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Best Mooncakes in Singapore 2023: Traditional Mooncakes & Snowskin Mooncakes + Early Bird Discounts!

Mooncakes singapore snowskin and traditional mooncakes
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The Mid-Autumn Festival is nearly here, which means it’s 2023 mooncake season! Check out all the early bird mooncake promotions on snowskin mooncakes and traditional mooncakes in Singapore

It’s nearly time to indulge in lots of mooncakes in Singapore as the Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner! If you’re not familiar with mooncakes and all the traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival (also called the Mooncake Festival), then read this. There are two main mooncake varieties – the traditional, baked mooncake typically includes a salted egg yolk surrounded by lotus seed paste, while the snowskin mooncake has a chewy, mochi-like consistency and modern fillings such as chocolate, champagne, liqueurs and nuts. We’ve shortlisted some of the best mooncakes in Singapore for you to enjoy, which encompass traditional baked mooncakes, snow skin mooncakes and durian mooncakes. Plus we’ve got plenty of promo codes, discounts and early bird offers if you’re hankering for a mooncake fix!

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Where to buy the best mooncakes in Singapore in 2023

Ding Mooncake: Award-Winning Mooncakes

Snow skin mooncake singapore ding bakery
Snow skin mooncakes from Ding Bakery

Known for their award-winning mooncakes, Ding Mooncake is back this 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival with new flavours as well as crowd favourites! Freshly baked with no additives or preservatives, these handmade mooncakes are a delicious treat bursting with flavour. Look out for the Signature White Lotus Double Yolk Mooncake and the Traditional Pandan Double Yolk Mooncake sold as four pieces in a box (both come with no yolk options too). If you’d like a selection of different mooncake flavours there’s Ding Mooncake’s Assortment of Premium Baked Mooncakes (eight pieces) and the Assortment of Snowskin Mooncakes (eight pieces) with Korean Yuzu, French Earl Grey Lavender, Gula Melaka and Treviso Tiramisu Snow Skin Mooncakes. A must-try for durian lovers is also the Highland Mao Shan Wang Snow Skin mooncake (sold as eight mooncakes in a box)!
Mooncake price: $69 – $89
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion: Enjoy 25% off plus the 40% off early bird discount for the ‘Build Your Own Mooncake’ Bundle. No minimum purchase needed.
How to order: You can order this Mooncake Singapore 2023 collection online and at the following mooncake fairs
31 Aug – 29 Sep 2023, 10am – 10pm daily at VivoCity atrium
24 Aug – 29 Sep 2023, 10am – 930pm daily at B2, Takashimaya Square
8 Sep – 29 Sep 2023, 10am – 10pm daily at Nex atrium

Ding Mooncake,

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel: Assorted Mooncake Sets

snow skin mooncake singapore marriott tang plaza hotel
Snow skin mooncakes from Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is offering exquisite mooncakes this Mid-Autumn season, including timeless classics and newly-curated flavours. Making a bold comeback with an unexpected twist is the Imperial “Long Jing” Tea with Walnuts and Golden Black Truffle Baked Mooncakes with Dry-Aged Parma Ham, Pistachio & Single Yolk – these premium flavours offer smooth nuttiness and added texture in every bite. Prefer modern flavours over traditional baked mooncakes? Check out their new selection of snowskin mooncake flavours like Yuzu Honey with Peach Passionfruit Praline, Blueberry with Maple Cream Cheese Praline, and Irish Cream Latte with Baileys Praline – all available as part of the Assorted Snowskin Mooncakes set! The snowskin mooncake set is perfect for gifting with its elegantly designed red tower box.
Mooncake price: $86 – $248
Exclusive early bird mooncake discount for Sassymama readers: from 10 July to 31 July enjoy 25% off with promo code SASSYSEB25. Regular Promo (1 Aug to 29 Sep) enjoy 20% off with promo code SASSYMC20.
How to order: Mooncakes are available online from 10 July and at the mid-autumn booth at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s forecourt entrance from 24 August 2023. The additional 10% off still applies, on top of the above discounts when guests pre-order online and opt to self-collect.

