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Top Personal Trainers in Singapore

Best personal trainers in Singapore that come to you to train
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Get your fitness on track with a little help from a personal trainer in Singapore – pre and postnatal fitness included. Plus don’t miss our promos on personal fitness lessons!

If you’ve been struggling with your fitness goals, then consider getting a leg up to ace them this year. Whether you prefer training at the gym, at home or at one of the island’s many gorgeous parks, these personal trainers in Singapore can help you design exercise plans, hit weekly workout goals and avoid weight loss plateaus. Some even offer nutritional advice and guidance so you can eat cleaner and truly build a healthier lifestyle. Not sure where to look for personal training? Get your push-up on with our list of personal trainers in Singapore!

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FITLUC really is a gym for everyone. Their personal trainers in Singapore work with a wide range of clients aged 13 to 84, ranging from CEOs and celebrities to working mamas and homemakers. They can aid in any fitness goal, whether that’s fat loss, weight loss, post-natal training, muscle gain for rehab or elderly training. FITLUC specialises in personal training and is a PT-exclusive gym. This means that all their workouts are personalised to suit your needs. Their gym is only accessible to PT clients, making it a safe and exclusive environment. Besides being certified Personal Trainers by ACE and NCSF, many of their trainers also have Sports Science degrees, so you are definitely in good hands.  Working towards your fitness goals goes beyond the gym, and their personal trainers will work closely with you on your dietary habits to help you #GetThatFITLook. Besides the strong friendships between you and your personal trainer, FITLUC also has a close-knit community, events such as monthly challenges and there are many platforms for you to build meaningful relationships. FITLUC is easily accessible – just a 5-minute walk from Outram Park or Maxwell MRT with parking spots nearby too. Their newest gym outlet is at the heart of CBD, just 5 minutes from Clarke Quay & Raffles Place MRT station. Oh, and did we mention the great promotions you’ll enjoy via FITLUC Fam Perks?

Use promo code 10SASSYMAMA to enjoy 10% OFF your first personal training trial. This promo is valid for new FITLUC clients only for 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 Personal Training Trials and ends on 31 December 2023.

FITLUC, 21A Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089128 & 82 Boat Quay, #03-01, Singapore 049870, Tel: (+65) 8812 0110 (Whatsapp only)


Personal Trainer in Singapore Athleader

Looking for a personal trainer that will come to your home? Athleaders promises to help you achieve results through customised training at your convenience, so you can squeeze in a quick workout in your living room before picking up the kids! Their clients save an average of nine hours every month, since they don’t have to travel to a gym. One of their clients lost a whopping 9kg in just four weeks to get in shape for her wedding, while another lost 30kg over the course of a year. Regardless of your fitness goals, whether short-term or long-term, their personal trainers factor in past injuries, work life, family obligations and your overall lifestyle to create a personalised workout programme so you can crush your fitness goals. To add to the convenience, your personal trainer will provide all of the equipment you need for your workout. All you have to do is show up, work out, and feel strong and empowered because of your hard work!

Use promo code “SassyMama50” to enjoy 50% off a trial class until 30 July 2023!

Athleaders,, Tel: (+65) 9890 7224

Surge: Strength & Results

personal trainer singapore surge strength & results

Have you decided that it’s time to transform your life with healthy habits? The personal trainers at Surge: Strength & Results are experts, not only at kickstarting your fitness journey, but empowering you with tools, exercises and positive habits that will give you life-lasting results. Their collective of personal trainers are recognised worldwide for their ability to customise training sessions that will yield long-term results for women from diverse backgrounds and various health conditions. Sharing in the success of their clients is their greatest achievement. With their internationally accredited background in nursing, nutrition and sports science, you can be sure to get the guidance you need. Whether you’re trying to lose belly fat after pregnancy or want to get stronger so you can keep up with your kids, the personal trainers will meet you right where you are and help create a fitness plan to reach your goals. The passionate trainers at Surge: Strength & Results will support, empower and encourage you every step of the way, so you can say hello to the new you!

Quote SASSYMAMA during your free consultation to get 35% off the first three personal training sessions.

