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Music Schools Offering Kids’ Singing, Violin, Drum, Guitar & Piano Lessons in Singapore

music schools in singapore
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Hone your child’s musical abilities at these music schools in Singapore, which offer piano, violin, guitar, drums, cello, songwriting, music production and singing lessons for kids of all ages (and even adults!)

Music doesn’t just help build language abilities, increase your child’s IQ, and teach discipline and motor skills; it’s also a great way for little ones to destress and have fun! Studying at a tuition centre can be helpful for those who are struggling academically, but sometimes, the kids just need a break from textbook material. If you’re on the lookout for piano lessons, violin lessons or any other music lessons in superb facilities with qualified music teachers and convenient locations, then consult our list of music schools in Singapore that’ll leave you singing a happy tune! Whether your child is interested in guitar or any other musical instrument or getting into performance, singing, song-making and music production, these music classes are worth a try!

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Songwork International

music schools singapore - Songwork International

Music lessons: songwriting, hit song-making, music production and music industry knowledge
Got a kiddo at home who loves writing song lyrics and composing new songs? A leading team of internationally successful songwriters, producers and music industry professionals, this music school in Singapore delivers professional-level hit songwriting knowledge to kids of all ages. Lessons take place at Songwork’s beautiful studios, in schools, within private sessions and even online, as Songwork conducts various online clinics and songwriting sessions too. This music school’s team of renowned industry professionals nurture your musical inspiration, from blank page, through the fully mixed track, to Spotify playlist fame. Music lessons here will see children learn to write songs in some of the most fun and collaboratively creative workshops and studio sessions. They’ll pick up new tips and tricks from renowned international mentors, songwriters and producers in Songwork’s own studios and master musicianship skills that will help your child at all levels of their life.

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Songwork International,


Summer camps singapore - MADDspace Summer Image

Music lessons: singing, dance and performance
If your mini-me is a musical theatre lover, then MADDspace has plenty that will interest them! Its 4,500-square-foot studio is spacious, and the founders have a strong background in performance and show choir. This music school offers a range of creative musical classes in areas such as singing, performing and dance. Kiddos will have an absolute blast building their confidence through MADDspace’s signature Sing & Dance show choir class, the hip-hop dance classes, Artiste Development classes, the Stars on Broadway programme and much more. There are even opportunities to perform publicly across Singapore and record in the in-house recording studio! Additionally, every student at MADDspace can opt to undergo certification courses offered by the London College of Music (LCM), The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) or the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).
MADDspace, 1 Selegie Rd and ​The Chevrons, Singapore,, Tel: (+65) 6802 4072,

Joy Music Studio

music schools in singapore - Joy Studio

Music lessons: piano, vocals, drums, guitar, violin and Early Music Learners programme
The ethos at Joy Music Studio is that music brings joy! Students undertake customised piano lessons, guitar lessons and a range of other music lessons that are crafted by the studio’s teachers in cooperation with students (and parents). These lessons are designed to balance your child’s progression with loads of fun! At this music school in Singapore, lessons can be entirely focused on classical music, pop or a good mix of both! Joy Music Studio’s teachers – all of whom are highly qualified and registered with the Ministry of Education – use globally recognised curriculums from ABRSM, Rock School and Trinity College London as a base to build lessons that suit your child’s goals. Students also get the chance to showcase their skills at various concert recitals, music competitions, and small group workshops throughout the year.

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Joy Music Studio, 1 Marine Parade Central #02-02 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408

Amadeus Music Academy

Music lessons: piano, guitar, violin, vocal
A MOE-registered music school in Singapore, Amadeus Music Academy provides tailored piano lessons in Singapore for children as young as 3 years old. The music classes are designed to be engaging while providing children with all the right technical knowledge. Additionally, Amadeus also has guitar, vocal and violin lessons, and you can even look into their piano studio rental services if your child is prepping for a major exam and needs somewhere to practise without distractions.
Amadeus Music Academy,

Asia Music

Music lessons: piano, violin, guitar, drums, saxophone, ukulele, vocal and more
The teachers at this music school in Singapore are highly trained in their music specialities and offer comprehensive instruction in personalised individual or group classes. Programmes on offer include piano lessons in Singapore, violin and guitar lessons, drums, saxophone and even the ukulele. Budding singers will also benefit from their singing programmes.
Asia Music,

Aureus Academy

Music lessons: piano, violin, guitar, cello, drums, brass, vocal
With multiple convenient locations across the island – including a state-of-the-art performance space at their flagship right on Orchard Road – this music school in Singapore is known for its fantastically qualified music teachers and one-on-one training (they don’t have a 100% pass rate on the prestigious ABRSM Music Exam for nothing!), but above all, they strive to ignite a passion for music in their young students. With seven different instruments to choose from, why not take advantage of their free trial music lesson?
Aureus Academy,

Belcanto Violins

Music lessons: violin
Belcanto Violins prides itself in being musical experts in technical precision, helping kiddos with a unique individualistic approach to excel in playing string instruments. Little violinists at Belcanto get plenty of opportunities to perform, all while being taught with an emphasis on motivating passion and a life-long love for music!
Belcanto Violins,

