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Where to Hire Painters, Electricians, Carpenters, Plumbers and Handymen in Singapore

Handyman Singapore
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Need a handyman in Singapore? We’ve got you covered for all your home repair and maintenance needs!

Maybe you need to fix a leaky faucet, perhaps your hubby still hasn’t hung those photo frames up, or a burst pipe might be stressing you out. Whatever it is, you’re going need our helpful list to find a good handyman in Singapore, mama. If you’re moving to a new apartment, here are the best movers in Singapore to make your life easier. Check out our little black book of recommended electricians, licensed plumbers, painted, odd jobs men and more to sort out any housing repair and maintenance issue you’re facing!

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Handyman Singapore - carpenters singapore

Carpenters in Singapore

NTUC Income

It’s not often you get a request for some carpentry but if you are looking for a tradesman referral (for carpentry or indeed any service from electrical, to appliance repair, house painting, renovation and more!) know that NTUC Income’s referral services put you in touch with trusted and experienced service providers. You fill in the online form and a handyman service provider in Singapore should get back to you in under 30 minutes with an estimated price range for standard service that covers the cost of materials (if applicable), labour costs, and transport charges.

NTUC Income,

Uncle Carpenter

Looking for a carpenter in Singapore who can do custom carpentry services? Uncle Carpenter is the company to call. The team can work with you to create customised wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, TV consoles, bed platforms and much more. We like that they offer direct factory pricing, cutting out the middleman altogether!

Uncle Carpenter, Tel: (+65) 9632 3845,

Electrician services in Singapore

Daylight Electrician Singapore

Want reliable electrical services? Daylight Electrician Singapore can help with power failures and trips, writing work and any end-to-end electrical service you need. Their solutions are affordable and there’s a 30-day service warranty, too!

Daylight Electrician Singapore, Tel: (+65) 6909 9921,

Hans Pang

Mr Pang is a lovely electrician who is able to fix issues with your lights, plugs and circuit box. He is very patient and takes the time to explain why something isn’t working and how he is going to either repair or fix it.

Hans Pang, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 9007 9108

TK Electricians

Whether you want to rewire your home, install new sockets and switches or oven hoods and water heaters, or upgrade your wiring for smart home automation, TK Electricians has a licensed electrician who can get the job done. Get in touch for a quote and to choose an electrician of your choice.

TK Electricians, Tel: (+65) 9115 8246,

handyman singapore - handyman for odd jobs and repair works

Handymen in Singapore for odd jobs, appliance repairs & moving out works


They call themselves an “integrated home service provider”, and they offer various handymen in Singapore for every kind of home maintenance – think licensed plumbers, electricians and aircon servicing. Prices are reasonable and the work has received good reviews online. Everyworks has great customer service, too, which makes it a win in our books.

Everyworks, Tel: (+65) 6909 0990,

Expat Services

Gary from Expat Services is the handyman in Singapore you’ll want to call when you’re ending your lease and want to restore your apartment/house to the original condition after moving out (to get your full deposit back, ideally!). He’s an all-around handyman that can fix just about anything, from plumbing to aircon issues, as well as aircon servicing and odd jobs around the house. Don’t let the word ‘Expat’ in his business name put you off, either; Gary’s fees are actually pretty reasonable, and he’s always cheery and willing to help.

Expat Services, Tel: (+65) 9389 2594,


Have an emergency situation that needs fixing, like a broken oven on the day you are prepping for a big dinner party or the school bake sale? Fixwerks offers high-quality home and kitchen appliances repair services, including same-day visits and even weekend call-outs. We like the peace of mind these guys offer, too, with a warranty of up to a year on the repair job.

Fixwerks, Tel: (+65) 67658890,

Handy Andy

“Handy Andy” does roll off the tongue easily, but that is not why you hear his name recommended all the time. It is because he is a super nice guy, responds quickly, explains clearly and gets the job done. Originally trained in the UK, Handy Andy can help hang heavy paintings or mount televisions, and will often give great tips on the best hardware stores in your area as well as insights on how to do quick fixes around the house. Very easy to work with and fairly priced.

Handy Andy, Tel: (+65) 8722 4050,

Harry Leong

Harry is a very good handyman (if you are looking for a collage of frames to be hung in straight lines this is your guy!), and he is also a registered electrician as well as a plumber, can do bathroom waterproofing, and deal with water heaters and fans too. The original jack-of-all-trades, we think! He can be counted on for good quality work and is reasonably priced – if you need an all-in-one handyman in Singapore, Harry is the one to call.

