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Tuition Centres in Singapore: Where to Go for English, Science, Maths & Chinese Tuition Classes

tuition centres singapore
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Give your child’s grades a boost at one of these tuition centres in Singapore

Whether your child is struggling with Chinese, English, or Maths or you just want your mini-me to be well-prepped for primary school, there’s a tuition centre that can help. With plenty of tuition centres in seemingly every shopping mall, we’ve done the heavy lifting to round up tuition centres in Singapore for all ages. Many of these offer English tuition, creative writing classes, Physics, Chemistry and Biology lessons, as well as Chinese and Maths tuition classes, too. Scroll through our list below – organised by subject – to find a tuition centre that suits your child’s needs.

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Chinese Tuition Centres in Singapore
English Tuition Centres in Singapore
Science Tuition Centres in Singapore
Multi-Subject Tuition Classes
Maths Tuition Centres in Singapore

Chinese Tuition Centres in Singapore

tuition centres singapore - LingoAce


LingoAce is a global leading ed-tech platform that provides fun and engaging 1-to-1, live online Chinese language classes for children aged 3 to 15. To date, LingoAce has registered students globally across 100 countries and regions. Founded in 2017, LingoAce leverages its experienced teaching team of more than 4,000 teachers, AI-powered tools, gamification features and research-backed methodology to provide students with the best learning experience and results. Specially designed for the modern young learner who is a digital native, their curriculum is aligned with Singapore’s MOE syllabus and brought to life through gamification, bold illustrations, and interactive quizzes to better reinforce learning points.

A free trial class is provided for all new LingoAce students – it includes a 55-minute lesson, personalised language assessment and support from LingoAce’s dedicated tech team.
watch tv iconLingoAce,


Berries is a popular Chinese tuition centre in Singapore catering to children in nursery through primary school. It’s got a MOE-approved syllabus and believes in learning through social interaction, instillment of values and curriculum understanding.
watch tv iconBerries,

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre

This Chinese tuition centre’s programmes nurture a conducive environment for children to immerse themselves in the Chinese language and culture, allowing them to develop a strong foundation in the language from an early age.
watch tv iconChengzhu Mandarin Centre,


Chinese tuition specialist EduGrove aims to provide a fun alternative to more traditional classes emphasising rote memorisation. Playgroups and classes are interactive and creative, with an eye toward building confidence in both oral and written skills.
watch tv iconEduGrove,

Hua Language Centre

Hua Language Centre teaches little ones from 18 months up to 16 years old. It’s a fave among parents who have gone for Chinese tuition classes at Hua themselves and then sent their own kiddos because of the interesting and effective curriculum.
watch tv iconHua Language Centre,

Little Mandarins

Little Mandarins takes a fun, play-based approach to Chinese tuition led by native Mandarin speakers. Learning is hands-on and interactive, and their MOE Syllabus programme offers customised attention to give your child the right support and guidance to excel.
watch tv iconLittle Mandarins,

English Tuition Centres in Singapore

english tuition british council english enrichment early years young learners

British Council

We’re huge fans of British Council here at Sassy Mama, as they’ve been teaching and promoting the merits of the English language here in Singapore for 75 years now! The British Council provides a wealth of high-quality courses and English tuition for preschool, primary and secondary students (as well as adults!), including one-to-one or small group tuition, fun phonics and literacy classes, exam preparation (including PSLE, O-Levels, A-Levels, and IB), university and entrance exam prep, and much more. They also organise study camps during school holiday periods to help students hone their presentation and communications skills, report and email writing, and pronunciation. The British Council even offers customisable courses and in-house training for general, business- or industry-specific English.
watch tv icon British Council, multiple locations,,

tuition centres singapore - WonderLit


Ignite a spark of self-discovery in your child’s learning with Wonderlit! This creative enrichment space empowers students to find their own voice and transform the way they read, write and speak the English language. The curriculum encompasses literacy (phonics and reading), communication skills (writing and public speaking), and speech & drama programmes that meet internationally recognised certifications, as well as fulfilling the demands of syllabuses in Singapore schools. The thoughtfully designed, one-of-a-kind space offers a boutique experience and combines serious fun and structured learning for children in an inspirational environment, grooming them to become accomplished readers and confident communicators. Most importantly, this English tuition centre is firmly rooted in its core values of teaching with passion, creating fun in its lessons, recognising diversity and catering to different learning needs, innovating for excellence in its programme and committing to each child’s individual growth.

