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Guide to Legoland with Kids: Ride Height Restrictions, Promos & Tips

Legoland Malaysia
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Legoland Malaysia is a must for kids who love all things Lego! This Lego theme park has rollercoasters, rides and shows for the whole family plus there’s Legoland Water Park, a new aquarium, Sea Life and a hotel on site – the Legoland Hotel Malaysia!

If you have little kids and your house is brimming with Legos, you have to make a trip across the border to Malaysia to spend a day at the Lego theme park Legoland Malaysia! An hour’s drive from Singapore, Legoland is a multicoloured lego-inspired theme park for children big and small. The park is especially good for smaller kiddos as many of the rides have a minimum height requirement of just 80cm and there’s a whole area dedicated to littlies. The best part is that it’s feasible to do a day trip to Legoland Malaysia or you can stay the night at the Legoland Hotel at Legoland Malaysia’s entrance (perfect for zipping back to the room to change after a visit to the water park). There are also other hotels that are more affordable too if you don’t mind being further away. Let’s take a look at everything there is to know about a family trip to Legoland Malaysia including Legoland Malaysia theme park ride height restrictions.

Legoland Malaysia review and guide

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How to get there: Singapore to Legoland Malaysia
Legoland Malaysia ticket prices and annual passes
Ticket promos
Legoland Malaysia map
Legoland rides and height requirements
Legoland Water Park
Legoland Malayisa Resorts & Legoland Hotel

Legoland Malaysia from Singapore

legoland malaysia

Families often flock to Legoland Malaysia for weekend getaways and school holiday adventures. It can be a nightmare crossing the Singapore-Malaysia border at peak times so make sure you keep an eye on local school holidays and public holidays and avoid travel then. Located near Johor Bahru, getting to Legoland Malaysia can actually be super convenient if you go very early in the morning (we made it door-to-door by car in under an hour on a non-public holiday Friday lunchtime!). Scroll to the end for deets on various ways of getting from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia (and if you are planning to drive yourself, do note the conundrum on getting a Touch N GO Malaysia card.

Legoland Malaysia ticket prices

figurine at Legoland Malaysia

Now that you know how to get to Legoland Malaysia, let’s talk ticket prices. A one-day pass to the theme park costs RM249 (approx SGD71) for adults and RM199 (SGD57) for kids 3 to 11. Kids under 3 enter for free. However there are often Legoland Malaysia ticket promos to check out online.

If you plan to visit often, getting a Legoland Malaysia annual pass will save you money. They cover one, two, or all three theme parks within Legoland Malaysia. You can also upgrade your day ticket to Legoland Malaysia to an annual pass based on paying the difference in price once you are there.

Check out the Legoland Malaysia day passes here and the Legoland Malaysia annual passes can be found here.

Legoland Malaysia ticket promos

There’s usually a Legoland ticket promo online. Currently, you can save 10% on day tickets. Details here.
Get FREE entry to Legoland Malaysia during your child’s birthday week* T&Cs apply.

Malaysia Legoland rides and height/age restrictions

With over 40 thrilling rides and attractions, Legoland Malaysia has to be one of our favourite theme parks in Malaysia. There are eight themed areas with different rollercoaster rides and attractions. Just keep in mind, that there are age and height restrictions for some rides.

  1. The Beginning
  2. Lego Technic
  3. Lego City
  4. Lego Kingdoms
  5. Miniland
  6. Imagination
  7. Land of Adventure
  8. Lego Ninjago

Most people tend to head to the left when they first enter Legoland Malaysia so these rides are in that order. Most sections have their own playground in addition to Legoland rides and a food area whether it’s a dining room or food truck-style cart to pick up drinks and a snack.

1. The Beginning

Start at The Beginning at the Legoland Malaysia entrance. You can enjoy live shows, games, and lucky draws on stage. There’s a LEGO shop there too, in case you’re interested (much better-priced Lego than in Singapore). This is where there are often themed events according to the time of the year.

2. Lego Technic

lego technic legoland theme park
Aquazone Wave Racers at Legoland Malaysia

Next up, LEGO Technic – a zone designed for speed enthusiasts and aspiring engineers. Here, you can experience high-speed rides that’ll get your adrenaline pumping.

Legoland rides:

– The Great LEGO Race:

A revolutionary VR roller coaster that transports you into a LEGO-themed world. You can also do this roller coaster without the VR elements (which younger kids may prefer). Minimum height: 105 cm and minimum age 4 years old.