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865

Pan Pacific Singapore: No. 1 Tea Baked Mooncakes

traditional baked mooncakes pan pacific singapore hai tien lo
Try Hai Tien Lo’s Four Treasures Baked Mooncakes Premium Gift Set

This Mid-Autumn Festival 2023, Hai Tien Lo is offering a limited edition Four Treasures Baked Mooncakes Premium Gift Set available with an accompanying teapot set or bottle of exquisite Taittinger Brut Réserve Champagne. Don’t miss their signature No. 1 Tea Baked Mooncake, an example of culinary craftsmanship that is a harmonious fusion of East and West with its robust blend of tea and herbal ingredients. Baked mooncakes available this season include the decadent Black Sesame Baked Mooncake, Single Yolk White Lotus Paste Baked Mooncake, and the Double Yolk White Lotus Paste Baked Mooncake. The bestselling Mao Shan Wang Snow Skin Mooncake is also back again this season! Four new exclusive snowskin mooncakes this year include the Strawberry Paste Hai Tien Lo No.1 Tea Ganache Snow Skin Mooncake, the Yam Paste White Rabbit Candy Ganache Mooncake, the Orange Paste Matcha Ganache Snow Skin Mooncake, and the Gula Melaka Paste with Desiccated Coconut Ganache Snow Skin Mooncake.
Mooncake price: $90 – $278
How to order: Order Hai Tien Lo’s 2023 mooncakes from
You can also call 9009 5936 or email [email protected] for more information.

Pan Pacific Singapore, Hai Tien Lo, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595

Andaz Singapore: ‘Whimsical’ Mooncakes x Binary Style

traditional baked mooncakes andaz singapore gula galore
Gula Galore Mooncake from 5 ON 25 at Andaz Singapore

Pairing handcrafted baked mooncakes with packaging perfection, Andaz Singapore’s modern upscale Cantonese restaurant, 5 ON 25 Mooncakes Set offers a box of four assorted mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival, themed Whimsical Mooncake Reunions. Two new creative mooncake flavours are not to be missed – Citrus Surprise and Gula Galore – along with two other all-time favourites: 5 ON 25 Signature Tea (a fragrant medley of Osmanthus, Oolong tea and Pu’er notes) and Silver Lotus ++ (white lotus paste and two golden egg yolks at the core encased in a golden baked crust). Choose from a box of four assorted mooncakes or go for traditional mooncakes with the box of four Silver Lotus ++ Mooncakes. Each set is housed in a two-tier box, with a playful bespoke design by homegrown lifestyle brand, Binary Style.
Mooncake price: $88 – $92
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion: Enjoy 35% Early Bird Offer when you order now until 31 July 2023! Get 25% off from 1 August – 29 September 2023.
How to order: Mooncakes are available online and available for collection from 1 August 2023. Also available at mooncake fairs in Ngee Ann City and CIMB Plaza.

Andaz Singapore, 5 Fraser Street, Singapore 189354

Baker’s Brew Mooncakes

Baker's Brew mooncakes singapore
Baker’s Brew mooncakes in an alluring tweed-inspired box perfect for gifting

Share the joy of the Mid-Autumn Festival with those closest to your heart by gifting Baker’s Brew’s delectable mooncakes, each nestled within an alluring tweed-inspired box that exudes the luxurious charm of a designer bag! The sophisticated packaging elevates the entire gifting experience, making it a truly remarkable and premium present for loved ones or colleagues. The Rosé Chloe Collection is made up of premium flavours and conscious craftsmanship. Expertly handcrafted, the selection features a diverse range of 4 baked mooncake flavours that cater to every palate. Indulge in the classic Yam Single Yolk, modern Charcoal Black Sesame, the timeless Lotus Single Yolk or ambrosial Gula Melaka and Dessicated Coconut. Each creation within this collection is meticulously made with no added preservatives and carefully balanced with low sugar content, ensuring guilt-free enjoyment for all.
Mooncake price: Assorted Set – $98, Traditional Set – $92
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion:
Super Early Bird: 25% off from 18 August – 7 September with code BBAUTUMN25
Early Bird: 20% off from 8 – 23 September with code BBAUTUMN20
Last Call: 10% off from 24 – 28 September with code BBAUTUMN10
How to order: Mooncakes available online and in stores.

