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Where to Buy Fresh Fruits & Organic Vegetables in Singapore

organic vegetables singapore
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Stock your kitchen with fresh fruits and organic vegetables in Singapore from these organic markets and shops!

Every mama wants to make healthy dinners and delish snacks for their kiddos so whether you are buying organic produce or sourcing as locally as possible – it’s important to stock up on a varied list of fruits and veg. But scheduling a grocery run to the supermarket and braving the crowds at the wet market can be a challenge if you’re always on the go. If you’re pressed for time during the week, opt for any of these tingkat delivery options to make life just a tad easier! To stock up for the weekend, here’s where to get fruit and vegetables delivered to your door! Whether you’re looking for organic food, imported, locally grown produce or vegetable box deliveries in Singapore, these online organic markets and shops have everything you need.

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Little Farms

organic vegetables singapore - Little Farms
Image Credit: Little Farms

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Get free, same-day delivery from Monday to Saturday on orders above $100.
The fresh fruits and organic vegetables on Little Farms’s shelves are all sourced directly from organic farms, which means everything you find in-store and online is absolutely fresh. The team here only works with trusted producers, and keeps costs low by cutting out middlemen entirely; this way, all its savings are passed on directly to you. And while there are plenty of organic fruits and vegetables to choose from, Little Farms’ speciality is avocados. These come direct from Queensland, Australia and customers rave about the large sizes and unrivalled creaminess. Little Farms brings in seasonal produce from around the region and has recently made the shift towards the Australian organic produce market, as berries are now in season and in peak quality. We’re huge fans of Australian strawberries and jumbo blueberries, and there are ongoing deals for these at the moment! If you’re unhappy with the freshness or quality of any of your purchased organic vegetables or fruits, simply get in touch with the Little Farms team and they’ll provide you with replacements or a refund.
Little Farms, multiple locations,

The Green Girl

organic vegetables singapore - The Green Girl
Image Credit: The Green Girl

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Delivered to you on Saturdays, within 24 hours of arriving in Singapore. Delivery is free for orders of $180 and above.
Got a penchant for European organic vegetables and fruits? The Green Girl is your girl! Everything at this online organic shop in Singapore is fresh and certified organic, with guarantees that nothing contains nasties or GMOs. There’s no worry about wastage either, as The Green Girl only brings in the organic vegetables and fruits you’ve ordered – everything is packed in recycled paper and transported in by passenger flight, which means no storage, no leftovers and, more importantly, no plastic! Fill your vegetable box delivery in Singapore with your choice of organic vegetables and fruits! Bestsellers at The Green Girl include strawberries, heirloom tomatoes, figs, peaches and blood oranges.
The Green Girl,

Amazon Fresh

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Free delivery for Amazon Prime members on orders above $60!
What can’t you get on Sign up as an Amazon Prime Member for just $2.99/month and you’ll enjoy free local delivery on Amazon Fresh produce – think organic chicken, fruits, snacks and organic vegetables in Singapore, delivered to your door in two-hour slots! We love that you can lump your groceries together with a selection of tens of thousands of other items, including toys and homewares.
Amazon Fresh,

Avo & Co.

organic vegetables singapore - Avo & Co
Image Credit: Avo & Co.

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Three delivery time slots (10am – 1pm, 2:30pm – 5:30pm & 6pm –9pm). Choose the 2:30 – 5:30pm time slot for free delivery.
Avo & Co. is known for its weekly seasonal fruits and vegetable box delivery in Singapore! Expect handpicked items that are properly ripened and in season, and produce you can’t find elsewhere, from zucchini flowers to spaghetti squash and watermelon radishes. Avo & Co. has a convenient non-commitment period and the team always lets you know what’s in the box ahead of time so you can swap things out if you prefer. This online organic market in Singapore also offers seasonal boxes, which include themes such as bread and butter, organic fruits, Asian cuisine and much more. Most of Avo & Co’s packaging can also be recycled!

