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Where to Donate: Pre-loved Toys, Books, Shoes & Clothes Donation in Singapore

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Give your pre-loved gear a new lease of life in 2024 by donating to charities that make a difference. Here’s where you can make food, toys, books, and clothes donations in Singapore!

Looking for places that accept clothes donations in Singapore? If you’re taking a page out of Marie Kondo’s book and releasing all the things that no longer bring you joy – clothes that don’t fit, old electronic items, unwanted gifts, faded t-shirts, and the never-ending pile of toys – then why not consider finding your pre-loved items a new home instead of flinging it all out in the trash (especially as some of these can’t be recycled)? If you’re wondering where to make a donation in Singapore, then begin by deciding which items you’d like to donate before scrolling through our list of awesome businesses, apps and charities in Singapore that accept clothing donations and other items. While our list is by no means exhaustive, it’s certainly a good enough list to get you started. Tip: Before making your donation, check the website of your charity organisation or business of choice to determine what items they’re looking for – this will actually fill a need and avoid wastage.

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Where to Donate Clothes in Singapore


clothes donation singapore - where to donate clothes
Image Credit: Unsplash

Carousell is one of the most active preloved marketplaces in the city, so this is a great platform for clothes donations. Available as an app as well as on your desktop, it is an easy and efficient way to find buyers, though there is a fair amount of work in listing your goods, chatting to potential buyers, agreeing to a price and then arranging pick up. However, to donate your item completely, just price it at $0 to give it away for free!


Clothes swapping stores

clothes donation in singapore - Swapaholic
Image Credit: Swapaholic

If you’re looking for places that accept clothes donations in Singapore and are planning to refill the empty space left behind in the wardrobe, why not try clothes-swapping through start-ups like The Fashion Pulpit or Swapaholic? To participate, you will need to drop off the clothes/accessories at their centres in advance (typically in the CBD) and pay a small admin fee. Your clothing contribution will be vetted for wear-and-tear, and likewise, you get to choose from good-condition items at the swap event. There are also e-swapping options available!

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clothes donation singapore - cloop
Image Credit: Cloop

Cloop was founded to reduce fashion overconsumption and textile waste. They have two types of collection boxes around the island: white and yellow. The white boxes are for good quality items that are still in great condition. They will be used for fashion swaps, upcycling or blessing those in need. The yellow boxes are for textile recycling. Click here to find a box near you for clothes donation in Singapore.

Cloop, 102 Henderson Road, Singapore 159562 (white boxes) and multiple locations islandwide (yellow boxes),

Give and take Singapore (Telegram)

clothes donation singapore - exchange of clothes freepik
Image Credit: Freepik

‘Freecycling’ means to give away used goods or materials to people who want them, or to obtain such items for free. Give & Take Singapore (via Telegram) was started by Yan, who noticed many useful items being discarded during the height of Covid when most residents stayed home and took the time to declutter. Trying to find a solution, Yan started the Telegram group and began to give away excess household and electrical items. Members can ask for what they need – we’ve seen laptops, air fryers, vacuum cleaners, hospital beds, etc. being given away for free!

Give & Take Singapore (via Telegram)

Green Square

clothes donation in singapore - green square recycling and donation bins
Image Credit: Green Square

This young enterprise is on a mission to improve Singapore’s abysmal 7% textile recycling rate. You can donate clothes by simply dropping off at various locations islandwide. In addition to clothes donations in Singapore, Green Square also collects home textiles like bed linens and rugs, as well as shoe donations and accessories that are clean and wearable. Green Square’s facility sorts clothes so that the good quality piles are exported for resale, and the rest are recycled into industrial cleaning cloth. For a large collection of clothes donations (minimum weight of 15kg), there will be a minimal $3 fee.

Green Square,

Image Mission

Clothes donation Singapore - Dress for Success Singapore
Image Credit: Dress for Success Singapore

This charity in Singapore runs Dress For Success, a social programme that helps women from low-income and distressed backgrounds secure jobs via coaching for interviews, and providing office-appropriate wardrobes (they are often short on plus-sizes), neutral colour bags or low-heeled office shoes. Image Mission is currently only accepting plus-sized clothes donations in Singapore. They also accept cash donations if you don’t have plus-sized clothes to donate.

Image Mission, 6 Ubi Road 1, #04-11 Wintech Centre, Singapore 408726, Tel: (+65) 6747 6510,

Metta Welfare Association

clothes donation singapore - Metta Welfare Association
Image Credit: Metta Welfare Association via Instagram

The Metta Welfare Association provides social services for the needy in the community. To reduce unnecessary waste of pre-loved items in good condition, they accept used electronics, clothes and IT equipment. So, why not clean out your closet and take a bag of clothes to donate for lower income families?