Believer Music

music schools in singapore - Believer Music

Music lessons: guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, drums, ukulele, voice and cajon.
This contemporary music school in Singapore has made music accessible to all – from ages 7 to 60 and up – and offers a wide array of music lessons from guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, drums, ukulele, voice, and cajon – at multiple levels, from beginners to advanced learners. With no more than eight students per class, Believer Music is all about encouraging a fun learning experience with an engaging group dynamic.
Believer Music,

Bloom School of Music & Arts

Music lessons: baby music classes
This music school in Singapore is one of the few to offer music lessons for toddlers through its unique Musikgarten programme. With the belief that all children are musical, teachers act as facilitators in creating opportunities for little ones to explore and grow in a fun, musical environment.
Bloom School of Music & Arts,

piano lessons in singapore - Creative Hearts music lesson for kids

Creative Hearts – Centre For Performing Arts

Music lessons: piano, ukulele, guitar, vocals, musical theatre, songwriting, baby classes
Creative Hearts welcomes students from as young as 6 months old. Music lessons on offer here include early childhood music and movement classes for babies and toddlers, a piano primer for preschoolers, group piano lessons for young beginners with their in-house books and curriculum, as well as their musical theatre and songwriting classes. Individual classes for all ages, levels and grades (including adults) are available as well, in piano, ukulele, guitar and vocals. Kiddos here are nurtured to develop a lifelong love for music and the performing arts. In fact students here have been involved in advertising and jingles for Sentosa, SMRT and MSF!

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Creative Hearts, 2 Pandan Valley and 428 River Valley, Singapore,

The Cello Suite

Music Schools in Singapore - The Cello Suite - child and teacher with cellos

Music lessons: cello
This music school in Singapore provides individual and group cello lessons for all ages from children as young as age 5 up to adults! Their boutique studio along River Valley is a cosy, comfortable space, where children are shaped into well-rounded musicians with a deep love for music via the I’m a Little Cellist programme. The music lessons from this programme incorporate pedagogy from the Suzuki method, which equips students with a solid musical and technical foundation. Lessons are lots of fun and are taught by one of the few Suzuki-trained cello teachers in Singapore with a passion for nurturing children to fulfil their potential.

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The Cello Suite, Loft@Nathan, 428 River Valley Road, #02-11 Singapore 248327, Tel: (+65) 8764 3341 (WhatsApp),

Cristofori Piano

Music lessons: piano, guitar, violin, drums, ukulele and music theory lessons
If you’re keen on piano lessons in Singapore, this is a good one to check out: Cristofori’s piano lessons are of note – they’ve been teaching kids how to tickle the ivories for more than 35 years. This renowned music school in Singapore now offers more than 30 instruction centres across the island, and now also offers music lessons in guitar, violin, drums, the ukulele and music theory lessons.
Cristofori Piano,

Finger Waltz Music School

Music lessons: piano, violin, vocal and dance
Utilising the ABRSM syllabus, this music school offers piano lessons in Singapore, conducted by qualified teachers who can offer holistic and systematic music education for your child. Skills taught within each music lesson include finger techniques, theory, sight-reading, aural and more. Students also get to participate in a concert at the Finger Waltz recital hall. Trial music lessons are available too!
Finger Waltz Music School,

Juzmusic Academy

Music lessons: violin, viola, guitar, drum, ukulele, piano lessons, cello, baby music classes
On top of their fab Suzuki violin, piano lessons and cello programmes, this music school in Singapore also offers early childhood classes for your tiny tots to learn music the fun way while they’re still crawling!
Juzmusic Academy,

Heritage Strings & Arts

music schools in singapore - Heritage Strings & Arts

Music lessons: guzheng and guqin
This music school in Singapore offers lessons in traditional Chinese instruments like the guzheng and guqin. Music classes are taught by highly qualified teachers, one of whom is a Singaporean graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the Sichuan Conservatory Music in China. Heritage Strings & Arts’ group of teachers are bilingual, can carry out lessons in both English and Mandarin, and can instruct children aged 5 and above, and adults too. You can opt for graded or non-graded music lessons, and the teachers can help children prep for direct school admission (DSA) initiatives. Heritage also offers various time slots for lessons, which you can book at your convenience. In addition to the traditional Chinese music lessons, Heritage Strings & Arts also retails traditional Chinese instruments like the guzheng and guqin.
Heritage Strings & Arts, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #03-108/109, Singapore 039594, Tel: (+65) 6993 9793 / (+65) 9167 7655 (WhatsApp),

Kindermusik with Love Studios

Music lessons: baby music classes
With convenient locations in both the West and the East, this mum-preferred music school in Singapore offers fun and easygoing classes for newborns up through age 7. This international music programme incorporates song, dance, movement, and lots of exploration and play.
Kindermusik with Love,

Learn 2 Play Music Academy

Music lessons: violin, acoustic guitar, ukelele, keyboard, piano
Offering music classes in Singapore for little ones of all ages, Learn 2 Play Music Academy brings melody through play and lets children learn in a fun way! You’ll find graded violin and piano lessons for kids aged 5 and up, and graded electric/acoustic guitar and ukulele lessons for students aged 7 and up. Students work towards internationally recognised qualifications from ABRSM and Rockschool.
Learn 2 Play Music Academy,