Harry Leong, Tel: (+65) 9183 7988


IKEA offers complimentary short-term loans of power drills for wall drillings, but if you can’t handle the self-assembly side of IKEA know that they can assemble your products for you too. The call-out charge is $35 per trip and all furniture fall into one of three price groups: $18, $38 and $58.

IKEA, multiple locations,


This easy-to-use service marketplace connects you to a handyman in Singapore for any job you require. The name literally translates to mean “job done”, and you can hire plumbers, electricians, home repair specialists, handymen for renovation and home improvement work, pest control services and more. Whatever you need, KaoDim will supply the right handyman, and you can pay him directly once the job is done.

KaoDim, Tel: (+65) 6951 5381,


Don’t let the name fool you. KiasuPlumber doesn’t only supply licensed plumbers in Singapore. The team can also handle drywall repairs, general home repairs, basic light fixture installations and other handyman jobs. The company typically responds to enquiries in one to three hours, and you can expect reasonable prices for their services.

KiasuPlumber, Tel: (+65) 8820 5579,

Local Singapore Handyman

From electrical and plumbing work to door frame repairs, landscaping, painting and more, Local Singapore Handyman has the tools for the job. They promise services without hidden charges and even offer post-repair cleaning services.

Local Singapore Handyman, Tel: (+65) +65 8280 8810,

Peter Lee

If you’ve just moved into a rented apartment or have bought a new home Peter will get things into shape in no time. He can replace hard-to-reach light bulbs with his super tall ladder; remove raggedy blinds from balconies; hang up pictures, and even replace wonky doorknobs. A well-known handyman in Singapore, Peter is also a pleasant chap to work with, is super responsive on WhatsApp (so important!), and fairly priced.

Peter Lee, Tel: (+65) 9025 8198

A Stop Solution

Malcolm runs A Stop Solution and comes highly recommended for aircon repairs, handyman services in Singapore and electrical repairs.

A Stop Solution, Tel: (+65) 6858 1577 / (+65) 9690 8499 (Whatsapp)

handyman singapore - licensed plumbers singapore

Licensed Plumbers in Singapore

Bernard Ng

Bernard Ng is one of the most professional plumbers in Singapore we have come across. He’s an expert in the plumbing department, is always prompt, and he is very conscious of making sure you understood what the costs are and saves you money where possible on parts. Got a burst pipe in your bathroom and your halls are flooded? Bernard will be there pronto and rescue the situation with his quick, thorough, high-quality work. He’s also very patient and kind – he has been known to let the odd, tool-crazy kid ‘help’ with the repairs.

Bernard Ng, Tel: (+65) 9382 9844

Home Plumbers

It doesn’t matter what time you need a plumber, this company will answer, thanks to its 24/7 service. They connect you to plumbers that are in your area to minimise your wait time. They also provide you with direct contact with their plumbers so you can get a pre-diagnosis of your plumbing problem.

Home Plumbers, Tel: (+65) 8491 6116,

Mr Low

We hear it on good authority that Mr Low is one of the speediest handymen in Singapore to reply to plumbing emergencies (depending on his schedule of course!), but if you have a dripping or a plumbing emergency keep his number close!

Mr Low, Tel: (+65) 9177 8729

Mr Plumber

Fix leaks, install water heaters and get your plumbing fixed with Mr Plumber. Their licensed plumbers can also clear clogged sinks and drains, and repair toilets, sinks, drainage pipes and more. You name it, they can fix it.

Mr Plumber, Tel: (+65) 6980 0909,

handyman Singapore - painting services singapore

Painting Services in Singapore

Want a fresh coat of paint despite being on a tight budget? Ring this company for an affordable quote. The reviews are pretty good, too, as customers report professional painters, various colour choices and a fast working timeline.,


They don’t just supply great paint, they provide handymen and painters to get the job done for you, too. Services include a free pre-painting site inspection, free digital colour previews (so you see what your chosen paint colours will look like!), furniture shifting before and after your paint job and a 12-month warranty.



We may only know him by his first name but Ronnie is the handyman in Singapore to call when you want to refashion old furniture pieces. His painting skills have transformed many a drab old bookcase and drawers into brand new-looking pieces! We also appreciate that Ronnie and his team will pick everything up at your apartment, paint, and then bring your pieces back good as new without any hassle.

Ronnie, Tel: (+65) 9823 1248

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