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Ultimate Guide to Nursing Rooms in Singapore

Nursing Rooms Singapore
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Looking for a place to pump, change a diaper or breastfeed your baby? Consult our handy list of nursing rooms in Singapore!

Singapore is one of the most kid-friendly nations in the world, but every mama knows that a trip out with the fam is incomplete without at least one pitstop to a nursing room! But you don’t have to stress yourself out wondering where you’ll find a clean nursing room with everything you need to feed your baby. We’ve rounded up a list of the best nursing rooms in Singapore, so bookmark this for the next time you want to find the closest family room, baby care room or changing stations in your favourite mall, amusement park and even the airport! Want more help? Considering downloading the Nursing Room app, which helps you find the closest nursing room to you and all the amenities in it.

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1. 313@Somerset

Location: Levels B3, 1 and 5
Expect changing stations, nursing cubicles with armchairs and benches, large waiting areas, a hot and cold water dispenser, power points at the level 1 nursing room, a microwave at the B3 and Level 5 rooms, and a child look level 1 plus a child-friendly loo at Level B3.


2. Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Location: Basement 1 and Level 1 by the restrooms
There are two nursing rooms here with armchairs and separated by curtains. There are also changing stations, hot and cold water dispensers and power points to charge your breast pump, phone or any other electronic device.

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, 370 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159953

ang mo kio hub nursing room

3. Ang Mo Kio Hub

Location: Level 3 near restrooms
The lockable nursing rooms at AMK Hub are spacious and come with benches, changing stations, a waiting area and sinks plus a hot water dispenser.

Ang Mo Kio Hub,

4. Aperia Kallang Mall

Location: Level 1 next to the restrooms
The two nursing rooms here are separated by curtains and have no locks. There are also three changing stations, a sink (no soap), power points and a waiting area.

Aperia Kallang Mall,

5. Bedok Mall

Location: Level B1 near restrooms
Key features include two lockable nursing rooms with armchairs, but there’s no table or space to park your stroller in the room. However, there are two changing stations and a waiting area, so park your elder tots there and make use of the power points to charge your devices. There are also family toilets with a diaper-changing area at Bedok Mall, a children’s loo and a baby seat within the handicapped restrooms.

Bedok Mall,

6. Bedok Point

Location: Level 1 near restrooms
The rooms provide the bare minimum, but they’re clean. The nursing cubicle has an armchair and a small table, no locks, a changing station, a hot and cold water dispenser and a sink for easy clean-up afterwards.

Bedok Point,

bugis junction bhg nursing room

7. Bugis Junction

Location: BHG Level 3 (baby care room); Ladies’ restrooms on Levels 1-3 (baby changing and child protection seats)
Head up to Level 3 to use the baby care room, which has two nursing cubicles separated by curtains, a changing station, hot and cold water dispensers, a waiting area and a playground for the little ones.

Bugis Junction,

8. Bukit Panjang Plaza

Location: Level 1 (within ladies restroom); Level 2 to 3 (next to lifts) and Level 4 (next to the library)
The nursing room on Level 1 is merely a cubicle with curtains and no locks, so head up to those on Levels 2-4 for lockable doors and added privacy. Other amenities include changing tables and sinks.

Bukit Panjang Plaza,

9. Bukit Timah Plaza

Location: Level B1
The upside? The entire nursing room at Bukit Timah Plaza can be locked, guaranteeing absolute privacy. The downside? There may be longer waiting times if queues are long. The nursing room also has a changing table and a sink.

Bukit Timah Plaza,

causeway point nursing room

10. Causeway Point

Location: Levels 1 to 5 and Level 7 (near the restrooms)
There’s not much here, but the basic amenities within the nursing rooms include sofas, curtains for privacy, changing tables, sinks, a hot and cold water dispenser and power points.

Causeway Point,

11. Central @ Clarke Quay

Location: Level 1, near female restrooms
Don’t expect luxury from Central’s nursing room, but it’s got the basics and you can lock the room to have the entire space to yourself. The nursing cubicle can’t be locked, but the entire baby care room can be locked, and there’s also a changing station and sink.

Central @ Clarke Quay,

12. Centrepoint

Location: Level 6 (one within Metro Department Store, one beside Management office and restrooms)
You can expect lockable nursing rooms with armchairs and side tables (there’s even a bed in the Metro baby room!), alongside changing tables, a hot and cold water dispenser, a sink and power points as well as a playpen and cot.


