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Get Social with Sassy Mama’s Pregnancy Due Date Clubs

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Sassy Mamas are all in this together… join our due date club!

The friends you make while pregnant will be the ones you share some of motherhood’s most precious memories with – from the first time you feel your baby kick, to getting ready to welcome your new arrival, to commiserating over the first poop explosion! It’s so important to have the support and companionship of mamas going through the same things as you. That’s why we’ve created our Due Date Clubs for mamas-to-be. These closed Facebook groups can only be joined if you’re a pregnant woman, living in Singapore, who wants to meet other like-minded mamas to be. And the Sassy Mama team are the admins of these groups. We’ll be inviting you to our special pregnancy events, and encouraging you to meet up for coffee or mocktails on your own!

Current due date clubs
Click below to request to join your relevant group if your baby is due in:

Sassy Mama’s Pregnancy Due Date Clubs 2025: January through December 2025 (all months)

Sassy Mama’s Pregnancy Due Date Clubs 2024: January through December 2024 (all months)
Sassy Mama’s Pregnancy Due Date Clubs 2023:
January through December 2023 (all months)

Due Dates
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Past due date clubs:

Sassy Mama Pregnancy Due Date Clubs 2022: March, April & May
Sassy Mama Pregnancy Due Date Clubs 2022: June, July & August
Sassy Mama Pregnancy Due Dat Clubs 2022: September, October, November, December

If you have any problems joining the group, just drop us an email at [email protected]. See you on Facebook mamas-to-be!

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