Learn Violin Lessons

Music lessons: violin
Learn Violin Lessons is made up of a team of dedicated violin teachers (each with an ABRSM Grade 8 certificate and above) focusing on quality violin classes for kids from age 3 up to adults. All music classes are private, 1-to-1 sessions provided to students at home or in the teacher’s studio. LVL also provides high-quality handmade violins to rent or buy so it makes it easier for students to start their classes! Music lessons are affordable and promise students the knowledge in the right techniques and theoretical background in playing the violin.
Learn Violin Lessons,

Mandeville Conservatory of Music

piano lessons in singapore - Mandeville Conservatory of Music - Kids Concert

Music lessons: piano, violin, cello, guitars, Chinese instruments and more
Catering to kids from the age of 2.5 and up, Mandeville Conservatory of Music offers music lessons that are tailored to suit your child’s musical journey. Available in either groups or individual classes, programmes on offer include piano lessons in Singapore, instruments such as the violin, cello, guitars, Chinese instruments plus preschooler programmes, Baby Violin, Aural Training Group and much more – all of which are taught by experienced instructors who can personalise their teaching style.

Sign up for a trial lesson and get 1 FREE lesson when you enrol for the regular course. Terms and conditions apply.

Mandeville Conservatory of Music, multiple locations in Singapore, Tel: (+65) 6250 1911 (United Square) / (+65) 6440 3383 (Parkway Parade),

Our Music Studio

piano lessons in singapore - Our Music Studio

Music lessons: percussion instruments, Orff-Schulwerk-based instruments, keyboard group classes
Bond with your child in their formative years in one of Our Music Studio’s Music & Movement classes, which helps boost your child’s emotional, cognitive and physical development. Their curriculum is been designed by a group of music veterans who have a collective 126 years of experience in teaching Music & Movement, and is based on the Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze methods. The Music & Movement class is open to newborns and children up till the age of 7, and your child will be exposed to a wide range of local songs in Mandarin, Malay and Tamil in addition to the list of European, Asian and African Music.

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Our Music Studio, 163 Tanglin Road, #03-11B, Singapore 247933, Tel: (+65) 6467 1789 or (+65) 9824 0198 (Whatsapp),

Presto Studios

Music lessons: violin, piano
Presto Studios is a notable music school in Singapore with highly qualified teachers who coach students in piano or violin towards the ABRSM exams. Students will also have endless performing opportunities and events to help them achieve continuous milestones in their learning journey.
Presto Studios,

Rave Harps Academy

Music lessons: harp
Is there anything prettier and more angelic-sounding than harp music? Specialising in that heavenly instrument, Rave Harps has over 10 years of experience on the Singapore scene and can train aspiring harpists from the tender age of 5. Among this music school in Singapore’s biggest success stories is Lee Yun Chai, who joined Rave Harps at age 6 and is now the first Singaporean harpist ever accepted into the world-famous Juilliard School in New York.
Rave Harps Academy,

Singapore Raffles Music College

Music lessons: higher education
This music school in Singapore is for young adults who want to pursue music and dance as their tertiary education. Students can expect comprehensive curricula and innovative teaching styles from a highly qualified academic team. Furthermore, the college also invites renowned musicians from around the world to complement students’ overall education.
Singapore Raffles Music College,


Music lessons: piano lessons and higher education
A premier music school, SOMA (School of Music and the Arts) focuses on contemporary music performance and career skills in areas like songwriting, music production, audio engineering and more. However, SOMA also offers piano lessons for learners aged 7 and above, which equips children with good finger techniques, note and sight-reading skills, chord progression knowledge, rhythm counting and more. Graded musical examinations are also available under the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

Vienna Music School

Music lessons: piano, guitar, violin, drum, ukulele, violin, vocal
Music is more than just art at this music school; it’s also a great avenue for children to build their self-esteem, develop creativity and boost personal development. Vienna Music School offers piano, guitar, violin, drum and ukulele lessons, alongside violin and vocal classes. You can also purchase musical instruments here too if you’re looking for a new piano, guitar or accessories like guitar picks and clip-on electrical tuners.
Vienna Music School,

Wolfgang Violin Studio

Music lessons: violin, cello, piano
Under the leadership of internationally acclaimed Singaporean violinist Min Lee, this music school in Singapore offers violin lessons for children starting from the age of 3, right on up through adults. We love that their introductory Baby Beats music class for toddlers is parent-accompanied, with an emphasis on a foundation of listening, singing, clapping, tapping and movement.
Wolfgang Violin Studio,

Yamaha Music School

Music lessons: piano, guitar, drums, baby classes
One of the most popular music schools in Singapore, Yamaha Music School has locations all across the island. In affiliation with the renowned instrument company, Yamaha offers piano lessons in Singapore, plus instruction in guitar and drums. They also offer a fun introduction to music class for toddlers starting from age 2, and music lessons for adults.
Yamaha Music School,

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