Baker’s Brew, multiple locations in Singapore including Causeway Point, Paragon and Tampines

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore Mooncakes

capitol kempinski mooncake promotion snowskin
The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore’s Mid-Autumn selections come with a chic canvas bag

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore pays homage to heritage and tradition this Mid-Autumn Festival with a selection of mooncakes available in classic baked flavours and modern snowskin varieties! New baked mooncake flavours include Almond Red Bean Paste, made up of creamy red bean mooncakes with crunchy almond nuts; and Walnut White Lotus Paste with added earthiness from walnuts and fragrant white lotus paste. Are you more of a snowskin mooncake fan? Try the new Pistachio Snowskin mooncake flavour, made of crisp, nutty flavours encased in soft snowskin! For those who want a little bit of everything, you can choose your preferred flavours with the ‘Customise Your Own Flavours’ box, so you can make your festive gift more personalised. The Capitol Kempinski Hotel’s mooncakes are presented in a beautiful two-tier tin box featuring the façade of the Capitol Building and Stamford House. Order the Celestial Collection and you’ll receive a chic canvas bag as part of the gift set, making it a functional and stylish accompaniment to the mooncakes. Did we mention all their mooncakes are also thoughtfully crafted to be low in sugar? A healthier choice for the festivities!

Mooncake price: $88 – $122
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion: Get up to 30% Early Bird Discount for online orders till 31 August 2023

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, 15 Stamford Road, Singapore 178906

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium: Snowskin Mooncakes

holiday inn singapore atrium mooncake durian snow skin
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium: durian mooncakes, lychee martini mooncakes and more

Indulge in unique mooncake flavours from Holiday Inn Singapore – home to one of the most extensive ranges of mooncakes available this Mid-Autumn Festival! Inspired by the classic New York Cheesecake, the newly launched Mini Snowskin Cheesecake Mooncake is filled with smooth white lotus paste encasing a rich cream cheese praline. Love you some matcha? The Dirty Matcha Latte Mini Snowskin Mooncake is made with silky matcha lotus seed paste and a café latte praline blends tea and coffee to form a beautiful harmony in every bite. Look forward to other perennial favourites like the bestselling Low Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste Baked Mooncake with Double Yolk, Peranakan Durian Mini Snowskin Mooncake, Teochew Yam Paste with Single Yolk Mooncake and Mini Baked Egg Custard with Yolk. Get six in a box or an assortment of the mini snow skin mooncakes to try all the flavours!
Mooncake price: $75 – $84
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion: Enjoy up to 35% off for orders placed before 27 August 2023.
How to order: Mooncakes are available online and available for collection from 28 August 2023.

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium, 317 Outram Road, Singapore 169075

InterContinental Singapore: Traditional & Rose Snowskin Mooncakes

intercontinental singapore mooncake set
Rose-shaped mooncakes from InterContinental Singapore

Want to try creative takes on traditional mooncake flavours? InterContinental Singapore debuts a series of four tea-infused snow skin mooncakes and two new baked mooncake flavours that are handcrafted to perfection. Made in the shape of Man Fu Yuan’s iconic rose, the exclusive ‘Snow Skin Mooncakes: Blossom and Brew’ collection combines the delicate beauty of flowers with soothing tea profiles to create four breathtaking snow skin mooncake flavours; all delicately paired with a chocolate truffle centre. Looking for the classic mooncake? There’s the signature White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk and Red Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk, the new White Lotus Seed Paste with Macadamia and Pumpkin Seeds (filled with generous servings of macadamia and pumpkin seeds for that added crunch) and a vegetarian option, the Assorted Nuts with Plant-based Ham. All mooncakes are encased within a sleek leatherette box with a detachable and adjustable strap. Designed with the intention of repurposing, the box opens to a lush interior with two layers and side pockets that can hold cosmetics or stationery!
Mooncake price: $88 – $118
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion: Enjoy 35% off when you order by 23 July 2023; 25% off when you order from 24 July to 27 August 2023 and 20% off from 28 August to 29 September 2023. Citibank, UOB, OCBC and HSBC credit card members enjoy 30% 0ff from 24 July to 27 August 2023 and 25% off from 28 August to 29 September 2023.
How to order: Order InterContinental Singapore’s 2023 mooncakes in Singapore online or purchase these mooncakes at the Man Fu Yuan Shoppe, which is located at the hotel’s side entrance on Level 1 from 7 August to 29 September 2023. Alternatively, contact the Festive team at 6825 1131 / 1132 or email [email protected].

