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Delicious Lactation Cookies, Bakes & Drinks in Singapore to Improve Milk Supply

lactation cookies singapore 2022
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Need to boost your milk supply? Check out our pick of delicious lactation cookies, cakes and drinks with lactation-promoting ingredients!

It’s so important to nourish yourself properly when you’re breastfeeding, so you can yield quality breastmilk for your bub. Lactation cookies, bakes and drinks can help to increase or improve your milk supply, thanks to the lactation-promoting ingredients (aka galactagogues) like brewer’s yeast, fenugreek and oats. In our experience, lactation cookies and bakes are best if you’ve already got a supply going, as many mamas find an improvement in the quantity or quality of their breastmilk after consuming galactagogues. But if you’re already struggling and need more professional help with your breastfeeding worries, don’t hesitate to visit a lactation consultant.

Want to DIY your own lactation cookies? It’s easy enough to make on your own! Simply pick up fenugreek, flaxseed meal and brewer’s yeast online on iHerb or, or in-stores at Unity Pharmacy, Fairprice and Cold Storage, then try this lactation cookie recipe from Australia, which is our fave. But if you just don’t have the time to bake your own lactation cookies or nutritious snacks, why not get a dose of healthy lactation bakes and goodies from these awesome businesses?

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Singapore Lactation Bakes: local lactation cookies

lactation cookies singapore - Singapore Lactation Bakes

Fondly known as SLB, Singapore Lactation Bakes is an OG in the local lactation cookies and baked goods scene. It boasts a wide range of products, from cookies to brownies to nursing tea, all specially curated to ensure that they are not only delicious but also able to provide essential nutrients for mamas. The four main ingredients in SLB’s products are oatmeal, flaxseed, brewer’s yeast and coconut oil, all powerhouses in supporting breast milk production. The lactation cookies come in 10 different flavours, with special ones like Sunpkim (sunflower and pumpkin seeds) and Butterscotch for mums with a sweet tooth! Everything is freshly made in a Singapore Food Agency-approved manufacturing plant, promising strict hygiene standards and quality products. Buy SLB’s lactation cookies and other baked goods on their website, in hospitals like Thomson Medical Centre, Raffles Hospital and Mount Alvernia, and at top mum and baby retailers such as Motherswork and Mothercare. SLB also has flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee.
Singapore Lactation Bakes,

2NUTGUYS: lactation nut spreads

lactation cookies - 2Nut Guys

When Chee Leong and his wife welcomed their bundle of joy, it was a mixture of not only happiness but also helplessness – especially when he witnessed how challenging breastfeeding was for his wife who didn’t have enough breastmilk supply for their baby. This led to the creation of 2NUTGUYS, a line of yummy nut spreads and nut mixes that have been proven to increase mamas’ breastmilk supply (over 40% of the mamas surveyed experienced an increase!). The founders surveyed 30 mamas who were facing lactation problems and wanted something different from the usual lactation cookies and goodies offered on the market. After lots of research and feedback, they’ve created Mummy’s Nutmond Butter and sugarless nut mixes, all made with no preservatives, colouring or MSG. Whether you’re looking for something nutritious and filling to put on your morning toast, to smear onto lactation cookies for an extra boost to your milk supply or to add to your overnight oats, make sure you check out 2NUTGUYS!

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Chatsworth Cookies: Breastmilk Booster Cookies

lactation bakes chatsworth cookies

Chatsworth Cookies takes lactation cookies seriously! They’re committed to making delicious, high-quality cookies made with European ingredients. They first started with their thick and chunky New York-style gooey cookies, and have now added a new line of lactation cookies called “Breastmilk Booster Cookies” in flavours Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Cranberry, and Early Grey, to help mamas increase breast milk production. Chatsworth Cookies have been tested by hundreds of nursing mothers and are proven to significantly increase their breast milk which as we know is full of nutrients for bubs! You can also rest assured that they use environmentally friendly production and packaging. You can purchase through their website and they are available through GrabFood every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Chatsworth Cookies,