Metta Welfare Association, 32 Simei Street 1, Singapore 529950, Tel: (+65) 6580 4688,


clothes donation singapore - REFASH
Image Credit: REFASH via Instagram

Though this isn’t a non-profit organisation, REFASH has become a popular place to buy and sell pre-loved clothes. They have high standards of selecting clothes that can be sold in-store, so if you don’t get cash for your pre-loved clothes, REFASH will help you donate your clothes to charities in need. Either way, you can rest assured that your donated clothes will get a second life, instead of contributing to the ever-increasing textile waste!

REFASH, multiple locations in Singapore including Bedok, Bugis, Hougang and more,

Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO)

clothes donation singapore - singapore council of women's organisations
Image Credit: Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) via Facebook

Donate clothes, pre-loved shoes, bags and accessories that are still in good condition at SCWO’s donation drives – you’ll find deets on SCWO’s social media channels. These items will be sorted and retailed for as low as $1, and the proceeds will go towards Star Shelter and other SCWO Initiatives. Cash donations are tax-deductible, and books and toy donations in Singapore are also welcomed.

Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations, 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967, Tel: (+65) 6837 0611,

Visio Optical

clothes donations in singapore - donate spectacles to Visio Optical
Image Credit: Visio Optical

Wondering what to do with your old spectacles now that you have new ones? Make your spectacles donations in Singapore to Visio Optical, which repurposes the frames for the underprivileged in Singapore. Currently, the store accepts old spectacles, reading and distance glasses as well as sunglasses.

Visio Optical, 43 Holland Drive, #01-67, Singapore 270043, Tel: (+65) 6776 0052,

Where to Donate Food in Singapore

Food Bank Singapore

clothes donation in singapore - donate food at Food Bank Singapore
Image Credit: Food Bank Singapore

This food charity in Singapore has many easy ways for you to make food donations. Donate non-perishable food by dropping it off at Food Bank donation boxes around the island – there are more than 80 boxes islandwide in schools, corporate offices, malls and even condominiums. The food donations must be unexpired (minimum of 4 weeks to expiry) and packed in dry packages before being dropped off at the donation boxes. Alternatively, volunteer for door-to-door distribution or make a financial donation (FoodPanda offers this when you order a meal on the app!). Food Bank Singapore will use your financial donations to purchase necessary items from various food suppliers. Want to rally your child’s school community or your neighbourhood to donate too? Food Bank Singapore has a great manual to help you plan a food drive.

Food Bank Singapore, 218 Pandan Loop, XPACE, Singapore, 128408, Tel: (+65) 9855 4805,

Lions Home for the Elders

clothes donation in singapore - donate food to Lions Home for the Elders
Image Credit: Lions Home For The Elders

This non-profit charity organisation runs two well-equipped nursing homes, and you can make food donations for its 384 residents through its Donation In-kind programme. Donations that are typically requested include food items (bread and sponge cakes, fruit juice boxes, dairy products, etc), clothes donations (button tops, pyjamas, shorts, etc) and hygiene donations (facial tissue boxes, paper towels, and toothpaste). Make an appointment at least a week in advance to swing by either of the two nursing homes to drop off your food donations. Lions Home also accepts financial donations, which cover necessities such as medication, a medical companion service, diaper supplies and ambulance transport for hospital visits.

Lions Home for the Elders, 9 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579804 and 487 Bedok South Ave 2, Singapore 469316, Tel: (+65) 6252 9900,

Food from the Heart

clothes donation singapore - Food From The Heart
Image Credit: Food from the Heart via Instagram

This food charity in Singapore began as a resource to collect unsold bread that had reached its commercial time in order to be distributed to the needy. Now, Food from the Heart runs several different food distribution programmes such as the Community Food Pack programme, which distributes fresh fruit, eggs and bread, as well as monthly food packs comprising non-perishable food items. Drop off your food donations on weekdays directly to the Food from the Heart warehouse (look for Kelvin!) or place it in the donation box outside the office after work hours. You can make an online food donation through Fairprice or RedMart too, which will deliver direct to Food from the Heart. The organisation also accepts toy donations in Singapore, although this initiative is currently on hold. Keep a lookout on their social media for updates.

Food from the Heart, 130 Joo Seng Road, #03-01, Singapore 368357, Tel: (+65) 6280 4483,


Co-founded by mama of two Tessa Clarke, OLIO connects neighbours and local businesses so that unwanted food and other items can be donated, rather than wasted. Simply post what you don’t need on the OLIO app, and someone will contact you to arrange collection – ideal for condo and HDB living where we’re surrounded by neighbours! You can donate clothes, food, furniture and more, basically anything in good condition that you no longer need.


