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Guide to Online Tutors and Online Tuition in Singapore

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Check out our guide to online tutors and centres for online tuition in Singapore to foster a love of learning in your little ones at home!

Need a tutor to keep your kids focused? Thanks to technology, there are now many specialised online tuition providers right here in SG! Plus, many prestigious tuition centres have also moved their lessons online so there isn’t a shortage of online tutors to help your kids out with their academic progression at home!

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british council online tuition singapore

British Council

Looking for a course that’s specifically tailored to your needs? British Council offers bespoke one-to-one online courses available for students of all ages, from young learners to adults! Classes offer extreme flexibility and full customisation to your schedule. British Council’s highly qualified and experienced teachers (with Cambridge University CELTA/DELTA post-graduate teaching qualifications as a minimum) are dedicated to help students achieve the results they desire. Plus, one-to-one lessons help students to interact with teachers at their own pace.

The course topics on offer include:
– English language and skills support classes for young learners in MOE and international schools. Help with other school subjects – such as History, Geography, Science taught in English
– Speaking and pronunciation courses for adult learners
– Presentation skills and public speaking for adults
– General English and business English courses
– IELTS preparation

Price for courses includes any pre- and post-course assessment and consultation, all British Council published teaching materials (charges may apply for courses requiring alternative published materials), and detailed student reports for courses 20 hours or over student certification. GST inclusive.

food delivery singaporeGet 10% off when you sign up for a 40-hour package!

British Council,

online tuition singapore future academy

Future Academy

Online tuition centre Future Academy makes online interactive classes even more engaging than sitting in a classroom! Their interactive classes bring students the best online learning experience with various interactive tools implemented in the interactive tutoring platform, including fun educational games and trophies. Say goodbye to boring online conferencing! With the Q&A tools implemented, teachers are more efficient in finding out each student’s answer and can give students guidance and feedback in real time. Just like their high-quality offline tuition, Future Academy’s online interactive classes are also 1:6 with a high teacher to student ratio so students get ample attention from teachers during the lessons.

Future Academy,

alternative story online tuition supplementary lessons

The Alternative Story

With over 10 years of experience in tuition, The Alternative Story (TAS) specialises in providing students age 7 – 13 with effective and engaging lessons both online and on-site. Their TAS Virtual-ly programme tailors to students’ various learning needs and offers them access to three modes of e-learning: Live Online Lessons, Supplementary Online Lessons (teaching videos) and Online Assessment Book (teaching videos with application questions and detailed explanations). The live online lessons are designed to mimic real-life on-site lessons, allowing students to have live interactions with each other for active brainstorming, and the chance to get immediate feedback from their teachers.

The comprehensive online syllabus is a customised curriculum for effective online learning, including topics like Mastering Writing Techniques for Different Compositions, Acquiring Time-tested Techniques to Master Paper 2 Components and Development of Critical Thinking and Exposure to Current Affairs. Lessons are also chock-full of captivating media resources, educational videos and pop quizzes to create an environment where learning comes alive for every student. Mamas and dads will be kept in the loop via direct communication channels with teachers for queries and easy-to-use platforms for homework submission.

Enjoy a free trial on your first live online lesson!

The Alternative Story,

online tuition singapore keyboard

Boutique Education Online Learning Service

Boutique Education is continuing their philosophy of instilling a love of learning with their online tuition programmes! Tailor-made classes can now be delivered using their interactive learning platform, ClassDo (not your regular Zoom or Skype!) ensuring that students remain engaged and the lessons match the standards of their face-to-face service. With a focus on international schools, they can deliver classes to support the home learning programmes offered by each school, as well as enhance the curriculum. Classes will be conducted by the same Boutique Education teachers who hold regular tuition lessons, ensuring consistency. Subjects on offer include English, Maths and Mandarin for ages 5-18 years. Contact [email protected] or WhatsApp (+65) 9021 2488 for details of membership plans.

food delivery singaporeAll new customers will receive 10% off their first month’s membership!

Boutique Education Online Learning Service,

british tutors online

British Tutors

Leading the field in providing academic private tuition to international families, this Hong Kong stalwart has just opened a branch in Singapore. With a focus on UK curricula and school entry, the British Tutors team of top tutors now teach one-on-one online lessons to students here! Expect tailored lessons in core subjects, the option to put together and manage a home-schooling programme for you, plenty of creative courses and diverting academic programmes, plus specialist help on how to ace UK school entrance exams!

Quote SassyMama to receive a free 20-minute education consultation with one of the company’s directors!

