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12 Great Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Teacher's Day Gifts
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Wondering what Teacher’s Day gifts to get this year? Consult our handy list below for awesome gift ideas to celebrate Teacher’s Day 2022 in Singapore!

We totally understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect Teacher’s Day gift in Singapore (Teachers’ Day falls on Friday 2 September). Part of choosing a great gift is to first find out what the teacher likes. Do they have hobbies? Do they like to wear jewellery? All of these can be good indicators to help your family express gratitude for teaching your munchkin! If you are stuck for ideas for the perfect present, we’ve put together an accessible list of Teacher’s Day gift ideas – some even have input from teachers themselves – so your child can put a smile on their teacher’s face this upcoming Teacher’s Day in Singapore!

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1. Scented candles

Teacher's Day Gifts - Raffles Hotel Singapore x Nine Wicker Avenue Scented Candles

Scented candles are the perfect gift for when you don’t really know your teacher’s preferences but want to gift something that can soothe the senses, boost moods and help with destressing! A gift from Raffles Hotel Singapore is bound to impress and this luxury hotel has an exclusive collaboration with Nine Wicker Ave offering gorgeous soy-scented candles. The candle collection is made in small batches with wellness in mind, using a creative blend of scents, botanicals and gemstones. Choose from three different scents – Lush Tropics, Courtyard and Urban Oasis. The candles have a 40-45 minute burn time and are made with 100% soy wax, making them vegan, cruelty-, phthalate- and petroleum-free.
Raffles Hotel Singapore, 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673,

2. Gift cards & vouchers for malls or online shopping

If you can’t decide what Teacher’s Day gift is best, then eliminate all the fuss with a cool gift card! Not only do these offer flexibility and convenience, you’ll also have plenty of great places to choose from, what with all the great shopping spots in Singapore. Some great Teacher’s Day gift options include Takashima gift vouchers should you want to keep things generic, BooksActually or Kinokuniya for bookworms, the Lululemon store for yoga and exercise apparel, FairPrice or Sephora for cosmetics or even nifty e-gift cards from Amazon!

3. Teachers’ Day Cookie Set

Teachers day gift ides cookies from spatula whisk

A good teacher nourishes our little one’s soul, so what better gift than delicious handmade, artisan cookies that will nourish your teacher’s hearts and tummies?  Show your heartfelt appreciation for your own classroom superhero with homegrown cookie brand Spatula & Whisk’s artisan cookies. The Teachers’ Day Set ($12.90 per set of 2 packs) consists of one-of-a-kind unique bite-sized cookies that are baked fresh to order and made without any preservatives. Cookie flavours include Sea Salt Chocolate, Gula Melaka Coconut, Earl Grey Lavender and more. We love how this cookie set comes in little packs labelled ‘Happy Teachers’ Day!’.
Spatula and Whisk,

4. Flower bouquets

Teacher's Day Gifts - Flower Bouquets
Image Credit: Noel Gifts

Flowers are one of the most versatile gifts and are appropriate for any occasion. Pick up gorgeous bouquets from some of the best florists around the island, or DIY your own Teacher’s Day flower bouquet!

5. Notebooks, journals & stationery

teachers day gifts - notebook
Image Credit: Bynd Artisan

Teachers always have use for notebooks. The colourful, stylish options from somewhere like Typo are sure to put a smile on their face. Bynd Artisan even makes personalised notebooks, which make a gorgeous gift for a teacher or classroom assistant. Or you can help the teacher stay organised with a diary or planner. Alternatively, check out Etsy for heaps of teacher-inspired gifts. A few favourites that we found: personalised coffee mugs and tumblers, a pen and pencil holder, and personalised stationery.

6. Cheeseboard Gift Box

Teacher's Day Gifts - Little Farms

Is your child’s teacher a cheese lover? Then gift them a cheeseboard-curating experience at Little Farms’ Tanglin store. The helpful in-store cheese experts can walk them through the range of cheeses within the artisanal cheese aisle – there are plenty of sharp and soft options to traditional or bolder flavours – and help them curate the perfect cheeseboard to take home. Little Farms is also a great spot to source for Teacher’s Day gift cards, and a range of other appropriate gifts like ethically sourced chocolates, a true gift giver’s dream, we say!
Little Farms, 163 Tanglin Road, #02-138, Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933,

7. Jewellery

teacher's day gifts - embrace jewellery charity drive
Image Credit: Embrace Jewellery

Jewellery is always a great Teacher’s Day gift if you’d like to get a little more personal. We know a teacher who received a Tree of Life necklace for Teacher’s Day – a fitting present since it symbolises knowledge! She loved it so much that she wore it every day. Jewellery is a great option if the whole class is pitching in, and there are lots of unique options from local brands that won’t break the bank. Not sure where to start? We’ve got 14 great jewellery brands for you to consider!

