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Recommended Aircon Servicing Companies in Singapore

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With temperatures rising and us staying indoors a lot more lately, having our aircon in tip-top shape is a must! Here’s a list of aircon servicing companies in Singapore for all your aircon maintenance and repair needs

Find your aircon’s just suddenly not as cold as it used to be? Or maybe it’s leaking and you don’t know why! You probably need to get your aircon serviced by a professional. The pros usually recommend scheduling an aircon servicing every 3 months – this ensures a clean, dust-free aircon so you can beat the heat! So whether you have a Daikin, Mitsubishi, LG, York or any other brand of aircon, these aircon maintenance guys below can hopefully sort you out.

Do note we are sharing these aircon servicing recommendations based on personal experiences. If you have a great aircon servicing company to recommend, email us at [email protected]!

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Aircon servicing - DW Aircon Servicing Singapore

DW Aircon Servicing Singapore

One of Singapore’s most trusted aircon servicing companies, DW Aircon Servicing Singapore provides aircon servicing, installation, chemical overhauls, temperature fixes, leaking aircon water patches and much more for both residential and commercial clients. DW Aircon is made up of highly skilled technicians with decades of industry experience, which means they can provide an accurate diagnosis of your problem and offer practical solutions that don’t break the bank. The team is also well trained and equipped to ensure high service standards and efficiency. With a 30-day workmanship warranty in place – additional issues that occur within this time frame are fixed with no additional cost – DW Aircon has been the go-to for satisfied customers for a decade, and has more than 1,000 five-star reviews on Google and Facebook. Unsure of what the problem actually is? DW Aircon offers free WhatsApp consultations, and their friendly customer support team can furnish you with transparent fee quotes and the right solutions for all your aircon needs.

Quote Sassy50% when booking an aircon servicing appointment via WhatsApp to enjoy a 50% discount off their first quarterly aircon servicing. This special promotion is for first time customers only who sign up for a quarterly aircon servicing subscription package of at least two fan coils or more. A minimum subscription of at least four quarters applies.

DW Aircon Servicing Singapore, Tel: (+65) 6909 2200, WhatsApp:(+65) 8241 0032,

Absolute Aircon

Absolute Aircon is a reliable aircon servicing company recommended to us by some of our readers. Their prices are very affordable, and the company is insured so you can rest assured that your property will be safe while their staff operate on your aircon units.
Aircon servicing price: From $37.45

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Aircon Heroes

Aircon Heroes has a wealth of experience in aircon servicing. They always reply promptly to enquiries and their technicians really know their stuff!
“We engaged Aircon Heroes for the second time recently and they were great. Came on time as usual and the aircon servicing was done in a flash. They also promised us a discount on our second servicing after we engaged them the first time – and they kept their word!” -Syaz
Aircon servicing price: From $50


CoolQuiz has a team of engineering experts who have years of experience with aircon servicing in Singapore where they will not only help you with regular aircon maintenance but can also assist you in finding the right air conditioning unit for your needs. What’s cool is they have readily available replacement parts for many different aircon brands. For every service they provide, they’ll offer 90 days of workmanship warranty.
Sassy Mama review: “I’ve been using CoolQuiz aircon for the past four years. Never had a problem with them; always show up when they are supposed to. They even did aircon replacement on a few of our units last year.” -Kristin
Aircon servicing price: From $40


If your aircon units are from Daikin, you may have their app downloaded on your smartphone – it reminds you when you should arrange for aircon servicing so you can keep your aircon units working well. They also have special steam cleaning and duct cleaning services.

Gain City

We know Gain City for selling aircon units, but little did we know they offer aircon servicing too! Their online booking form makes it super easy to fill in your details, explain what your aircon issues are, and choose a suitable date and time to perform the aircon servicing.
Aircon servicing price: From $50


Have a Mitsubishi aircon unit? You can contact their HQ for an aircon servicing appointment. They’ll help to keep your aircon units well maintained and remind you to have them serviced at least 4 times a year, to improve the system performance and prolong their life span.

Mr. Cool Aircon Services

Mr. Cool Aircon Services has some good feedback on their Facebook page. They offer all kinds of aircon installation, aircon servicing and maintenance services so they’re a real one-stop shop.

Ninja Cool

Ninja Cool offers some of the most competitive pricing on aircon units in Singapore. If you’re looking to replace your current systems, you can check out what they have on offer. Their aircon servicing comes highly raved too.
Aircon Servicing Price: From $40

Urban Company

Urban Company is a booking platform that offers pampering services, cleaning services and more! It might be odd to see facials and mani-pedis offered on the same app as aircon servicing, but they’re pretty affordable and trustworthy.
Aircon Servicing Price: From $58


Winfinity is the official distributor for Fujitsu air conditioners, so if you have a Fujitsu aircon unit, you know who to find for aircon servicing! They provide both aircon servicing and repairs. With a dedicated team of service personnel, Winfinity promises to attend to you within 48 hours of your aircon servicing enquiry.
Aircon Servicing Price: From $70

Have a great aircon servicing company to recommend? Email us at [email protected]!

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