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Your Ultimate Guide to School Supplies in Singapore: Where to Buy Pencil Cases, School Shoes and More

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School’s back in session for international schools! Here’s where to buy must-have school supplies (pencil cases, school bags, school shoes and more) in Singapore

The kids have had a blast during the school holidays, but now the year-end break is winding down and it’s officially time to start preparing them to go back to school! Looking to stock up on school supplies like a brand new pencil case and a school bag to carry all those books? We’ve shortlisted our favourite places to stock up on school supplies in Singapore, everything from black leather school shoes (for international schools) and white school shoes (for local schools) to water bottles, ergonomic school bags and more. Here’s everything your child needs to get ready for the coming school term!

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Black Leather Shoes and White School Shoes in Singapore
School Bags
Water Bottles
Name Labels
Lunchbox Recipes
Pencil Cases 
Pens, Markers & Art Supplies
School Notebooks and Stationery

School Supplies Singapore - Black and White School Shoes

Black Leather Shoes and White School Shoes

Singapore schools require all white school shoes and most international schools require black leather school shoes. So if your child needs cool new kicks, whatever the colour, the shops below are perfect for you. PS: If your little one needs rain boots for stomping in muddy puddles like George and Peppa, the usual suspects like and Lazada should have a decent selection.


Bata is the Singaporean go-to when it comes to footwear. Here, you’ll find well-priced school shoes in a range of comfy, kid-friendly styles, black and white school shoes included!
Bata, multiple locations,

Marks and Spencer

This UK company has a strong local presence, and we love their range of all-black school shoes. Marks and Spencer also retail plenty of other colourful options if you’re looking!
Marks and Spencer, multiple locations,


Perfect for little kids at preschool, as the shoes are lightweight, waterproof, washable, comfy, and easy for littles ones to slip on and off. You can find them at, Hopla, and The Elly Store. Alternatively, buy direct from the brand, as they now ship directly to Singapore.


UK company Next is another option for great quality and affordable black leathr school shoes. All Next school shoes have a microfresh lining, featuring breathable fabric (so important for this humid climate) and enhanced treads to improve grip (to help support endless playground running). Next has a Singapore website and delivery is $10 and usually arrives within five working days – need we say more?

School Supplies Singapore - Queensway Shopping Centre

Queensway Shopping Centre

This old school shopping centre in Singapore has everything sports- and shoe-related under the sun. You won’t find black leather school shoes here though, just white schools shoes, kicks and oodles of trainers. You can always go for Classic Keds or Chuck Taylor All-Stars, while style hawkers might prefer Adidas Stan Smiths or Tretorns.
Queensway Shopping Centre, 1 Queensway, Singapore 149053,

Donations in Singapore - Ten Feet Tall Shoes

Ten Feet Tall

If your child’s school has stricter requirements about footwear, Ten Feet Tall offers a proper measuring and fitting service and they stock a range of smart black leather school shoes and trainers for boys and girls aged three to 18 across leading European brands.
Ten Feet Tall, 211 Holland Avenue, #02-16, Holland Road Shopping Centre, Singapore 278967, Tel: (+65) 6493 7244,


If you’re after high-quality velcro sneakers, the stylish French brand VEJA makes beautiful shoes in a variety of colour combinations and offers free worldwide shipping on orders over 150 Euro (why not grab a pair for yourself why you’re at it?).

With March Love

If your little one doesn’t need black or white school shoes, then consider a pair of cute kicks from With March Love. Made from sturdy leather, there are five colours to choose from and each pair is easy to break in.
With March Love,

School Supplies Singapore - School Bags & Backpacks

School Bags & Backpacks

If you’ve got preschoolers heading off to nursery or “big school” for the first time, purchasing their first school bag is a big deal. For some schools, a school-issued backpack is a requirement but if your child can choose their own, this can really add to the excitement of a new school.

Here, you’ll find iconic Fjallraven Kanken bags made with durable Vinylon F fabric, which repels sweat, great for style-conscious teens. also has an unsurprisingly massive selection of kids’ backpacks including JuJuBe, Under Armour, Thule, Marvel Avengers backpacks and much more.,


Sustainable and great for your child’s posture? That’s why Ergokid backpacks are a total win. The backpacks are designed to distribute weight evenly, which helps minimise the strain on your kiddo’s back. Better still, it’s made from 100% PET recycled fabrics, so it’s a great, eco-friendly way to kickstart 2021.