– Technic Twister

If you’re up for a whirlwind adventure, the Technic Twister is a ride where you can control your own level of craziness. Minimum height: 105 cm and minimum age 4 years old.

– Aquazone Wave Racers

Aquazone Wave Racers offers splashtastic spinning fun (you will get wet mama!). Minimum height: 105 cm and minimum age 4 years old.

– The Forestman’s Hideout

The Forestman’s Hideout is a very cool wooden playground for kids of all ages — and a chance for parents to sit for a rest!

3. Lego City

boating school lego city legoland malaysia
Boating School at Legoland Malaysia

Lego City is based on city life and transportation. Almost every single ride in this area is perfect for the younger set.

Legoland rides:

– Boating School

Here littlies can drive their own boat. Minimum height: 86 cm.

– Driving School

Driving School sees kids drive their own Lego car around a track. They have to do a ‘driving test’ first so there’s a bit of waiting around for this. Kids must be 6 to 12 years old to enjoy this ride.

– The Junior Driving School

The Junior Driving School is a quicker drive around a smaller track. No minimum height. To ride alone, riders must be between 3 to 5 years old.

– Lego Rescue Academy

Lego Rescue Academy requires tinies to work with their parents to drive a fire truck and put out a “fire”.  Minimum height: 86 cm (older kids will still enjoy this too).

– Lego City Airport

If your kids dream of becoming pilots, they can soar high in a LEGO airplane merry-go-round style ride and kids can control how high they want to go. Minimum height: 80 cm.

– Playground

The Shipyard is a playground designed like a ship, and offers an adventurous playland for climbers and crawlers.

4. LEGO Kingdoms

lego kindom legoland malaysia theme park
Lego Kingdoms at Legoland Malaysia

For those who adore fairytales and legends, LEGO Kingdom is a must-visit. Kids can play royalty, crossing drawbridges and exploring grand castles, all while encountering brave knights and legendary dragons.

Legoland rides:

– The Dragon roller coaster ride and The Dragon’s Apprentice

The Dragon roller coaster ride and The Dragon’s Apprentice roller coaster rides are a hit with thrill-seekers. Younger ones can start with The Dragon Apprentice roller coaster ride (both have minimum height of: 105 cm and minimum age 4 years old).

– Royal Joust

Royal Joust: for some solo horse riding fun. Minimum height: 105 cm and minimum age 4 years old.

– Merlin’s Challenge

Merlin’s Challenge is a relatively tame spinning type ride. Minimum height: 105 cm and minimum age 4 years old.

– Playground

The Forestmen’s Hideout is a beautiful wooden playground for the kids to go wild in.

5. Miniland, Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia theme park from singapore

Miniland is a delightful space where everything shrinks down to an adorable size. Miniland in the centre of the park is the ideal place for a photo opportunity! As the name suggests Miniland is a LEGO display of all the main cities in Asia and is a huge hit with Lego-loving kids. Picture this: 17 major Asian landmarks recreated meticulously using 30 million LEGO bricks, all at a 1:20 scale. It’s a true testament to the magic of LEGO creativity. This area has been covered now so while it’s open air there’s lots of shade making it very enjoyable to wander around and admire the Lego creations.

6. Imagination

Legoland Malaysia theme park

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Head into Imagination (home of DUPLO if you’ve got little ones) and their plethora of rides for tinies.

Legoland rides:

– DUPLO Express mini train

This area is a hit for little ones as there’s a DUPLO Express mini train ride (minimum height 90cm and age 2 years old).

– The Kids Power Tower

The Kids Power Tower will test your arm as you hoist yourself up the tower (you are strapped in and you get given gloves to help with rope burn). To ride alone, riders must be above 7 years old with a minimum height of 120cm. Riders between 95cm to 120cm and between 3 to 7 years old must be accompanied.

– Build and Test station

If you’ve got time — and the will power — keep the air-conditioned Build and Test station on your radar. It provides a respite from the heat, it’s literally swimming with Lego blocks for kids to build with.

– Lego Studios

Lego Studios: an indoor cinema where you can watch 4D movies.

– Observation Tower

Observation Tower: an amazing bird’s eye view of all the fun at Legoland Malaysia!

Playground: DUPLO Playtown is a fun outdoor Duplo-themed playground for littlies.

