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8 Tips for CNY Spring Cleaning in Singapore

spring cleaning services in singapore
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Consider your CNY spring cleaning sorted with our guide to the best cleaning products and tips to get your house ready for the Lunar New Year

Of all the many Chinese New Year traditions – tossing Yu Sheng, making and eating (healthy) CNY snacks and treats, giving ang baos – one of our faves just might be CNY spring cleaning, also known as da sao chu. We like the metaphor of sweeping away the bad fortune of the past year (out the back door, mind you) and clearing out space to welcome the good luck in! But where do you start? What are the best spring cleaning products to get your house sparkling? Sprucing up for CNY is a breeze this year with everything spring cleaning in one place with Amazon Fresh and

So roll up your sleeves and read on for our tips on spring cleaning to ensure your home is as ready for luck as can be!

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1. Stock up on cleaning supplies!

Gone are the days of planning way ahead. You can decide tomorrow’s the day for your CNY spring clean and order everything you need to arrive in the morning thanks to Amazon. Everyone can enjoy Amazon’s deals and great products but it’s worth becoming a Prime member for the added perks and expedited deliveries! Just sign up for a free 30-day trial (usually $2.99 per month) and you can enjoy all the benefits like free two-hour delivery on orders above $60 on Amazon Fresh, and free next-day delivery on eligible orders on – all in time for CNY. Stock up on all your spring cleaning needs from cleaning sprays and cloths to laundry products.

If you’re concerned about using too much bleach and harsh chemicals in your home where your kids crawl and lick everything, it’s worth looking into making your own natural chemical-free cleaners! Or seek out reliable gentler products like Method or Seventh Generation.

2. Get the right gadgets to do the work

It’s worth investing in great gadgets to help cut your cleaning time down. We think a key investment is a well-researched vaccuum cleaner with a good filter to pick up pet hair and dust. stocks plenty to choose from and you can rely on the comprehensive reviews on their site too! You can shop with confidence knowing that you’re getting the best prices, especially with all the extra deals and promotions this CNY period!

avoid bed bugs in singapore with chinchex to keep your bedroom safe and clean

3. Choose a good day to clean

There are auspicious dates for spring cleaning to ensure your cleaning goes smoothly. If you are into zodiac signs you may want to consult a chart to find the best time for you to clean! Or be practical about your decision and look to the weather. Wash heavy items on a sunny day so there’s a higher chance of it drying in time and use a good laundry detergent for indoor drying. Clean windows on a cloudy day (direct harsh sunlight can streak your cleaning job!) and use a good window cleaner spray with a microfibre mop.

With Singapore’s humid weather all year round, mould is a major culprit behind myriad health issues. If the air feels damp, your closets smell a little funky, the walls are black, or you’re finding white or green patches on your clothes…chances are you might have mould. has a range of products that fight mould so get ordering pronto!

Cockroaches, termites, rats…we shudder at the thought! If you’re on the ground floor you will have more than your fair share of pests but you can even get pest infestations on higher floors. You can often spot the small pest droppings even if you haven’t seen the actual pest itself. Arm yourself with cockroach spray, ant bait, bed bug treatments and all the other vermin killing contraptions you need on Amazon Fresh to get it ASAP within the day.

Don’t forget to clean inside the fridge and freezer. Throw away any out of date foods and condiments. If you find yourself low on any fresh, chilled or frozen groceries, yup you guessed it, Amazon Fresh is where to head for a quick turnaround delivery! And if you order on Amazon, hit purchase and then realise you have forgotten something, you can always add it on afterwards – thanks to this handy new feature available when you order via mobile or desktop on Amazon Fresh!

This is the time to fix stuff that’s broken, re-paint the walls, and get your home spic and span to welcome in the new lunar year. If you are handy with tools and just need a new drill or other home fix gadgets, has everything you need. Don’t fancy using a drill and making holes in your rented accommodation? Check out the no-drill Command stickers in all different sizes, available on Amazon Fresh.

8. Dispose and Donate Responsibly

Clearing out old furniture, and toys to make way for the new items (check out our coveted list of home decor from Amazon here)? Many condos and HDBs will even provide a giant dumpster for emptying out all this stuff. If yours doesn’t, or you feel some of it is in good enough shape to be passed on to someone else, check out our guide on where to donate old toys and clothes.

And finally now that your house is super clean, you won’t want to bring any germs back home with you when you are out and about! Don’t forget to mask up, wash, and sanitise your hands regularly. You can enjoy $20 off $60 on Daily Essentials across Health and Personal Care from now till 9 Feb.

Happy Spring Cleaning and Gong Xi Fa Cai! and

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