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Join Us to Celebrate Helper Appreciation Month 2020

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Helper Appreciation Month 2020 will look different from years past, but is more vital than ever 

This year marks our fifth annual celebration of helpers in Singapore. Since we began with a one-day celebration and awards ceremony in 2016 to say thank you to helpers and recognize all the amazing ways they support our families, the celebration has grown by leaps and bounds, culminating in a full month of themed promotions and events with Helper Celebration Month in 2019.

The idea for celebrating helpers throughout the month of May began in Hong Kong, where resident Steve Chitty pointed out the month is a natural fit given that it encompasses Labour Day, Mother’s Day and the International Day of Families.

Sassy Mama will continue to celebrate Helper Appreciation Month in May 2020, though of course the celebration will look a bit different given we’re all staying home due to Circuit Breaker restrictions. Sadly, we have had to postpone our popular Helper Celebration Party this year, though we hope to return bigger and better than ever in 2021.

In the meantime, we encourage families to think of ways big and small to say thank you to your helper throughout the month of May (though of course you should express your gratitude every day of the year). From prompts for kids and a thank you note template, to empowering your helper to improve her situation through upskilling and financial literacy, we’ve put together heaps of resources

Extraordinary circumstances have rendered helpers’ jobs more challenging than ever. Already living and working away from their families, they’re now restricted from taking home leave or even hanging out with their friends on their day off. The circuit breaker has been difficult for everyone, of course, but at least we are in the comfort of our own homes, surrounded by our loved ones. Just imagine how much harder all of this would be without a helper to assist with tasks like cooking and childcare. Empathy for our helpers is more important than ever at this unprecedented moment in time.

Read on for all the ways you can participate in Helper Appreciation Month from home!

aidha weekday classes financial education education week perks include discounted helper first aid courses, nursing certification, computer classes and more

Education is a key to ensuring helpers break the cycle of poverty. Click through to find out about the wide range of helper education courses available across Singapore – many online! – which span financial literacy, cooking, beauty, first aid and home healthcare.

Past Sassy Mama Helper Appreciation Events

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Everyone deserves good healthcare, yet sadly many helpers receive the bare minimum checkups without regard for dental or vision care. Plus, find out how you can help your domestic worker access basic financial knowledge and education to support her family, plan for her future and retirement, and ensure she avoids common hazards like loan sharks. Click through for information on a free online courses, and to find out more about small business success stories from AIDHA here in Singapore.

Past Sassy Mama Helper Appreciation Events

helper insurance fwd

Experts from helper advocacy organisations like HOME, AIDHA and Uplifters share their top tips for empowering helpers and maximizing your employer-employee relationship. We also hear from helpers in their own words on what you can do to express your gratitude and appreciation.

Past Sassy Mama Helper Appreciation Events


The struggle to achieve a work/life balance is real for all of us! But when you work 6 days a week (and live at your workplace) it can be even tougher. Making time for fun can make a big difference to the rest of the week, whether it’s getting some exercise, indulging a creative side, joining a club or getting together with friends. Make sure your helper knows what’s on offer for her in her spare time and on her day off.

Past Sassy Mama Helper Appreciation Events

Read all about how our Helper Appreciation party began back in 2016, see how the initiative has grown over the last five years, and help us continue to spread the word across Singapore!

Past Sassy Mama Helper Appreciation Events

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