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i Light Singapore 2023: IG-worthy Interactive Art From Musical Trumpet Flowers to Blue Light Showers

i Light Singapore 2023
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i Light Singapore 2023 (1 – 25 June 2023) returns to Marina Bay as well as two new locations and features IG-worthy interactive art and multi-sensory light experiences like blue light showers and musical Trumpet Flowers

The highly anticipated annual event, i Light Singapore 2023, is back in Marina Bay, and two new locations (so get your walking shoes laced) at South Beach and Millenia Walk from 1 to 25 June 2023.  This ninth edition is specially designed around the theme of A New Wave and features the colour blue. Six immersive light installation invites visitors to slow down, appreciate the natural environment and gain new-found inspiration to work towards a more sustainable future through eco-friendly habits. Like its previous editions, you can expect plenty of creative artwork, exciting programmes and dazzling light displays.

Nature’s Shades of Blue at i Light Singapore 2023

All visuals and art installations in i Light Singapore 2023 will be centred around the colour blue – shades of which are commonly found in natural environments like the oceans and rivers. This colour is also associated with peace and serenity, which is what the artists behind these vibrant displays hope to evoke in the visitors who stop by.

What else can you expect at i Light Singapore 2023?

The talented artists have incorporated innovative technology to create mesmerising art pieces to give visitors a multi-sensory experience like no other. The full line-up of the i Light Singapore festival will be announced next month but here’s what we know so far:

i Light Singapore 2023 Highlights

1. Glacier Dreams: IG-worthy art inspired by glaciers

Image credit: Sassy Mama Singapore

As the name suggests, Glacier Dreams is inspired by glaciers. Istanbul-born artist Refik Anadol taps into his personal collection of glacier images and processes them through machine learning algorithms to create a remarkable narrative about the beauty of the ever-changing glaciers.
Location: Façade of ArtScience Museum

2. Trumpet Flowers: interactive art installations

Image: Sassy Mama Singapore

Kids (and their grown-ups) will love Trumpet Flowers by Sydney-based art collective, Amigo & Amigo. This vibrant jungle at i Light Singapore 2023 celebrates the beauty of nature by surrounding visitors with towering flower sculptures ranging from two to six metres tall. Play with the interactive keys and watch these gigantic flowers come to life with musical scores by some of Sydney’s best jazz musicians.
Location: Clifford Square

3. Block Party: interactive art installations

i Light singapore 2023 block party
Image credit: i Light Singapore

Block Party by Singaporean collective Plug & Play explores how humans interact with the environment through a responsive ‘dance’ with familiar HDB blocks in Singapore. As visitors move their arms and dance around the Block Party, the HDB buildings transform as lush greenery begins to grow around the buildings.
Location: Entrance of Marina Bay Link Mall

4. Symphony 1

Image: Sassy Mama Singapore

Created by Chan Wan Kyn, Linknito, Linez and The Grand Lowlife Orchestra, Symphony 1 is a light-based architectural entity that inhabits space. Masses of twisting vine-like structures emit an icy glow to fill the space before sprouting into sprigs of crystalline flowers. The sprawl of its existence is a comment on nature and our relationship with it, contradicting yet also enhancing the brutal denseness of urban spaces it finds itself in.
Location: Mist Walk

5. Blumiwave

Image: Sassy Mama Singapore

Blue energy is harnessed from the chemical potential of a salinity difference between the sea and river waters. Blumiwave is an interpretation of this renewable energy source. Seen from afar, sculptural waves appear to crash at varying heights and directions. Upon closer inspection, these are in fact made of a carefully weaved fabric of safety nets and scaffolding — everyday objects that the interior designers at DP Design encounter at construction sites. Here, the team transforms materials normally perceived as unsightly into a space that invites multiple interpretations of the mundane and its possibilities. All plastics used to assemble Blumiwave will be recycled by local social enterprise Magorium after the festival.
Location: Mist Walk

6. Prism: calming art experiences

Image: Sassy Mama Singapore

Made up of colourful pyramids, this dynamic display at i Light Singapore 2023 plays with artificial and natural light to give visitors an immersive experience of chromotherapy. Through the three-dimensional structures and ever-changing colours in this piece, light artist Jun Ong hopes that visitors will experience calm and healing through his work.
Location: Millenia Walk (The Great Hall)

Apart from the artworks and light displays, i Light Singapore 2023 will also feature a range of complementary activities and programmes.

i Light Singapore 2023 Programme

Lightwave: Turning the Tide

i light singapore whale lightwave turning the tides
Image: i Light Singapore

Lightwave: Turning the Tide is an exhibition that looks like the underwater world. This new exhibition at The Promontory at Marina Bay invites visitors to consider how our actions have negatively impacted nature and be motivated to take steps to change the future of our planet.

Where: The Promontory at Marina Bay
When: Sunday to Thursday (7:30am – 11pm, last experience at 10:40pm); Friday & Saturday (7:30am – 12am, last experience at 11:40pm)
How much: $5 per person. Purchase tickets on Klook from 15 May 2023.

I Light Singapore 2023

When: 1 – 25 June 2023, 7:30pm – 11:30pm daily with extended hours to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays
Price: Admission is free, but certain programmes will have separate charges.
Where: Marina Bay, South Beach and Millenia Walk

i Light Singapore 2023,

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Cover image adapted from: i Light Singapore

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