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Helper Appreciation Month: Health, Money & Finance

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Financial education and quality healthcare are both key to ensuring a happy present and a promising future for helpers

Take a second, mama, and think about the basic medical checks you go for regularly – annual physicals, dental checks, mammograms, PAP smears and so on. Is your helper also able to access these services? Here’s why it’s so critical you provide her with comprehensive health care.

Plus: how to help your domestic worker access basic financial knowledge and education to support her family, plan for her future and retirement, and ensure she avoids common hazards like loan sharks. Click through for information on a free online courses, and to find out more about small business success stories from AIDHA here in Singapore. FAST (Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training) also offers a Basic Financial Education course.

singtel dash cashless payment tap and pay mobile phone healthcare week kicks off helper appreciation month; here is a woman getting blood drawn as part of a medical checkup
How Going Cashless with Singtel Dash Helps Mamas & Helpers Alike Helper-Friendly Health Resources
in Singapore
Why Should You Care About Your Helper’s Financial Education? Scams, Loan Sharks & Pyramid Schemes: Helpers and Employers Beware
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