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Your Hospital Packing List

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About to pop and not sure what to pack in your hospital go bag? Our hospital packing list has got you sorted!

At nearly 36 weeks pregnant, I was asked if I had packed my hospital bag yet and realised that it hadn’t even crossed my mind! So I got thinking. I don’t remember making a big deal of packing a bag the first time round with my eldest daughter Luella, but I definitely remember things I wish I’d had with me. So with that in mind and  after a little reading around and helpful tips from friends… here are my packing essentials to make a hospital stay a little more pleasant mamas!

For mama….


  • Comfy robe and PJs: I like M&S for soft and cosy home wear like this plush cotton and cashmere robe with matching pants.
  • Footwear: Would love to hang around in gorgeous slippers, but might just bring some flip flops because you can wear them in the shower.
  • Toiletry essentials: Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hairbrush… and some favorite products to make you feel a little bit pampered and special like a nice scented shampoo and conditioner combo. Plus Palmer’s cocoa oil just because it’s now an everyday essential.
  • Make Up basics: To look and feel good for photos and surprise visits from friends and family. Mascara and shimmer powder will do…it’s amazing how these two things can instantly make you feel a little more feminine and human!
  • Nursing tops or bras: For comfort and practicality. I got mine from H&M as a starter pack.
  • Tech stuff: Can’t be without my iPhone and MacBookAir and don’t forget to pack a charger!
  • Camera: If you’ve got a DSLR or point and shoot, now’s as good a time as any to break it out instead of the camera phone.
  • Paperwork: You’ll need copies of your marriage certificate to register baby’s birth at the hospital, and will also want to have all your hospital pre-registration forms handy to avoid any mix-ups. And of course don’t forget your birth plan!
  • More stuff: Less glamorous but probably needed, pack of maternity underwear, maxi pads, nipple cream to name a few necessities. Also a comfortable and feel good  “going home” outfit…remember you’ll still have a tummy so nothing too tight!

For baby….


  • Things to wear: simple cotton onesies
  • Receiving blanket: Practical and for multiple usages –  as a nursing cover, for wiping little mouths, as a light blanket…totally versatile!
  • Soothers: might be useful while waiting for milk supply to build up. Some babies love them, some don’t – best to be prepared though!
  • Swaddle blanket:  You could use a large receiving blanket but I like to use the pocket kind with wrap around for ease and comfort for the baby. I used The Miracle Blanket for Luella… was great!
  • Going home outfit: Comfy and easy to wear like this Petit Bateau 2 piece set.
  • More stuff… Scratch mittens, wipes and diapers, and don’t forget the car seat!

To make your stay cosier….


  • Room scent spray or an aromatherapy oil diffuser: Candles aren’t allowed, so make sure you’re diffuser is electric!
  • Your favourite pillow: It’s amazing how much more comfortable a hospital bed can seem when it sort of smells like home.
  • Small picture frame with a picture of any absent family
  • DVDs: Lots of hospital rooms have nice TVs and DVD players, and you’re most probably going to have a lot of downtime so break out the box sets!
  • Snacks: Hospitals aren’t known for their great food selection, so whether you want to nosh during labour or afterwards, best to come prepared. I loved sipping on coconut water throughout my labour.
  • Flowers: Hopefully from your first visitor!

Think that’s got most things covered…now to get packing and wait for baby to arrive!

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