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Guide to Confinement Food in Singapore: Halal & Chinese Confinement Food Delivery (+ Discounts!)

Confinement food Singapore
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Get your choice of traditional confinement food in Singapore delivered to your doorstep with our list of nutritious Chinese, Western and Halal confinement meals. We even have promo codes!

Confinement meals can help get you on track with good nutrition which is essential to your postpartum recovery. Regaining your strength, whether you delivered vaginally or via Caesarean section, is the best way to be the best mama possible to your bub. It can be hard to plan, shop for and cook your meals so they are nutritionally balanced while you are looking after a newborn, so why not invest in a confinement food delivery service instead?

No matter how long your confinement period – 30 days in Chinese culture, 40 days for Indian culture or 44 days in Malay culture  – hiring a service that provides confinement food in Singapore can really take the pressure off new mamas, so you can get all the nourishment you need (some confinement meals are even designed to help establish breastmilk supply!). Having a confinement food delivery service will allow you to give your undivided attention to your new baby, as you adapt to the early days of motherhood. Wondering where to get confinement food delivery in all types of cuisine – Chinese, Japanese, Indian confinement meals, Western and even halal confinement food? Check out these options for delicious confinement food in Singapore!

Tip: Consider putting a confinement food delivery service on your registry! That way, your friends and family can help gift you a truly useful (not to mention essential!) service once the baby comes.

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Halal Confinement Food

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Where to get confinement food in Singapore

Maternity Angels

confinement food maternity angels chinese
Image: Maternity Angels Confinement

This confinement food delivery service in Singapore has collaborated with Imperial Herbal Restaurant (located at Four Points Sheraton) to provide traditional confinement meals! The restaurant specialises in Herbal Culinary, offering confinement meals and herbal soups that not only provide benefits for postnatal recovery but will also delight your palate and bring out the best flavour in Chinese herbs. They use only premium ingredients that help promote healing for new mums – the dishes are also breastfeeding-friendly! Confinement food here is carefully prepared and packed directly from the wok upon cooking and then delivered at reasonable times for lunch (11am to 12:30pm) and dinner (6pm to 7pm). But of course, with any nifty food warmer you can reheat and eat at whatever time suits you and your new bub! You can try out the confinement menu for yourself before baby arrives – see the trial confinement menu here. There’s a 7-day, 14-day, 21-day and 28-day plan and each confinement meal includes a serving of meat or fish (like Pan Fried Cod or Braised Pork Trotters with Black Vinegar), vegetables, a double-boiled soup (like Shark Cartilage Green Papaya Fish Soup), a carb staple plus dessert. Enjoy the taste of hotel-quality restaurant meals in the comfort of your home every day during confinement!

Quote SassyMama for $10 off your trial confinement meal!

Maternity Angels,

Chilli Padi Confinement

chilli padi confinement food delivery singapore
Image: Chilli Padi Confinement

Don’t be alarmed by the feisty name – Chilli Padi Confinement doesn’t actually include chilis in their food! On the contrary, the confinement food caterer offers wholesome, palatable dishes for postpartum mamas. Chilli Padi first started out as a restaurant serving Peranakan cuisine and began offering confinement meals when they received a positive response after introducing those dishes to customers. Chilli Padi Confinement specially crafted meals promote lactation, using plenty of breast milk-boosting ingredients such as salmon, papaya, spinach and turmeric.
Chilli Padi Confinement,

NouRiche by RichFood

confinement food delivery singapore
Image: Nouriche

Nouriche’s head chef once led the culinary team of a prestigious confinement centre for mothers in Taipei, so he knows a thing or two about meeting the dietary needs of new mamas while ensuring they’re just as tasty as they are nourishing. Vegetarian confinement food options are available, too!
Nouriche by RichFood,

Thomson Baby: Thomson Medical Group Confinement Food

Thomson Baby is an arm of the Thomson Medical Group that provides comprehensive confinement food menus, each designed by Thomson TCM Physicians and Nutritionists. Infused with fresh, carefully selected ingredients and herbs, the confinement menu serves up a modern blend of East meets West, whilst retaining rich traditional tastes of confinement favourites.
Thomson Baby,