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Avo & Co., Tel: (+65) 8031 0898,

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Order before 11pm for next-day delivery between 2pm – 8pm (no delivery on Mondays). Free shipping applies for orders above $50.
BestOrganicFoods offers fresh and organic vegetables in Singapore, all flown in from Australia, China, Malaysia and Indonesia. Everything is sourced by local organic suppliers, who curate their products from international organic farms. The produce at this online organic market is pesticide-free and is freshly handpicked before being delivered to you too.,

Eat Fresh

organic vegetables singapore - Eat Fresh
Image Credit: Eat Fresh

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Get free delivery for orders above $80. Standard delivery starts from $10, and same-day delivery is $15 for orders before 12pm. Delivery time slots are at 1pm – 5pm & 5pm – 9pm.
This online organic market in Singapore is known for its variety of exotic organic fruits, many of which you won’t find in local supermarkets.
You’ll find Nashi pears, lily bulbs, mottled plumcot and more from Japan. Eat Fresh also retails a wide variety of organic vegetables in Singapore, fresh and frozen seafood, fruit boxes and even e-gift vouchers!
Eat Fresh, Tel: (+65) 8282 3782,

Nature’s Glory

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: No minimum order, and a delivery fee of $10 applies for orders below $150.
An organic shop in Singapore, Nature’s Glory retails organic vegetables in Singapore, fresh fruits and herbal supplements for a health boost. The organic fruits and vegetables here are sourced both locally and from Australia, and all have stringent certifications.
Nature’s Glory, Tel: (+65) 6227 1318,


Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Premium members get unlimited free shipping for orders above $49, while non-members get the same for orders above $100 ($4.95 for orders under $100). Non-bulk orders get free delivery above $49, and $4.95 for orders under $49.
Specialising in bulk fresh foods, OpenTaste has organic fruits, organic veggies in Singapore, frozen veggies and more if you’re always buying vegetables online to save on time. Organic fruits on offer include tropical varieties like mangoes and organic Thai coconuts, seasonal ones like sun melons and kiwis, and much more. When it comes to organic veggies, OpenTaste truly raises the bar with fresh mushrooms, an array of leafy greens, ripe red tomatoes, sugar snap peas and more. While you’re shopping add dairy items, poultry, snacks and pantry items to your basket too – this online organic market in Singapore has everything!

Quan Fa Organic Farm

organic vegetables singapore - Quan Fa Organic Farm
Image Credit: Quan Fa Organic Farm

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Deliveries take place on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays from 12pm – 7pm. Enjoy free delivery with a minimum purchase of $60.
The organic vegetables in Singapore at Quan Fa are planted on the farm itself, while its imported options are all certified organic from Australia, New Zealand and the US; plenty of it also comes from neighbouring countries like Thailand and Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Each organic vegetable on sale here passes through stringent checks, and everything is restocked in curated amounts daily. Quan Fa also does an organic vegetable box delivery in Singapore, and you can opt for plastic-free packaging.
Quan Fa Organic Farm,

SG Organic

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Choose from three delivery slots – Monday, 7pm – 10pm; Tuesday, 10am – 1pm; Thursday, 7pm – 10pm or Friday 10am – 1pm. All orders include $10 flat delivery fee. No minimum order is required, and you can self-pickup orders from their warehouse.
This online organic shop in Singapore has fresh, organic fruits, organic vegetables and other groceries such as juices, milk and more. The organic veggies and fruits are air-flown from Australia, reaching Singapore two to three days after being handpicked. The pesticide-free produce can be purchased a la carte, as a fruit or vegetable box delivery or as a standing subscription. While your vegetable box will typically have the basics such as carrots, apples and regular leafy greens, there are often new things added depending on seasonality. But if there’s something you don’t eat, then you can let the packing team know and they’ll swap it out for you. There’s also the option to make your own bespoke veggie box to suit any budget. Oh, and sign up for their newsletter to get up-to-date promotions, discounts and sale notices!
SG Organic, 152 Paya Lebar Road, #03-03, Citipoint@PayaLebar, Singapore 409020, Tel: (+65) 9832 9814,


Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Order before 6pm to enjoy next-day delivery between 2pm and 8pm from Tuesdays to Sundays. Free shipping for orders over $60, and $8 for orders lower than $60.
Love exploring Singapore’s wet markets but don’t have time to schedule a regular grocery run here? Check out SGWetMarket, an online organic market that delivers all sorts of organic vegetables in Singapore, fresh seafood and much more from local wet markets to your doorstep. Take your pick of produce, and don’t forget to look at their discounts page to take advantage of awesome deals.

