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14 Singapore Souvenirs, Mementos and Leaving Gift Ideas

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Leaving Singapore or know someone who is? Here’s our list of Singapore-themed souvenirs and mementos that will make great leaving gifts!

Whether you are looking to buy gifts for friends abroad or know someone who’s leaving Singapore, our list of Singapore souvenirs has you covered! We’ve listed out everything from beautiful Singapore photographer prints to coffee table books, cooking pastes, pretty Peranakan pottery and more, all great for gifting or even as mementos for yourself for when you leave Singapore. Keep scrolling for our list of  Singapore souvenirs to put on your shopping list!

1. Panoramic Skyline Photos of Singapore: Jason Denning Photography

Why we like it: If you are looking for stunning photographs of Singapore, Jason Denning is your man. Jason’s double long exposure panoramic shots result in eye-catching images that can be hung up as framed prints, or ordered on canvas or even as rolled up prints (perfect for taking abroad as gifts). Check out his limited edition Singapore collection – we have our eye on The Shophouses 2 which captures the pretty shophouses on Joo Chiat Place  – or the Singapura of the magnificent MBS skyline in black and white. If you can’t decide on one image Jason has collage options available too called Fragments – 2 to 4 prints presented together to capture different scenes of Singapore.
Price: £95 upwards


2. Colourful Singapore-themed Posters: Eck&Art

Why we like it: Eck&Art do minimalist architectural vintage-style travel prints highlighting Singapore’s unique architectural styles. We like that some posters have neighbourhood names like Holland Village or Bukit Timah so these make great Singapore souvenirs. Prints come rolled up in cardboard rolls so they are easy to transport abroad.
Price: From $59


3. Quirky Tableware: Recipe Plates

Why we like it: Singapore’s most iconic culinary dishes like Chilli Crab and Nasi Lemak are artfully recreated on these melamine Recipe Plates. The dish ingredients and directions together with pretty illustrations are on the dish making it a perfect memento of what Singapore is perhaps most known for – its great food! We also love the Merlion popsicle moulds from Area65 – a cute usable memento to remind the kids of Singapore!
Price: $16.90


4. Children’s Book: Find and Seek Singapore

Why we like it: This beautiful book Find and Seek Singapore, tells the story of a small boy who arrives in Singapore and experiences all that this little red island has to offer through pretty illustrations. It is written in simple verse and makes an adorable parting gift for friends with kids who are leaving Singapore. It’s also a cute pressie for family and friends who have visited the island. An all-around great Singapore souvenir!
Price: $26.75


5. For Mama Friends: Anything Batik

Why we like it: Because it’s batik! Batik silk scarves, batik handkerchiefs, batik table-runners, and batik coasters are so specific to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia and they make such a unique present. You can find a nice affordable range in the Kampong Glam area, or look to modern batik brands like Ozel or The Batik Boutique (which has coasters, bags and even DIY Batik painting kits).
Price: from $30 upwards for batik fabric, from $38 for stylish Batik scarves from Ozel


6. Great for Foodies: Indian Spicebox Kit

Why we like it: The Indian Spicebox Kit (in gold or silver) includes 9 organic spices packaged with a lovely cookbook. It’s unique, spicy, flavorful, colorful, gorgeous packaging and each kit feeds 10 street children a hot meal (do we need any more reasons!?).
Cost: From $50


7. Classic Singaporean Treat: Pandan chiffon cake

Why we like it: Pandan cake is a light, fluffy, green sponge cake flavoured with the juice of Pandan, originating from Southeast Asia – a truly different looking cake that is light and super tasty! Bengawan Solo also sells Kueh slices which are easier to transport. Online orders may require a few days notice, or you can just visit any of the outlets islandwide to make your purchase. Yes, even cake can be a Singapore souvenir!
Cost: $15


8. Iconic ‘Vintage’ Tableware: Enamel coffee mugs

Why we like it: These enamel mugs with blue rims are so Singaporean from back in the day. You can often find them with red Roosters or the iconic Good Morning slogan on them. 
Price: around $10-$12.90 each


9. Colourful Home Accessories: Peranakan ceramics

Why we like it: Peranakan culture is very unique to Singapore and Malaysia, and the colours and patterns of Peranakan tiles and ceramics are soooo pretty. We’ve given everything from soap dishes to tea sets in shades of pink, yellow, blue and green. Some stores to check out include Rumah Bebe on the East Coast; Lim’s at Holland Village; Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle.
Price: From $30


10. Made in Singapore Tea: TWG tea

If you passed a TWG Tea store or restaurant you’d think it was a brand hailing from somewhere in Europe! This Singaporean brand has created such a luxurious image for itself with its incredible selection of teas, gold interiors and delectable desserts. It’s all really good quality tea in amazing packaging that makes it perfect for gifting as a Singapore souvenir.
Price: Paris Singapore tea is $25 for a box and the Singapore breakfast tea is $40


scribolo colouring poster singapore

11. Singapore-themed Colouring Mat: Scribolo

Why we like it: Creative kids will love Scribolo a huge (145 cm wide by 58 cm tall) Singapore colouring poster that comes handily rolled up and is easy to lay out and get colouring with markers. Beautiful ink-drawn illustrations with Singapore’s iconic landmarks make this a sweet gift to inspire creativity in kids.
Price: $32


Singapore souvenir gift monopoly board game ritz carlton millenia

12. Singapore-themed Board Game: Bespoke Monopoly Game by Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

Colorful, portable, and a fun and engaging way to remember Singapore’s landmarks and key locations, this Singapore-themed Monopoly game is a wonderful Singapore souvenir or gift for friends and family of all ages. You can order online or purchase at Colony Restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore.
Price: $68


singapore souvenir leaving gift wet tee shirt

13. Punny T-shirts: Wet Tee Shirt

Wet Tee Shirt gives a fun, punny spin on graphic T-shirts with their cheeky designs – ‘Nasi’ (the Malay word for ‘rice’) instead of NASA, ‘Don’t Say I Bo Jio’ (‘bo jio’ = didn’t invite) and even ‘Prata’ instead of PRADA. They even have sizes for kids! You can find them directly on their website or at Design Orchard, a fab multi-label store that carries plenty of local brands. Check it out to find other great Singapore-themed or locally made souvenirs!


14. Wholesome Instant Cooking: Dancing Chef Pastes

Why we like it: My family, near and far are big foodies so it’s always good to load up on these packets of asian pastes when venturing overseas. Specifically the Padang Rendang, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa and various yummy curry pastes. There is NO MSG, NO Preservatives or Artificial Colouring in any of their products and are Halal. Added bonus is the lightweight thin packaging which means you can even slide them into the edges of your suitcase. You can find these at most supermarkets!
Price: $2.85 per packet


Lead image sourced via Eck&Art; Peranakan ceramics image by Thow Kwang; all other images courtesy of respective brands

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