Tian Wei Signature

tian wei signature confinement food delivery singapore
Image: Tian Wei Signature

Tian Wei Signature is popular among local mamas for their wide array of confinement-friendly cuisines. While they serve traditional confinement dishes, they’ve also introduced Japanese, Taiwanese and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Reviews say the confinement food always comes hot and on time, with exceptional customer service.
Tian Wei Signature,

Yi Ji Confinement Food Palace

Yi Ji Confinement Food Palace is actually a hawker stall in Old Airport Road Food Centre offering dine-in, takeaway and delivery for their reasonably-priced confinement food! Confinement food sets on their delivery platform start from just $35. The cuisine is traditional Chinese confinement style.
Yi Ji Confinement Food Palace, 51 Old Airport Road, #01-147, Singapore 390051,

Zuo Yue Food

Zuo Yue Food offers a unique blend of Hakka and Cantonese style tingkat in the form of nutritious meals for postpartum mamas. Suitable for recovery, recuperation and lactation, their ‘no MSG, less salt and less oil menu’ consists of essential ingredients in maintaining a healthy diet! Zuo Yue Food’s meals are sure to bring you comfort with their exquisite home-cooked taste while you heal and rest during confinement. Besides offering a la carte meals for all ages, they customise meals to cater to individual needs -plus all meals will be delivered warm in a thermal set.
Zuo Yue Food,

Halal Confinement Food Delivery

Kaki Masak

halal confinement food singapore kaki masak instagram
Image: Kaki Masak Confinement

Known for making halal confinement food that doesn’t look like confinement food (squid ink pasta! Baked crayfish! Steak and mash!), RazLina of Kaki Masak always gets rave reviews from happy mamas! She’s also been said to make halal Chinese confinement dishes that taste authentic. Kaki Masak often uses organic, high quality produce, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best quality halal confinement food.
Kaki Masak,


This F&B Safety and Hygiene Certified home-based business is best known for their events catering, but they also offer halal confinement meals. Their mouthwatering menu consists of the usual confinement dishes, with lots of grilled chicken, baked salmon, tofu, cod, handmade meatballs and fresh veggies.
Makanlicious, WhatsApp: (+65) 9620 1147,

Naddycooks Confinement Meals & Catering

Featuring an extensive menu of varied cuisines, Naddycooks Confinement Meals & Catering’s halal confinement food packages are popular among the Muslim mama crowd. Confinement tingkat menu items include pasta, nourishing sandwiches, soupy vegetable dishes, home baked desserts and more.
Naddycooks Confinement Meals & Catering,

Sizzling Dyyana

sizzling dyyana halal confinement food delivery singapore
Image: Sizzling Dyyana Confinement

Sizzling Dyyana comes highly recommended by celebrity mums, and we can confirm her halal confinement food delivery in Singapore lives up to the hype (NB: I booked her for my pantang period! – Syazana). Kak Dyy, as her customers call her, offers a mixed menu of Malay, Chinese and Western confinement dishes which change daily. This is because she does all the grocery hunting herself in the wee hours every morning, grabbing anything fresh and organic that catches her eye. We love that she sends messages via WhatsApp every morning detailing what customers will receive for the day, along with each dish’s nutritional benefits. Thirst-quenching drinks and teatime snacks such as lactation cookies, muffins and scones are often included.

Sizzling Dyyana, Tel: (+65) 8222 3105 (WhatsApp),

Ummu Fazwill SG Confinement

Ummu Fazwill is one of the few halal confinement food services in Singapore that operates seven days a week, so you can be sure that you’ll have your meals sorted for the entire course of your package. Their menu includes a variety of original confinement dishes and even refreshing jamu and confinement-friendly fresh fruit.
Ummu Fazwill SG Confinement, WhatsApp: (+65) 8874 0514,

Ukashah’s Confinement Meals

ukashah confinement food delivery singapore halal
Image: Ukashah’s Confinement Meals

Ukashah’s mouthwatering food pics always leave us drooling and asking ourselves, “OMG, do I need to have another baby just to try this?” Think Indian Butter Chicken and Butter Naan, with a side of fresh vegetables and basmati rice! She also offers Moroccan dishes alongside the usual Malay and Western confinement tingkat cuisine, all cooked with love from her humble (SFA-licensed) home kitchen.
Ukashah’s Confinement Meals, WhatsApp: (+65) 9623 9036,

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