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Dreamkids Kindergarten

46 East Coast Road, #01-03 East Gate, Singapore 428766
(+65) 6348 8078

We’d all love for our kids to be the next Beethoven, or Steve Jobs, or Oprah (Thank you for supporting me in my retirement, charismatic billionaire daughter!), but how do we best equip them to get there? Dreamkids has the answer, mama! This revolutionary new preschool has built itself off the question, “What if learning were FUN?” Dreamkids is home to Asia’s first Angry Birds Playground, which is used in conjunction with tools like a digital story booklet, mobile math app and QR codes to make learning super-fun (and high-tech!) for the kiddos. Dreamkids also employs a fusion of the world’s best early childhood educational approaches. The school’s Education and Curriculum Specialist comes from Finland – recognised as one of the world’s leading education systems – and blends her knowledge of Finland’s well-balanced system with the successful traits Singapore is also known for.

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