children to managing anxiety and stress, presented by leading experts in the field who unpack the key points in an easy to understand way to help you on your parenting journey. Our Sassy Mama Expert Chats take place at lunchtime on a weekday so you can learn something helpful in your lunch break (or watch our recorded sessions any time at your leisure!) – there’s always a Q&A session too so you can have your questions answered by the experts! 

How NOT to Raise People Pleasers

Ms. Zanthe Ng, Nexus International School

Worried your child might be a people pleaser? Maybe you’re a people pleaser and you’re hoping to raise your kids differently. Ms Zanthe Ng, Whole School Counsellor at Nexus, will discuss more valuable pointers such as common traits of people pleasers, what causes people pleasing, fawning- a trauma response explained, risk factors for developing people-pleasing tendencies and helping your child grow from the inside and glow from the outside. Watch the Sassy Mama Expert Chat here!

Breastfeeding 101

Dr. Trisha, Osler Health International

Whether you’re expecting and thinking about breastfeeding or currently breastfeeding, this Sassy Mama Expert Chat is for you! In our live discussion and Q&A with Dr. Trisha Upadhyaya from Osler Health International we cover everything you wanted to know about breastfeeding (but were afraid to ask!). Watch the Sassy Mama Expert Chat here!

How to Manifest Your Best Year Yet

Frolic For Life

This Sassy Mama Expert Chat on How to Manifest Your Best Year Yet will help you achieve your best year yet! Join Life Coach Meera Bal and Kids Coach Andrea Liu from specialist family coaching practice Frolic for Life in a live discussion and Q&A. Andrea and Meera will help you reflect on the past year and reframe your mindset for the year ahead so that you can live your best year yet. Watch the Sassy Mama Expert Chat here!

All Things Pregnancy: Prenatal Care, Birth & Postpartum Care

Osler Health International and Mother & Child

Expecting or planning on having a baby in Singapore? This Expert Chat is for you! This Sassy Mama Expert Chat on “What to Expect When Your Expecting in Singapore” will be a live discussion and Q&A by Dr. Tsin Uin Foong from Osler Health International and Natalie Spencer a Registered Nurse/Midwife and Lactation Consultant from Mother & Child. Dr. Foong and Natalie will give parents to be valuable information on everything they need to know about pregnancy and delivery in Singapore. Watch the Sassy Mama Expert Chat here!

Let’s Talk About Sex: How to Reconnect After Having Kids

Dr. Angela Tan, Intimacy Coach

This Sassy Mama Expert Chat on How to Reconnect With Your Partner After Having Kids will be a live discussion and Q&A by Intimacy Coach, Dr. Angela Tan. In this virtual talk, you will get a better understanding of the struggles facing young parents and how they impact intimacy. Watch the Sassy Mama Expert Chat here!

Fostering Grit and Resilience in Children

Counselling experts Dr. Ron Drisner and Kristy Finlay from CIS

One of the challenges children face is managing an increasing amount of everyday stress. Learning how to view stressors in a positive and less threatening light can help their ability to deal with challenges. This talk addresses how we can encourage our kids to take risks, learn from mistakes and develop grit. Watch the Sassy Mama Expert Chat here!

Anxiety in Kids: Signs & How to Manage Stress

Psychologist Irena Constantin at Scott Psychological Centre Singapore

Does your child have anxiety? Anxiety can often be a healthy emotion however anxiety disorders (when anxiety spirals out of control) are some of the most common forms of mental illness in children and adults. This talk addresses the signs and types of anxiety to look out for and how to help your kids manage stress. Watch the Sassy Mama Expert Chat here.

Stay tuned for the next Sassy Mama Expert Chat. Want to be notified when the next free expat chat is on (also get updated with all the cool stuff)?

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