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Delicious Lactation Cookies & Bakes in Singapore to Improve Milk Supply

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Breastfeeding mamas looking to boost milk supply with lactation cookies, cakes and bakes: try these delicious treats for your teats!

If you’re breastfeeding or intend to once your baby arrives, you would know the importance of nourishing yourself to yield quality breastmilk for your bub. Lactation cookies and bakes can help to increase or improve your milk supply, thanks to the lactation-promoting ingredients (aka galactagogues) in them like brewer’s yeast, fenugreek and oats.

You may be wondering, “Do they really work, though?” In our experience, lactation bakes are best for mamas who already have a milk supply going. Many mamas find improvement in the quantity or quality of their breastmilk after consuming galactagogues, but if you’re already struggling and need more professional help with your breastfeeding worries, it’s best to visit a lactation consultant.

That said, we still enjoy lactation bakes as nutritious snacks and desserts, plus they’re healthy enough for us to share with our tiny food-snatchers kids!

Psst… Read our comprehensive guide to all things breastfeeding here!

Keep scrolling for some of our fave lactation cookies and baking companies in Singapore!

singapore lactation bakes cookies brownies breastfeeding milk supply

Singapore Lactation Bakes

Established in 2015, Singapore Lactation Bakes (SLB) is a major player on local lactation baked goods scene. They started as a small outlet in the heartlands, but have now expanded to have their own manufacturing plant producing specially curated and formulated cookies, brownies, cookie cups and muffins. Their bakes are made in a Singapore Food Agency-approved environment with strict hygiene standards, and products are baked and shipped out within 24 hours – talk about fresh! You can find their goodies straight from their website, or well-stocked in leading hospitals such as Thomson Medical Centre, Raffles Hospital and Mount Elizabeth Orchard. SLB also offers gift hampers and lactation teas, which make great baby shower gifts for expecting mama friends!

mama lait lactation goodies cookies brownies truffles chocolate spread

Mama Lait

Mama Lait is a Muslim-owned lactation goods provider that makes wholesome and nutritious brewer’s yeast-free and fenugreek-free treats. Their signature Oh My Brownies (Lactation) and Lactation Cookies have helped mamas boost their breastmilk production since 2016! Choose from their wide range of products including yummy granola, breakfast spreads, ‘Rawr’ balls and even juices, all created using high quality ingredients and superfoods such as oats and flaxseed. You can also schedule your order to be sent 1 week prior to your EDD – a perfect way to surprise yourself with some healthy goodies when the bub arrives! Psst! Keep your eyes peeled for their new weekly lactation-friendly box launching later this year.

diaper bag checklistUse promo code sassymamalait20 to receive 12% off your total when you order through their website. Valid till 31 August 2020. Enjoy free delivery when you spend $150 or more!

boobie bikkies australia lactation cookies

Boobie Foods

Boobie Foods are natural and organic lactation goods created by Australia’s most recognised and respected lactation expert, Pinky McKay. Their range includes biscuits and muesli (with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and halal options!) in a variety of yummy flavours to nourish you as you breastfeed your baby. All products are 100% made in Australia, and ship quickly and reliably from Australia direct to Singapore via DHL.

diaper bag checklistUse code SASSY at checkout to enjoy 20% off your order! Offer ends 1 September 2020.
WeChat ID: boobiebikkiesau

extra nordic lactation cookies breastfeeding

Extra Nordic

Extra Nordic is the only lactation bakes company in Singapore that produces Nordic-inspired bakes in a Singapore Food Agency-approved facility! The founders of Extra Nordic are one part Norwegian and one part Singaporean – they drew on their knowledge of the breastfeeding culture and diet in Norway to create an original recipe based on the concept of de fyra sädesslagen or ‘the four significant grains’ in the Nordics: oats, wheat, barley and rye. Their award-winning flagship lactation cookies are made with an extra rich 5-in-1 galactagogue blend that’s chockfull of milk-boosting ingredients. Have we mentioned they have a whopping 11 cookie flavours? Probably the biggest selection of lactation cookie flavours in Singapore! That includes the classic Original Gold and Dark Choc Chip, the Nordic rendition Earl Grey 59°N, the refreshing yet mildly spicy Lemon Ginger, the chewy Sunkissed Raisins, and more! We also love that they’re all packed in a beautiful, minimalist mint green box that makes them perfect for gifting.

Use EXTRASASSY to get 6% off when you buy 5 or more Extra Nordic lactation bakes!

marian's lactation boost cookies muffins

Marian’s Lactation Boost

So we’ve been seeing lots of lactation cookies and cakes, but lactation ice cream? Marian’s Lactation Boost is the first and only company in Singapore to bring us lactation ice cream made with brewer’s yeast, chia seeds and rolled oats, in five flavours: Australian Milo, Coconut, Durian (with real Mao Shan Wang flesh!), Horlicks Maltesers and Sea Salt Caramel Avocado. Sign us up for some of that healthy snacking! There are customisable packages available on their website to help address individual breastfeeding concerns, whether it’s increasing supply, increasing hind milk, or finding a way to ease clogged ducts. Marian’s Lactation Boost is also the only lactation goods provider to include up to 11 different boosters in their range of lactation muffins, brownies, overnight oats, cookies and tea.

Happy Mama Oats

Happy Mama Oats has turned the quarantine Dalgona coffee trend into a healthy lactation treat! We heard their Milk Tea Dalgona smoothies taste just like bubble milk tea and now we’re intrigued. You can also hit them up for healthy overnight oats in various flavours.


LactaByHardies is home to original halal bakes by mama-of-two Zara Hardie. She makes unique Lactation Tart Brownies, Nutella Cookies and Red Velvet Cake (drool…), with fab combo options for gifting.

Milking Cow

From lactation cookies to avocado muffins, smoothies and overnight oats, Milking Cow does it all! They also offer a lactation kit that includes the best of all their products. Plus, we love that they have a return system for their overnight oats jars, which entitles you to $1 off per jar returned for your next purchase!

Milk Making Mummy

If you’re looking for healthy cookies loaded with nuts and fruits, Milk Making Mummy will be perfect for you. You can DM them directly to place an order, or even discuss arranging a gift basket for your mama friends!


nurture eats lactation cookies loaf breastfeeding

Nurture Eats

Mama-of-three Sophie Drake of Nurture Eats makes healthy sugar-free lactation loaves, protein cookies and brownies. Her loaves are packed with ripe bananas and other premium ingredients like dark chocolate chips, oats, mangoes and blueberries, making them immensely flavourful without the guilt! Nurture Eats operates on a preorder basis, so keep yourself updated on their Instagram account for the earliest available delivery dates.

Shan’s Lactation Cookies

Shan’s Lactation Cookies and bakes are loaded with organic ingredients and are fenugreek- and preservative-free. Their cookies and brownies are conveniently packed, great for on-the-go snacking for yourself or the kids!

The DIY Route

Lactation cookies are actually super simple to make (to be honest half the time we just eat the raw dough!); gathering the ingredients is probably the hardest part.  This recipe from Australia is our fave. You can find fenugreek, flaxseed meal and brewers yeast at Unity Pharmacy!


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