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WATCH: Sassy Mama Expert Chat ‘Anxiety in Kids’ with Psychologist Irena Constantin

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Does your child have anxiety?  Do you know the key signs of anxiety to look for? If you missed the live Sassy Mama Expert Chat on Anxiety in Kids with Psychologist Irena Constantin, watch the session here!

Sassy Mama has launched a new series of informative chats with experts – it’s called Sassy Mama Expert Chats and takes place over Zoom during lunchtime. To register for our Sassy Mama Expert Chat with CIS on Fostering Grit and Resilience in Children: Live Talk and Q&A click here!

Sassy Mama Expert Chat ‘Anxiety in Kids’ with Psychologist Irena Constantin

Anxiety can often be a healthy emotion however anxiety disorders (when anxiety spirals out of control) are some of the most common forms of mental illness in children and adults. If you missed our live Expert Chat with Irena Constantin on Anxiety in Kids you can view it below. In the Sassy Mama Expert Chat, you will learn:

Facts about anxiety
 How to distinguish between fear and anxiety
The signs and types of anxiety to look out for
What you can do at home to help your kids if they are facing anxiety
 How to recognize when anxiety becomes serious in kids and when to seek professional help

Missed the ‘Anxiety in Kids’ live session? Watch it here!

Short on time? We hear you! Skip ahead to the following minutes to get the information most relevant to you:

Anxiety: Some facts2:41
Definition of anxiety4:28
Anxiety versus fear6:14
Types of anxiety in kids9:13
Four stages of anxiety11:34
Age-related anxiety14:30
Signs of anxiety17:28
Coping tools to help your child deal with anxiety19:44
Activities to do at home26:37
Q & A31:00

About Irena Constantin 

Irena Constantin is an Occupational & Educational Psychologist at Scott Psychological Centre Singapore. Irena Constantin completed her M. Phil (Lic. Phil) at the University of Zurich, Switzerland and has specialized in Applied Psychology. She has had extensive experience in dealing with learning and socio-emotional difficulties experienced by teenagers and young adults in school and work settings and offers regular family therapy, support group/parenting meetings for younger parents with small children and parents with teens. Ms. Constantin provides her counselling in English, German, as well as Greek.

Read Irena’s article for Sassy Mama on Self-Harm: Would You Know What Signs To Look For In Your Child?

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