British Tutors,

guide to online tuition singapore teenage boy listening to music while doing homework

IB Super

Founded by teacher and mamapreneur Bel Hwang (whom we interviewed here!), IB Super is a tuition company focusing on IB, IGSCE, O-Level and A-Level tutoring. They’re one of the earliest centres to offer online tuition in Singapore and have been doing so for almost 10 years (they even got featured in the Straits Times and New Paper for it)! IB Super has tutored students online from all over Europe and Asia, including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany and even Mongolia. Their pedagogy is based on the latest education research from the National Institute of Education and the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Subjects offered include JC H2 Mathematics, International Baccalaureate & IGCSE English, Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Quote Sassy Mama Online to get 10% off the first 4 classes!

IB Super,

online tuition singapore

Koala Know

Koala Know is an Online Chinese learning platform for students aged 4 to 12 who want to improve their Chinese proficiency. Unlike other online classes designed for beginners, their curriculum is more intensive and suitable for students with basic Chinese foundation, perfect for most Singaporean kids. Their innovative curriculum structures each class to be educational, yet entertaining, which helps maintain a constant level of interest from the students throughout the course. Koala Know is the only platform in the industry hiring all full-time teachers, each with a bachelor’s degree in language and education. Students attend lessons twice a week with 25 minutes per class, which ensures the optimal balance between intensiveness and frequency. The learning outcomes of the course will enable the students to improve language proficiency, instead of just focusing on examination scores.

food delivery singaporeTo support families’ needs for effective online study during Covid-19 outbreak, Koala Know is offering a free trial class (worth USD20) and cash coupons (as high as USD400) off their course packages to the first 100 registered students! Register here to be eligible! Whatsapp (+65) 9296 3558 for more info.

Koala Know,

online tuition singapore

Lorna Whiston

Established in 1980, Lorna Whiston has built a reputation over the past 40 years with high-quality education and teaching excellence across Singapore and Malaysia. Their signature programmes include English Enrichment, Speech & Drama and Preschools. Confidence starts with language and communication and at Lorna Whiston, they commit themselves to quality teaching. The school is now offering interactive and engaging online learning platforms with dedicated teachers and lessons that your children will never forget! Subjects offered include English enrichment classes from Nursery 1 to Primary 6, Speech & Drama classes from Nursery 1 to Secondary 4, and upcoming holiday camp classes. Lessons range from $59.92 to $90.42 per lesson, depending on the programme and schedule

food delivery singaporeEnjoy a free online trial lesson per student!

Lorna Whiston,

online tutor sg code campus

SG Code Campus

SG Code Campus offers online enrichment classes for students age 7 to 18 with a strong emphasis on conceptual understanding, fluency in programming languages and solid build skills to solve problems. They also have tailored group or one-to-one classes for students taking Computer Science for IB, ‘O’ or ‘A’ Levels, with lessons specially curated to follow each school’s curriculum. Most exciting are the newly established partnerships with Apple and Amazon, which will ensure that every child receives coding education of the highest quality upon joining their student community!

Enjoy an exclusive 10% off your child’s first course with SG Code Campus! Call (+65) 3138 9477 or email [email protected] to find out more.

SG Code Campus,

the think tank online tutors tuition

The Think Tank

The Think Tank is all about growing inquisitive, independent and informed learners. Their customised, curated in-house curriculum targets students from Nursery all the way up to Pre-tertiary! Their interactive real-time online classes are conducted by a dynamic team of passionate and caring teachers with three generations of experience. Children enjoy a nurturing environment in small cosy virtual classrooms for personalised attention with dedicated teachers who cater to all learning styles – even while studying at home!

The Think Tank,

online tuition tutopiya


With more than 10,000 hours of successful live online 1-to-1 tuition to date, it’s safe to say Tutopiya specialises in online tuition! Subjects offered include Math, English, Sciences & Languages for students aged 6 to 18 years old. Their purpose-built state-of-the-art online classroom platform is packed with the latest features for effective online learning, coupled with a network of the best experienced subject specialist tutors (trained in IGCSE, IB and Singapore local curriculum) currently teaching hundreds of students in over 25 countries worldwide. Tutopiya’s complete online learning solution comprises of:
– Real-time online teaching with flexible lesson timings
– Multi-subject lesson packages (students can choose their subjects and learn on demand)
– 24/7 tech support
– Targeted  and graded Practice Assignments
– Feedback to parents after each lesson

Enjoy a FREE 60-min Trial Lesson to experience how the live platform works, and 15% off any lesson package for all new sign ups with a free trial 1-to-1 60-min trial lesson on any subject of your choice!


online tuition singapore PSLE tips studying


Tutorconnect was launched at the beginning of 2019 to improve the process of finding a home or online tutor. Their platform makes it more transparent and efficient for parents to discover suitable independent tutors for their children, whether for lessons in the home or online! Simply choose a tutor based on their profile information and reviews from other parents and students, then contact them directly to arrange a consultation.