Use promo code SGWXSASSY10 to get 10% off! *Valid for SGWetMarket first-time customers.



organic vegetables singapore - ShiokFarm
Image Credit: ShiokFarm

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Deliver is $9.50 per order and $14 if you live in Sentosa. Order your organic veggies before 9am on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. Delivery fees are included in the purchase for monthly subscribers.
ShiokFarm prides itself on setting up long-term relationships (and thus income) for farmers, sourcing organic fruits and vegetables from Southeast Asia whenever possible. Members receive fresh, traceable organic produce weekly, and we love that they’re plastic-free. You also have the option to pause your subscription when you go on holiday. Read our full review of ShiokFarm here and then sign up for a trial of their organic vegetable bags!
ShiokFarm, Tel: (+65) 8788 0814,

Straits Market

organic vegetables singapore - Straits Market
Image Credit: Straits Market

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Order your organic vegetables in Singapore before 2pm each day, and your items will be delivered within 24 hours (otherwise they’ll come within two days). Spend $150 or more to get free delivery!
Straits Market supports sustainable farming, traceability, hormone- and antibiotic-free produce, harvesting according to order and a farm-to-table approach. You’ll find organic, gluten-free bread here too! Order online on the Straits Market website or via WhatsApp!
Straits Market, Tel: (+65) 9643 5358,

Talula Hill

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: The farmer’s boxes are delivered within 24 hours of harvesting. Prices start from $64 and free delivery is on Monday and Friday.
This family-run organic farm in Kluang, Malaysia caters to peeps looking for truly fresh organic vegetables in Singapore. Talula Hill retails a 5kg farmer’s box that has enough vegetables and fruit to feed a family of four. The contents within are rotated regularly, and you can expect at least eight varieties of leafy greens, organic vegetables and fruits – think tomatoes, cucumber and various Asian/Western leafy vegetables alongside sweet potato, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and radish. Fruits will rotate around pineapples, coconut, bananas and papaya. 75% of their vegetable box delivery in Singapore is organic, as the box is often supplemented with fruits that can’t be grown locally and organically. Curious? Get a trial box for only $79!
Talula Hill,

ValueGreens SG

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Order before 1pm for next-day delivery from Tuesdays to Fridays. Free delivery applies for orders of $40 and above.
ValueGreens SG is a humble team that strives to bring you fresh and affordable organic vegetables in Singapore. We like that they use recycled styrofoam boxes and veggies are handpicked every single day from the port (no overnight storage!). Alternatively, you can also swing by the physical shop in the East to pick your own veggies.
ValueGreens SG, 57A New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 462057,

The Walking Vegetables

organic vegetables singapore - The Walking Vegetables
Image Credit: The Walking Vegetables

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: Free delivery for orders above $50
If you are looking to eat the rainbow, hop on over to The Walking Vegetables, an online organic market in Singapore known for its wide range of organic vegetables and fruits imported from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, the US, Australia, Spain and other countries. There are so many vibrant vegetables to choose from – think vine-ripened tomatoes, chestnuts, banana flowers and sweet potato leaves plus pretty much any organic fruit in Singapore you can think of! The Walking Vegetables delivers right to your doorstep, plus you can also add dry goods, fresh herbs, and other cooking needs to your order to spice up your cooking.
The Walking Vegetables, Tel: (+65) 8885 2423 (WhatsApp),

Zenxin Organic

Organic vegetable delivery in Singapore: A la carte orders of $85 and above qualify for free delivery, while orders under $85 will net a $6 flat rate charge. The organic boxes start from $30 with a $4 delivery fee and a $16 charge on your first invoice. Recurring subscribers can renew their vegetable box delivery in Singapore every month.
Want to ensure your kitchen gets a steady supply of organic vegetables in Singapore? Sign up for Zenxin’s organic box options, which is filled with organic fruits and veggies, with the option of adding on protein picks like eggs, meat and more. There are several sizes to choose from, and you can opt for a monthly delivery or one every two months. The contents of the box vary by the week or month, and there’s minimal plastic packaging.
Zenxin Organic, Tel: (+65) 6778 7369,

Want more delivery services in SG? We’ve got you covered!

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