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i Light Singapore 2022: Plastic Whale, Field of Fireflies, Holographic Projections & Jellyfish from Space!

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Highlights of i Light Singapore 2022 include the Instagram-worthy Plastic Whale, Field of Fireflies, floating pontoon experience, mystical forest light beams, holographic projections and jellyfish from space!

After a two-year hiatus, i Light Singapore 2022 returns to Marina Bay from 3 – 26 June 2022 for its eighth edition with the theme Spark of Light. Like its previous editions, you can expect plenty of creative artwork, exciting programmes and dazzling light displays. The festival’s 2022 theme revolves around the environment and aims to raise awareness about sustainability while inspiring eco-friendly habits.

Violet colours at i Light Singapore 2022

What’s new about i Light Singapore 2022 is that it will be centred on one colour from the visible light spectrum – an element that’s set to be a part of each edition moving forward. The colour of choice for 2022 is violet, which has the shortest wavelength with the most powerful electromagnetic energy in the visible light spectrum. Violet is also believed to signify the awakening of the senses, which is entirely in line with the festival’s aim to make people aware of their eco-footprint on the planet.

What else can you expect at i Light Singapore 2022?

i Light Singapore 2022 has been designed with energy-saving lighting and environmentally-friendly materials to encourage festival goers to adopt sustainable habits in their everyday lives.

i Light Singapore 2022 Highlights

1. Plastic Whale

i Light Singapore 2022 highlights

The Plastic Whale is a stunning whale decked out in colour-changing lights. Kids will love posing within the Plastic Whale’s mouth. Great themes of climate change and sustainability occur thought as with most of the light display within i Light Singapore 2022.
Location: Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza

2. Firefly Field


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Get your cameras ready this is one of our favourite spots for i Light Singapore 2022! You’ll feel like you’re surrounded by magical fireflies. Firefly Field is by Artist, who has designed 500 ‘fireflies’ that move and float in all different directions.
Location: The Promontory at Marina Bay

3. Alone Together

i Light Singapore 2022 - Alone Together by Singaporean artist Ping Lim and Ian Grossberg
i Light Singapore 2022: Alone Together

Alone Together is a thought-provoking art piece by Singaporean artist Ping Lim and her American collaborator Ian Grossberg. This interactive projection chronicles a collective experience of isolation during the pandemic. Inspired by scenes from Singapore’s housing estates, each vignette showcases private moments that tell the story of people’s lives while they were confined at home. The piece offers real-time interaction and you can join in with your mobile phone.
Location: Marina Bay Link Mall entrance

4. Light Canvas

i light singapore 2022
Light Canvas by local artist group Trial & Error invites visitors to experience an exchange of energy to spark contemplative questions on sustainability. Kids can temporarily “paint” their own artworks on a digital canvas using flashlights from their parent’s mobile phone. On selected weekends, the installation will also host a series of performances around the canvas featuring dancers, calligraphers, illustrators and florists, who will interact with the installation creatively and leave their mark on the canvas! Look out for a light show at selected timings.
Location: In front of Red Dot Design Museum

5. MOTHEREARTH ClimateChange Data Sculpture

i Light Singapore 2022 free to attend

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, MOTHEREARTH ClimateChange Data Sculpture reimagines publicly available data obtained from local weather recordings along with other environmental statistics into an enjoyable sensory experience for all, while drawing attention to climate change issues.
Location: ArtScience Museum Facade

6. Keep on Moving

Keep on Moving is a striking ode to running as a form of exercise that helps maintain a balance of mental stimulation and physical fitness. The installation shows a frame-by-frame capture of a runner in motion.
Location: Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

7. Fallen by Nerdist

i Light Singapore 2022: Fallen

Sustainability and space come together in Fallen by South Korean artist group Nerdist x ARTINA. The recycled transparent dome and bubble wrap artwork tells the story of a jellyfish from space that’s crashed on Earth after consuming the trash that humans have tossed out into space (since we’ve run out of space in our landfills). The theme revolves around excess waste due to consumerism, and the takeaway for visitors is a reminder of how our lifestyles impact the environment.
Location: Lawn next to One Marina Boulevard

8. Lightwave: Isle of Light empowered by OPPO at i Light Singapore 2022

I Light Singapore 2022
At Marina Bay’s lower boardwalk, treat your senses at Lightwave: Isle of Light, empowered by OPPO. You’ll walk through a specially constructed floating pontoon and explore five unique zones, each with immersive features – marvel at enchanting holographic projects, motion-capture graphics and shadows; admire light beams that resemble a mystical forest and treat yourself to a unique light art showcase. While i Light Singapore 2022 is free, entrance to Lightwave: Isle of Light will be ticketed separately, and you can purchase tix from Klook.
Location: Marina Bay Lower Boardwalk (near Red Dot Design Museum)

Apart from the artworks and light displays, i Light Singapore 2022 will also feature a range of complementary activities and programmes.

i Light Singapore 2022

When: 3 – 26 June 2022, 7:30pm – 11:30pm daily with extended hours to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays
Price: Admission is free, but certain programmes will have separate charges.
Where: Marina Bay

i Light Singapore 2022,

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Alone Together and Isle of Light images courtesy of i Light Singapore; all other images by Sassy Mama Singapore

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