School Supplies Singapore - SkipHop

Skip Hop

Littles ones will adore these super-cute school bags, each in colourful animal patterns (there’s even a cool dragon design backpack!) and vibrant colours.
Skip Hop,

School Supplies Singapore - Pottery Barns Kids

Pottery Barn Kids

This store has an impressive range of ergonomic kids’ backpacks available in four different sizes (including backpacks with wheels), with just about every print imaginable. They’re also monogrammable and many of the prints even glow in the dark (a huge selling point with many six-year-olds). Each line also features coordinating water bottles, pencil cases, and lunch bags, and they ship to Singapore!
Pottery Barn Kids,

Pupsik Studio

Pupsik Studio’s the site to visit if you want to spend an entire day browsing through pretty backpacks. There are so many colours, sizes, brands and types to choose from. Happy browsing!
Pupsik Studio,

School Supplies Singapore - Water Bottles

Water Bottles

No matter what age your child is, nursery to high school, everyone needs a water bottle in hot Singapore; just be sure to look out for BPA- and Phthalate-free bottles for your child’s safety.

Decathlon Singapore

The water bottles here are durable and inexpensive, which means you won’t have to worry about the heartache that comes from wear and tear.
Decathlon Singapore, multiple locations,

Pupsik Studio

There’s a wide selection at great prices, including the ever-popular Skip Hop Zoo line, which comes in a variety of fun colours and sizes.
Pupsik Studio,


One of our current faves for older kids, S’well bottles can keep beverages cold for a full 24 hours (or hot for 12). They’re also condensation-free, and are made from premium grade, BPA-free stainless steel.
S’well, available on Amazon

Tangs Singapore

Whether you want a Hydro Flask for the kiddo or a hardy water bottle that’s inspired by The Little Prince, odds are you’ll find it here.
Tangs Singapore, multiple locations,

Velocity @ Novena Square

Hit up one of the many outdoors-themed stores that sit in this sporty mall. You’ll find plenty to please, whether your child is an athlete or bookworm.
Velocity @ Novena Square, 238 Thomson Road, Singapore 307683,

School Supplies Singapore - Name Labels

Name Labels

Of course once you’ve purchased all your school supplies the next job is labelling everything (otherwise the mama chats on WhatsApp will be forever filled with: Have you seen Tim’s water bottle? Lulu lost her lunch box!). Fortunately, there are so many kid-friendly personalised name labels on the market these days. Consider picking up personalised, waterproof, stick-on or iron-on name labels from online stores such as Bright Star Kids, Muakids, Qoo100 (super cheap!), Sticker Kid,, Stuck On You or Tiny Me. Just remember to order well in advance, as a number of these places are outside Singapore and shipping can take a while.

School Supplies Singapore - Lunch Boxes


While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s also super important to fuel up your child at lunch so their concentration and energy levels don’t go downhill in the afternoon. Pack up a delicious lunch or snacks with a proper lunch box from one of these top stores.

School Supplies Singapore - LIGONG Resealable Lunch Bags


These colourful resealable plastic bags can be reused multiple times, making it easy to pack simple meals such as fruits, biscuits, snacks and other dry food. The bags can be boiled in water and also used to store food in the freezer.


These stainless steel containers make it easy for you to pack food in a single container or use it to pack multiple mini containers, especially if some dishes are to be kept warm in a Thermos and others like yogurt need packing with an ice pack.


There are various lunch boxes, food storage containers and bento boxes to choose from, whether you want something that’s insulated, collapsible or just plain cute.
Mothercare, multiple locations,


Sturdy lunch boxes aside, Motherswork also has incredibly cute lunch bags so your child can carry their snacks and meals to school in complete style.
Motherswork, multiple locations,

Mustafa Centre

This sprawling shopping is the perfect place to get every imaginable school supply. Take the day to browse through its extensive shelves, filled to the brim with containers of every size. If you need a little help navigating this bustling shopping centre, then check out our store guide here!
Mustafa Centre, 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207704,

School Supplies Singapore - YumBox


There is something Instagarammably cute about fitting the whole lunch in a bento compartmentalised box, and YumBox does not disappoint. There are multiple colours to pick from, and the pre-portioned food trays within each box, which allow for fab portion control and food variety, can be easily removed and cleaned.