Why teachers love this gift:
“I had a bracelet that past students had given me that broke. Different parents then purchased a new one to replace it.”
Amy Paul, Teacher, AIS

8. A box of chocolates

Teacher's Day Gifts - Godiva Chocolates
Image Credit: Godiva

Chocolates are an obvious go-to when it comes to shopping for your 2022 Teacher’s Day gift! Singapore is home to plenty of chocolate stores and brands, where you can find loads of unique flavours, ethical chocs, artisanal creations and more, all in prettily wrapped packaging, too! Check out The Cocoa Trees or Candy Empire if you’d like to mix and match candies from popular brands such as Lindt and Ritter Sport, The Belgian, Droste, Toblerone and more – all at pocket-friendly prices. Alternatively, consult our list of luxury chocolate brands for bean-to-bar creations, limited edition bonbons and more.

9. Self-care kits

Teacher's Day Gifts - Self-care Kits
Image Credit: Teacher Care Crate

Self-care is the best Teacher’s Day gift ever, and it’s easy to put together a simple kit filled with little must-haves like flavoured tea, sheet face masks (get quality, affordable ones at Watson’s or Guardian!) or even mini hand creams from The Body Shop. Alternatively, pick up a cute, handmade self-care kit on Etsy or sign your child’s teacher up for an affordable self-care kit from Teacher Care Crate – the latter includes inspirational art, bath & body items, trendy accessories and delicious treats.

10. Teacher’s Day Gifts with local flavour

If your little one goes to an international school, their teacher might also be a foreigner, and would certainly love a memento of Singapore – think Singapore-inspired decorative elephants from The Cinnamon Room or a gorgeous Singapore poster from eck&art! Need more inspo? We’ve got a great selection of Singapore-inspired gifts to get you started.

11. Homemade foodie treats

Teacher's Day Gifts - Homemade Cupcakes
Image Credit: Unsplash

If you’ve got the time, it’s always great to whip up homemade cookies, pastries, cakes or cupcakes to gift your child’s teacher! Just be mindful of any dietary restrictions the teacher might have. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing and grabbing popular gift boxes from spots like Bengawan Solo or Bee Cheng Hiang – perfect for a last-minute Teachers’ Day gift.

Why teachers love this gift:
“I was once given a beautiful gingerbread house. Around the house were little people that were made to look like members of our class. It was adorable and very hard to – eventually – eat!” – Jennifer Hill, Head of Prep, Australian International School

“I’ll never forget getting a hug from one grandma and her homemade curry puffs to express her gratitude for helping her granddaughter talk.” – Veron, Principal, MindChamps Serangoon.

12. Personalised gift ideas for Teacher’s Day

Getting a personalised Teacher’s Day gift is always memorable because it’s a chance to really show your appreciation and care for your child’s teacher. In fact, many teachers have said that personalised gifts were some of their favourite presents received on Teacher’s Day or at the end of term. Need some ideas to create a personalised Teacher’s Day gift? Read on to see what teachers are saying!

Art projects: Why teachers love this gift

“I’ve received a few favourite homemade art projects over the years, including a canvas from the entire class with each child’s handprint and the words love, teach, inspire over it, a photo book with a picture of each student and a letter from them on the opposite page; and even a small watercolour painting with a message from the class on the back.” – Amy Paul, Assistant Head of the Elementary School, AIS

“This past academic year, we received a collaborative artwork, a picture of each child holding a message or drawing about their teachers. It was so meaningful because our whole practice at Blue House is inspired and reflective of the children’s voices and ideas, seeing parents harness that concept and bring it to life in this way was so wonderful.” – Teachers from Blue House Nursery & International School

Handwritten notes and letters or Teacher’s Day cards: Why teachers love this gift

“My favourite Teachers’ Day gift would have to be a handwritten letter from my students. Over the years, I have received touching letters from them. It warms the cockles of my heart, especially receiving letters from former students several years after they have graduated. In the letter, they would share about their moments in their primary school life. These letters rekindle my passion for teaching. They also serve as a reminder of the kind of impact we have on future generations.” – Mr. Tan, local MOE primary school teacher

“My most precious gifts are handwritten cards from former students who reminded me of how I have contributed and shaped their lives, gave them opportunities to turn around, not giving up on them, being there with them when they needed me most, all in the name of gratitude. Their warmth and sincerity are expressed in the form of words in text or cards.” – Mdm N., an MOE secondary school teacher

Handmade crafts: Why teachers love this gift

“Knowing that I was given something that took time and effort is the best! Indeed, it’s the little things in life that matter the most. I once received a card that both my student and her mum made and it was really great. Mum taught the child needlework to make the card. Sweet! Gifts like these really warm my heart!” – Charlyn Chua, Kindergarten Two Teacher at Shaws Preschool, Katong Post Campus

“A few years ago, one of my students made a custom quilt featuring the periodic table of elements. He stitched his signature in the corner, ‘To Mr. Haydu. A teacher as good as Au. Love, Wyatt.” – Gabe Haydu, a 5th-grade teacher at Singapore American School

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Lead image from Noel Gifts, Embrace Jewellery, Teacher Care Crate & Unsplash. This contains paid partnership content. First published in 2020 and updated in 2022.

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