Where to Donate Books in Singapore

Books Beyond Borders

clothes donation in Singapore - donate books to Dignity Mama

Got a ton of children’s books you’d like to donate? Hit up Books Beyond Borders! They accept second-hand book donations in Singapore for adult fiction and non-fiction books, popular children’s books and teen fiction. The funds used from reselling these books are then used for educational purposes in developing countries such as Nepal. Not sure if the books you want to donate meet the criteria? Check out their Giving Guide for a preview of what’s acceptable. Books can be dropped off at the Books Beyond Borders store, but if you have more than 20 books in excellent condition, Books Beyond Borders can arrange for a pick-up. Books Beyond Borders also accept community donations if you’d rather write them a cheque.

Books Beyond Borders, 41 Jalan Pemimpin, #03-01E, Kong Beng Industrial Building, Singapore 577186,

Dignity Mama

clothes donation in Singapore - donate books to Dignity Mama
Image Credit: Dignity Mama

If you’ve cleaned out your little one’s bookshelf, then consider donating these pre-loved pages to Dignity Mama. The organisation retails each secondhand book at its pop-up stalls, which are manned by young adults with special needs. This allows them to develop entrepreneurial skills in a supportive environment. The stalls are located in four hospitals across Singapore, and each book is sorted by the Dignity Mama staff before being resold at reasonable prices. You can drop off book donations at the Dignity Mama stalls at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital or National University Hospital.

Dignity Mama, multiple locations in Singapore including Jurong East, Kent Ridge, Sengkang and more, Tel: (+65) 8189 7678,

National Library Board

clothes donation singapore - donate books to NLB library
Image Credit: NLB

Got a stack of materials about Singapore’s history, culture and business? You can make a book donation in Singapore to the National Library Board’s collection, which is always on the lookout for print or digital books, manuscripts, photographs, and other related ephemera. You can also make an online donation to the Library Fund, which is used to create accessible public libraries for patrons from all walks of life. The donations are tax-deductible, as the Library Fund is a registered charity in Singapore.

National Library Board,

NTUC FairPrice

Got a spare textbook or two lying around? Take it all to the annual FairPrice Share-A-Textbook project. You can donate pre-loved textbooks that are still in good condition at any FairPrice store around the island during selected donation periods. This project began in 1983 to help ease the burden of textbook expenses for children from underprivileged families. Just be sure that your textbooks are still in good condition and in line with the current MOE syllabus.

NTUC FairPrice, multiple FairPrice stores islandwide,


clothes donation in singapore - donate books to Thryft online book donations Singapore
Image Credit: Thryft

Book donations in Singapore are a breeze thanks to this sustainable online bookstore – one of Asia’s largest! All you have to do is pack your books up neatly, find a book drop location, and then fill up this online form (which has the list of requirements your book donations must meet) upon drop-off. Your books are then sorted and put back up for sale (some for as low as $2!), and Thryft gives back a portion of its profits to other social organisations. Plus, they also accept clothes donations in Singapore, so you can support sustainable fashion and reduce textile waste. You can either choose to trade-in your items for Thryft credits or donate them.


Where to Donate Shoes in Singapore

ActiveSG Circle

clothes donation in singapore - donate sports shoes to ActiveSG sports shoe donation Singapore
Image Credit: Pexels

This permanent shoe donation drive in Singapore turns old rubberised shoes into materials that can be used in jogging tracks, fitness corners and playgrounds. There are multiple collection points in schools, tertiary institutions, parks and more – find a full list here. There’s no limit to the number of shoes you can donate, and you can even get a sustainability e-badge after.

ActiveSG Circle,

Ten Feet Tall

clothes Donations in Singapore - donate shoes to Ten Feet Tall Shoes
Image Credit: Ten Feet Tall

Has your child outgrown their black school shoes? Ten Feet Tall accepts shoe donations in Singapore (Bonus: they also sell new shoes!). The donated pairs will be channelled to school-going kids from low-income families in Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali and India. Ten Feet Tall is currently only running shoe donation drives at schools – you’ll find dates and locations on the website.

Ten Feet Tall, 211 Holland Avenue, #02-04, Holland Road Shopping Centre, Singapore 278967, Tel: (+65) 6493 7244,

Where to Donate Toys, Electronics & Furniture in Singapore

Selected Singtel Shops & Singapore Comic Con

For a limited time, you can donate your used electronic devices in a special bin at Singapore Comic Con (9 & 10 December 2023) and selected Singtel Shops (1 – 31 December 2023) across the island, including Comcentre, AMK Hub, Jurong Point and Tampines Mall. If you donate at Singapore Comic Con, you can snap fun photos with life-sized Ninja Turtles and bring some exclusive collectibles. You can donate laptops, mobile phones and tablets less than six years old. Just remember to reset your device to factory settings before dropping them off in the donation bin. Plus, if you post an Instagram story of you donating an electronic device in Singtel’s donation bins, set your profile to public, tag @Singtel and #GoGreenWithTheTurtles to receive free six months of Cast Learning Plus. Only valid for first 200 eligible stories.