7. Land of Adventure

Malaysia Legoland rides: Dino Island

If your little ones are into Pharaohs and dinosaurs, then you’ve got to check out the Land of Adventure!

Legoland rides:

– Dino Island

Dino Island is the big water slide ride. A word of warning for the wise… you will get wet, probably right down to your underwear. But at the end of a long hot day a bit of wet is a nice way to cool off! We found this ride mighty terrifying. Minimum height 130cm.

– Beetle Bounce

Beetle Bounce lets you bounce up and down a 15-foot tower. Beetle Bounce Minimum height 90 cm.

– Lost Kingdom Adventure

Lost Kingdom Adventure is a sedate laser tag sit-on ride. Minimum height 80cm.

– Pharoah’s Revenge

There’s a few more tot-friendly rides in this area, namely Pharoah’s Revenge — a climbing structure with soft shooting balls for littler kids
Plus, there’s a fun playground area called Pharaoh’s Revenge.

8. Lego Ninjago

legoland malaysia theme park ninja land

LEGO NINJAGO World is the place to be for all little Ninjas!

Legoland rides:


LEGO NINJAGO is the main ride in this area. This super fun 4D ride is where you’ll experience elements of fire, earth, lightning, and water. Minimum height is 80cm (but our 8-year-old found this ride quite scary).

– Cole’s Rock Climb

Cole’s Rock Climb: there’s no minimum height requirement at this mini rock climbing wall.

Tips for Legoland Malaysia

Sassy Mama Tips: You’ll need to be prepared to get on most of the rides if your kids are younger, as there’s height and age restrictions on a lot of the rides (most need to be at least 90cm to ride with a parent, or over 110cm-120cm to ride solo). While the park is aimed at 2 to 12-year-olds, we found it perfect for younger kids 4-8-year-olds. Theer’s a lot more to do here for little kids compared to Universal Studios Singapore so that’s a hit!

Things to bring: While there are some big trees offering shade, it can still get humid and hot at the Legoland theme park. So, don’t forget your hats and maybe even an umbrella for that extra shade. And of course, sunblock is a must! Stay hydrated, so bring along plenty of water, and make sure you’re wearing comfy footwear. The park’s vast, so be prepared to do a lot of walking. Oh, and comfy dri-fit clothes are the way to go (especially as you may get wet on some rides). Bring a light jumper for the cinema in case you are a little damp when you go in after a wet ride.

Food: Just so you know, there are eight eateries spread out across Legoland Malaysia, one in each themed zone. There are also handy food kiosks right around the park but do note the prices inside the park are a bit higher, so it’s a good idea to bring some extra MYR along. And here’s a heads-up: they don’t allow outside food and drinks inside Legoland Malaysia.

Legoland Malaysia map

It’s always helpful to look at a map of any theme park before you go to orientate yourself. Here’s a map of Legoland Malaysia to check out before your trip.

Legoland Water Park

legoland water park theme park in malaysia
Water Park at Legoland Malaysia

The Legoland Water Park is a separate park next to Legoland Malaysia and thus requires a separate entry ticket unless you get the Triple Pass. You will not believe how cool the Water Park is so we definitely recommend saving some time to viist! With more than 15 exciting rides and around 20 thrilling slides there’s plenty to keep the whole family entertained for a whole day. It’s designed with kids aged 2-12 in mind, so there’s something for everyone. From the Brick Blaster to Joker Soaker and LEGO slide racers, there’s a slide for every adventure seeker.

And if all the excitement isn’t your thing, you can always relax by floating down the meandering river. It’s a peaceful way to enjoy the surroundings, with LEGO models, flowers, and palm trees all around. A perfect spot for a laid-back day!

Legoland SEA Life Park

The SEA LIFE Park is the newest addition to Legoland and requires a separate entry ticket. If you are coming from Singapore know that it is not as big or awe-inspiring as our S.E.A Aquarium so if you’re short on time (or cash) you can skip it. However if you haven’t had a chance to see the one in Singapore and you have a spare hour or two it’s a fun add-on.

