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Guide to Confinement Nannies and Services in Singapore

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The ultimate guide to help you choose a Singapore confinement nanny that you and baby are comfortable with.

The post-natal period is a special time for new mums to recuperate and rejuvenate from pregnancy and delivery… but with a helpless newborn who demands your unwavering attention on your hands, getting the time and space you need to recover isn’t easy. Having an experienced professional on hand however, to whip up nutritious, strengthening meals and look after your baby can allow you to get that much-needed rest, and with any number of confinement services available in Singapore, we’ve rounded up the best of the best so that you can get the care and attention you really need mama.

Some helpful advice:
Good confinement nannies are a godsend and tend to be in great demand. Betty Lai from JIA Confinement Agency recommends that mums-to-be start hunting for their nanny while they are in their first trimester. She advises mums to have reasonable expectations of the nanny. First-time mums tend to be especially anxious, she finds, particularly when things don’t go according to plan, “Don’t expect the nanny to do things exactly the way you would,” she counsels. To ensure the right fit between employer and nanny, an interview is carried out with the mum to suss out her personality and needs… as Betty puts it, “No one formula fits all.”

When selecting a nanny, pick someone whom you deem to be trustworthy, advises confinement nanny and lactation consultant, Gladys Yip. Choosing someone with the right attitude, who is humble and willing to take instructions, will also make life easier. Nannies who are not Singaporean need to have work permits, so do check that the agency from which you engage your nanny is MOM-certified.


JIA Confinement Agency
Set up in 2011, this MOM-licensed agency provides both English and Chinese-speaking in-house and daytime nurses (9am to 6pm). Nannies cook for the mother and look after the baby… whipping up traditional confinement food to help mamas recover quickly from the birth and ensure an adequate milk supply for breastfeeding. First-time mums will also get invaluable guidance on correct breastfeeding techniques, supporting new mums when they need it the most. Standard packages are usually for one month (28 days), although longer stays can be arranged. Some confinement nannies (if you’re super lucky!) even take on additional duties like cooking for the family.

How much: $2,000 and above.

JIA Confinement Agency, Tel: (+65) 9459 9830,

aunty lee confinement nanny

Aunty Lee Confinement Nanny
A mother of three and grandmother with over 35 years’ infant care experience, Singaporean Aunty Lee is a trained, certified confinement nanny who’s also well-versed in TCM herbs and tonics. She speaks Mandarin and a variety of Chinese dialects in addition to basic English.

How much: Contact for details

Aunty Lee Confinement, email [email protected] or Tel: (+65) 8522 3097,


Confinement Angels Nanny/Lady

Confinement Angels is an accredited partner of Thomson Parentcraft Centre. They provide high-quality trained confinement nannies based on hands-on practical training and Thomson ParentCraft Centre’s Confinement Nanny training syllabus. Mamas and their newborn will receive a high level of personalised and professional care designed to support comfort and fast postpartum recovery.

Confinement Angels Pte Ltd, Tel: (+65) 8828 8415,

Gladys Care 1987

Looking for the perfect auntie to take extra special care of your aching body post-birth? Then Gladys Yip is the lady to call. A certified lactation consultant with seven years of experience under her belt, Gladys provides lactation services, Javanese post-natal massage (where she’ll bind your tummy to help your body regain its shape), and infant massage, in addition to her other duties as a confinement nanny. Armed with breast massage skills from China and a knowledge of Chinese herbs, she is well-equipped to handle common post-natal problems, such as breast engorgement and other breastfeeding issues, on top of her ability to dish up traditional confinement meals. She also provides pre-natal care, preparing a special diet for mums-to-be to help bring about a smooth delivery. Having worked for ladies of different nationalities for many years, Gladys offers a highly personalised service, tweaking her recipes to provide for special needs (according to Gladys, a nutritious diet is essential for good-quality milk that keeps baby healthy and free from indigestion and colic – so there!). Mums also receive lessons on infant massage to promote bonding between mother and child.

Cost: Stay in for 28 days from $2,800, day care 9am to 6pm $2,500
Contact: (+65) 8318 1949 or at her website.


PEM Confinement Agency
With several awards to their name, PEM Confinement Agency arranges certified hospital-trained confinement nannies (who have all undergone training at Mount Alvernia Hospital!) to take care of mums and bubs during the first month post-birth. Nannies are equipped with professional knowledge on breastfeeding and babycare, and can brew herbal tonics, prepare confinement baths, cook for the mother and give helpful advice on the dos and don’ts during confinement. They also do housework and grocery shopping (yipee!) and if there’s any problems, you’re covered by the agency’s free replacement policy and moneyback guarantee.

How much: Prices vary according to needs

PEM Confinement Agency, Tel: (+65) 6293 924,


Thomson Parentcraft Centre
Providing Traditional Chinese Medicine-trained confinement nannies, Thomson Parentcraft Centre ensures all their “aunties” undergo extensive hands-on training in areas such as understanding and handling a crying baby, diet and nutrition planning for new mothers and how to deal with common emergency situations before being placed with families. Parents can choose from a range of services including a stay-in nanny (14-28 days), non-stay nanny, day nanny (10 hours), night nanny (12 hours) or a day and night nanny (24 hours) and know that they’re getting a service where clinically-proven care techinques are of upmost importance… phew!

How much: Prices vary

Thomson Parentcraft Centre, Tel: (+65) 6350 8848,

Nanny SOS

Established in 2011, this agency’s nannies go through stringent checks before being selected, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best of the best here mama! Amongst their regular duties, nannies also prepare special confinement baths for the mum, wash the mother and baby’s clothes, prepare dinner for the father and do simple household chores if required. Helping new mamas feel pampered, post-natal massage and jamu binding are also available and can be combined with the confinement nanny service or done on their own. A lovely way to help the body recover from the demands of pregnancy and birth, massage also helps to expel toxins and prevent water retention… and it can be done in the comfort of your own home, with bubs safely nearby! They also offer ad hoc babysitting!

Cost: Live-in $2,800/month; Babysitting: from $25/hour
Contact: (+65) 6817 2479 or at their website.


Nanny Saro
Nanny Sarojini d/o Lakshmanan was a maternity and neonatal nurse at Gleneagles Hospital for years before striking out on her own in 2010. She takes care of newborn babies, helping with bathing, feeding and settling, as well as helping the mother with breastfeeding, and most importantly… rest time!

How much: Call to find out.

Nanny Saro, Tel: (+65) 9487 6646,

Thomson Confinement Food
An initiative by Thomson Medical Centre that makes it easy for new mothers to eat nutritious confinement dishes, like braised pig’s trotters with black vinegar and homemade chicken essence, these guys deliver the good stuff straight to your door, helping new mums recuperate after childbirth.

Thomson Confinement Food, Tel: (+65) 6350 8848 or email [email protected]

Pssst… if you’ve got a fab confinement nanny who you’d like to spread the word about, please email us their contact to [email protected] so we can update our list! 

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