Singapore Comic Con, 1 Changi Business Park Crescent, #06-01 Plaza 8 @ CBP Tower A, 486025, 486025
Singtel Shops, three locations in Singapore including AMK Hub, Jurong Point and Tampines Mall

Home Nursing Foundation

clothes donation singapore - home nursing foundation
Image Credit: Home Nursing Foundation via Facebook

Home Nursing Foundation provides all-encompassing care for the elderly within their own homes with services such as nursing, physiotherapy, specialist care and more. The foundation is running its annual Grant a Wish Christmas fundraiser from now until 31 December 2023. Now in its third edition, the fundraiser aims to grant patients’ wishes for necessities such as water heaters, medical supplies and supermarket vouchers. The fundraiser will run on, and you can click here to donate any amount you’d like – a minimum amount of $50 will cover two hours of personal home care sessions – or contact the organisation to volunteer to distribute the items.

Home Nursing Foundation, 490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, HDB Hub, #05-10, Singapore 310490,

Pass It On

This platform serves as a connecting point between your donations and charities in Singapore that assist low-income and needy families. Check the wish list here to find out if anything you wish to pass on has been requested – items can range from mattress donations in Singapore and toddler shoes to refrigerators, baby clothing, old smartphones and more. Do note that you will have to make your own arrangements to deliver the items to their needy clients.

Pass It On, 819 Upper Serangoon Road, The Helping Hand, Singapore 534678, Tel: (+65) 6718 4086 (call on weekdays from 9am to 5pm),

The Salvation Army

clothes Donations in Singapore - The Salvation Army
Image Credit: The Salvation Army

They accept most used items and clothing for donation in Singapore and have drop-off locations and Salvation Army donation booths islandwide here. But be aware they get more than they can use, so a vast number of items are ultimately shipped out of Singapore. Sometimes they aren’t accepting donations, so check first!

Salvation Army, multiple locations in Singapore including Bukit Timah, Upper Changi, Jurong East and more, Tel: (+65) 6288 5438,


Add continuity to your donations in Singapore when you download the ShareLeh app! The concept is simple: Snap a picture of the items you no longer want, write a short description of it, and share it on the app. Interested parties will connect with you via the app, and you can arrange for the donate clothing or other item to be mailed to them or for self-pickup. Not only does this minimise waste, but it’s also a great way to ensure your item goes to a household that really needs it.

Other great ways to donate in Singapore

Donate via Social Media Forums

You can find takers for your pre-loved goodies on active Facebook groups. To donate baby clothing and baby items, targeted forums such as Preloved Baby Goods and East Coast Preloved Sales work well. Toys, clothing, books, breast pumps and all sorts of baby goods change hands fast in these networks. To give away for free, post on Blessing Items for Low Income Families, iamfreecycle and SGFreeCycle, or download the FreeGood app.

Animal shelters

clothes Donations in Singapore - donate to Animals Shelters in Singapore

Most animal shelters welcome clean towels as these provide versatile use for their residents – from playthings to cage lining and clean-up. In addition to towels, SPCA accepts newspapers, medication and dog/cat food sometimes even domestic items like washing machines! Keep an eye on SPCA’s collection drives via their Facebook and Instagram pages. SOSD keeps a list of things it needs on its website, ranging from selected dog food to required office supplies. Causes For Animals has various ways for you to make a donation in Singapore – simply scroll through their list to see how you can help. ASD is also always on the lookout for cash donations, as well as donations in the form of dog food, flea and tick medication or heartworm medication.

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Sponsor a meal, fundraiser or a child’s education

It’s easy enough to make a difference in a child’s life by paying for their education, a day’s meal or by contributing to their ongoing fundraiser via a children’s charity such as Big at Heart.

Donations to KidSTART provide little ones with learning and development packs with books, educational toys and crafting material or healthy packs that have fresh veggies and fruits.

Blessings in a Bag accepts cash donations so they can provide under-resourced students with a curated, alternative learning experience.

Children’s Wishing Well uses your contributions to create enrichment programmes for kids, formal training in the arts, work attachment programmes and even fresh groceries where needed.

Alternatively, browse through to check out various fundraisers for different charities in Singapore you can donate to.

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