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Stress-free Transition to Primary School! Why Parents Love MOE Kindergartens

MOE Kindergarten @ Temasek - teacher and student
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Featuring a holistic curriculum, rich learning environment and a smooth transition to primary school, MOE Kindergarten is a first choice for parents of kids aged 5 to 6 years old

Are you looking for a kindergarten that will ensure your child has a smooth transition to primary school? Look no further than MOE Kindergarten, affectionately referred to as MK by parents in Singapore! MOE Kindergarten’s holistic curriculum nurtures values, social and emotional competencies and learning dispositions. It also lays a strong foundation for learning languages and numeracy skills. These are carried out through engaging activities that take place in a rich and spacious learning environment, all of which give your child a smooth transition to primary school and make MOE Kindergarten a preschool of choice for many parents in Singapore!

MOE Kindergarten’s Holistic Curriculum

MOE Kindergarten Students in Classroom
Image Credit: MOE Kindergarten @ Greendale

The MOE Kindergarten curriculum is based on MOE’s Nurturing Early Learners Framework, which puts a strong emphasis on character building and nurturing a joy of learning. Children in MOE Kindergarten have opportunities to be bilingual in both English and one of the three Mother Tongue Languages – Chinese, Malay and Tamil. More importantly, the forward-thinking curriculum emphasises executive functioning skills, as well as social and emotional learning, such as skills for emotional regulation. These are essential life skills that lay the foundation for future learning. It’s one of the main reasons one parent loves MOE Kindergarten @ Horizon, “The MOE Kindergarten curriculum emphasises holistic development, including social and emotional learning. I appreciate it greatly that my child is receiving a well-rounded education.” ~ Ms. Shahlizah Binte Razali

Enriching Learning Environment with Outdoor Play

Children learn through play. At MOE Kindergarten, children can get up close with nature and engage in fun outdoor activities to give them a healthy start to life. Since MOE Kindergartens are sited within a primary school, children get to run around spacious, grassy fields and burn off their energy at the outdoor playground. The experienced teachers at MOE Kindergarten intentionally nurture essential life skills both in and outside the classroom, not just by teaching but by modelling.

As one parent shares, “Other than the fantastic teachers and programme, I also like the variety of resources available for children. There are spacious and meaningful learning corners in the classrooms. Outdoor play is not just playing at the playground – it’s carefully planned for opportunities to develop and strengthen children’s motor skills.” ~ Mr and Mrs Lee, parents from MOE Kindergarten @ Riverside.

MOE Kindergarten Outdoor Playground
Image Credit: MOE Kindergarten @ Valour

MOE Kindergarten: Smooth Transition to Primary School

One of the biggest perks of MOE Kindergartens is the smooth transition to primary school. Since MOE Kindergartens are sited within primary schools, the environment will be familiar to your child, and they will walk into primary school ready and confident. MOE Kindergarten’s transition efforts, which includes visits to the primary school for children in Kindergarten 2, as well as ongoing collaboration with the primary school, can help your child adapt and adjust quickly.

So, are you ready to give your child the best start in life? Register here for the MOE Kindergarten Open House 2024, where you’ll get to experience the MOE Kindergarten environment, chat with their friendly teachers and find out how their holistic curriculum can help your child thrive academically, physically and emotionally. Click here to find out more about MOE Kindergarten.

MOE Kindergarten, multiple locations in Singapore,

Featured Image: MOE Kindergarten @ Temasek.  Brought to you in partnership with MOE Kindergarten

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