Nursing rooms singapore - Jewel Changi Airport
Nursing rooms at Jewel

13. Changi Airport

Location: Click here for locations across all four terminals. Please note that Terminal 4 is currently closed.
Changi seriously sets a global standard for its family-friendly facilities, with a whopping 30 baby care facilities spanning its four terminals, in both public and private areas. The nursing rooms are as modern and spacious as the airport itself, offering pretty much everything you need plus a diaper dispenser in case you forgot to pack those! Each and every room is equipped with a hot water dispenser and clean and comfy changing facilities, and many also have dedicated, private nursing stalls as well. Our hands-down fave is the Peranakan-themed nursing room in gorgeous Terminal 4 (pictured), which just opened in 2017. Unsurprisingly this most modern terminal offers no less than eleven nursing and changing rooms, including five in public areas like the departure and arrivals halls. There are also plenty of baby nursing rooms within Jewel at Changi Airport – one on every level from B2 to L4! Each one also has diaper-changing stations, hot and cold water dispensers and private cubicles for nursing.

Changi Airport,

changi city point nursing room

14. Changi City Point

Location: Level B1 to Level  3
Mamas will get to use the two available nursing rooms, which contain armchairs and bag hooks, changing stations, sinks and a hot and cold water dispenser. However, there are no locks on the doors, just curtains to shield you as you feed your little one.

Changi City Point,

15. Chinatown Point

Location: Level 3
The nursing room is small and does not have locks or any form of separation. There is a small armchair within with a changing station and a sink.

Chinatown Point,

16. City Square Mall

Location: Levels 2 and 4 (nursing rooms); Levels B2 to 4 (diaper changing stations)
This vast mall has several babycare rooms that can fit your stroller and offer privacy with lockable nursing rooms. The two lockable nursing rooms have a sofa, changing stations, sink; power points and a hot and cold water dispenser.

City Square Mall,

singapore nursing rooms claymore connect

17. Claymore Connect

Location: Level 3 (near restrooms)
Breastfeed in the lockable nursing rooms, which have benches, changing stations and power points.

Claymore Connect,

18. Clementi Mall

Location: Level 3 and 4 (two baby rooms by food court and restrooms); Level 5
The lockable nursing rooms have a chair or sofa, changing stations, sinks, a magazine/reading rack and power points. There’s also a play area next to the baby room on Level 4 by the food court.

Clementi Mall,

Nursing Rooms Singapore - Compass ONe

19. Compass One (formerly Compass Point)

Location: Level B1 and Level 4
Warmly lit and spacious, the nursing room at Compass One has a hot and cold water dispenser, diaper-changing stations and a comfy long bench for bigger tots to sit and unwind while mama feeds baby.

Compass One,

20. Far East Plaza

Location: Levels 1 to 5 (Next to the restrooms)
The individual parenting rooms at Far East Plaza are fitted with a bench and a changing table, and the entire room can be locked. There’s also a sink; hot and cold water dispenser; high chair, bottle warmer and a waiting area.

Far East Plaza,

Nursing Rooms Singapore - Forum the Shopping Mall

21. Forum The Shopping Mall

Location: Level 1
The Mother’s Room comes complete with changing stations, two nursing rooms with armchairs (separated by curtains) and a wash basin.

Forum the Shopping Mall,


22. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Location: Level B1 (near the restrooms by the foot of the staircase)
Options in the CBD are far and few between, so if you find yourself on the Northern/Eastern side of Raffles Place this may be your best bet (of course, we suggest purchasing a coffee or a trinket from the gift shop if you’re not already there for a lovely afternoon tea or brunch!). Amenities include a hot and cold water dispenser, power points, a fold-down changing table and a separate nursing alcove (NB: we’ve also nursed in a comfy chair in the larger women’s restroom on B1).

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore,

23. The Grandstand

Location: Level 1 (near Lift 7)
Located just around the corner from Dancing Crab, the nursing room here is not particularly peaceful, but it’ll do for a quick change and feed. The nursing room has no locks, but you’ll find a changing table, sink, power points and a hot and cold water dispenser, so your basic needs are covered.

The Grandstand,

Nursing Rooms Singapore - Great World City

24. Great World City

Location: Levels B1, 1 and 2
Great World City’s baby care room is bright, colourful and comfy, with plenty of privacy and facilities such as a basin, hot water dispenser, diaper changing stations and nursing rooms. The nursing rooms can be locked, and have a cosy armchair and table, too.

Great World City,

25. Harbourfront Centre

Location: Levels 2 and 3 (Lobby A)
This is a pretty old shopping centre so it’s no surprise its family rooms aren’t very impressive, but they have all the basics and are often much less busy than the nursing rooms in neighbouring VivoCity! Expect changing tables, private feeding areas as well as hot and cold drinking water.

