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Best Tuition and Enrichment Centres in Singapore for Every Age

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We’ve rounded up the best tuition and enrichment centres in Singapore to foster a love of learning in your little ones!

Did you know tuition is a billion dollar industry in Singapore, mama?! Blame it on kiasu parenting, blame it on an unrelenting academic culture, or blame it on an unparalleled commitment to learning and academic excellence — whatever the reason, there are now more than 600 tuition centres registered with the Ministry of Education — and that doesn’t even include small-scale home tutors.

“Tuition” and “Enrichment” can mean very different things to different people. Perhaps your child is struggling in a particular subject and needs help keeping up. Perhaps you want to make sure your little one is well-prepared for the rigors of primary school. Or perhaps you just want your tiny tot to find learning fun and enjoyable — believe it or not there are plenty of programs out there for toddlers (and even babies) that focus mostly on singing, dancing, arts and creative expression rather than rote learning.

With so much to choose from and a handful of tuition centres in seemingly every shopping mall, we’ve done the heavy lifting to round up the best tuition and enrichment centres in Singapore — at any age. Check out our roundup below – organised by subjects – and good luck, mamas!

Writing & Communication
Language (Mandarin, French, English, etc.)


best tuition centres singapore boutique education

Boutique Education

Established in 2010, Boutique Education offers home based tuition services across English, Maths, Mandarin and Science. With a focus on international school students (they’ve served thousands of families in Singapore!), they offer tailor made lessons that are engaging for children while offering the support they need. Our team of experienced tutors have a wide range of skills but all share the same goal to instill the love of learning in their students.

Age range: 4-18 years old
Dates & Times offered: Monday – Thursday 11am – 9pm, Saturday 9am – 6pm
Price: From $560 per month

Boutique Education, 9 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #02-01, Singapore 238959,

lorna whiston tuition centre

Lorna Whiston

Established in 1980, Lorna Whiston has built a reputation over the past 40 years with high quality education and teaching excellence across Singapore and Malaysia. Their signature programmes include English Enrichment, Speech & Drama and Preschools. Confidence starts with language and communication and at Lorna Whiston, they commit themselves to quality teaching. You can trust that their teachers will help in instilling confidence and excellence in every student’s language and communication, as well as passion and enthusiasm towards lifelong learning!

How much: Lessons range from $59.92 to $90.42 per lesson, depending on the programme and schedule

Eye Level Learning

Tracing its roots back 40 years in South Korea, award-winning Eye Level currently enrols more than 2.5 million children ages 4 to 14 in centres worldwide. Covering both Math and English, Eye Level focuses on each child’s individual needs and abilities (they teach them at their eye level…), so kiddos can learn and think for themselves.


Founded in 1986, Lindamood-Bell believes that all children and adults can learn to their potential. Their instruction has been proven successful for individuals with learning challenges, including dyslexia, hyperlexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders.


Keystone helps to advise families on entrance to UK schools and universities. They provide the unique service of giving families in Singapore access to the UK’s leading private tutors through their online learning platform.

Smarter Me

This leading Singapore-based online platform founded by three parents connects families with dedicated and experienced tutors and teachers. Smarter Me offers classes across both academic and lifestyle disciplines, including music, dance, languages, science & technology and more.

The Think Tank

This enrichment centre is all about growing inquisitive, independent and informed learners, starting at preschool right on up through secondary. The curriculum approach is holistic, structured, and child-centred.

Adam Khoo Learning Centre

With classes for Kindergarten through Secondary covering English, Maths, Chinese and even coding, Adam Khoo is one of the most popular tuition centres in Singapore – it’s especially a hit with parents looking for PSLE tuition.


Covering English, Math and Science, JustEdu philosophy is all about fun learning from nurturing, dedicated teachers. Classes start from Pre-Primary.

Kentridge Tutors

Kentridge Tutors has all sorts of other fun classes for children aged 3 and up, including Phonics, Abacus & Arithmetic, Arts & Crafts, Chinese, Speech & Drama and even Financial Literacy.


Kumon is among the most popular math, English and Mandarin tuition centres in Singapore, with programs for preschool-aged kids and up.

The Learning Lab

Learning Lab offers programs at the Preschool, Primary, Secondary and Junior College levels, starting with storytelling sessions and special library visits to cultivate a love of reading, and fun games, manipulatives and interactive whiteboard sessions (Math) at the Nursery 1 level.


It’s no surprise that this well-known preschool also provides all sorts of enrichment options for littlies, starting with Reading programs from the age of 3, and progressing to Writing and all-around “Thinking Skills” programs in the primary years. Mindchamps also helps kiddos prepare for the PSLE.

Mind Stretcher

Covering English, Math, Chinese and Science, these popular tuition centres go right up through Secondary school, though their strong Preschool programs emphasize the four important pillars of critical thinking, public speaking, moral education and literacy – all important life skills for our little ones to build upon!


Seriously Addictive Mathematics

This multi-award-winning enrichment program for kids ages 4 to 12 is based on our own little island’s innovative and world-renowned Singapore Mathematics curriculum. With nine different locations across the island, children have convenient access to both personalised classroom teaching and self-learning worksheets to help devleop higher order thinking skills like problem solving, metacognition, critical thinking and logical reasoning. Teachers keep the weekly 60-minute classroom sessions fun and engaging, too, with hands-on activities and games. S.A.M. is so proven and trusted that it’s got centres trusted and recommended by parents in 16 different countries, mama!