Adam Khoo Learning Centre

With classes for Kindergarten through Secondary covering English, Maths, Chinese and even coding, Adam Khoo is one of the most popular tuition centres in Singapore – it’s especially a hit with parents looking for PSLE tuition. The centres are based on the philosophy of “Happy Children, Happy Results” and the belief that empowerment and encouragement are the cornerstones to academic success. Plus, AKLC has gone online since 26 March 2020!

Adam Khoo Learning

Eye Level Learning

Tracing its roots back 40 years in South Korea, award-winning Eye Level currently enrols more than 2.5 million children ages 4 to 14 in centres worldwide. Covering both Math and English, Eye Level focuses on each child’s individual needs and abilities (they teach them at their eye level…), so kiddos can learn and think for themselves. Students are trained to become proactive learners, self-motivated to study, strategize, and implement plans using good time management. Instructors are also well-versed in helping kiddos set goals and then achieve them.

Eye Level Learning,

I Can Read

This popular enrichment centre that’s taught more than 170,000 students around the world is all about helping children overcome the challenges and difficulties of reading to ensure they become confident, independent readers. Programmes start from 2.5 years of age and go up through age 12. There are two dozen I Can Read centres located across the island. During this period of lesson suspension at their I Can Read centres, children can continue learning from the safety of their homes!

I Can Read,


Covering English, Math and Science, JustEdu’s philosophy is all about fun learning from nurturing, dedicated teachers. It’s grown to 13 centres across the island based on positive word of mouth from happy parents and students – many of whom have returned to be teachers, themselves! Classes start from Pre-Primary, with additional Robotics classes for kids aged 5 to 14. Lessons have resumed online for JustEdu! Details on the arrangement of online lessons can be found on their site.



Based solely in the UK until recently, Keystone recently set up shop in Singapore to help advise families on entrance to UK schools and universities. They provide the unique service of giving families in Singapore access to the UK’s leading private tutors through their fantastic online learning platform. Tutors cover all subjects – including English, Humanities, Modern and Classical Languages, Maths and Science – and have extensive experience with exams like the IGCSE, A-Levels and IB. Online tutoring allows for flexible scheduling (and no schlepping for mamas!) – all kids need is a computer and they’re ready to go.  Geared towards children aged 8 and up.

Junhui Huang, Keystone Tutors,


Founded in 1986, Lindamood-Bell believes that all children and adults can learn to their potential. Their instruction has been proven successful for individuals with learning challenges, including dyslexia, hyperlexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders. Lindamood-Bell and all of its Learning Centers are accredited by AdvancED, and they’re also the only organization globally to address the imagery-language foundation necessary for an individual to process language. With stricter measures in place, they have now moved online to provide lessons and an Online Complimentary Diagnostic Screening for Learning, which measures reading & comprehension skills and includes a virtual consultation.


Master Class Learning Centre

Helmed by an ex-government scholar with a University of Cambridge Master’s degree and almost twenty years’ teaching experience in top schools and sound mastery in English teaching, Master Class is a well-trusted learning centre at East Coast Road. Their track records for national examinations are stellar: 100% As and A*s for PSLE English and 100% As and Bs for ‘O’ Level English. Teachers with degrees and NIE qualifications boast an accumulated 50 years’ teaching experience and their curriculum is systematic and engaging. They do classes for Primary 4 to 6 and Secondary 1 to 4 English and Junior College General Paper in a conducive and supportive learning environment. They have also taken their regular lessons online, so make sure to check with them on how to log on!

Master Class Learning Centre,

Seriously Addictive Mathematics

This multi-award-winning enrichment program for kids ages 4 to 12 is based on our own little island’s innovative and world-renowned Singapore Mathematics curriculum. With multiple locations across the island, children have convenient access to both personalised classroom teaching and self-learning worksheets to help develop higher-order thinking skills like problem-solving, metacognition, critical thinking and logical reasoning. Teachers keep the weekly 60-minute classroom sessions fun and engaging, too, with hands-on activities and games. S.A.M. is so proven and trusted that it’s got centres trusted and recommended by parents in 20 different countries, mama! With online guided practice and independent practice at home, S.A.M students continue to benefit from consistent learning and develop mastery in math, problem-solving and thinking skills, self-discipline and good study habits!

Seriously Addictive Mathematics,

Smarter Me

This Singapore-based online platform founded by three parents connects families with dedicated and experienced tutors and teachers who undergo a comprehensive curation process that begins with referrals from other parents and other official certification channels. Smarter Me offers classes across both academic and lifestyle disciplines, including music, dance, languages, science & technology and more. Handily, users can search, book and pay online while seamlessly communicating with instructors.

Smarter Me,

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