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WATCH: Sassy Mama Expert Chat ‘Let’s Talk About Sex: How to Reconnect After Having Kids’ with Dr. Angela Tan

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Let’s talk about sex and intimacy! Has your sex life taken a back seat since having kids? Are date nights a thing of the past? Wondering how to get your mojo back?

In our latest Sassy Mama Expert Chat we are talking about sex! After having children you might not have the time or energy for the active love life you enjoyed before becoming parents. It’s easy to come up with reasons to put sex off: “Let’s wait until the baby sleeps through the night” or “Once we are back in shape” or “After this work project finishes.” Sound like you? It’s not a one-sided issue either. One or both partners can have different levels of interest, energy levels and desire.

Sassy Mama Expert Chat ‘Let’s Talk About Sex: How to Reconnect After Having Kids’ with Intimacy Coach Dr. Angela Tan

This Sassy Mama Expert Chat on How to Reconnect With Your Partner After Having Kids is a live discussion and Q&A by Intimacy Coach, Dr. Angela Tan. In this virtual talk, you will get a better understanding of the struggles facing young parents and how they impact intimacy. You will walk away with tips and strategies to rebuild intimacy in your relationship both on an emotional and physical level by recreating your sanctum and rekindling the passion. This talk will help you bring some magic back into the bedroom!

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Short on time? We hear you! Skip ahead to the following minutes to get the information most relevant to you: 

icon-index-learn Intro & Key Points – 1:29
icon-index-learn Understanding Struggles of Young Parents – 4:45
icon-index-learn Strategies to Better Intimacy – 10:51
icon-index-learn Re-Build the Emotional Intimacy – 10:56
icon-index-learn Re-Create Your Sanctum – 14:41
icon-index-learn Re-Kindle The Passion – 16:36
icon-index-learn When to Seek Help From A Professional – 31:10
icon-index-learn Recap – 31:56
icon-index-learn Q & A  – 32:53

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About The Speaker

Dr. Angela Tan – Dr. Angela Tan is a Family Physician, Intimacy Coach, and Founder of Academy of Relationship & Sex. Through her work at the Academy of Relationship and Sex, she takes clients through a journey to find love and build meaningful intimate relationships with their loved ones. Through her coaching, content, and conversations, she brings evidence-based knowledge and emotional empathy together to help clients build in-depth connections with those that matter.

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