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Where to Find a Safe & All-Natural Baby Mattress in Singapore to Help Your Bub Sleep Safer

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Want to find the best baby mattress in Singapore for your precious bub? Start by looking for all-natural, organic materials…

Here at Sassy Mama, we talk all the time about avoiding chemicals and keeping our babies safe when it comes to everything from skincare, to home cleaning products to organic clothing. But what about the spot where babies spend the most time of all – their mattress? Babies spend more than 50% of their time sleeping. Here’s how to make sure their baby cot mattress is safe and free of nasty chemicals…

A recent study at the University of Texas found that crib mattresses can release “significant amounts of…potentially harmful chemicals” that are also found in household cleaners and sprays. Alarmingly, the body heat increases emissions (a major concern here in steamy Singapore) and chemical emissions are strongest in the sleeping infant’s breathing zone. Throw in that mattresses often contain toxic flame retardants and just…yikes!

So what’s a concerned mama to do? Fortunately, a number of safe, eco-friendly baby mattress options have emerged in recent years to catch up with this alarming research. We’re loving the Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress from Heveya®, which features natural organic latex sourced from a rubber tree. Organic latex is naturally resistant to dust mites and mould, which means Heveya Junior mattresses don’t require nasty added chemicals to protect from those problems! (And don’t worry, mamas, Heveya® carries plenty of fab latex mattresses for grown-ups, too!)

Latex mattresses offer superb air circulation, as they’re naturally breathable due to their open cell structure. Tiny pinholes added during the production process also ensure perfect moisture regulation and enhance the mattress’s natural ventilation. Importantly, this reduces the risk of suffocation among babies.

heveya natural cot baby mattress singapore from european bedding company

The hypoallergenic Heveya® Baby mattress has got a few other highlights that we particularly love: for one, it’s encased in an ultra-fresh Bamboo fabric cover that’s easily cleanable (bamboo is soft, too!). The mattress can also be customised to any size; it comes in the standard baby cot sizes (140x70x10cm and 120x60x10cm), but if your crib or cot is bigger or smaller, just let them know when you place your order, mama! Mattresses are also Oekotex class-1 certified, making them completely safe for babies.

Besides a mattress, of course, the same goes for a pillow – that’s what bubs will be breathing in most, after all! The Heveya® Junior Latex Pillow comes in three sizes for babies and toddlers and is also made from certified natural organic latex.

baby mattress singapore heveya baby donut pillow

The Heveya® pillow is totally free of chemicals, synthetic foam and glue and is encased in a soft bamboo cover that’s naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. We love that the Baby Donut pillow is specially designed to help reduce the pressure on the back of the baby’s head so as to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome.

While natural organic latex mattresses and pillows are pricier than traditional (synthetic) foam ones, they also last longer and are lower in the aforementioned chemicals. Sounds like a pretty good trade-off to us, mama, particularly when bub will be spending so much time on there (certainly more than in the bathtub or any single outfit!).

Purchase a Heveya® Junior Baby Cot Mattress ($598) and Heveya® Junior Baby Donut Pillow online and you’ll receive the pillow FREE (a $68 value) when you enter promo code SMBABYBUNDLE at checkout!

Got questions? Contact the helpful folks at Heveya® at [email protected] and they’ll get back to you straight away to help you find the best baby mattress in Singapore, mama!

Heveya®, 32 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 169780, Tel: (+65) 9628 9610,

Brought to you in partnership with Heveya®

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