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13 Fun Unconventional Team-Bonding Activities in Singapore

Fun Team Bonding Activities in Singapore
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Looking for a fun activity to bond with your team? From aerial yoga to axe-throwing, graffiti art and pizza-making, here are some unconventional team-bonding activities in Singapore for an afternoon of laughs with your pals or team!

The daily 9 to 6 grind is exhausting, and we all need a break from office life, mum life (!) or the co-working space every once in a while. Getting out of the usual setup with your team (or rounding up your pals) is a great way to create memories and build relationships! Try some aerial yoga for a challenge, art therapy with a super fun graffiti art jam or tackle an obstacle course to practice teamwork. If you want a more relaxed session, maybe make a pizza together or learn how to create your favourite cocktails at a mixology workshop. With plenty of options, you can be sure to find something for your team in this round-up of team bonding activities in Singapore. If you want an adrenaline rush, check out our round-up of go-karting places in Singapore.

1. Sunset Dinner Cruise: team bonding with Royal Albatross

Team Bonding Activities Singapore TallShip The Royal Albatross Cruise

Work hard, play hard, right? If you’re looking to treat your colleagues to a fun evening that’s truly memorable and unusual, then look no further! Royal Albatross offers a relaxing sunset sail and dinner cruise, complete with a delicious 7-course dinner and a wine-tasting session plus live entertainment, all on board a stunning 4-mast 22-sail luxury Tall Ship, the Royal Albatross! Enjoy the cool evening air and a breathtaking view of the sunset as you sail into the open sea. This 2.5-hour experience will make you feel like you’re on holiday and gives colleagues or friends the perfect chance to bond in a unique setting – we guarantee it’ll make a team bonding experience to remember!

Sailing Times: 6:30pm – late (Fridays), 5pm – 7:30pm (Saturdays), 6pm – 8:30pm (Sundays)
How much: 
from $225/adult, $125/child
Where to book: Click here to book your sunset dinner cruise.

Royal Albatross, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269, Tel: (+65) 9350 7475

2. Mindfulness Workshop: team bonding at Canvass Mindfulness Centre

team bonding ideas mindfulness workshop canvass

Sure, your team is working like a well-oiled machine and you’re hitting those targets amazingly without breaking a sweat, but how are your coworkers really? We got to try the Cultivating Super Concentration For Communication workshop at Canvass Life, where we learned how to concentrate better and manage stress – and we never knew how much we needed it until it ended! We immediately felt a sense of zen upon reaching the spacious Bukit Timah studio with the smell of calming essential oils wafting around the space. The 2-hour session started off with us sitting in a circle after picking our own oracle cards, and sharing what we felt our cards meant in the current phase of our lives. It was wonderful getting to know the different things that were going on in the background for each of us, especially because it covered deeply personal topics we normally don’t get to talk about in a work setting. This was followed by Physical Rejuvenation, where we learned exercises to shake away negativity and tension, and Mental Hygiene, which gave us tools and strategies to increase brain functions that drive concentration and awareness. Ultimately, we walked away with great tips on understanding and managing our stress triggers and distractions so we can break the cycle of stress, and focus better! We highly recommend this workshop for teams that want to get more in tune with each other and gain knowledge on simple concentration techniques.

Minimum pax: 8 participants.
How much: $433 per group session of max 16 participants/$45 per participant of min 8 participants
Online: $333 per group session of any group size/$35 per pax (Minimum of 8 pax to begin)

Canvass Mindfulness Centre, 5A Binjai Park, Singapore 589820

3. Aerial Art: team bonding at MAD Collection

team bonding activities singapore - mad collection

Looking for an unconventional activity that will help you break a sweat and bond as a team? MAD Collection specialises in a range of beautiful aerial art forms and helps each person find inner strength and confidence through the power of movement. Whether you’re interested in trying pole dancing, lyrical dance or defying gravity with the aerial hoop, MAD Collection has just the class for you. We tried their Hammock and Aerial Hoop (a.k.a Lyra) and boy was it a unique experience! From learning how to spin above ground on the Lyra with a partner (great for team bonding as you have to coordinate!) to transforming our bodies into the shape of a mountain with a hammock, we left the class feeling strong, empowered and ready to conquer all! The movements that involved a partner helped us learn how to work better as a team and really get up close and personal since we had to support our body weight in a small space. All in all, we’d recommend this for anyone looking to step outside of their comfort zone with their team and challenge their physical and mental strength. Plus, they also have Mini Me classes where mum (or dad!) can join their kid for some quality bonding time.

MAD Collection144 Robinson Road, Singapore 068908

4. Axe Throwing: team bonding at Axe-Factor

Fun Team Bonding Activities in Singapore at Axe-Factor axe-throwing
Image Credit: AxeFactorSG via Instagram

This is not your typical team-bonding activity but it sure is a great way to vent frustrations as a team! Axe Factor features one of the world’s fastest growing sports, where you can get rid of all your worries with every axe you throw. Enjoy an afternoon of fun with this team-bonding activity!

Operating Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Tuesday – Sunday, closed on Monday)
Min. pax: 1 – 10 pax (online booking); Call to book for more than 10 pax.

Axe Factor, 200 Turf Club Road #01-32A/B & 34A/B, Singapore 287994, Tel: (+65) 8923 8945

5. Bubble Soccer: team bonding at Cohesion SG 

fun team bonding activities in Singapore bubble soccer cohesion sg
Image Credit: Cohesion SG via Instagram

Enjoy a hilariously sweaty team-bonding activity through bubble soccer at Cohesion SG! Players put on giant inflatable bubble suits that allow you to bump, bounce and roll around the field safely. There are four game modes to challenge your team and practice effective communication and teamwork to win the game.