Gooberr: lactation cookies in fun flavours

lactation cookies - Gooberr

Gooberr (not to be confused with the popular peanut butter brand!) may be a relatively new face on the lactation cookie scene, but it sets itself apart from others with unique flavours. Other than your classic chocolate chip lactation cookie, Gooberr also sells its delish Boobkies (geddit?) in flavours such as Lemon Blueberries, Earl Grey and decaffeinated Dark Chocolate Chips. Each offering is eggless and fenugreek-free, and packed with galactagogues to keep that liquid gold pumping! Gooberr’s Boob Juice – artisanal, small batch, caffeine-free tea blends – also come in two flavours: Fenugreek Bergamot and Ginger Fennel, if you want a fenugreek-free option. And here’s the thing: They also offer skincare! Their skincare products are specially formulated with plant-derived ingredients to combat skin eczema, bug bites and rashes. Gooberr is also proud of its commitment to quality and zero nasties, which means you can rest assured that your products are free of additives or any artificial flavourings; this promise extends to its skincare line as well. Purchase Gooberr’s lactation goodies on their website, or on Lazada and Shopee.

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Marian’s Lactation Boost: lactation ice cream & cookies

lactation cookies - Marian's Lactation Boost

So we’ve been seeing lots of lactation cookies and cakes, but lactation ice cream? Marian’s Lactation Boost is the first and only company in Singapore to bring us lactation ice cream made with brewer’s yeast, chia seeds and rolled oats, in three flavours: Australian Milo, Durian (with real Mao Shan Wang flesh!), and Avocado Chocolate Chunks. Sign us up for some of that snacking! The products aim to address individual breastfeeding concerns, whether it’s increasing supply, increasing hind milk, or finding a way to ease clogged ducts. Marian’s Lactation Boost is also the only lactation goods provider to include multiple different milk boosters in their range of lactation muffins, brownies, overnight oats, midnight cupcakes, cookies, tea and cold pressed lactation juice. They also have vegan and allergen-free options – the midnight cupcakes in particular are free of dairy, nuts, gluten and eggs. All Marian’s Lactation Boost goodies are made in an SFA-certified kitchen.
Marian’s Lactation Boost,

Burpps: halal lactation cookies

Burpps Lac+ lactation cookies are the result of two long years of intense research. The recipes are formulated by Burpps’ in-house nutritionist and food technologists, and consist of various milk-boosting ingredients that are natural – think rolled oats, grounded flaxseed meal, brewer’s yeast, fenugreek and ground fennel. It’s no surprise then that Burpps Lac+ lactation cookies are trusted and often recommended by lactation consultants and many confinement centres. Some centres also distribute the cookies, including them as part of their dietary supplement to breastfeeding mamas that are under their care. The cookies are packed individually, which keeps them fresh for a longer time and makes them easy to store and consume. Best of all, the cookies are certified halal, too! Thinking of getting Burpps Lac+ lactation cookies for a new mum friend? You’ll love that it comes packed with a spray of dried flowers and a pretty message card, which can be personalised. Bigger kids aren’t forgotten either, as Burpps carries a range of Berry Bellies Yogurt Drop Cookies. These have wholesome spray-dried yoghurt powder and real fruit berries powder, making it a healthy afternoon snack for active tots. Purchase Burpps Lac+ lactation cookies on their website, or on Lazada.

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Clookies: vegan lactation cookies, lactation tea and more!

clookies lactation cookies bakes

Based in an SFA-certified bakery, Clookies specialises in freshly baked lactation products. They only use quality, organic ingredients in their nutritious products – from lactation cookies to granola (using 100% Pure Western Australian honey and virgin coconut oil, with no added sugar and packed with superfoods), Brownies and even Lactation Tea. With 12 cookie flavours, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Bestsellers include Cranberry Pistachio, Macadamia Dark Choc and Sea Salt Caramel. There’s even a vegan range suitable for vegans and those who are lactose-intolerant. They also consciously use less sugar in their bakes! Apart from delicious lactation products, Clookies Lactation provides advice and lactation support, plus a customised consumption guide to achieve optimal results. They can also create bespoke gifting hampers for mamas and babies!