Use promo code Wonder-Sassy to get 15% off Wonderlit’s regular programmes when you sign up for a full term by 31 May 2022.
watch tv iconWonderlit, 442 Orchard Road, #03-08 to #03-12, Claymore Connect, Singapore 238879, Tel: (+65) 6980 5670,

The Alternative Story

Adopting new teaching methodologies while still being in line with the PSLE syllabus, teachers at this English tuition centre encourage curiosity in their students in order to develop a love for learning and in turn, allow good composition skills to flourish in a supportive environment.
watch tv iconThe Alternative Story,

Artistic Strategies Academy

Artistic Strategies Academy hosts weekly writing classes, online creative writing sessions, private coaching and even holiday programmes that cover the must-knows of creative writing. Parents are kept up to date on their child’s progress at the end of each lesson, and there’s a real personal approach to each child’s learning. Some students have even published their creative writing efforts. Click here to read more!
watch tv iconArtistic Strategies Academy,

I Can Read

This popular English tuition and enrichment centre that’s taught more than 170,000 students around the world is all about helping children overcome the challenges and difficulties of reading to ensure they become confident, independent readers. Tuition programmes start from 2.5 years of age and go up through age 12.
watch tv iconI Can Read,

Julia Gabriel

With a renowned “Readers & Writers” programme along with Speech & Drama courses that kiddos find tons of fun, Julia Gabriel is all about bringing the exceptional student out in every child and helping them find their voice (sometimes literally!).
watch tv iconJulia Gabriel,

Lorna Whiston

Lorna Whiston has built a reputation over the past 40 years with high-quality education and teaching excellence. Their signature programmes include English Enrichment, Speech & Drama and Preschools. Teachers will help in instilling confidence and excellence in every student’s language and communication.
watch tv iconLorna Whiston,

Master Class Learning Centre

Master Class is a well-trusted tuition centre in Singapore, along East Coast Road. They do tuition classes for Primary 4 to 6 and Secondary 1 to 4 English and Junior College General Paper in a conducive and supportive learning environment.
watch tv iconMaster Class Learning Centre,

The Writer’s Place

A specialist English tuition centre that’s focused on creative writing, their teaching methodologies adhere to the latest MOE syllabus and are proven to help children learn effectively while having fun.
watch tv iconThe Writer’s Place,

Science Tuition Centres in Singapore

tuition centres singapore - The Science Academy

The Science Academy

With an emphasis on rationality, numeracy, and the spirit of inquiry, The Science Academy aims to impart advanced skills in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This science tuition centre in Singapore aims to equip students with the right tools and plenty of perseverance, so no mountain is too high for them to conquer. Students are empowered to challenge themselves, to keep reaching for greater heights and are supported at every step of the way. This modern tuition centre creates a safe space for students to clarify their doubts, discover new knowledge and share more with their peers. Lessons are either conducted in person or online, and cater to students in Primary 5 (Science) up to Junior College 2 (Science and Math). Group settings are the default for all tuition classes here, but you can also choose private, one-on-one classes if your child requires more attention. The Science Academy’s curriculum is meticulously crafted, clear and concise, allowing students to stay ahead by learning ahead. Students also have access to the academy’s extensive e-learning library, which has approximately 500 hours worth of learning materials – accessible as often as students require!

Use promo code SASSYMAMA for a free video trial class! Call to find out more.
watch tv iconThe Science Academy
, Tel: (+65) 6566 8425 or (+65) 8655 5068 (WhatsApp),

Multi-Subject Tuition Centres in Singapore

tuition centres Singapore - AGrader Learning Centre

AGrader Learning Centre

Established in 2013, AGrader Learning Centre is one of the most comprehensive tuition centres in Singapore. It offers high-quality science, science, English and Mathematics tuition for pre-primary, primary and secondary school levels across 15 convenient locations islandwide. Permanent ‘live’ online lessons are also available for Primary 3 to 6 English, Mathematics and Science tuition classes. Every class size is limited to 12 students for physical lessons and 15 students for online lessons. Along with regular weekly tuition classes, AGrader also provides the proprietary EverLoop Improvement System, where students have access to extra worksheets, and comprehensive learning videos, and can attend as many extra revision sessions as is required (in-person or from home). On top of that, students have unlimited access to extra learning resources of up to three previous levels – this includes everything from worksheets, exam-oriented questions and learning videos, all of which are complimentary with all enrolments.

Get complimentary access to learning resources for up to three previous levels when your child signs up!
watch tv iconAGrader Learning Centre, multiple locations, ,

Tuition Centres Singapore - The Eton Academy - Tuition Centres

The Eton Academy by EtonHouse

The Eton Academy by EtonHouse offers high-quality enrichment classes in English, Mathematics and Science to children from Nursery 2 to Primary 6. Guided by EtonHouse’s almost three decades of experience in education, lessons are carefully crafted using their unique approach, which nurtures curiosity in each learner. Their curriculum is also designed to be in close alignment with Singapore’s MOE syllabus, complementing and strengthening your child’s learning in school. Whether it’s English, Mathematics or Science, The Eton Academy’s dedicated curriculum and teaching specialists are here for you and your child.