Surge: Strength & Resultsfour locations in Anson Road, Loewen Road, East Coast Road and Sentosa Island, WhatsApp: (+65) 8125 8161,

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness gym membership comes with a variety of options such as fitness assessments, a range of equipment, 24-hour access, health plan discounts, small group training and personal training sessions. The staff here is friendly and will give you an extra push to break down your exercise barriers.

Anytime Fitness, multiple locations

Coach Amanda Lim

If you are looking for a fellow mama who really gets it, try out Coach Amanda Lim! Amanda understands what it’s like to go through life’s transitions (fertility, pregnancy, postpartum) and can help you navigate all these plus perimenopause, menopause, and major weight loss. Her online coaching programs are available 24/7, each one customised to your specific chapter of life, and with Amanda as your personal coach (she’ll be your biggest cheerleader along the way!). Amanda can help you get your healthy eating on track (understanding macros is key), give you clear instructions on how to use weights (no, they won’t make you bulk up), plus she takes a holistic view and will ask you about your sleep, water intake, stress and more, giving you guidance to reach your goals. Read our interview with her here!

Core Collective by Aurum

Core Collective features more than 100 fitness trainers, lifestyle and wellness professionals and personal trainers in Singapore under a single digital roof. There is something wellness and health-related for everyone, and you can book personal training sessions, yoga, group fitness classes and more. There are fitness sessions available for kids, too.

Core Collective by Aurum, multiple locations

Donna O’Shea Fitness

Pregnancy is a special time for many mamas, but it can also bring with it physical challenges such as weakened pelvic floor muscles, diastasis recti, back pain, poor posture and poor core engagement. That’s where Donna O’Shea can help. She’s an experienced pre- and postnatal personal trainer in Singapore who comes to your home with effective workouts using boxing, medicine balls, stability balls, resistance bands, and bodyweight work, tailored to suit your body’s needs. Best of all, she is glad to train with you while your baby and furkid sit in. Donna is also qualified in weight nutrition and is happy to chat about healthy eating and recommended recipes.

Donna O’Shea Personal Trainer,

EMPWR Performance Training

Where to Hire a Personal Trainer in Singapore (Pre & Postnatal Fitness included)

In case you hadn’t heard, strength training is incredibly important for women. If you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, the team at EMPWR Performance Training can help. Their team of certified coaches strive to be both personal trainers and educators. They believe a proper understanding of programs and techniques is key to building a solid foundation – once you’re using proper lifting techniques, you’re better equipped to train efficiently and bulletproof yourself during training. Try one of their group classes or check out their other gym Rising for well-priced personal training sessions.

EMPWR Performance Training, 241 River Valley Rd #04-01 Gianurn Building, Singapore 238298

EzFit Singapore

Vanan from EzFit Singapore is a home-based personal trainer in Singapore and is trained in pre- and postnatal fitness, which is great if you want to strengthen your body during your pregnancy or train safely after birth. He works closely with physios and doctors to ensure the utmost safety and customises your fitness programme with a holistic approach. Vanan is also adept at training with injuries and does kids’ training, too.

EZFit, 9 Ardmore Park, Singapore 259955, Tel: (+65) 9007 9742

Freddy Personal Training Singapore

Freddy Zull has trained as a fitness professional for years, including as a personal trainer in Singapore at Ultimate Performance. He has experience as a boxing and Muay Thai coach, having competed semi-professionally himself. He believes in making sure you get the correct form and encourages his clients to put 100% effort in both keeping to a healthy balanced diet – which he helps advise on – and in training your body using the correct weights. Check out Freddy’s social media platforms where he documents his client’s impressive before and after pics.

Freddy Zull

Gold’s Gym Singapore

Personal Trainers in Singapore - Gold's Gym Singapore

One of the world’s most popular gym franchises, Gold’s Gym is often the training place of choice for Hollywood’s elite. Its Singapore franchise claims to help you transform your body in as little as three months, all while boosting your confidence and helping you feel and live better. Their personal trainers in Singapore run their sessions at an exclusive studio, and your routine will be tweaked regularly to help you avoid weight loss plateaus. A free trial session is available.