Harbourfront Centre,

26. Hougang Mall

Location: Levels 2 and 5 (near restrooms)
Nursing rooms have armchairs (no locks; separated by curtains), changing stations, sinks, hot and cold water dispenser and power points.

Hougang Mall,

Ikea Alexandra nursing room
Ikea Alexandra nursing room

27. IKEA

Location: The baby care room is located near the restaurant
IKEA’s baby care rooms feature some of its own products with a minimalist but functional design, plus those famous white high chairs to keep bub safely strapped in while you re-pack that diaper bag! Bonus: you can get free jars of baby food upon request and there are microwave ovens for warming up milk at the restaurant, too! Other must-haves include a waiting area, nursing cubicles, changing tables, sinks, water dispensers, bottle warmers, and a disposable diaper dispenser.


28. IMM

Location: Level 2 (behind Kohong Health Care Centre and near OSIM); Level 3 (near car park entrance)
Rejoice if you’ve got a pram with you because there is plenty of space for prams and daddies! In addition to lockable family rooms with nursing and changing areas, the nursing rooms here have baby holders to prop older babies up, power sockets and sinks.



29. ION Orchard

Location: Levels B4, B3, B1 and Levels 3 and 4
ION has always had some of our favourite restrooms in Singapore – you can never go wrong with fresh flowers – so it’s little wonder that their nursing rooms are just as nice. In fact, some of them were just newly renovated in March 2019! In addition to standard amenities like a hot water dispenser and changing tables, on B3 and B4 you’ll also discover a bottle warmer and handy diaper vending machine if you find yourself in a pinch (has definitely happened to us on more than one occasion)! We also like that these rooms have plenty of room for a stroller. Other amenities include a hot/cold water dispense, cushioned changing tables, bottle warmer, diaper vending machine and separate nursing alcoves. Their baby rooms can only accommodate one family, but you can lock the entire room and have it all to yourself.

ION Orchard,

30. JEM

Location: Level B1, Level 5 and the family toilet on Level 2
Spacious and clean, these are truly family care rooms with child-sized toilets for your older bubs! There are three spacious lockable nursing rooms with armchairs and a small table, as well as three diaper changing stations (the changing table is at the family toilet on Level 2); a sink, hot and cold water dispenser, bottle warmer, children’s loo and power points. The family toilet includes a children’s loo and baby holder.


31. Junction 8

Location: Level B1, 1, 2 and 3
In addition to complimentary baby stroller rentals, Junction 8 also has two lockable nursing rooms with chairs and a small table, a changing station, a bottle warmer, a high chair and more.

Junction 8,

32. Jurong Bird Park

Location: Next to Birds of Play outdoor play area; changing tables are available in most restrooms throughout the park
Jurong Bird Park is home to some of the biggest and brightest birds in the world, so it’s fitting that its babycare room matches up with its spacious nursing and changing area right next to the super fun Birds of Play fun zone There are two lockable nursing rooms, changing tables, sinks, hot and cold water dispensers, power points and a waiting area for you if it’s dad’s turn for diaper duty! There are diaper-changing facilities around the park too, specifically at the Jurong Bird Park entrance, Songbird Terrace, Pools Amphitheatre, Lory Loft, Waterfall Aviary, Parrot Paradise and Hawk Arena.

Jurong Bird Park,


33. Kinex (formerly OneKM)

Location: Level 2
This is a pretty new mall, so it’s no surprise the baby room here is clean, bright, and modern with three locked nursing rooms, a comfy waiting area for family, and plenty of room for parking strollers. We’re deeming this the best nursing room in the East; it’s exceptionally clean and tidy, with three handy, private nursing stalls as well as multiple changing rooms and plenty of room for multiple strollers. Amenities include a hot/cold water dispenser, power points, cushioned changing tables, three separate nursing alcoves with comfy chairs and shelves, three lockable nursing cubicles with comfy chairs, sinks and a bench for those waiting.



34. Mandarin Gallery

Location: Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 near restrooms
Key amenities include a nursing area with a sofa (the entire room can be locked), a changing table and a sink.

Mandarin Gallery,

35. Marina Square

Location: Level B1 and Levels 1 to 3 (near restrooms)
What will you find here? Think lockable nursing rooms with sofa, a changing station and sink; hot/cold water dispenser, power points and a waiting area.

Marina Square,


36. Marina Bay Link Mall

Location: Level B2
There’s nothing particularly special about this nursing room except that it’s in the basement of a mall connected to one of Singapore’s biggest office buildings – we’ve had a few working mama friends who’ve pumped in the Marina Bay Financial Centre at lunchtime. It’s too small to fit a pram, but it does have a seat for nursing, a fold-down changing table, a sink, and the all-important power point.