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The Ultimate Singapore Baby Shower Guide

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Singapore party planners Dreams Establishment weigh in with everything you need to plan the perfect baby shower, mama!

Keen to have a baby shower but party planning’s not your thing, mama? Whether you’re doing the organising or a trusted friend is making the arrangements, there are a number of key aspects to consider to ensure your celebration is fun, unique and memorable. We’ve enlisted the fab party planners and confectioners of Dreams and Confetti and Little House of Dreams (collectively known as Dreams Establishmentto give you the rundown on what you’ll need to make a great party, along with a healthy dose of gorgeous visual inspiration!

Having a baby is always a cause for great celebration, and very often these days, close friends of the mum-to-be will get together to throw a fun party to mark the impending arrival of the baby.


A theme helps to tie the elements of a baby shower together. It’s a bit of fun and can turn the celebration into something unique and memorable for the mum to be and her guests. Easy themes are colour schemes or a favourite motif, for example hot air balloons, flowers or rainbows. Of course, you could also go with a baby theme, such  as motifs of baby paraphernalia like onesies, pacifiers, prams, bibs and so on.

Some lovely themes we have worked on are a carousel theme, a rocking horse theme, and a hot air balloon theme. These themes allow for very pretty visuals, and the colour scheme is adaptable to any preference of the mummy.


Think about the mum-to-be and what kind of celebration she would prefer. Something sophisticated and girly like high tea? Or casual and breezy like brunch at a nice café? You could also try something a little different such as a baking party or art party (try Little House of Dreams for the ultimate baking class!), spa treatment for a bit of indulgence, or go for the personal touch with a party at someone’s home.


Food is an essential element of any party, and the same goes for a baby shower. Do check with the mum-to-be on what foods she may like to have at the party, as she may have a strong preference or aversion to certain foods. Another consideration would be the time of the party. If the party is at lunch or dinner, you will need to prepare more substantial food, but if the party is at teatime, some light canapes and desserts may be sufficient. If the party is held at someone’s home, it could be a potluck event, with everyone tasked to bring a food item linked to the theme.

Another popular element of baby showers these days is a dessert table, which is great for setting the mood as the desserts and styling will be done in accordance with the selected theme. 

Gender reveal

Also popular these days are gender reveal cakes, where a cake is sliced open to reveal the colours inside representing the gender of the baby. Cake cutting will certainly provide much excitement for all the guests!

baby shower invites collage

We’re huge fans of printables, which you can email, print and post, or upload to Facebook. You can buy them online and have them customised to suit your theme.

At Dreams and Confetti we offer a range of popular baby shower and event printables, or can create something from scratch just for you. At the same time, you could also order Thank You cards in a matching theme.

Another popular option is Paperless Post, which offers both free and designer options for customizable email invitations in its baby shower section.


Dependent on venue and theme, you can either hire a professional party stylist, or DIY. Our shop sells a whole gamut of modern partyware and decorations, along with a huge collection of items to hire for baby showers including cake stands, drinks dispensers, props, and platters..

Some lovely decor elements are giant balloons with tassels and custom-made pom poms and buntings. These will immediately add a celebratory mood to the event. Regular latex balloons will do too, and a fun gender reveal idea could be to fill a balloon (or balloons) with either pink or blue confetti, and have guests burst the right one to reveal the colour.


If your venue doesn’t supply the entertainment, try traditional baby shower games such as:

Or get crafty and create something for the new baby, such as toys, wall art, or decorated onesies or diapers. One of favourite activities is a mini cake decorating contest!


Most new mums will happily buy all sorts of contraptions out there, so do check with her on what else she may need but hasn’t bought; many mums are likely to have a registry at Mothercare or Motherswork, or online at Amazon. Alternatively, the gift could also just be a nice present for the mum, such as a spa voucher, a babysitting “voucher”  where friends can chip in to help, or a gift card for newborn photos.

Hopefully with these handy tips, mamas, you and your friends will have a fabulous, stress-free afternoon celebrating you and your bub!

Lead image (fondant cupcake toppers) via Little House of Dreams; Image #1 and #7 from Thais's baby shower courtesy of Thais Bisgaard, Daiane de Souza Joergensen, and Joice de Rezende Almeida via Ray Photography; Image #4 via Pinterest ("Circus" and "Leaf Hedge" themes both from Paperless Post); Image #5 (gender reveal cake) via The Studio Loft; Image #6 (Dessert table and backdrop by Little House of Dreams) via K.C. Wong; Image #2, #3 and #8 from Erica's baby shower courtesy of Erica Denison and Rebecca Ashby via Ray Photography.

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