New students will be eligible for a free trial class!
watch tv iconThe Eton Academy by EtonHouse, multiple locations,

Boutique Education

Boutique Education offers home-based tuition services across English, Maths, Mandarin and Science. With a focus on international school students (they’ve served thousands of families in Singapore), they offer tailor-made lessons that are engaging for children while offering the support they need. Their team of experienced tutors have a wide range of skills but all share the same goal to instil the love of learning in their students.
watch tv iconBoutique Education,

Crucible Tuition Centre

This MOE-registered tuition centre in Singapore provides customised tuition classes and small class sizes for primary and secondary school students and Junior College students. Subjects on offer include English and Maths tuition, Physics, Science and Chemistry tutoring and IB tuition in Singapore. They also offer online trial lessons so you can get a feel of their teaching techniques.
watch tv iconCrucible Tuition Centre,

Eye Level

Award-winning Eye Level currently enrols more than 2.5 million children ages 4 to 14 at tuition centres within Singapore and worldwide. Covering both Math and English, Eye Level focuses on each child’s individual needs and abilities (they teach them at their eye level…), so kiddos can learn and think for themselves.
watch tv iconEye Level,


Founded in 1986, Lindamood-Bell believes that all children and adults can reach their potential. Their instruction has been proven successful for individuals with learning challenges, including dyslexia, hyperlexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders.
watch tv iconLindamood-Bell,


This tuition centre helps to advise families on the entrance requirements to UK schools and universities. They provide the unique service of giving families in Singapore access to the UK’s leading private tutors through their online learning platform.
watch tv iconKeystone,

The Think Tank

This tuition centre is all about growing inquisitive, independent and informed learners, starting at preschool right on up through secondary. The curriculum approach is holistic, structured, and child-centred, and you can sign up for English, Chinese or Maths tuition and much more.
watch tv iconThe Think Tank,

Adam Khoo Learning Centre

With tuition classes for Kindergarten through Secondary covering English, Maths and science (plus a special Maths accelerator programme), Adam Khoo is one of the most popular tuition centres in Singapore – it’s especially a hit with parents looking for PSLE tuition.
watch tv iconAdam Khoo Learning Centre,


Covering science,English and Maths tuition in Singapore, JustEdu philosophy is all about fun learning from nurturing, dedicated teachers. Tuition classes start from pre-primary and go right up to Junior College levels.
watch tv iconJustEdu,

Kent Ridge Education

Kent Ridge Education has all sorts of fun tuition classes for children aged 3 and up; English tuition, Physics, Maths tuition in Singapore, E-Mathematics, Higher Chinese and much more. They even offer Junior College tuition classes.
watch tv iconKent Ridge Education,


Kumon is among the most popular math, English and Mandarin tuition centres in Singapore, with programmes for preschool-aged kids and up. And with more than 80 tuition centres in Singapore, it’s easy to find a learning centre that is close to you.
watch tv iconKumon,

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab offers tuition classes at the preschool, primary, secondary and Junior College levels, plus online tuition in Singapore if you’d rather your child learns from home.
watch tv iconThe Learning Lab,

Mind Stretcher

Covering English, Math, Chinese and Science tuition in Singapore, as well as GEP Prep Labs, Primary creative writing and more, this popular tuition centre in Singapore goes right up through secondary school. Reviews for Mind Stretcher often cite a positive learning environment, thorough explanations from teachers and good emotional support for all learners.
watch tv iconMind Stretcher,

SmartLab Education Centre

This tuition centre offers one-of-a-kind Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths tuition in Singapore. Each class is activity- and problem-based so children can develop essential problem-solving skills. Students will receive well-structured notes, making it easy to revise, highly interactive hands-on lessons and even exam-oriented worksheets with real questions from previous years’ exam papers.
watch tv iconSmartLab Education Centre,


Want a reliable home tutor who can offer English, Maths, Chinese tuition as well as academic help for writing, science and more? The friendly home tutors at this tuition centre in Singapore offer lessons for a variety of subjects from preschool right up to Junior College, and can also tutor students enrolled in special needs schools, IGSCE  and International Baccalaureate (IB) schools, as well as AEIS, polytechnic and university programmes.
watch tv iconSmileTutor,

Maths Tuition Centres in Singapore

Seriously Addictive Mathematics

This multi-award-winning enrichment program for kids ages 4 to 12 is based on the world-renowned Singapore Mathematics curriculum. Children have convenient access to both personalised classroom teaching and self-learning worksheets to help develop higher-order thinking skills like problem-solving, metacognition, critical thinking and logical reasoning. Teachers keep the weekly 60-minute classroom sessions fun and engaging, too, with hands-on activities and games.
watch tv iconSeriously Addictive Mathematics,

Kuno Method

This established enrichment programme from Tokyo is renowned for teaching well-rounded preschoolers who ace the entrance tests of the prestigious private primary schools in Japan. In fact, this tuition centre in Singapore claims that up to 80% of their students successfully enter prestigious primary schools that are preferred by parents.
watch tv iconKuno Method,

The Math Note Company

Founded by a former school teacher, the Maths tuition classes here help struggling secondary and Junior College students to successfully achieve Distinctions in the A/O/N levels or final IP school Mathematics examinations. Students are taught using an in-house technique to simplify how they solve Maths problems.
watch tv iconThe Math Note Company,

Math Vision

Math Vision tutors students in both Math and the Sciences, whether they need a little help in those subjects or are preparing for exams like the IGCSE or IB. They also provide counselling on applying to schools and unis in the UK.
watch tv iconMath Vision,

Scroll through our list to find other educational activities and lessons for your little one!

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