Seriously Addictive Mathematics, centres located in 9 locations,,

KUNO Method

This established enrichment programme from Tokyo is renowned for grooming well-rounded preschoolers who ace the entrance tests of the prestigious private primary schools in Japan.

The Math Note Company

Founded by a former school teacher, The Math Note Company helps struggling Secondary and Junior College students to successfully achieve Distinctions in the A/O/N levels or final IP school Mathematics examinations.

Math Vision

Math Vision helps students cover both Math and the Sciences, whether they need a little help in those subjects or are preparing for exams like the IGCSE or IB. They also provide counselling on applying to schools and unis in the UK.


lingoace academy tuition centre classes

LingoAce Academy

LingoAce provides online, in-person, group and private Chinese classes for students to achieve academic excellence. They’ve successfully integrated online and offline teaching methods to create a leading Blended Learning method taught by teachers with over 10 years of MOE-accredited teaching experience. They’ll guide your child through skill-based modules to excel in PSLE examinations. We like their systematic way of learning Chinese with bite-sized practice sessions to facilitate deeper learning, while adhering to the MOE Syllabus to ensure topics are highly relevant to students so they can keep up with progress in school!

Age range: 4-15 years

Redeem a free course consultation and complimentary trial class today! Sign up here!

LingoAce Academy, 111 Somerset, #04-01 Singapore 238164,
IG: @lingoace_global

english tuition british council english enrichment early years young learners

British Council

We’re huge fans of British Council here at Sassy Mama, as they’ve been teaching and promoting the merits of the English Language here in Singapore for 70 years now! British Council provides a wealth of high-quality courses for preschool, primary and secondary students (as well as adults!), including one-to-one tuition, fun phonics and literacy classes, exam preparation (including PSLE, O-Levels, A-Levels, and IB), university and entrance exam prep, and much more. They also organise study camps during school holiday periods to help students hone their presentation and communications skills, report and email writing, and pronunciation. British Council even offers tailored courses for general, business- or industry-specific English.

British Council, various locations[email protected]

Alliance Francaise

AF is one of Singapore’s longest-standing language schools, and offers a wide range of classes, camps and activities for both children and adults looking to learn French.


Berries is a popular Mandarin centre catering to children in nursery through primary school. It’s got an MOE-approved syllabus and believes in learning through social interaction, instillment of values and curriculum understanding.


Actually an offshoot of Julia Gabriel, Chengzhu employs the same fun, “Edu-Drama” approach to expose little ones to both Chinese language and culture. Programs start from 2.5 years of age.


Mandarin specialist EduGrove aims to provide a fun alternative to more traditional classes emphasising rote memorisation. Playgroups and classes are interactive and creative, with an eye toward building confidence in both oral and written skills.

French Studio

“Located in Joo Chiat in the East, this language studio offers French and Spanish classes. I used to send my kids there once a week for French classes. I loved that both of my kids could go at the same time even if they had different levels. The teachers and staff are super friendly and the fees are very reasonable.”
– Emilie, mama of two

Hua Language Centre

Hua Language Centre teaches little ones from 18 months up to 16 years old. It’s a fave among parents who have gone for Chinese classes at Hua themselves and then sent their own kiddos because of the interesting and effective curriculum.

Spanish World Singapore

Spanish World Singapore, formerly Las Lilas School, is exclusively focused on teaching the Spanish language and culture in Singapore. It offers both summer camps and weekly classes for children from the age of 3 up to age 16. They offer plenty of adult courses too, mamacitas!

Little Mandarins

Little Mandarins takes a fun, play-based approach led by native Mandarin speakers. Learning is hands-on and interactive.

Writing & Communication

The Alternative Story

Adopting new teaching methodologies while still being in line with the PSLE syllabus, teachers encourage curiosity in their students in order to develop a love for learning and in turn allowing good composition skills to flourish in a supportive learning environment.

The Language Boutique

The Language Boutique’s highly qualified teachers keep young minds active and engaged en route to reaching their full academic potential.

Master Class Learning Centre

Master Class is a well-trusted learning centre at East Coast Road. They do classes for Primary 4 to 6 and Secondary 1 to 4 English and Junior College General Paper in a conducive and supportive learning environment.

Words Worth

Words Worth caters to children from Primary School through through Secondary, Junior College, IGCSE, IB Programme and even English as a Second Language.

The Writer’s Place

As specialists in English creative writing, their teaching methodologies are proven to help children learn effectively and most importantly, while having fun.

Growing Up Gifted

Specializing in Early Years education, G.U.G. provides specially-designed activities for children from 8 months of age up to 8 years-old, covering skills including language, literacy, logical thinking, math, social, and problem-solving skills. It all begins with parent-accompanied playgroups for kiddos 8 months to 4 years of age.

I Can Read

This popular enrichment centre that’s taught more than 170,000 students around the world is all about helping children overcome the challenges and difficulties of reading to ensure they become confident, independent readers. Programmes start from 2.5 years of age and go up through age 12.

Julia Gabriel

With a renowned “Readers & Writers” program along with Speech & Drama courses that kiddos find tons of fun, Julia Gabriel is all about bringing the exceptional student out in every child and helping them find their voice (sometimes literally!).

LEAP Schoolhouse Enrichment

LEAP has everything from parent-accompanied playgroups (for children aged 8-36 months) to enrichment and movement classes for kiddos aged 2.5 to 7 years old – all with the focus of boosting English and Chinese skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Brought to you in partnership with LingoAce, Seriously Addictive Mathematics, The British Council, Lorna Whiston

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