Gold’s Gym Singapore, multiple locations


Affordable fitness training is the draw at GYMMBOXX, which has more than six gyms around the island. The membership plans are flexible and transparent, and members get exclusive rates on nutrition and fitness accessories.

GYMMBOXX, multiple locations


Health2Mama‘s personal trainers are all experienced physiotherapists and mums themselves. They’re dedicated to helping mums in Singapore stay fit, healthy and pain-free throughout pregnancy. Health2Mama trainers will get you back into shape after birth. Their team ensures every exercise – strengthening, toning, weights, high intensity and pilates – is safe at all times. Training is never boring with a variety of different exercises and equipment. There’s even the option to work out with your baby! Their handy app will also give you the option of additional practice sessions between appointments! Training can happen in the comfort of home or your condo gym at any Singapore and Sentosa location, or at the studio in Telok Ayer Street.

Health2Mama,, Tel: (+65) 8358 2144

Movement Labs

Holly Kuzmiak-Ngiam is a personal trainer in Singapore at Movement Labs. She teaches and coaches strength, yoga and endurance athletics, and also specialises in working with pre- and postnatal women. She’s a mama herself and has written extensively for Sassy Mama about the pelvic floor. With a strong belief in empowering people through movement, Holly focuses on providing safe, inclusive, and body-neutral coaching to help clients start – or restart – their fitness journey and achieve their personal movement goals. In addition to in-person training sessions, she also offers optional upgrades with supplemental online programming.

Movement Labs

Marcus Chung Personal Trainer

Marcus specialises in calisthenics exercises, ensuring every movement is done correctly to get maximum results. He will plan a circuit training routine for you, paying special attention to any imbalances within your posture and muscles, including internal muscles like your pelvic floor, to strengthen your overall form. Marcus has a really chilled and friendly manner, so if you haven’t trained before he gives you the perfect introduction to setting up your routine.

Marcus Chung Personal Trainer

One Personal Training

Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or a newbie, One Personal Training has a fitness plan that works for you. Upon signing up, they’ll match you with a personal trainer in Singapore based on your goals, who will combine data from your body fat modulation and your 45-minute fitness assessment to build a programme that’s specific to you. Once you get started on your plan, they’ll be in regular contact and will continuously tweak your programme so you avoid plateaus and stay on track with your fitness goals.

One Personal Training, 137 Cecil Street, #12-02, Cecil Building, Singapore, 069537, Tel: (+65) 6226 2128,

TGIF Studio

Zak Johari at TGIF Studio gets great reviews thanks to his patient and understanding attitude. Enjoy his 45-minute workout programmes in small groups or sweat it out with a personalised training programme. In addition to consistent workouts, his programmes also include accountability calls, monthly masterclasses on various health topics and access to a supportive community.

TGIF Studio, 41 Sunset Way, #01-01a Clementi Arcade, Singapore, 597071, Tel: (+65) 9021 7143,

Ubuntu Fitness

Wayne at Ubuntu Fitness is known for helping his clients lose weight and keep it off thanks to his holistic training. They also offer a free first session. Call to book a consultation.

Ubuntu Fitness, Tel: (+65) 9230 8237,


UFIT personal trainers in Singapore offer programmes for strength training, weight loss, elite sports performance, pre- and postnatal workouts and injury rehabilitation. Joining the UFIT community also means you’ll get to speak to its on-site team of nutritionists, health coaches, rehab specialists and physiotherapists for the best holistic care possible. UFIT is also offering discounts, free nutrition sessions and free health consultation for new sign-ups.

UFIT, multiple locations

Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance offers in-gym personal trainers and online personal training sessions, plus a snazzy EATUP meal delivery service if you’re too busy to meal prep each week.

Ultimate Performance

Virgin Active

At Virgin Active, you’ll be matched to a personal trainer in Singapore, who will offer friendly, professional advice so you can hit your goals. Your trainer is equipped to support you with weight loss, muscle gain, general wellness and also help you prep for bodybuilding events and competitions if that’s your cup of tea.

Virgin Active, multiple locations

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