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Cookiedealer: lactation brownies and cookies

lactation cookies singapore - Cookiedealersg

Inspired by the founder’s own breastfeeding experiences with her son, Cookiedealer’s lactation cookies are made with lots of love and superfoods. Choose from various flavours such as Earl Grey, Cranberry White Chocolate, Speculoos and more, or get a batch of yummy lactation brownies instead. Cookiedealer is all about supporting mamas in their breastfeeding journey, and they’ve recently introduced a variety of products just for mums and babies. Take your pick of nursing covers and nursing bras, baby swaddles and baby feeding sets. Keep a lookout, too, for new products, as they aim to be a one-stop-shop where mums can have all their lactation and baby needs met.

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Madam Partum by Chien Chi Tow: holistic lactation goodies

lactation treats soup bakes drink

Madam Partum is a leading Pre- and Post-partum wellness and confinement care specialist in Singapore backed by renowned heritage TCM brand Chien Chi Tow. They’re known for harnessing the effectiveness of meridian massage (aka Tuina massage) to help mamas achieve a complete and wholesome recovery after giving birth. With their holistic approach, they also offer lactation products, which include signature TCM herbal soups and pro-lactation supplements for a smooth breastfeeding journey. Their lactation goodies come highly recommended, with mamas saying they’ve helped tremendously with milk supply!
Madam Partum by Chien Chi Tow,

UpSpring Milkflow: lactation supplements and drinks

Founded in 2005 by three mamas, UpSpring aims to create natural solutions to everyday motherhood challenges from conception to postpartum. They’ve served over 1 million mamas and UpSpring is currently the #1 lactation supplement drink in the USA! UpSpring lactation supplements are non-GMO, all-natural, and are highly concentrated in herbs (one sachet delivers the equivalent of 1,800mg of fenugreek). 
UpSpring Milkflow, on Lazada or Shopee.

Boobie Foods: Aussie lactation goodies

Boobie Foods are natural and organic lactation goods created by Australia’s most recognised and respected lactation expert, Pinky McKay. Their range includes biscuits and muesli (with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and halal options!) in a variety of yummy flavours to nourish you as you breastfeed your baby. All products are 100% made in Australia, and ship quickly and reliably from Australia direct to Singapore via DHL.
Boobie Foods,

LactaByHardies: halal lactation bakes

LactaByHardies is home to original halal bakes by mama-of-two Zara Hardie. She makes unique Lactation Tart Brownies, Nutella Cookies and Red Velvet Cake (drool…), with fab combo options for gifting.

Milk for Bubs: lactation granola and cookies

lactation cookies cereal milk for bubs

Milk for Bubs offers lactation cereal and cookies, all made with 100% all-natural unprocessed ingredients. We’ve tried all her goodies so these are definitely Sassy Mama-approved! The Chocolate Oats Momster Cookies are our fave – they taste so sinful and chocolatey but are actually so good for you as they’re made with low GI brown sugar, grass-fed butter, fortified flour, coconut oil, brewers yeast (100% halal-sourced and certified), flaxseed and wheat germ. The Morning Mix lactation granola is a fab breakfast treat too, whether you choose to have it with a splash of milk or some Greek yoghurt. We recommend purchasing the bundles to get more bang for your buck, plus enjoy FREE delivery with orders above $70!
Milk for Bubs,

Milking Cow: lactation kits

From lactation cookies to avocado muffins, smoothies and overnight oats, Milking Cow does it all! They also offer a lactation kit that includes the best of all their products. Plus, we love that they have a return system for their overnight oats jars, which entitles you to $1 off per jar returned for your next purchase. Get free shipping for orders above $100!
Milking Cow,

Milk Making Mummy: lactation gifts

If you’re looking for healthy cookies loaded with nuts and fruits, Milk Making Mummy will be perfect for you. You can DM them directly to place an order, or even discuss arranging a gift basket for your mama friends!
Milk Making Mummy, Instagram

Nurture Eats: healthier lactation cookies and loaves

Nurture Eats makes healthy, sugar-free lactation loaves, protein cookies and brownies. Their lactation loaves are packed with ripe bananas and other premium ingredients like dark chocolate chips, oats, mangoes and blueberries, making them immensely flavourful without the guilt!
Nurture Eats,

Shan’s Lactation Cookies: organic lactation goodies

Shan’s Lactation Cookies and bakes are loaded with organic ingredients and are fenugreek- and preservative-free. Their cookies and brownies are conveniently packed, great for on-the-go snacking for yourself or the kids!
Shan’s Lactation Cookies,

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