School Supplies Singapore - Lunchbox Ideas

Lunchbox Recipes

There’s only so many sandwich variations you can make before your kid (and you!) get stuck in a rut. That’s why you should download Sassy Mama’s hugely popular, FREE lunchbox recipe downloadable guide here! There are three weeks’ worth of lunchbox recipes for you with dishes that are big on fresh, colourful vegetables and protein – they are all nut-free, too, as per most schools’ requirements.

School Supplies Singapore - Pencil Cases & Writing Supplies

Pencil Cases and Writing Supplies

If there’s anything that can get kiddos excited for the start of a new school year, it’s fun, colourful school supplies and writing instruments. Here’s where to go for pencil cases, writing instruments and more.

School Supplies Singapore - CityLuxe


Stock up on affordable school supplies and writing instruments here. Think ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, gel and brush pens, markers, felt tip pens, multi-function pens and much more.
CityLuxe, 12 Little Road, #05-02 Singapore 536986, Tel: (+65) 8218 3768,

Evergreen Stationery

This unassuming stationery store doesn’t look much, but don’t be fooled, mama. There’s enough school supplies here to stock an entire household, and makes for a pleasing find if you prefer practicality over aesthetics.
Evergreen Stationery, multiple locations,


Giant is a great place to shop, especially if you’re restocking school supplies for more than one kid. There are a variety of options, so each child will leave this mega supermarket happy with their new school supplies.
Giant, multiple locations,

Popular Singapore

This popular local bookstore is swimming in school supplies of every kind. There’s a large section dedicated just to pencil cases, stationery and all other school supplies. Prices are inexpensive, and members are entitled to good discounts.
Popular Singapore, multiple locations,

School Supplies Singapore - Smiggle


Smiggle is where all the cool kids go for school supplies in Singapore. This Aussie retailer is known for its colourful, trendy pencil cases and school supplies, so your child will start school on a bright note come January.
Smiggle, multiple locations,

School Supplies Singapore - Art Supplies

Pens, Markers & Art Supplies

Art Friend

This store is our go-to when it comes to art supplies like paint, coloured pencils and big sketch pads. There’s always something new to be found on the store’s shelves if you look hard enough.
Art Friend, multiple locations, www.artfriendonline.coms

School Supplies Singapore - Krafers Paradise

Krafers’ Paradise

Serious art students will love the selection of paints, canvasses, sculpting tools and tools at this cool store. The store’s interiors are rather Insta-worthy, too!
Krafers’ Paradise, 180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall, #04-19/20/21 Singapore 208539, Tel: (+65) 6884 9986,


Another mecca for all things crafty (including paints and party gear), Spotlight has everything you could possibly want when you’re on the hunt for useful art supplies.
Spotlight Singapore, multiple locations,

School Supplies Singapore - Notebooks & Stationery

School Notebooks and Stationery

Tango Mango

Tango Mango a range of stationery and books, each with a slightly luxe feel to it. There’s a postal service so you can tick that off your chore list in one shop!
Tango Mango, 163 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Mall, #03-11A, Singapore 247933, Tel: (+65) 6835 3895,

Tokyu Hands

This Japanese retail chain has plenty of school supplies and stationery options. Its products are all good bets for more low key designs and older kids’ school notebooks.
Tokyu Hands, multiple locations,

School Supplies Singapore - Typo

Typo by Cotton On

At Typo there are glittery notebooks for those who want a little glam, as well as notebooks with covers that have plenty of offbeat graphic designs and quirky quotes. Prices are reasonable, and your kid will be thrilled to have cool school supplies.
Typo, multiple locations,

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Lead image from Pexels Other images from Pexels and Unsplash, Native, Queensway Shopping Centre, Ten Feet Tall, Skip Hop, Pottery Barn Kids, Bright Star Kids, & YumBox. First published in 2019 and updated in 2022

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