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WATCH: Sassy Mama’s Breastfeeding 101 Expert Chat with Osler Health International

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Join us for Breastfeeding 101! Learn everything you wanted to know about breastfeeding (but were afraid to ask!) 

Whether you’re expecting and thinking about breastfeeding or currently breastfeeding, this Sassy Mama Expert Chat is for you! In our live discussion and Q&A with Dr. Trisha Upadhyaya from Osler Health International, she’ll discuss valuable pointers such as:

  • Nutritional benefits and current breastfeeding recommendations. The American Association of Paediatrics have recently updated its guidance to “continue breastfeeding until two years or beyond, as mutually desired by mother and child”. Read what Dr. Upadhyaya has to say about this!
  • Tips to help empower you along your breastfeeding journey, including how to get that perfect (sometimes seemingly elusive) latch.
  • Troubleshooting common breastfeeding woes like low and oversupply, cracked nipples and pain, tongue and lip tie, blocked ducts, engorgement, mastitis and more. Breastfeeding isn’t for the faint of heart (but with this info you’ll be so much better prepared)!
  • When to seek support from a GP or a lactation consultant.

Want expert advice? Dr. Upadhyaya answers participant’s breastfeeding questions at the end of the webinar!

Missed the Breastfeeding 101 live session? Watch it here!

Short on time? We hear you! Skip ahead to the following minutes to get the information most relevant to you:

Key Points – 1:54
Why Breastfeed – For Baby – 2:46
Why Breastfeed – For Mum – 5:11
Preparing to Breastfeed7:14
Early Breastfeeding days – 11:09
Position and Latch13:00
Feeding Basics 15:15
Common Breastfeeding Concerns – 24:58
Maternal Self-Care – 33:22

About The Speaker

Dr. Trisha Upadhyaya MB ChB (Birmingham, United Kingdom), GDFM (Singapore), MRCP (United Kingdom) – Dr Upadhyaya enjoys all aspects of Family Medicine. She has a keen interest in chronic diseases, including the management of complex co-morbidities. She is an active advocate of preventative care for her patients, believing that prevention is the best way to protect patient health. She is passionate about women’s health, especially breastfeeding medicine. She also sees children of all ages, including newborns.



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