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Sassy Mama Field Trip: LegoLand Malaysia

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Legoland in Malaysia is a must for little ones who love all things Lego!

Living in a house brimming with Legos, and a 4-year-old who has declared he wants nothing other than lego for his next birthday, it’s with little surprise that we recently found ourselves at Legoland Malaysia. An hour’s drive from Singapore over the border into Malaysia, Legoland is a multicoloured lego-inspired theme park for children big and small — and one of the best family field trips we’ve ever been on (our 4-year-old declared, “I love Legoland” at least ten times on the day that we went!).

Knowing that it was going to be a long day out we did our research before we went and made sure we were there well before the park gates opened at 10am. Other than the main theme park and adjacent water park and hotel (you will need to buy tickets according to which park you want to enter: the theme park, the water park or both), there really isn’t much else around. There are a few small convenience stores outside the park that you can peruse while you wait, but we headed straight to the ticketing office and bought our tickets pronto. We did go on a Thursday in early July and were very lucky that it was super quiet — I’ve heard stories of monster queues to get in — and we didn’t have to wait more than 2 minutes to get in once 10am rolled around. Definitely a bonus when you have an eager beaver on your hands like we did!

Strolling on into the theme park and we were instantly greeted by super friendly staff and an overwhelming amount of colour! My 4-year-old was enamoured by the giant “Emmet” character (the main guy from the Lego Movie) who was happy to pose for photos — definitely get in quick though because it didn’t take long for the queue to build up. We decided to tackle only the theme park when we went, as we had a suspicion that our lego-loving child would struggle to do more than one park in one day and we were right. Next time we’d definitely look at staying at the hotel so we could visit the theme park on one day and the water park on the other.

lego city driving school

While most people tended to head to the left when first entering the park, we decided to go against the grain and headed to the right instead and straight into Lego City (the whole park is themed around six main areas). Based on city life and transportation almost every single ride in this area is perfect for the younger set. Boating School lets littlies drive their own boat, Junior Driving School sees under 5s drive their own lego car around a track, and Rescue Academy requires tinies to work with their parents to drive a fire truck and put out a “fire”. Lego City was the perfect start to the day as nearly every ride was appealing to our son (it also helped that there were almost no queues for rides as most people had gone in the other direction!).

Miniland JPEG

Next up was Miniland in the centre of the park — the ideal place for a photo opportunity! As the name suggests Miniland is a lego display of all the main cities in Asia and was, rather surprisingly, a huge hit with our son… we could barely drag him away, he was so enthralled looking at all the displays. We cruised past lego versions of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Angkor Wat, snapping pics as we went and wondering how long it actually took them to build all the cities out of lego…

Aquazone Wave Racers

It’s here that we’ll admit that we cut through Miniland to reach Lego Technic, the area with the most adrenaline pumping rides. We were working on the logic that roller coasters were best to ride before lunch and we knew there was no way we’d be able to zip past without taking the boy on at least one of the roller coasters (there are three!). After a session on Project X — a rather stomach churning mini roller coaster, we moved onto the Aquazone Wave Racers for some splashtastic spinning fun (you will get wet mama!), and then to The Forestman’s Hideout for some castle playground fun — and a chance to sit for a rest while the boy played.

Leaving this area we then cruised into Lego Kingdoms for a bit of lunch — nothing spectacular, just sausages and fries but at least the boy and his tummy were happy — and then onto the Royal Joust for some solo horse riding fun. We also took up Merlin’s Challenge, a relatively tame spinning type ride and went for a browse through King’s Market to look at some castle-inspired lego sets. We ultimately decided to avoid the biggest roller coaster — The Dragon — but from the squeals of delight (or terror?) it did look like a bunch of fun!

Build n Test JPEG

By this point we were moving in a clockwise direction so we strolled on into Imagination (home of Duplo if you’ve got little ones) and their plethora of rides for tinies. We rattled around the DUPLO Express mini train ride, climbed the Kids Power Tower (it will test your arm strength mama), and played on the DUPLO Playtown — a Duplo-themed playground. If you’ve got time — and the will power — keep the air conditioned Build and Test station on your radar. Not only does it provide a respite from the heat, it’s literally swimming with lego blocks for kids to build with.

DinoIsland JPEG

Last but not least, we finally made it to Land of Adventure to tackle Dino Island — the big water slide. A word of warning for the wise… you will get wet, probably right down to your underwear (like I did!). But at the end of a long hot day a bit of wet was a nice way to cool off! There’s a few more tot-friendly rides in this area, namely Pharoah’s Revenge — a climbing structure with soft shooting balls that we could barely get the 4-year-old out of, and Lost Kingdom, a sedate laser tag sit-on ride.

If you’ve made it to this point, and your kiddos are anything like my son, they’ll be happily tired and in need of an ice-cream (bribery at its best). Head back towards the beginning and seek out the main cafe for a cone and a much needed cold drink. From here you’ll also find you’ll be sitting opposite The Brick Shop — their main lego merchandise store, and somewhere we promised the boy he could have a look in. If you’ve got a kids birthday coming up or are keen to stock up on early Christmas presents the prices on lego here are more competitive than in Singapore, so it’s worth doing a bit of shopping. We managed to escape with two new lego “treats” for the boy and then were well and truly done for the day — and ready to head home.

Sassy Mama Tips: Hats, sunscreen and lots of water are a must. As the park is only two years old there’s barely any shade so it can get really hot during the day. You’ll also need to be prepared to get on most of the rides if your kids are younger, as there’s height and age restrictions on a lot of the rides (most need to be at least 90cm to ride with a parent, or over 110cm-120cm to ride solo). While the park is aimed at 2 to 12 year olds, we found it perfect for our 4-year-old — if he was a lot younger he probably would have been too small to go on a lot of the attractions. We’d also recommend leaving the stroller at home if possible, we didn’t take one and it was great not having to park it at each ride — the park isn’t that big that the kids can’t walk and make it all the way around by themselves. And lastly, there’s plenty of kiosks and restaurants dotted through the grounds, so you’ll always be able to get a snack and a drink when you need one (it’s not über healthy but it does the job).

One day pass to the theme park costs RM120 (approx SGD47) for adults and RM90 (SGD35) for kids 3 to 11. Kids under 3 enter for free.

7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: (+60) 7597 8888
Open: Mon to Thu 10am-6pm, Fri to Sun 10am-7pm

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