Operating Hours: 9am – 11pm
Min. no. of pax:
8 pax. Click here for more info.
How much: from $15 per pax.

Cohesion SG, 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal, Singapore 399635, Whatsapp: (+65) 9620 0787

6. Dragon Boat: team bonding with Latin Dragons

Fun team bonding activities Singapore dragon boat activity
Image Credit: Latin Dragons SG via Instagram

If you’re looking for a sporty activity, why not hop into a dragon boat with the Latin Dragons? This strenuous team-bonding activity will definitely get you sweaty so you can check off your workout for the day! Because this requires coordination and communication, dragon boat rowing is a great team-bonding activity to try out. Click here for more info.

Latin Dragons, 10 Stadium Place, Singapore 397774, Whatsapp: (+65) 9783 7829

7. Gell Ball: team bonding at Red Dynasty Paintball Park

fun team bonding activities in Singapore Gell Ball
Image Credit: Red Dynasty Paintball Park via Instagram

Gell Ball is a safe and fun team-bonding activity that has a softer impact on contact than paintball. Shoot up to 10 gel balls per second and work with your team to accomplish different missions on the battlefield at the biggest paintball park at Red Dynasty Paintball Park in Bukit Timah.

Operating Hours: 10am – 6pm (Monday – Friday, excluding PH)
Min. no. of pax: 5 pax. Click here to book.
How much: from $255 for 5 pax (inclusive of 5,000 gel balls)

Red Dynasty Paintball Park, The Cage Sports Park, 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 288001, Tel: (+65) 6659 4782

8. Graffiti Art Jam: team bonding at Heaven Spot

fun team bonding activities Singapore graffiti art
Image Credit: HeavenSpotSG via Instagram

HeavenSpotSG is Singapore’s first graffiti warehouse where you can your team can let loose and freely create graffiti art. Leave your worries at the door and express yourself. Just grab a mask and a can for a fun team-bonding activity and let your imagination run free!

Operating Hours: 2pm – 9pm (Tuesday – Thursday); 10am – 9pm (Friday – Sunday)
Min. no. of pax: 1 but more is fun!
How much: from $45. Contact HeavenSpotSG for corporate rates.

Heaven Spot, 3 Lorong Bakar Batu #03-01, Singapore 348741

9. Messy Paint Party: team bonding at Splat Paint House

Fun team bonding activity Singapore Splat Paint House
Image Credit: Splat Paint House via Facebook

If you want to get messy with your team, try a messy paint party! This is an extremely fun and freeing team-bonding activity at Splat Paint House that allows you to unleash your creativity and have a blast with your team.

Operating Hours: 3pm – 9pm (Wednesday – Friday); 11am – 9pm (Saturday), 11am – 7pm (Sunday)
Min. no of pax: 1 but more is fun!
How much: from $46. Contact Splat Paint House for corporate rates.

Splat Paint House, 207A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574346, Tel: (+65) 8862 0839

10. Mixology Workshop: team bonding with The Shake Affinity

fun team bonding activities singapore the shake affinity
Image Credit: TheShake Affinity via Instagram

Booze anyone? This laid-back team-bonding activity will give your team a chance to learn how to shake, muddle and stir up your favourite cocktails with professional mixologists and bartenders. After your hard work, you can drink what you create. By the way, all alcohol, garnishes, fruits and premium ingredients are included. Click here for more info.

The Shake Affinity, [email protected], Tel: (+65) 8218 1411

11. Obstacle Course: team bonding at Adventure HQ

fun team bonding activities Singapore Adventure HQ
Image Credit: Adventure HQ via Facebook

Overcoming challenges is surely an effective way to bond with the team. Head over to Adventure HQ for an adrenaline-filled team bonding activity with an obstacle course that will get your heart racing. This four-storey, 2,800 square metre adventure hub is Singapore’s first and largest multi-installation indoor playground that features a 16-element indoor challenge ropes course, a 165-metre long indoor artificial cave and more!

Operating Hours: 2pm – 9:30pm (Tuesday – Friday); 10am – 9:30pm (Saturday – Sunday, School Holidays & PH)
How much: from $45. Click here for more deets.

Adventure HQ @ HomeTeamNS Khatib, 2 Yishun Walk, Singapore 767944, Tel: (+65) 6705 9420

12. Paintball: team bonding at Hyperforce

fun team bonding activities singapore paintball hyperforce
Image Credit: HyperForce Asia via Official Website

For an outdoor challenge, head over to Hyperforce for a team play paintball battle at Singapore’s largest paintball field. This thrilling team-bonding activity will give you a chance to run around with your team, test your aim and have a blast hiding in bunkers, drums and barricades. Click here for all the deets.

Hyperforce Paintball Singapore, 600 West Coast Road, Singapore 127445, Tel: (+65) 8833 4833

13. Pizza Making: team bonding at The Sundowner

fun team bonding activities Singapore pizza making
Image Credit: SecretPizzaClubSG via Instagram

Foodie lovers will enjoy this pizza-making team bonding activity! Gather your team around a table at The Sundowner with pizza dough, lots of cheese, and all of the delicious ingredients you need to make your own pizza. You will even get to raise the fire using legit orange firewood! After baking your pizza in a brick oven, sit back and enjoy a meal you’ve prepared from scratch with your team. Click here for more info.

The Sundowner, 705A East Coast Road, Singapore 459062, Tel: (+65) 9617 7164

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