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Four Ways Kids Can Show Kindness and Gratitude To Helpers (Plus a Downloadable Thank You Note!)

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Gratitude is a core value we should teach our children from the start; here are four ways to help kids express gratitude to their hard-working helpers

Much like mindfulness, gratitude is quite the buzzword these days. But it’s not just fluff: heaps of research shows that it has real, tangible benefits on both our mental and physical wellbeing, from boosting empathy and self-esteem, to improving how we sleep and even how we perceive aches and pains.

Gratitude can protect us from stress and depression, and leads to more fulfilling relationships and greater resilience. What parent wouldn’t want all these things for their child? (Not to mention, it’s just good manners to say thank you!) While we of course hope that our children will be appreciative of everything we do for them as parents, in the spirit of Helper Appreciation Month, we thought it was a great time to share four easy ways kiddos can express gratitude to their helpers.

Are you familiar with the Singapore Kindness Movement, mama? It’s the national movement to encourage kind acts in every individual in hopes of creating a more gracious society. Their kid-friendly portal, Kindsville, even did a special issue to teach children about why it’s so important to show gratitude toward helpers.

As parents, it’s incumbent upon us to teach our children empathy, to imagine how difficult it would be to leave our families behind in another country to go to work and earn money. It’s also important to point out to children how hard helpers work; breakfast doesn’t just magically appear on the table, clothes don’t wash themselves. While it’s certainly important to teach children personal responsibility (and ensure they help out around the house), whatever role your helper plays in your household, make sure she is recognized, and thanked, for her efforts.

To inculcate kindness and gratitude in our children, it’s worth providing specific examples of both what we should be grateful for, and how to express gratitude. Try pointing out to your children specific things that your helper does (while also reminding them to be mindful of the challenges your helper might face, whether learning a new language, or missing her own family).

Click here to download a Thank You card for your helper!

Besides simply saying thank you, another fun, hands-on activity to get kiddos thinking about gratitude is writing thank you notes. Click on the downloadable above to print out a thank you note with prompts that your child can decorate, personalize, and give to your helper.

Looking for more ways to say thank you to your helper? Be sure to attend our Helper Celebration Party on Saturday 1 June. Click here to RSVP mamas!


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