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Academic Excellence, Community Engagement & Empathy at ICS: Hear More at the Virtual Open House (+ $500 fee waiver!)

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Discover how ICS takes a holistic approach to empowering students with the confidence and skills for success from nurturing compassionate global citizens to promoting college readiness. Sign up for the Virtual Open House to learn more (and get fee waivers)

In today’s interconnected world, promoting global awareness as well as empathy and understanding of cross-cultural issues is increasingly important. At International Community School (Singapore), they recognise the importance of providing students with a comprehensive holistic education that fosters compassionate global citizenship and prepares them for a successful future. With a commitment to excellence that has earned them both local and international education awards, students and parents can trust ICS’s dedication to academic success. Read on to learn how ICS accomplishes this mission through academic excellence, service learning, and a culture of empathy. And exclusively for Sassy Mama readers, there’s a $500 fee waiver when you attend their upcoming open house on 5 June.

Impactful Learning Experiences

International Community School (Singapore)
Image credit: International Community School (Singapore)

Students at ICS learn about compassion through hands-on experiences both inside and outside the classroom, encouraging them to make a positive impact on society, both now and in the future. Just recently, the Grade 1 and Grade 2 students organised a food drive in collaboration with the Singapore Food Bank, where they successfully provided 1,467 meals to families in need. This activity shed light on the issue of food insecurity and fostered a sense of empathy and responsibility among the students.

ICS’s middle and high school students also regularly volunteer at various organisations, including St. Luke’s ElderCare and Habitat for Humanity. Through experiences like these, students learn to connect with diverse communities and also foster personal growth and leadership skills. These out-of-classroom activities also further highlight ICS’s commitment to providing impactful, real-world learning experiences that cultivate empathy and leadership at an early age.

Academic achievement at ICS

International Community School (Singapore)
Image credit: International Community School (Singapore)

ICS adopts a comprehensive American curriculum and recognises that each student embarks on a unique journey toward success. Rather than defining students solely by grades, ICS prioritises equipping them with academic knowledge but also essential life skills crucial for success in college and career. Here, the emphasis lies on fostering academic excellence, social-emotional skills, and global awareness to prepare students for the challenges they’ll face in college and beyond.

During her time at ICS, Grace, a 2023 graduate, actively participated in service-learning projects that honed her interpersonal skills. Grace, who attended ICS from Kindergarten K5 until graduation, gained valuable insights into maintaining a healthy work-life balance and mastering effective time management. These skills were pivotal in her journey to medical school in Thailand. Grace attributes her achievements to ICS’s holistic approach, stating, “The kindness, compassion, and resilience cultivated during my time at ICS will guide me in becoming a trusted and empathetic doctor.”

Comprehensive preparation for future success

International Community School (Singapore)
Image credit: International Community School (Singapore)

At ICS, everyday activities are geared towards nurturing students with essential qualities like empathy, cultural competence, teamwork skills, resilience, and problem-solving abilities. This ensures that they are well-prepared to thrive in today’s ever-evolving environment. As part of the school’s holistic curriculum, ICS’s Social-Emotional Counselors collaborate closely with students to cultivate effective communication, conflict resolution, and cultural understanding. Not only do these efforts enhance students’ personal growth, but they also equip them with attributes highly valued by colleges and employers alike. Upon graduation from ICS, students emerge with heightened awareness, the ability to nurture healthy relationships, and the drive to positively contribute to their communities.

Attend ICS’s Virtual Open House on 5 June to learn more about their approach to academic excellence. Plus, Sassy Mama readers who attend the virtual open house get $500 application fee waiver! Secure your spot here.

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