InterContinental Singapore, 80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966

La Levain: Liqueur Truffle Snowskin Mooncakes

If you’re seeking snowskin mooncakes with a modern twist, La Levain has launched Liqueur Infused Truffle Centre Snowskin Mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Season. The delicately crafted mooncake features a sumptuous truffle-infused filling encased in velvety snowskin, offering a delightful combination of smoothness and a burst of rich, aromatic flavours. Each set contains eight handmade Truffle Fruit Liqueur Snowskin Mooncakes, all with premium liqueurs and quality ingredients such as Valrhona chocolates, lime ganache and burnt cheesecake filling.

Mooncake price: $86
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion: Secure early bird prices now (set of 8 for just $64.50)
How to order: Order in-store or online. Free delivery for orders above $100.

La Levain, 23 Hamilton Road, Singapore 209193

Mdm Ling Bakery: Traditional Mooncakes + Monopoly Board

mooncakes singapore mdm ling bakery

Looking for a unique way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with your family? This year, Mdm Ling Bakery invites you and your family to gather around the table for an iconic game of Monopoly, while indulging in exquisite mooncakes. Their mooncake box is designed to transform into a Monopoly game, and you can choose four mooncakes from Traditional White Lotus Paste mooncakes, to Signature Assorted Baked Mooncakes (Belgian Double Chocolate, Black Sesame Peanut Butter, Red Dates Logan, or Emerald Pandan Golden Yolk). For something different, try their Yuzu Truffle Snow Skin or the Teochew Orh Nee Mooncakes (available exclusively at the booths). Mdm Ling Bakery offers a total of 16 flavours and eight gift sets. There are also Halal-certified and vegetarian mooncakes to cater to various dietary requirements. Free delivery for orders above $88.
Mooncake price: $70 – $92
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion: Enjoy the Early Bird price of $70 (U.P. $118) for the world’s first Monopoly Mooncake Street Smart Edition that includes four mooncakes.

 Mdm Ling Bakery, multiple locations in Singapore including Takashimaya, VivoCity, Nex, Suntec, Tampines

Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay: Traditional Mooncakes

Traditional mooncakes from Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay Singapore

Get your 2023 mooncake fix from Peach Blossoms’ Celestial Delights Handcrafted mooncakes collection, where you can choose from four unique flavours. You’ll get a mix of nutty, savoury and sweet flavours from the Charcoal Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seeds and Gold Dust, while the Lychee with Wolfberries mooncake is an all-time favourite thanks to its sweet notes. Want a more traditional mooncake experience? Then sink your teeth into Peach Blossoms’ traditional single and double yolk mooncakes, which are filled with velvety reduced sugar white lotus paste. Thinking of getting mooncakes as gifts? You can also opt for Peach Blossoms’ beautiful, four-tiered lantern tower box that’s also environmentally friendly.
Mooncake price: $95 – $108
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion: Enjoy a Super Early Bird discount of 30% off all mooncakes from now until 28 July 2023. Get 25% off from 29 July to 28 August 2023, and 20% off from 29 August to 29 September 2023.
How to order: Order Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay Singapore’s 2023 mooncakes online now or at Peach Blossoms’ Celestial Delights Counter (from 24 July to 29 September).

Peach Blossoms, Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay, Singapore, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594

Raffles Hotel Singapore: Traditional & Snowskin Mooncakes

raffles hotel mooncake promotion snowskin
Sakura snowskin mooncakes from Raffles Hotel Singapore

Raffles Hotel Singapore is offering exquisite traditional and snowskin mooncakes lovingly prepared by skilled master chefs. New mooncake flavours include Sakura & Raspberry Truffle Snow-Skin Mooncake, Yam & Coconut Rum Truffle Snow-Skin Mooncake and more. Exuding sweet notes of cherry blossom deftly paired with the delicate flavour of fresh raspberries, these mooncakes are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of Raffles tea!
Mooncake price: $97 – $99
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion: Get 30% off online orders on mooncake selections until 17 July 2023. Get 20% off in-store purchases from 1-13 August 2023.