Legoland opening hours

Legoland Malaysia Theme Park: daily 10am – 6pm, last entry at 5 pm
Legoland Water Park: daily 10am – 6pm, last entry at 5 pm
Legoland Sea Life: daily 10am – 6pm, last entry at 5 pm

Where to stay: Legoland Hotel & Legoland Malaysia resorts

Legoland Hotel Malaysia

Legoland Hotel, Malaysia

At Legoland Hotel, get ready for a unique experience. As the only hotel right at the Legoland theme park entrance this place is very busy for a reason! Their rooms are themed, from pirate ships to castle playgrounds, with LEGO minifigurines adorning the walls. Even the elevators carry the LEGO magic! Located in Iskandar Puteri, Legoland Malaysia Hotel features family rooms that are very well laid out (a double bed in one room and an adjoining room with bunk beds plus a bathroom). We love the surprise waiting for kids in every room (a treasure hunt of sorts to find some mini Lego packs!).

Legoland Hotel Malaysia

There are also multiple dining options (the main Bricks Family Restaurant features both buffet and à la carte dining options, for dinner and is where breakfast takes place although it gets very busy with tour groups and large family groups).

Legoland Hotel Malaysia

There are also Lego retail stores on site, an outdoor pool and in the Legoland Hotel lobby look out for a giant Lego station to play at plus there are often mascots and entertainment for kids in the form of shows and dance sessions.
Price: from $250 per night, more info here.

Legoland Malaysia Hotel, 1, JALAN MEDINI UTARA 3, BANDAR MEDINI ISKANDAR MALAYSIA, 79250 Nusajaya, Malaysia

Afiniti Residensi Legoland Medini

Afiniti Residensi Legoland Medini is less than kilometre from Legoland Malaysia. This apartment complex offers a rooftop pool, free private parking, a children’s playground and comfortable family rooms, with a flat-screen TV,  a kitchen, and dining area.
Price: from $100 per night

Afiniti Residensi Legoland Medini, 04-03, Affiniti Residensi, Jalan Legoland Medini Nusajaya, Johor, 79200

KiddyPalace@Meridin: close to Legoland

The cartoon-themed apartment units here get great reviews on for those who wish to stay near Legoland Malaysia but are looking for more affordable accommodation. Rooms are themed in Minions, Pokemon and Panda to Sea Life so kids will love the decor! They come with a washing machine, a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, and a private bathroom, flat-screen TV, and certain units at the apartment complex have a balcony.
Price: from $78 per night

KiddyPalace@Meridin, Jalan Legoland Meridin @ Medini, 79100 Nusajaya, Malaysia

How to get there: Singapore to Legoland Malaysia

legoland hotel

Driving: what to know if you go by car

  • If you’re planning to drive to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore, you’ve got two routes to choose from. The Woodlands Causeway connects to JB Sentral, while the Tuas Second Link is much closer to Legoland Malaysia.
  • You’ll need a Touch N GO Malaysia card + VEP to get into Malaysia by car. Okay, so the thing is, you can only buy a Touch N GO Malaysia card IN Malaysia (go figure!). Try borrowing a card from a friend and make sure it’s preloaded with some cash.
  • There’s parking at Legoland Malaysia available at Zone 1 & 2 for just RM10 per day. Plus, if you’re a Triple-Park Pass Annual Pass holder, parking is on the house or if you are staying at the Legoland Hotel there’s also parking there.

By Taxi:

  • You can book a Grab for around $100 from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia each way. This way you won’t need your own Touch N GO Malaysia card + VEP.


  • For a more budget-friendly travel option, there is public transport that can get your family from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia. To get to Legoland Malaysia from Jurong East Interchange, hop on buses CW3, CW4 (or CW6 at Boon Lay) to Tuas Checkpoint.
  • After customs at CIQ 2nd Link, switch to buses JPO1, SL1, or CW7L to reach Legoland. The journey takes about 2-3 hours. Alternatively, take SBS Transit 170 (blue plate) and CW1 (Kranji MRT Station); SBS Transit 170 (Red plate) and CW2 (Queen Street); SMRT Bus 950 (Woodlands MRT Station); CW5 (Newton Circus); or Transtar Express TS1 (Changi Airport) to Woodlands Checkpoints and JB CIQ. Walk to JB Sentral and board bus LM1 – the best route to Legoland from JB Sentral!’


  • Unlike regular buses, coaches provide a direct ride to Legoland Malaysia without any stops. You can easily book these convenient rides and packages online through various travel tour companies.


  • Guess what? You can reach Legoland Malaysia by train! Just board the KTM Shuttle Tebrau train at Woodlands Train Checkpoint to JB Sentral. From there, you can either grab a taxi to Legoland or hop on bus LM1 – it’s the third stop.

LegoLand, 7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia, website

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