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Have You Heard of ‘Phygital’ Learning? This Chinese Tuition Centre is Leading the Charge in 2022

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Thanks to home-based learning and an increased internet savviness among the new generation, ‘phygital’ learning could be one of the best new tuition methods. (Scroll on to get 27 free pre-recorded Chinese lessons worth $525!)

What is ‘phygital’ learning? It’s exactly what it sounds like – a blend of physical and digital learning! With Covid-19 having changed the way kids learn (we won’t wish for home-based learning, but if we have to go through it again, we’ll be ready!) many tuition centres all over the island have chosen to adopt this blend of ‘phygital’ tuition in order to minimise disruption.

A recent press release by the Ministry of Education stated that in this digital era, it’s important for students to be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and disposition to thrive in an interconnected, diverse and rapidly-changing world. Covid-19 has made it even more imperative for us to build on the progress made by children during full HBL over the circuit breaker period, by making blended learning a key feature of the schooling experience to further develop students’ ability to be self-directed, passionate and lifelong learners.

To be honest, we’re not worried! This new generation of learners has grown up digitally connected (anyone else’s kids are a whizz at iPad games, coding and the like?) and require engaging digital content to learn effectively. With an advanced way of processing information differently in this day and age, children think and learn by leveraging multimedia, animation and gamification technology – all crucial in developing self-motivated interest in learning subjects such as Math, Science and even Chinese!

LingoAce is one such Chinese tuition centre fostering this phygital learning model. They’re a global EdTech platform delivering immersive, interactive, and effective language-learning tailored to the modern engagement needs of global parents and young learners aged 3 to 15 years old.

Digital Learning for kids P1-P6

For students Primary 1 to Primary 6, LingoAce has a range of 1-to-1 and small-group online lessons with a curriculum that’s aligned with the Singapore MOE syllabus and is developed by their Academic Director, who has more than 10 years of experience as the ex-Head of Department of Mother Tongue in a Singapore local school.

Their teachers are accredited with China’s Ministry of Education official teaching certification and have more than 3 years of teaching experience.

Classes are conducted live and come with playback function for kids to revise the content at anytime, anywhere. Lesson reports are also included for parents to understand their child’s performance and track their learning progress. With gamified elements and animations to create inspiring bite-size learning content, classes are always fun and fulfilling for kids! Incorporating the phygital learning concept helps kids develop their ability to be self-directed through learning exam techniques online and practice knowledge onsite.

Phygital Learning: Blended Learning Program for P5-P6

LingoAce also has a MOE-certified phygital learning programme to deliver immersive, accelerated and effective Chinese learning specially tailored for Primary 5 and Primary 6 learners (particularly great for PSLE preparation!).

This programme is a combination of face-to-face and online learning (1 online lecture + 1 physical class every week, each lasting 1.5h), with small class sizes so every student gets dedicated engagement from the teachers. With each online lecture, children will acquire and assimilate knowledge in a digital smart classroom. They’ll also get to learn examination skills and techniques for mastering oral, composition and comprehension components. In every in-person lesson, children get to benefit from dedicated 1-to-1 engagement, small group discussions, homework with teachers’ guidance and real-time support, and the chance to assess and reinforce prior online learning knowledge.

Parents can receive a first trial report and termly report to analyse and track their child’s learning progress! Students will also be equipped with structured PSLE exam component skills set in a systematic and structured approach.

The first 50 Sassy Mama readers to sign up for a LingoAce package will receive 27 free pre-recorded classes (worth $525)!

All new LingoAce students are eligible for a free trial! Sign your child up for a free trial today!


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