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Helper Appreciation: Hobbies, Fun & Deals

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Help your helper have fun on her day off with our roundup of clubs, hobbies and activities for helpers in Singapore

The struggle to achieve a work/life balance is real for all of us! But when you work 6 days a week (and live at your workplace) it can be even tougher. Making time for fun can make a big difference to the rest of the week, whether it’s getting some exercise, indulging a creative side, joining a club or getting together with friends.

Make sure your helper knows what’s on offer for her in her spare time and on her day off.

helper appreciation month includes offers for free and discounted fitness classes for helpers
Do You Know What Your Helper Does on Her Day Off? Helper Friendly Fitness, Photography, Cooking & Dragon Boat Racing
family favourites helper cookbook recipes cover
Award-Winning Photographer and Helper Mayrhose Coronado on How to Pursue Your Passions ‘Family Favourites’: Meet the Amazing Helpers Who Developed Their Own Cookbook
helpers in singapore at an event for HOME
New Book ‘A Yellow House’ is Like ‘The Help’, Set in Singapore Why You (and Your Helper) Should Watch ‘Remittance’ ASAP

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