Raffles Hotel Singapore1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673

RE&S: Japanese Tsukimi Mooncake Collection

Love the Japanese food at Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi and Kuriya Japanese Market? These RE&S concepts have their own range of mooncakes for a Japanese style mid-autumn celebration! The RE&S Tsukimi Mooncake Collection is made up of four assorted mooncake flavours, including Charcoal Skin Kuro Goma Paste with Single Egg Yolk, Lychee White Lotus Paste with Melon Seeds, Classic White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk, and a new flavour this year – Baked Yam White Lotus Paste with Macadamia. All the RE&S mooncakes are made with less sugar and less oil, ensuring a healthier indulgence for the mooncake festivities!

Mooncake price: Tsukimi Collection (box of 4) $71.80; $19.80 per mooncake (ala carte)
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion: The Tsukimi Mooncake Collection is available from 8 August to 1 October 2023, with Early Bird Discount of 15% off when you order before 27 August 2023. &Rewards Members enjoy Extended Early Bird Discount till 17 September 2023.
How to order: Orders can be placed at all Kuriya Japanese Market outlets, selected Ichiban Boshi outlets (excluding VivoCity) and selected Ichiban Sushi outlets (excluding Alexandra Retail Centre) or online.


Shangri-La Singapore: Chocolate Mooncakes & Kids’ Mooncake Set

shangri la mooncake chocolate plant based
Plant-based Shanghai Mooncakes by Shangri-La Singapore

The Mid-Autumn Festival gets a lot sweeter with Shangri-La Singapore’s signature baked and snowskin mooncakes. There’s even a mooncake set made for kids! For all things classic, savour signature flavours such as the popular Shang Palace Four Treasures and the Reduced Sugar White Lotus Paste with four, double and single yolk, and mixed nuts with chicken ham mooncakes. But if you’re in the mood for a brand-new mooncake flavour, then push the boundaries with the Yam with Red Bean and Shredded Coconut mooncake; expect a smooth yam and red bean paste filling with added bite, thanks to the added bits of shredded coconut. Thinking of indulging in modern mooncake flavours? Origin Bar is stepping up with a series of limited-edition snowskin mooncakes with unique flavours. Expect four Origin Signature Cocktail Snowskin Mooncakes that offer a take on Origin Bar’s signature cocktail. Plus the kids aren’t left out either with Shangri-La Singapore’s Kid’s Mooncake Brick Set – Mini Chocolate Mooncakes with Chocolate Chips – we may just steal one of these when they’re not looking!

Mooncake price: $59 – $135
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion: Enjoy up to 30% super early bird offer from now till 31 July 2023. Enjoy up to 25% early bird offer from now till 31 August 2023.
How to order: Email [email protected] or call 6213 4511. Alternatively, click here to order this mooncake 2023 collection online!

Shangri-La Singapore, 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong: Mooncake Boxes

Tradition meets modern Peranakan with Baba Chew’s mooncake boxes. Drawing inspiration from the historic Joo Chiat and Katong neighbourhoods, the mooncake boxes come in two exquisite colours – Ruby Red and Topaz Blue – and make for a wonderful Mid-Autumn gift. Inside, you’ll find an assortment of traditional baked mooncakes and two exclusive flavours.
Mooncake price: $85 – $90
Mooncake Singapore 2023 promotion: Get a 30% Early Bird Discount for online orders till 31 August 2023.

Baba Chews, Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong, 86 East Coast Road, Katong Square, Singapore 428788

Other great 2023 mooncakes in Singapore to look out for:

  • Peony Jade mooncakes
  • Awfully Chocolate chocolate mooncakes
  • Peach Garden mooncakes
  • Mei Xin mooncakes
  • Bengawan Solo mooncakes
  • Gin Thye mooncakes
  • East Ocean mooncakes

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Lead image from The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore. This article contains paid partnership content.

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